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Shriners Hospitals for Children is a one-of-a-kind health care system dedicated to improving the lives of children by providing specialty pediatric care, innovative research and outstanding teaching programs. Children up to the age of 18 with orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate are eligible for treatment and receive all care in a family-centered environment, without financial obligation to patients or families. For more information, click the ad....

St. Jude, brother of Jesus, is the patron saint of Lost Causes. He always hears and answers sincere prayer.

Like the other apostles, St. Jude learned to struggle for justice and peace by accompanying Jesus and listening to his teaching. He heard the Sermon on the Mount, when Jesus taught, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God....Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you and tell all kinds of evil lies against you because you are my followers. Be happy and glad, for a great reward awaits you in heaven." (Mt 5: 9, 11-12)

The prayer; "May the sacred heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved, and preserved throughout the world now and forever. Sacred heart of Jesus, pray for us. St. Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us. St. Jude, help of the hopeless, pray for us."

Pray this prayer nine (9 ) times a day for nine (9) days. You must not pray for personal, material gain. By the 8th day your prayer will be answered. It has never been known to fail. Publication must be promised. Thank you, St. Jude.

This publication is in thanks to a prayer asked seven (the last one being January 19, 2008) times and a prayer answered seven times by St. Jude. The last answered prayer was especially meaningful. Sometimes St Jude waits for the perfect situation to develope. The last prayer was answered three days after the final prayer. So have patience. Your prayer will be answered.

Some personal stuff about my family

My KnightMy Kids

My grandkids and
my daughter and her husband. He is a Knights Templar too, and a Shriner in the mounted patrol. He is; Commandry #20 - Past Commander - Secretary and MWPM Tulsa, OK. AF&AM Lodge#71. He works for a major airline. She works for a major insurance company.

above - My Knight -Tulsa, Ok. AF&AM Lodge#71
My hubby is a 'Master Cabinet' and Custom Furniture builder. He is currently unemployed.

The Grand Children - The Boys - Identical Twins no less!

My Grand daughter

Future DeMolays

My Grandaughter

This young lady lives with us.

 My Newest Grand Son My Daughter

My youngest daughter and I are members of The Order of The Eastern Star OES #295, Sapulpa OK.

My youngest daughter

My newest Grandson

The extended family, and my daughter's boyfriend

Surprise!, Yes I am Female, not a Mason - but before you make any judgments, read this - submitted by a Master Mason who knows who I am and has read the entire site:

Monday, March 1, 2004 6:13 PM - Quote from a senior member of this Masonic Forum: "I was quite impressed with the research and rather enjoyed it. I didn't find a single sentence that I disagreed with on the entire website.

I posted a link to it on our PRO-masonic forum, saying it was a tribute to what true masonry was about, and that all master masons should read it."
Pax et LVX, Frater RAH

Forum Subjects and go to this site for all the pros and cons you can think of. Anti Masonic points of View
and I have received other accommodations and awards from 'brothers' posted below, who are also aware of my gender like Fred,'Stonecutter'.

A very personal plea;

 My husbands workI've never, in the 12 years we've been on line had to do this, but we need help.
My Knight recently lost his job. He isn't entitled to unemployment. He is looking for work, but few jobs requiring his level of skill exist in this area. Another problem we've found is most companies don't want someone his age (57). My hubby hasn't been able to pay his dues so he can't ask the lodge for help. As most of you know if you've been here before, I am disabeled. We need help desperately. Our rent and car payments are behind and there's only my SS check to pay utilities. I've contacted the local food banks (Bixby Outreach) and am getting help from them but the rent situation is much more serious. We don't want to be homeless.
If any of you could spare a few dollars, it would be greately appreciated.
Please send them to Terry Case, 7500 East 151st St, lot 63, Bixby Oklahoma 74008
Thanks in advance..

Comments? Questions? send them to or send them to
get this gear!

Why would a woman be interested in Masonry?
The point being, shouldn't a woman be smart enough to figure it all out? Why is it considered such a taboo for a female to know what I now know? The point being, One doesn't have to be a Mason to understand this truth.

After years of research; We find the rituals no longer mean what the origional Templars intended and todays Order of Knights Templar are not anything like the original 9 nore do they have the same religious views. All one has to do is pick up any American Templar publication to see the overall purpose is completely reversed from the origional reason for the formation... but then again as you get deeper into this site, the order is not like it was in the time of Jesus either.... they admitted women..

This order does admit women and seeks to improve the Christian presence in the Holy Land and participation in the recovery and perpetuation of the Christian spirit. Modern Templars - SMOTJ

From the 'anti point of view' site above;
As you read this, (quoted from the forum) keep in mind that people like Tex Marrs has had many books that have been bestsellers, that indicates he is not just doing this to try to "save" people, but he is also doing it to get filthy rich off of the books. I immediately discredit an author who claims the president of the United States is the son of satan, that the whole government is in lue to throw over the world and get everyone to denounce their faith, and that many celebrities are working together with the anti-christ to destroy the world.
Just a little too looney for my taste.

This statement is from a respected Master Mason and addressed to us;
"I believe the vatican is afraid of the original christianity coming back to life. Some of my friends in the 32° and 33° AASR told me that the 33rd degree is given a copy of the original bible before vatican edited it, which the templars recovered from the temple mount. They also said that the vatican keeps a copy under armed guard in a vault somewhere, and the ethiopians have a copy as well, also under armed guard. They said that if it were released to the public it would result in the vatican waging war to supress it, which is why it is kept secret. From what I have been taught, Simon Magus created the catholic church to repress the original which was gnosticism. Also, the vatican leaders are said to preserve the true mystery of the mass, while they leave a placebo for the masses.
christianity ---Today's brand of it is so different from the original I would hardly call it so. The bible was written in allegory, yet today's brand of "Jesus" worship takes it at face value.
(and not as the original was intended.)
I hope a few of the masons read the website and wake up. Alot of them believe freemasonry is only a morality system."
Pax et LVX, Frater RAH XI° OTO

The Masons are a great fraternity, but unfortunately from past rumors about the fraternity that have festered over hundreds of years this creates an easy target for authors to throw their darts at. It doesn't matter if its true or not to authors, what is important is if books sell. Authors know writing dirt about the masons has always brought in money in the past, so why should they stop? It doesn't matter how many people get hurt or how false the information is just as long as their is money to be made.

