The Resurrection

Sophia, the Holy Spirit

The Spirit of Christ never Dies
but neither does the spirit of man when he learns the truth

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How do we know this to be true?

The idea of the "Christ" energy was incorporated into a long line of teachings that hit it's climax during Jesus time. We have been left with those teachings and his example for 2000 years. The "Law of One", who is God the Father, seems to extend back to the last cycle, before the great flood, when Atlantis and Lemuria existed. They also went through great earth changes because they had brought the disaster's on themselves with their own fearful thoughts.

The proof

One of the most basic, universal, fundamental beliefs of the old religion was reincarnation.
It to was 'thrown out with the dirty wash water' by the Romans.
They became intolerant and tyrannical, and authoritarianism was imposed by the sword when tempered by the politics of power. Many related matters of theology, doctrine, morals, cosmology, and military policy were later determined with this same attitude. The Mysteries, as pubic institutions, ceased to exist in the sixth century when the Roman Authorities under Justinian ordered their dissolution, and prohibited the teaching of the secret doctrine and philosophy.

The result has been to transform what may have been the greatest spiritual institution in the world into a materialistic organization exercising a spiritual tyranny on man that has driven millions of people out of religion.

THE FIFTH ECUMENICAL COUNCIL THE SECOND COUNCIL OF CONSTANTINOPLE A.D. 553; IF anyone asserts the fabulous pre-existence of souls, and shall assert the monstrous restoration which follows from it: let him be anathema. Before this council, reincarnation was a common held belief among Christians. For a detailed history leading up to the 5th Council see: Christian Reincarnation: The Long Forgotten Doctrine

4. Soul = Awareness and Death is defined as separation from a body. This view derives its primary authority from the Bhagavad-Gita where Arjuna is instructed by Krishna: "Never have I not existed, nor you, nor these kings; and never in the future shall we cease to exist. Just as the embodied self enters childhood, youth, and old age, so does it enter another body; this does not confound a steadfast man. ... Our bodies are known to end, but the embodied self is enduring, indestructible, and immeasurable ... It is not born, it does not die; having been it will never not be; unborn, enduring, constant, and primordial, it is not killed when the body is killed. ... As a man discards worn-out clothes to put on new and different ones, so the embodied self discards its worn-out bodies to take on new ones. (Bhagavad-Gita: portions of The Second Teaching - translator Barbara Stoler Miller)

Early Christians, before Constantine took over the religion, had a much different view of the soul and its relationship to God than mainstream Christianity does today. It viewed the soul as having a past history with God and was destined to rejoin God in the future, and that Christ came as an example of how we accomplish this task and to make it possible in an all new way for us to achieve our union with God. In many ways this teaching wasn't that much different than what Buddha taught concerning the soul and its relationship with the Absolute. Christ taught we must be reborn in the spirit and Buddha taught we must transcend this world and our attachment to it. see The Soul

Masonry believes that the Roman Catholic Church has failed as a leading Church due to its avidity for secular power and material possessions. It has also led to the appearance of the Protestant Churches, and the chaos of the numerous and disunited sects that characterize the Christian world today. This is a pity as Christianity was intended to be a system of initiation on a universal scale and to take over, and amplify, all previous religious teachings that were offered only to a restricted public in the Ancient Mysteries.

Reincarnation was not just some fancy idea of the Jews. It was believed in by the Egyptians, Greeks, Celts, Hindus, and Buddhists. It is also found amoung the indigenous peoples of the Americas, including the Innuit, and the ancient tribes of American Indians such as the Sioux.
In the Cabala, recording the mystical tradition of Judaism, it is called the revolution of souls.

According to Christian psychic, Edgar Cayce, in biblical times the term 'resurrection' in some contexts meant reincarnation.... " But I tell you that Elijah has already come, and they did not know him, but did to him whatever they pleased. So also the 'Son of Man' will suffer at their hands." Then the disciples understood that Jesus was speaking to them of John the Baptist.