But, like Stonecutter stated, when a Christian has made up their minds to hate Freemasonry or another religion or what ever the case may be, they cannot be swayed. If they're not hating us, they will find someone else to hate. Trying to defend Masonry or other religions is nothing more than beating a dead horse and a waste of your time and breath.

FreeMasonry is the grandfather of the world religons. It's Divine Science is the expression of all broadness, there is No Place for a narrow mind in a Great Work. True Christianity was never meant to be as it exists today, the worship of the God-Man as opposed to the God Spark that animates every Living thing on Earth. The Christ is an Energy that incarnated & manifested through the physical form of our beloved teacher that manifested unconditional Love & Compassion in our 3rd dimensional world of matter, and thus, a bridge was left in place allowing access to the 5th & higher Dimensions through pure Love in the 4th dimension of emotions. And now I will explain the mystery of the cross.....

The "True Cross"; One example of the unusual discoveries is a Garden or Field which is a square. Inside the square are four straight lines radiating outward in a "plus sign" shape. According to Genesis 2:9-14, a river flowed outward in four streams and watered the entire garden. Masons will recognize this as the "Templar Cross". It is also based on the Four points of the compass, E W N S which also relate to the procession of the ages and the 4 points of the Equinox - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. The division of the 3 kingdoms allotted to Noah's sons; Asia went to Enlil and Shem, Africa - Enki and Ham, Europe to Enlil - Japhet. The 4th region was a sacred region deemed neutral in the Sinai peninsula.

The Christian Cross, having 4 sides, is symbolic of the 4 elements of Nature, & Christ crucified thereon, is symbolic of the Holy Spirit or God Spark trapped in or nailed to the 4 elements of matter.

True Masonry is Universal, the Master Humbly bows before all, whether in Temple, Mosque, Synagogue, Church or Cathedral. He recognizes the COMPLETE ONENESS of ALL Spiritual Truth. Christ, Buddha, Mohammad, The Name means little when you recognize The Light and not the Bearer. The World Religons are but different paths that lead to the same Most Loving and Merciful Creator, from whom True Masonry was given to Man.

Awaken those you speak with to their OWN inner light, through THEIR beliefs and your Moral advice based on your Higher Light. The Key Here is THEIR OWN INNER LIGHT.

Alot of the Earths peoples stay trapped in man made dogmas and wars as to who's doctrine is True and who will go to Heaven and What & Where Heaven is.

To tell you the Truth, in the Grand Scheme of Cosmic unfoldment, it takes ages & ages for Man to ascend to The Father. Due to Karmic Laws of cause and effect, He is doomed to the Material Planes of Nature until such a time as all Karmic responsibilities are cleansed & his Spirit is Liberated from the 3 Dimensional Cross of Matter. Everything we do in each incarnation up until the moment of Death determines the nature of the following incarnation.
& thus the system of Morals in alignment with The Universal Laws of The Divine Plan that Masonry teaches cleanses Karma and Polishes The Rough Ashlar to Perfection.

Food for Thought: If your religion or denomination does not support religious freedom and does not allow for non judgmentalism (or toleration if you prefer), then it is not possible for you to become a Mason unless you disavow this portion of your church's dogma. Don't throw stones at us if we don't mention Jesus in our prayers. It doesn't mean we have forgotten him. In fact if you've ever been to a "corner stone" ceremony you know Jesus is the "First" and He is the corner stone to be laid.
Some former members who could not understand this have become "X-Masons for Jesus" and they now post lies and disinformation on sites like freemasonrywatch and Ecclesiastes 11.

That brings us to another subject that we promote which is very contridictory to christian beliefs. We believe Jesus was married and had three children. Our Jesus series reveals several paintings which hold this view. This is one that depicts Mary Magdalene and her three children. Mary is speaking to her brother Lazerus. This is done by a French artist in the 15th century. Since Mary escaped to France sometime around 34 A.D. We feel the French have the correct information. The King, as Jesus was, was required to have at least two sons. His daughter Sarah is in red between Mary and Lazerus. This painting is part of a famous scene called Der Magdalenaltar, which also includes Mary's anointing of Jesus at Bethany and her subsequent sea voyage to Provence.

This depiction of Mary and her brother Lazarus shows something amazing. It shows her red haired daughter, her light haired younger son and yet another child clinging to her arm. The little girls hand held firmly at her breast is of signifiance as she looks lovelingly at her uncle. The red hair is a sign of prominent noble status, and it was known that European dynastic royalty had begun with the Royal Syths of the Caucasian regions, extending from Carpathia to the Caspian Sea. As recent unearthings of their ancient mummies have confirmed, they were indeed red or alburn haired. Red hair was, therefore a way of introducing a recognizable aristocratic element to her image. The painting was meant to convey her modest state (covered by her hair) even though she is naked.