For Jesus, Origen, and others, reincarnation was not an isolated item in the fabric of religious belief but part of a larger, organic doctrine of the soul.
This doctrine holds that human souls have existed since the earliest stages of creation. The ancient teaching is clear and can be documented from many sources.
Whenever the Logos becomes flesh, there is sacred testimony to the Great Sacrifice and the Great Renunciation - of all Avatars, all Divine Incarnations.
This Brotherhood of Blessed Teachers is ever behind every attempt to enlighten human minds, to summon the latent love in human hearts for all humanity, to fan the sparks of true compassion in human beings into the fires of Initiation.
The mark of the Avatar is that in him the Paraclete, the Spirit of Eternal Truth, manifests so that even the blind may see, the deaf may hear, the lame may walk, the unregenerate may gain confidence in the possibility and the promise of Self-redemption.

The fundamental teachings of reincarnation and the creation of all human souls at the beginning are not only biblical, they are part of the classical world and belonged to all primordial humanity. They are essential elements of the old cosmology. But like the tolerance necessary to accommodate different imaginations concerning the relation of the Father and the Son, they fell victim to the politics of the church.
Lake of Memory Rising, William Fix

If you have not read Genesis 6: 1-5 lately, read it again. The origin of man and the description of The Nephilim, who are the offspring of fallen angles. Nephilim means 'Giant'. They are spoken of in the King James Bible in many places. God spoke of these, therefore these spirits are not imaginary, they were real. But they are also real trouble makers because they used their wisdom for self-serving purposes.

These lower level so-called fallen angles still exist. They perpretrate all evil. They have trapped many souls in the earthbound plane and will not allow them to seek their home in heaven. These souls are known by us as 'ghosts'.

The International Ghost Hunters Society They are real and are searching for a way out of the earth bound trap the fallen angels keep them in. They are trapped by their connection to material wants, such as another human they loved, or a home they do not want to leave. Their deaths were unexpected and tragic. They were not ready to leave the material earth-bound plane. The evil of the fallen angles keep these souls trapped. Christ will release them when he returns.
More about the Nephilim on the
Forbidden Forward

Estimates are that at least 20 percent of young people remember their past life. Christian teaching cannot encompass this thought and belief therefore the doctrines of creationism and traducianism and the Vatican's 1968 birth control encyclical based on them will continue to discredit Christianity as long as they are taught. A survey was taken in Canada in the 1980's and it was found that this belief of reincarnation was twice as common amoung those who did not attend any church.

Why don't we remember a past Life? Most of us don't, because God doesn't want us to. He wants us to be able to find him and thus find the 'Way', unabstructed by memories, which would be so frustrating ( because we wouldn't want to make another mistake ) it is better not to remember. We would spend every waking hour worring that we could not do enough to please God, causing us to neglect our famlies and our work..

Another reason is, what if you were of the opposite sex in your past life? What if You were of a different race? What if you were evil? What if...?
Would you still be perjudice? Would You worry about what you might have done?

But ask any 3 year old who they were in a past life. Believe it or not they remember. We should encourage them to talk about this - we would learn alot. Have you ever noticed a small child talking to 'nobody'? Well maybe they really are talking to someone - because they can see spirits.

According to Enoch, our memories of the Higher Evolution or spiritual evolution are hidden from our knowledge by a veil of light, and when we remove this veil, the other worlds of existence will be simultaneously revealed to us by our Overself. However, the choice to serve the Light must be made in every embodiment, in every cycle, in every plan of creation. In making the choice, beloved, understand that which you were promised in the Kingdom of God will be fulfilled. This is the witness which the Son revealed when he said to those around him that they would see the Kingdom being offered to YHWH - our Father! Truly, the spirit of truth is here; and Enoch and Metatron are here to guide you into this truth so that this world might be in synchrony with the thrones and dominions of YHWH when the veil of time is removed!
The Keys Of Enoch,

"Yet the record or reflection of all the past lives must survive, for when Prince Siddhartha became Buddha, the full sequence of His previous births were seen by Him". . . .
Why Do We Not Remember Our Past Lives?....The student must not confuse this Spiritual Ego with the "HIGHER SELF" which is Atma, the God within us, and inseparable from the Universal Spirit.
(See On post mortem and post natal Consciousness.) The personality with its Skandhas is ever changing with every new birth. It is, as said before, only the part played by the actor (the true Ego) for one night. This is why we preserve no memory! on the physical plane of our past lives, though the real "Ego " has lived them over and knows them all.

Church doctrine...About abortion; The church in effect says, the soul ( a new one ) enters the body ( cells ) of a fetus at conception, thus abortion is murder. Secular law says, this is not so. The law says, the soul comes to the body after it takes it's first breath. Sylvia Brown says the soul chooses when to enter. It even choses who they want to be their parents. In the view of old religion, the soul is not destroyed. It simply will come again to the same woman or to another. Any one who has had a glimpse of a former life or an earlier near-death-experience knows, indeed in his or her soul, that that soul was neither created fresh for the current life nor transmitted through the act of procreation.

In other words a soul does not die and cannot be killed. Therefore abortion is not murder. The soul of the child will be back. If not to it's origional mother, to another. These new born souls actually pick the mother they want to experience life with. So if you have a new born consider yourself 'special' because you were 'chosen' by this precious soul.

The soul choses a life pattern long before it comes to earth to experience whatever the pattern may be. We choose to be in a wealthy or poor or middle class family. We choose to be in a starving African nation or a well-to-do New York 5th Avenue apartment. We choose to be educated by the finest Universitys or to learn our life's lesson on our own. We choose a 'life goal' and we have a 'theme'. We recommend Sylvia Brown's books to study this subject more thoroughly. This book is 'The Other Side and Back. It describes the journey of the soul from physical death to it's return to the material world.

In the hierarchy of Christian values taught by Jesus, the commandment to love one another takes precedence over all differences of religion, creed denomination and sect. The body is the servent of the mind, and the mind is the servent of the heart. The essence of the religion articulated by Jesus is not exclusive, but inclusive. This was interputed incorrectly or delibertly as exclusive by the institutionalised church and the policital, perverted powers that be.
Lake of Memory Rising, William Fix

Augustine wrote, "The reality, which we now call the Christian religion, was present among the ancient people, and up to the time of the coming of Christ in the 'flesh' was never absent from the beginning of the human race."

The problem is the use and terminology of the word 'resurrection' and understanding that GOD DOES NOT INCARNATE IN 'FLESH'. God sent the Sons of Light, who were, Adam, Enoch, Buddah, Hermes or Thoth, Christ and three more. And There is one more to come. Eve and Mary, Christ's mother are ( according to Peter in the Nag Hammidi texts) incarnations of the Holy Spirit. Every time God gave a son to a favored man on earth, he was giving him a CHILD who was 'incarnated' into a 'Son of God'. Women who were sometimes barren became mothers of these 'sons'. They were not virgins, but God highly favored his 'Sons of Light' and bestowed upon them a child of God to carry on the seed of 'the Father'. Again a predetermined soul has come into being in the flesh with these familys.

G.R.S. Mead describes having the knowledge of Thoth or Hermes is as "The Baptism of the Mind". Not until we have received this touch of Christ consciousness have we reached true manhood ( the Brotherhood ). Those who have received this Baptism know why they have come into being and the purpose of life. They become consciously immortal. They know they are deathless, they not only believe it, their immortality is no longer a belief it is a fact of knowledge.

"To achieve universal self-consciousness is to dispel all illusions and to know no difference between oneself and the whole of nature. It is to make the plan of nature the very framework of one's being and the deliberate basis of one's destiny. It is like floating on the ocean of life. That is difficult enough on the physical plane, but in relation to the whole of cosmic life it is extremely difficult for us to grasp. Because we are only partly conscious, we are also partly unconscious, and therefore liable to self-deception. In another way, we face the problem of protective illusions." from.
.. The Hermetic Method

The Reincarnation Question

If there were no evidence that pointed strongly to reincarnation being a reality, there would be little motivation for exploring the hypothesis that Jesus taught reincarnation rather than resurrection. However, the voluminous evidence collected in the past 30 years by investigators of childhood cases of the reincarnation type, by past-life hypno-therapists whose patients are adults, and by investigators of adults having spontaneous recall of past-life scenes, is all better explained or categorized by the reincarnation hypothesis than by any other. It has been a difficult topic for Western investigators to explore, due to the cultural taboo against reincarnation, which logically traces back not just to the 2nd Council of Constantinople in 553 C.E. when reincarnation was declared anathema by the church, but to the origins of Christian orthodoxy itself. Nevertheless, the data supporting reincarnation have been accumulating at such an increasing rate as to attract a considerable number of Western Ph.D. psychiatrists and M.D.s into exploring the phenomenon, utilizing past-life hypno-therapy as a powerful healing tool, and informing others through their books.