The major portions of the first 3 Passage pages comes from the Nag Hammidi Library. We invite you to read these for yourself. The Nag Hammidi Index
While the pew-sitters say these are fake, we say they are real and are the sayings of the Christ, told to the disciples as he tries to explain the workings of Heaven to them. There are also writings of Adam, Noah, James, Peter and the wife of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, who by the way, is the only disciple to understand all of what Jesus taught. This is quoted on the Mary of Magdala web site. "Schenk said the Magdalene services include a "brief reflection on Mary of Magdala," and what she calls "the right of naming." That is, when Jesus calls Magdalene by her name in the Gospel passage John 20:17, "she recognized him" as the risen Christ, and she was called as a disciple. Among the newly discovered texts King is referring to `The Gospel of Mary,' discovered at Nag Hammadi in Egypt more than a half-century ago. In that Gospel, Mary receives secret revelations from Jesus -- much to the chagrin of Peter.`The Gospel of Philip,' also discovered at Nag Hammadi, shows yet another understanding of Mary's relationship with Jesus.

Mary Magdalen was said to have been the Bride of Christ. Many of the Gnostic Gospels (revered early on in the Christian Church and later thrown out of the cannon) portray Mary Magdalen as Christ's Most Beloved Disciple, reporting that Jesus often kissed her 'on the mouth'? and called her "Woman Who Knows All." Other disciples went to her for Christ's teachings after he died . She is portrayed as sitting at Jesus' feet to listen to his teachings (Luke 10:38-42) and also as anointing his feet with oil and drying them with her hair (John 11:2, 12:3). Three of the New Testament Gospels report that Mary Magdalen was at the foot of the cross, and all four Gospels note she was present at the tomb. The Gospel of John notes that after the resurrection, Christ appeared to Mary Magdalen first. Mary Magdalen is mentioned in the New Testament more often by far that Mother Mary.
and see The Bride of Christ

This view is backed up by writer Sir Laurence Gardner, Kt St Gm, KCD, who is an internationally known sovereign and chivalric genealogist. He holds the position of Grand Prior of the Celtic Church's Sacred Kindred of Saint Columba, and is distinguished as the Chevalier Labhràn de Saint Germain. Sir Laurence is also Presidential Attaché to the European Council of Princes, a constitutional advisory body established in 1946. He is formally attached to the Noble Household Guard of the Royal House of Stewart, founded at St Germain-en-Laye in 1692, and is the Jacobite Historiographer Royal.

Laurence Gardner has been granted privileged access to European Sovereign and Noble archives, along with favored insight into Chivalric and Church repositories. He proves for the first time that there is a royal heritage of the Messiah, and documents the systematic and continuing suppression of these records tracing the descent of the sacred lineage down through the centuries.

Not only that, we have compiled a list of descendents of Jesus and his family on our Knights Templar page 2. There are two lists, one from a family member living in the U.S. This was the great Templar secret....Jesus had family, he was married.
The disciple that Jesus loved was Mary Madglene...his wife!...and the Nag Hammidi Scrolls seem to prove it! This info came from the book you see here by Laurence Gardner, who, by the way is a Knights Templar.

Many masons have asked me if I had help in finding the information for this web site. Did my Mason-Templar husband share any secrets? There are No secrets anyway, Right?

The unequivical answer is NO. Once the answers were found we came to complete agreement with out any exchange of secret information on his part....and as we pointed out..the only secrets left are passwords and handshakes.

On this page and others you have seen several books which I have recommended for your reading pleasure. The major portion of my information comes from these books and many, many other sources here on the internet. This fact is proven from the hundreds of links I have provided as reference and back-up sources. Other than that, I am told, there are no other secrets and as stated on the Widow's Son page of this site. Anyone can find this information if he/she persues it with their undivided attention and interest.

Why do a site like this?... Our Soap Box

I have time for this research, because in 1991, I fell off the back of a delivery truck and suffered a ruptured disk. I had back surgery in 1992 which included a laminectomy and fusion at L5-S1. This involved putting 4 screws and a plate in my back. The screws are 3 1/2 inches long and if put in crocked can cause permanent damage. That is what happened. After 6 months I still had pain and couldn't stand or walk for more that 30 minutes at a time. I haven't been able to work much since then and am considered 'disabeled' according to a Social Security determination issued in 1993. A class action law suite settled in 2008 didn't even provide enough to pay for the surgery.

But as you will see, this is part of my life's chart (seen on the Astrology Page) which was predetermined before I was born. In order to accomplish what's written in the chart, I had to have the time to devote to it. It has left us with less income, but a whole new perspective on 'life after death' or the 'sprituality' which we all seek.

The research for this site began in 1997 and covers a twelve year period until the present. We went on-line with the site in 1999. We have moved 3 times before gaining a home at I read The Hiram Key in 1997. I had already read Fingerprints of the Gods, by Graham Hancock and The Sign and the Seal. Then when I read The Message of the Sphinx , the connections then began to emerge.

Our first through tenth page covers subjects that we will see discussed throughout the site including why I called the site Hiram Abiff, King of Egypt and his connection to an Egyptian King who was murdered in 1554 BC. The main story unfolds below.

Below are links to our newest series which covers Egyptian History and archaeology. Ham was a King of Egypt..So was Nimrod is that possible? Read and find out! We also find out that Joseph worshipped the evil Seth and was possibly behind the murder of Seqenenre Tao in 1554 BC., just as the book The Hiram Key points out.

We also have exclusive evidence that the Exodus was in 1550 BC and coinsided with the eruption of the Santarini volcano.

Hiram - Forward We began by explaining why Nimrod was tagged evil by the clergy, and why he shouldn't have been. There's another story that was kept from the masses and it clears Nimrod of any wrong doing.

Hiram - Forward 1The Two Pillars that Noah found. How the 'Watchers' married human women and corrupted mankind. The eruption of the Santarini Volcano and it's connection to the 10 plagues of Egypt.

Hiram - Forward 2 The megatsunami that caused Noah's Flood, Archaeology places doubt on biblical history, Biblical text 'copied from an earlier source, Deities that have the same attributes as Jesus. Disclaimer.