The one authority in the field of religion who has looked into a part of this evidence and minimized its importance in the eyes of New Testament scholarship is John Hick. He examined a part of Ian Stevenson's evidence on childhood cases of the reincarnation type, and concluded that reincarnation "is beset by conceptual difficulties of the gravest kind." However, that conclusion was based almost entirely upon the observation that it is only a small fraction of children who for a time remember incidents from their past lives, and seems predicated on the notion that perhaps only they have past lives while the rest of humanity does not. Missing was the thought that some psychic mechanism ordinarily prevents us from remembering our past lives at this stage of our evolution, with the mechanism being capable of circumvention through hypno-regression or occasionally breaking down temporarily. Missing also was any analysis by Hick of the two other categories of past-life recall. Since the time of Hick's critical writings, other investigators have confirmed Stevenson's findings.

IV. Did the Source of the Gospels Contain Teachings on Reincarnation?

Some who have examined the apparent reality of reincarnation have looked into the Gospels for clues that Jesus actually taught the subject, and have found them. As to how such clues (to be discussed briefly) originated, it is usually postulated that following the 2nd Council of Constantinople in 553 C.E. the Gospels were edited so as to remove all obvious traces of teachings and implications of reincarnation. However, there is sufficient evidence from early church fathers to indicate that some of the verses to be discussed, and which exist in about the same form today, greatly predate this council. Hence a much more likely possibility is that the New Testament gospels themselves derive mainly from one source, and this source is what had contained Jesus' teachings on reincarnation and karma that were edited out upon first formation of the Gospels in the early second century.

This source could easily have been the well known Logia referred to by the second -century Bishop Papias in his brief statement about how the Gospel of Matthew came about, as relayed by Eusebius: "Matthew compiled the Logia in the Hebrew dialect, and each interpreted them as best he could." This is all that is known about the formulation of Matthew; it is so terse that it may have meant that the writer of Matthew formed his gospel from these Logia, written in Aramaic. Because so little is recorded about the formation of the Gospels, because these Logia did not survive, and because Papias is known to have written five treatises about the Logia that also did not survive, we must treat seriously the likelihood that this source of Matthew had been very extensive and had contained heresies that needed excising before a sanctionable gospel could be compiled. Teachings on reincarnation and karma would have fallen into this category.

Gospel Evidence that Jesus Taught Reincarnation

It is important to examine some particular examples of these Gospel clues, since they are largely unknown within modern scholasticism. Perhaps the primary verse to this effect is Mt 11:14, "...and if you are willing to accept it, he [John the Baptist] is Elijah who is to come." The only alternative here to the implication that Jesus was talking of Elijah having been a past life of John, who would be reborn again some time in the future, comes from 2 Kgs 2:11 in which Elijah is "taken up by a whirlwind into heaven" and is seen no more. If it is assumed that this means Elijah never died but was "translated" alive into heaven, the further assumptions are then needed that he later "translated" into the body of John the Baptist and would "translate" into some other body in the future. However, this concept of translation, involving a fully human body that never ages or dies, seems unintelligible in comparison with the reincarnation hypothesis, especially since John is described in Luke's first chapter as having been raised from a baby and never having suddenly changed into Elijah's very own "translated" body.

The reincarnation hypothesis here is consistent with Jesus' wording, "if you are willing to accept it." Probably only a minority of his listeners in Israel believed in reincarnation, with many, especially Pharisees and Sadducees, being opposed to the concept. Thus, Jesus at that point was speaking just to those who could accept the possibility. It is likely that the Logia had more to say here about Elijah's (John's) future reincarnation that was omitted when Matthew was formed. That Matthew's compiler left this strong a clue behind here is probably attributable to his fondness for Elijah, along with other Old Testament personages, causing him to include as much of this Logia verse as seemed feasible. Also, this compiler evidently believed in "translation, " and supported this belief with his Transfiguration story. Thus he probably would not have felt that he was leaving behind a clue here that his source text had discussed reincarnation.