Hiram - Forward 3 Ham, Cush, and Miziram lived in Egypt. Is Cush the Scorpion King?, Shem and Japheth invade Egypt in the predynastic era, Abraham, and Jacob are Hyksos and invaders of Egypt in the 12 to 16th dynasty.

Hiram Index 1 The Egyptians wore masonic aprons, The 10 commandments came from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, More 'lost gospels', The journey of Death described by a person who had a 'NDE', Thoth and Enoch

Hiram Index 2 Deities that have the same attributes as Jesus. Religious oppression and the corrupt priesthood of Israel. The Secret Doctrine. The source of authority is spiritual. What the church claimed was heretical. The scientists. The "Mystery Schools" - ancient scientific papyrus - secret books. Who are the Nephilim? Solomon's tribute to Wisdom. . Physics, angels, Magicians, and the supernatural. Disclaimer

Hiram Index 3 Religious oppression and the corrupt priesthood of Israel. The Secret Doctrine. The source of authority is spiritual. What the church claimed was heretical. The scientists. The "Mystery Schools" - ancient scientific papyrus - secret books

Hiram Index 4 The conception of Noah, Church opposition to science, Historical and biblical evidence for 2 gods. Joseph, pharoah of Memphis/Avaris. Noah and his sons. How did Nimrod become a king of Egypt? The ziggurat (Tower of Babel) ruins of Eridu. The predynasties of Egypt,

Hiram Index 5 The tribes of the Giants. Who brought the flood on mankind?. The old Babyloian Gods. The Egyptian Gods, What does astrology have to do with it?. The true cross. The diverse cultures and races of the World.

Hiram Index 6 The famous Narmer Palette and it's connection to Nimrod.Who was the Scorpion King?. Ham's clan moved to Hierakonpolis in 3400 BC. Hams name in Egyptian was Anedjib and he was the 8th king of the first dynasty of Egypt.

Hiram Introduction 1... Religious symbols,Ancient History, which shows two ruling classes in Egypt. One was refered to as Hyksos. These people became the Hebrews. Documentation from 3 sources put the Israelites in a 'bad light'.

Hiram Introduction 1 continued The Inventory Stella of Khufu proves the Great Pyramid was not built by him. The meaning of "Light". Science was regarded as an outcast, an enemy. There was no liberty, no education, no philosophy, no science; nothing but credulity, ignorance, and superstition.

Hiram Introduction 1... Jacob, the beginning of a false religion, The mountain of Moses, where was it? A Temple discovered on top of the mountain! Josephs Egyptian burial. Jacob's signet ring discovered in Avaris. a debate between archaeologists, Evidence that Ahmose defeated the Hyksos.

Hiram Introduction 2 Many secrets of the ancients. Men - builders of great cities. The 5000 year old Tablets of Creation. The 'Age of Aquaris' and the Christ Consciousness. Shem and Japheth turn to 'other gods' ...Who were they? The two ruling Kings of Egypt.

Hiram Introduction 3 The Keys of Enoch.We present the 'Focus' of the Scottish Rite Degrees which connect Moses with science and knowledge. Jesus' miracles; was Lazerus really raised from the dead? The 'Great White Brotherhood.

Hiram Introduction 4 The Two Pillars that Noah found. Focus of the 24th through the 28th degree. The 10,000 year old "10 Commandments. How the 'Watchers' married human women and corrupted mankind.The real Exodus. The eruption of the Santarini Volcano and it's connection to the 10 plagues of Egypt.

Hiram Introduction 5 Brief story about the Knights Templar, the church and freedom to 'choose'. A link to the books left out of the Bible. The Cooke Manuscript. The Regius Manuscript. The 'Pillers' of secrets. Ham and the Tower of Babel.The nuclear bombing of Sodom and Gomorrah in ancient times.

Speeking of Mars - We actually have another planet in our solar system. This planet has been called Nibiru by the ancient Babyloians. It's odd rotation only brings it into Earth view every 3600 years. NASA has tracked it but has not discovered that it is moving towards us. This is the home of the Gods....YES! More than one! The governments of the world don't want you to know the history of this planet because that ties it with UFO's and extraterrestrial life. The text of these visitors is found in the ancient Sumerian texts called the Enuma elish. see The 10th Planet

Much credit goes to the book, The Hiram Key, by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas . The story of Seqenenre Tao II is vitally important to the Egyptian origins of the Craft. There is much more to be learned from their book as they persued the secret scrolls of the Knights Templar that once were the prized and sacred possession of the High Priests of Jerusalem. These scrolls were once buried under Herod's Temple but they now may be in Scotland under a temple that is an exact replica of Herod's. The connection of Hiram Abiff and the Egyptian mysteries is made clear on... The Widow's Son

The early church tried to keep us from being educated. The Dark ages resulted in a secret society who refused to be controlled by the church. This secret society was made up of highly educated men who continued their work in spite of the church. They were all Masons.

The next discovery was when I read the works of the Egyptian Book of the Dead (Exerpts from) , on-line and discovered the Original Ten Commandments, as written over 5000 years ago. A nerve was struck and it all came together. The connection of Moses with the Royal family of Egypt caused it all to make sence. The Egyptians, the pyramids, and the Widow's Son Horus, began to emerge as the connection to the ancient knowledge. Isis being his mother, the widow who gave him life, is a very important part of the connection. The mention of Isis is, as Masons know, in the Degree work. This is no accident.(There is no actual degree work here.)

Then we go back to where it all started. About a year ago I finished The Forbidden Knowledge series. The second page ends with KJ Bible verses that show who the true god was in the time of Adam. The third page focus is on science, education and learning and a god that 'forbid' it. The fourth page discusses evolution versus creationalism. God made men! We did not evolve from apes. The series also reveals the 5000 year old sumerian texts called the Enuma Elish. It presents the two Gods that fought each other for control of the Earth....Enki and Enlil.

The text reveals a pre Babyloian civilization that was highly advanced and taught man the sciences. The first man they taught was Adam and then more knowledge was taught to Enoch who Enki loved so much that he made him the first priest of his city in Ediru.. This knowledge has mostly been lost but we are making advances that someday will lead to the levitation (anti-gravity) once used to build the pyramids and Solomon's Temple.

The Nephilim - sons of the so called 'fallen angles' are the Giant race of half-god, half-humans that God tried to destroy. We find that Noah was saved by Enki who was the first son of the 'Gods who from Heaven came down to Earth'. These Gods created Neandertals. The experiments of the Elohim resulted in a hybrid race that was part ape. Then they made the Cro-Magnon man to be more like them using their own DNA.

This is why chimpanzee DNA is closest to ours. These creatures were in Africia and were the origional 'slave workers'. Their remains are over 50,000 years old. We cover this on our forbidden series and on Forbidden, k1 page and on Atlantis

Other Masonic connections are found on The Legend of Hiram Abiff and more ,
Brief History of Masonic origins, Definations and What is Masonry

We believe that people are threatened by their 'blind faith' rule of control forced upon them by the church and are afraid to believe anything to the contrary even if it's historical fact. This is the control the church imposes on each and every one who attends.

We also believe no one should have to 'fear' God. If you fear him he is not a god of love and forgiveness but an evil tyrant who would destroy you at a whim. 'You become a 'slave' as Jesus says in the Nag Hammidi scrolls. But you are a slave in the name of Jesus, and he says this is wrong.

Many people may have a problem with the works in the Nag Hammidi collection of Egypt, because it contradicts Christianity as we know it, but if you have a belief in the here-after and that your soul has a purpose, these works are deep, profound and very meaningful. However the God of love protrayed herein is not known to humanity. Only the Son he sent can connect you to him but this doesn't have anything to do with 'saving' you. Jesus calls this the "The Way".

We found this connection to be much older than the bible. Everything revolves around this verse in the KJB;
"The man has now become one of US, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever. So the Lord God banished him from the garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken. After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life."

Who is US? Who is the 'Lord'?..find out on Passage Forward and on Forbidden F2 From there there are several pages to esoteric information.

We can show you how the 'Tree of Life' is accessable to all who seek it. This means just what it says, you are immortal and we can prove it...but you must free yourself of your 'church controlled thinking' to find the secret.

To the Egyptians, the main God was Osiris or Ra. Where did the other 'gods' originate? From the 24 elders that sit in heaven with God. This is an ancient belief proven by the works of Enoch, backed up by the Emerald Tablets of Thoth and the Nag Hammidi collection. Our second Passage Page explains this in full.

We compaired verses in the King James Bible with the works of the disciples in the Nag Hammidi collection, and found that the writers of the King James Bible delibertly left out many things. The book, The Lost Books of The Bible and the Forgotten books of Eden helped here.

We change these links to keep search engines out. If one here doesn't work, please go to the site map.

Gods Wife


What we have learned and forgotten

We discovered what "Light" really is. see... The Light of your soul

Biblical History versus archaeological findings.... Archeological findings

Ancient Beliefs/Paganism combined.. Myth and Genesis

Biblical moments..Religion corrupted....Not by Nimrod The Tower of Babel and The discovery of Noah's Ark

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Astrology and the Ancients

The books of Genesis are copied from a much older story. See where it came from in The Enuma Elish.

A 5000 year old story to be exact. This story seems to match the Nag Hammidi scrolls. There were two gods, one loving and kind, the other destructive and hateful of humans. This story tells us why and it might explain how 'Adam' or man really got here. Man and woman was indeed created by a god, but this is a god who only wanted us as slaves. Another god, one kinder and more loving of humans gave us an escape.

Much information came from Uriel's Machine by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. My Thanks to them for the research they personally conducted to verify that the 'Time Machine' also known as Stonehenge really works. Enoch guides you through this on The Magi

The Roman writers of the King James Bible - New Testament also left out the works of the greatest Teacher of Masonry, and esoteric wisdom, Enoch, who wrote 366 books of secret gospel that was cherished by the Essenes as well as the Egyptians.
The Keys Of Enoch, The Book Of Knowledge

This is the link to The Books of Enoch

It is not verified, but many believe Enoch to be the person the Egyptians called 'Imenhotep'. He was the First Imenhotep as there were many others after him who were called by this name. The knowledge to build the Great Pyramid was given to Enoch by God and brought to Egypt from Atlantis. Enoch was sent to Heaven to 'learn' many things, one of those important lessons being, how to measure time and make a calendar, a 'time machine', if you will, and do the complicated alignments of the pyramids. Enoch was taken to various points on the earth where he learned to 'mark' the procession of the planets beginning with the Sun and Venus. These ancient time machines are found in the "Stonehenge" and many others through-out Europe. The pyramid was built in 10,490BC, not in the time of Khufu. It just makes sence.

The circle became complete when you visit.. Moses,the Prince of Egypt Moses was reared by the Royal Family of Egypt in Thebes. His stepfathers were Bebniankh - 1600 - 1588BC and Seqenenre Tao I - 1558 - 1554 BC. He was an army commander under Kamose and Ahmose I,( the Queen ) who finally drove the Hebrews under Hyksos rule out of Egypt in 1554 - 1550 BC. Moses was given the secret knowlege in priesthood training under Egyptian High Priests. He was in line to be King. We found out what the Ark could do and some of Moses' secret knowledge on The Ark of the Covenant

Historians place Moses in the time of Ramses rule, because of a city mentioned in the bible called Ramses. But this city was called Avaris before the Ramses era, and then Memphis, as it is now known, before the bible story was written. This was the Hyksos strong hold capitol. That means the people did not work on the new city as is commonly believed and Ramses was not the Pharoah that refused to 'let the people go'. The bible uses the words 'King' when refering to the True Egyptians, but uses the word 'Pharoah' when refering to the Hyksos ruler. There was a difference and the history books and archeological records prove it. We recently completed the research on the proof. see Widow's Son, page 2 and there's more on this page, The Amazing Akhenaten

Our religious background is Christian, therefore my many references to Jesus are substantiated in that childhood teaching. Many believe Jeses did not really exist but the writings of Josephus prove he did... Jesus was his blood brother. Their last name was Matthias. We learned much more about his life and his followers as we persued the actual lessons he taught as described in the Gnostic and Judaica wisdom and the Nag Hammidi collection. More evidence came to light as We persued information on the Essene community where he lived.
see The Essenes
The second page on the Essenes
The real Jesus
Masonic Rules in the Dead Sea Scrolls
His real life is revealed in
Jesus, Mary Magdalen and the Truth
And his many faces in Jesus, the Kabbalah and the Gnostic Wisdom

We believe in the Christ and the almighty Father, but there are many things that we found to be lies about Jesus, including his name, that he could talk at nine months of age, and killed other children he played with. The False Church 'pew setters' prefer to think that Jesus was poor and he had no education and he had no human father. They also claim he was not married and would never be a 'sexual' normal human. Proclaiming Jesus to be God, has destroyed the true religion of the ancients...again this was an invention of catholic fathers in 325 A.D. Everything pertaining to Jesus as an historical person has been fictionalized to suit the controllers who demand that you submit to their rules.

We have little historical knowledge of the Christians of the first century. Between the simple groups of Jesus worshippers of Paul's Epistles and Acts, and the developed Christian doctrine of the second century, layes a whole world of evolution on which we have no positive light. The reasonable view is that the influence of the Old Testament, the shape given by the Jews to the supposed messianic prophecies, the natural impulse of ascetic and Essenic believers to isolate Jesus from all sexual intercourse and the broad beliefs of the Persians, Egyptians and Greeks about the birth of their saviours, together gave shape to the traditional figure of Jesus. The source of these stories is adopted from what they call "pagan" Egyptian, Roman and Greek history. Our page on Christ's Mission reveals the pagan connections.

We found this on a Masonic web site in France. It shows how Paul and the Romans corrupted the world into the belief that the body rises to heaven. We think we have proven that it does not.

Quote; "We Protestants disapprove of their failure to exact a firm belief in the existence of God and of the immortality of the soul, more I think because we are Christians than for any other reason.
We believe even more as we teach the resurrection of the body through faith in the merits of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, though the Jews among us cannot agree with that, but it is there, and it cannot be found in the Anderson Constitutions, under which the Grand Lodge of France is working today. We are perhaps unconsciously, gradually blending our Christian faith with Freemasonry, while we believe or teach that the latter unites men of every Nation, sect and opinion and concilates friendship among those who might otherwise have remained at a perpetual distance". end quote

Jesus after all was a mortal man. He was a normal human. He was a 'Son of God' but not in the sence, decree or description of any Church doctrine. He practiced Egyptian 'magic' in healing with herbs and potions known long before his own time. When he 'raised' people from the 'dead', it was the Masonic ritual of the "Living Resurrection", he was practicing. He was a married man and the High Priest and 'Master' of the 'brotherhood'. We found the proof of the ancient Mystery School Initiates He was also a Gnostic (pre-Christian) or a Deist.

Speeking of Gnostic, see what a Gnostic is on The Gnostic Teaching. After the discoveries found here, We choose to no longer be Christians, in the sence it is described today, but we are Gnostic (pre-Christians) due to a false doctrine the Baal worshipers created to control mankind. Unfortunately Christianity as we know it, sprang from these roots. The Catholic Church is responsible for organized religion and had the real followers of Christ were executed and hunted down as criminals. Paul, who many take as being a disciple, was never really a full fledged member. He infiltrated the Essene community as a spy. Paul changed the 'Laws of Moses', to suite gentile (Greek) citizens and he is responsible for the prosecution of the disciples. Paul was killed in retalation for the stoning of James, who is Jesus' step brother. The Roman church has been hiding this for 2000 years. They prosecuted the real christians and had most of them killed. They then burned the records to wipe out any trace of their so-called pagan religion. They are now regreting this in admissions of the Pope geared to reunite the world. As History repeates its self, it may be to late. see The Lies of Paul

We found information that connects Abraham to the Egyptian Mysteries. But Abraham's god was called Jehovah/Yehwah, not a true god as many are told. We found proof when we studied the Eunma Elish and the historical records of Ur. see Abraham

We also discuss what we found about John the Baptist on John . John the Baptist was an Essene and practiced the Gnostic religion. We found proof about this in the catholic encyclopedia and we discuss these findings on the Disciples - forward... the Disciples .... The Death of the Disciples,
The High Priests , and The Death of James

We researched the records of Josephus and discovered he was more than likely related to Jesus. Josephus's brothers are James, Jude, Simon, Matthew and Jesus. We show these connections on death page 1 (the Death of the Disciples) and on Josephus Their sir name is Matthias.

The original Knights Templar followed the Gnostic religion or were Diests as did most of the founders of the United States Constitution. They openly admitted they were pagans, Gnostics, ect. The current order of Knights in the United States still profess the resurrection of Christ and one must take an oath to defend the Christian religion. In 1018 The Templars vowed to protect the travelers on the road to Jerusalem while they excuvated under the Temple. The new Templars of today now hold Easter Services open to the family ignoring the fact that Jesus himself refuted this celebration put in place of 'Passover'. The defence of the religion, we believe stems from the revised Christian beliefs that are now practiced in place of the original. These are from the 'man made' reorganization of the religion.

Jesus said, "You must be born again". This has a literal meaning which the churches of today do not alude to. It means 'reincarnation'. We use the writings of Edgar Cayce who was known to be a physic. He readings have proved to be true over and over including the discovery of the lost continent of Atlantis and the opening of the 'Hall of Records' in the Great Pyramid of Gaza. Every thing we researched is backed up by his writings. Edgar was a Christian, but his readings give a different view of the creation of mankind and what Jesus really taught. Edgar also states that there were 5 races of humans, all created at the same time. There was no "evolution" of man. The Nag Hammidi writings were discovered in 1945, Edgar Cayce died in 1941. There could be no possible way he 'made up' anything he said but it all matches up even and including the possibility of aliens... the devil's creatures? No not really.
see this in detail on Atlantis , The story of the beginning of mankind. and Atlantis, page 2 ,

The original ( Solomon's era ) scrolls found by the Templars under Herod's Temple have never been located, but probably contain the names of the children of Jesus and Mary Magdalen. We believe the Templars hid them to keep this secret until what is commonly refered to as the 'second coming' of Christ. This will only be done as an incarnation through the Royal line of David. That means there were descendents...all of 'Royal blood'. We will see a man once again carry the soul of the Christ. And as scripture says, many will not recognize him. He will again be born of a virgin and come to power in time to take-out the anti-christ - if there is such a thing.

Old manuscripts from India tell us that Jesus did not die, but escaped the prosecution of the Romans and lived out his life there. Mary, his earthly mother is buried there also and his brother Thomas was known to have taught the true religion of the disciples and Christ in India. History lessons and rare manuscripts give us a different view of the living Jesus, his family and the world he lived in in 30 A.D.. We don't understand why these are mostly ignored even by religious scholars. The real story is covered up again and again to surpress these documented truths from the public. There are no records of actual witnesses to the crucifixtion. Not Mark, not Matthew, not Luke. Not even Paul was a witnesses. John doesn't speek of it in his gospel, but that doesn't seem odd to you? If it were true why would John leave this out? We found John's gospel to be the most credible of the four gospels. Religious researchers agree.

The Nag Hammidi works were written by the followers of Christ who actually knew and walked with him. Peter, James, Philip and Mary Magdalen. The wording and references point to the divine enity and reality of Christ, the Son of God. But it directly sets Jesus the Man and Christ the 'son' apart, as one is human and the other actually immortal, devine and 'The Son of God'.

Christianity does not understand this at present and they claimed Jesus was God, but scripture, even after much change and revision does prove what is revealed here to be true. There is an amazing 'something else' that is true that rocks the very foundation of Church doctrine see... The Shroud of Turin for other little known facts about the beloved Jesus. A religious group hated by Christians has proof of the real life history of the man called Jesus. Credit here goes to the books Rex Deus, Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Woman with the Alabaster Jar which explains how Jesus' blood lines have been carried on and are present today, possibly in the United States. The legends of the Knights Templar carries on the traditions of the family of God, the 'brotherhood of mankind'.

Holy Mothers - virgins; The impregnation of a woman by a god was a familiar idea, and, if she had been hitherto a virgin, she was held to be a virgin mother. Most prominent of all were the greatest of Egyptian goddesses, Isis, and the greatest of Greek goddesses, Cybele. When at last the Church was forced to permit a veneration of a semi-divine mother, to compete with the most popular feature of pagan religion. Statues of and hymns to Isis and Cybele were appropriated to Mary. The virgin births did occur, but in many lands. We find this doctrine is adopted from what they call pagan and Satanic sources. They didn't admit this, but use it anyway without explaining the origins. Then it became filled with lies to promote salvation you must buy. see Goddess Worship

They revear and worship Mary as they claim Masons and Egyptians are evil because they revear and worship Isis or Hiram. Even though these stories are connected, Masons do not worship Isis. Isis did give birth to Horus as a 'virgin', on December 25th, which was adopted as Jesus' birthday, but there is only One God and ONE VIRGIN MOTHER. She is personalified in many other religions, but is one and the same.

When We stumbled upon the verses in Acts, we became accutely aware that the Roman Hellinistic Paul, manulipated and created Christinity; NOT Jesus, James or any of the other disciples. Paul was persuing and trying to kill the true followers of Jesus and he and the Roman Army finally succeeded in either killing them or causing them to flee to France and other countries. Paul is directly responsible for the death of James, the Lords brother. This information then aligns with the Templars, their ancestors, their secrets and the works in the Dead Sea Scrolls that do alude to the 'brotherhood' as well as to 'The Teacher of the Righteous'.
The reasons for this are discussed in detail on .. 'The Lies of Paul and the Falsified Church of Rome' pages.

The Catholic Fathers of Rome actually adopted pagan, practices which originated in Egypt, to further their cause and create more lies to mislead the world. They then have the gaul to say "the Gnostics were the devil worshipers". Constantine worshiped a Sun God but claimed he was a Christian. The lies continue. see Christ's Mission

More esoteric wisdom is covered on The Secrets of the Great Pyramid of Gaza. Links here also travel to 'The Emerald Tablets of Thoth" and an amazing discovery by an Egyptian Archeologist who went underground. Masonic symbols and their explainations are connected with Egypt in depth here.

New information about our government and the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Attack on America

If religious history is to be believed, God had many well-beloved sons, born of pious and holy virgins, besides Jesus Christ. Despite this, each is his only begotten, or his first begotten, son. All are as well authenticated as the story of Jesus Christ. Only their names have been changed. I therefore invite you to More Light.. via..The Virgin Birth
And many other related links including this main index page.. The Life and Aims of Jesus

The Nag Hammidi collection also gives many references to the 'brotherhood of mankind' to which Jesus the man and Christ the Son, belonged. One does not have to be a Doctor of Theology to understand the 'connection all men and women have to God'. No religious order can take this from you or charge you for admission once you understand it.

I believe in the physic power of Sylvia Brown
I believe in past life regression. I believe in reincarnation.

Life on the Other Side The Other Side and Back Secrets and Mysteries of the World

I finished Secrets and Mysteries of the World released Jan 2005. Everything I theorize and talk about here is confirmed by Sylvia. The fact that Jesus did not die on the cross, his marriage to Mary Magdelene, the age of the pyramids and the secrets they contain, the non existance of a personal devil, ect. Something else is revealed that did surprise me... About the Ark of The Covenant,... but you'll have to get the book and read it for yourself to find out what it is. Hint: It is housed in the place where it came from over 3000 years ago.

I have purchased three of her other books -
Life on the Other Side Past Lives - Future Healing and The other side and Back. You will see the connections to "the Other Side" we all have if you take this seriously. And besided that, you can actually heal yourself of any sudden debilitating illness by understanding where it came from...a past life!
Your brother or sister in this life may have been your husband or wife in a past life! Your grandmother, if she's passed away, may be reincarnated as your grandchild. You have a soul mate but he or she is not here in this life. He or she is waiting for you on The Other Side! Your sex and the color of your skin could have been the opposite of what it is now...It's true..check it out for your self.

Find out what your life's chart is plotted for. Yours may be love, family, career, finance, health, or education. There are 7 choices of a life's chart or 'blueprint' you choose from before you arrived. There are fourty-four life themes. Yes you choose to come here again even though you have been here many times before. You are here to investigate and learn from your choice. The negative phases of this choice are what you learn from and you progress by overcoming the negative side of the phase...It's obsticles if you will.

Here are a couple of Sylvia's predictions for the next 100 years .
People will again find Spirituality, not so much in organized religion, but in the spiritual brotherhood of coming together and finding their Temple within.
Four more comets will pass by before the end times.
Aliens will begin to show themselves in the year 2010, they will not harm us, they simply want to see what we are doing to this planet. They will teach us how to use anti-gravity devices again, such as they did for the pyramids...
After 2050, the "Age of the Messiah" is upon us. People turn totally toward Spirituality, peace will rein for a long time. People will return to community living, loving each other, and working together. here is her site page.. Sylvia Brown and Gnostic Christians
If you've ever seen the John Edward show or read any other books on what is called 'New Age Religion', you can find answers to the age old question - is there life after death? The overwheming answer is YES!
All you have to do is open the door to the possibility.

"Born Again" means seperation of the soul from the body. Because of this rediscovery and because of our research we believe that Jesus, the mortal body of a man, carried the soul of the Christ until his mission was complete. He did not suffer to save anybody. Maybe he didn't suffer at all..the Nag Hammidi scrolls prove it!.

That means the truth of the resurrection was corrupted by men and as prophesy predicted, a false religion was created by men who wanted complete control over all mankind.The disciples were hunted down as criminals and educated people were called evil, and women were abused because of this false doctrine. The 'resurrection' is for the 'living', not the dead and this is found in all of the old teachings.

This is more proof of the reality of reincarnation. We took this 'initiate' page off line for a while because somebody made a link and is entering the system as an 'unknown'. So we put "NO FOLLOW" coding in the HTML, so they cannot search for it and our search engine blocks this page also.. There are only two links to this page and if the invasion continues, they will be taken off also.
Here is the first one.. The Initiate
Call us pagans, Call us Gnostics, this is what we believe, this is what our forefathers the Deists, and brothers believed.

Deism is defined in Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary, 1941, as: "[From Latin Deus, God.Deity] The doctrine or creed of a Deist." And Deist is defined in the same dictionary as: "One who believes in the existence of a God or supreme being but denies revealed religion, basing his belief on the light of nature and reason." This common sense approach to God and a spiritual philosophy can not only bring a lasting profound sense of peace and happiness to the individual, but it also has the potential to go light years in eradicating religious fear, superstition and violence. see Deism defined

With this is mind...Christ is always with us.. see The Spirit of Christ Never Dies This page deals with the so called resurrection, the secret of the Templars, what really happened to Jesus at the crucifixion, the Egyptian Connection to the 'brotherhood' and the great secret of the Egyptian Kings that was began over 10,000 years ago.

And after you read this..There is one set of the works in the Nag in particular that is , to say the least, 'shocking'! But why else would something like this be written?. The answer being, so you can find your way back to God, his Father/your Father. So that you know he is real. So that you know you are connected to him. If you read nothing else on this site, read this..
The Second Treatise of the Great Seth
"And I was laughing at their ignorance."

Information only:
The Peacefull Warrier We have access to and study the so-called "direct lineage" stretching back to the days when the Templars were an exoteric force in Europe and the Holy Land, but we believe a newness is needed for the Templars in this Third Millennium. So our Order changed its name in 1998 to the New Order of Knights Templar. Other Templar Orders are really branches of freemasonry and some others use the title too freely, not truly reconstructing the actual mission and practices of the original Templars, as we attempt to do. Men (and women) today can still take up the sword and lance and become a Knight of Solomon's Temple, fighting the same battles and more, but on an esoteric level. Our Knights fight in tandem with the Ladies Templar, known officially as the Daughters of Tsion.

Then everyone shall be rescued who calls on the name of the LORD; For on Mount Zion there shall be a remnant, as the LORD has said, And in Jerusalem survivors whom the LORD shall call." Joel 3:5 Hebrew Bible & Catholic Bible, different numbering for Protestant Bibles.. see...the Knights Templar and The Daughters of Tsion Note: This organization charges for dues and fees: We are not involved with them in any way, shape or manner and we do not recommend or advise you to join.

Continued on Page 2

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