Another strong clue is found in Mt 16:13-15, "Now when Jesus came into the district of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, `Who do men say that the Son of man is?' And they said, `Some say John the Baptist, others say Elijah, and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets.' He said to them, `But who do you say that I am?'" Although it is quite possible that in asking the question Jesus was wondering if the people thought of him as a Messiah of some sort, their response (especially "Jeremiah or one of the prophets") indicates they had a past life in mind. That this did not cause any stir or consternation is consistent with Jesus having wondered what important past life they believed him to have had.

Another clue is Mt 24:4 where we read: "For many will come in my name, saying `I am the Christ!' and they will lead many astray." This makes most sense if Jesus was referring to persons in the distant future who would claim they are reincarnations of him. It makes less sense to think they would claim to be resurrections of him, which would require their asserting to have first appeared on earth in their own time in the full-grown resurrected body of Jesus, never having passed through childhood. Moreover, at the time the text of the verse was spoken, resurrection or "anastasis" referred only to a general resurrection at the end times, and not to the raising up of a particular individual.

Further clues consist of the "incarnation" verses: "I have come not to... but to..." Of these, Mt 5:17 and 10:34 seem here most likely to be in a form close to that of their source. If Jesus had early in life gained an understanding of what his life's mission and goals were to be -- and the "lost years" evidence supports that likelihood, he could then speak as "having come" for such-and-such a purpose. Thus the "incarnation verses" easily fit into the context of Jesus having taught that he, as well as all others, were subject to reincarnation. This provides a real alternative to the interpretation that he was incarnated once and for all as part of a Trinity.

The foregoing clues are mostly absent from the other gospels, indicative of "improvements" directed towards increased orthodoxy as is usually to be expected within later works, and supporting Matthean priority.

If the Logia were the source of Matthew, we then infer that other teachings of reincarnation were omitted from Matthew or were highly edited, with "resurrection" substituted for "reincarnation" or "rebirth."

A verse from John (Jn 9:1-2) regarding the man blind from birth is also commonly cited as indication that Jesus and his disciples assumed reincarnation to be a fact. Although this instance may be an indication that the writer of John had been accustomed to interpreting fate in a karmic sense, the testimony of Papias suggests that only the compiler of Matthew was close enough to the Logia to have left bonafide clues behind from the source document. However, the writers of Luke and John may have been those referred to by the portion of Papias's statement reading "and each interpreted them [the Logia] as best he could." see reincarnation

From reluctant-messenger Chester asked, "You're saying that Reincarnation and The Resurrection are not that different?

The Master replied, "When we die we go to what my Master called the unseen state. Unfortunately the English translation for Sheol from the Hebrew was translated as hell or grave. Hell means, to most people, where evil people go at death and the grave is where the body goes at death. However, the best translation for Sheol is the unseen state or a place of waiting for the dead. Sheol is where souls sleep until either they are reincarnated or resurrected."

"Jesus said to her, "Your brother will rise again." Martha answered, "I know he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day." Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?" (John 11:23-26)

The weighing of the heart scene from the Papyrus of Ani In these verses, Jesus tells Martha her brother Lazarus will "rise again". Martha mistakenly thinks Jesus means Lazarus will come out of his grave at Judgment Day. Jesus corrects her by stating that those who believe in Him will live, even before they die. Jesus is referring here to spiritual regeneration. Jesus also states that those who die believing in Him, will never die. This clearly implies reincarnation. The flip-side to this is that those who die not believing in Him, will have to die again (i.e. reincarnate). It is interesting to note that by raising Lazarus from death, Jesus is forcing Lazarus to live out the rest of his life only to die physically again. By raising Lazarus from death, Jesus seems to be demonstrating that one does not wait until Judgment Day to rise. The Book of the Dead, Papyrus of Ani (seen above) is the source of the reincarnation belief. see.. The Lost Doctrines of Christ and Reincarnation Proof

"How can a person be born when he is old? Surely he cannot enter a second time into his mother's womb to be born!" (John 3:4)

In response, Jesus states:
"I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit." (John 3:5-6)

In context of these verses, Jesus is talking about the process of resurrection, that is, being born of water and being born of the Spirit. Jesus describes physical resurrection (to be born of water) and spiritual resurrection (to be born of the Spirit). They are two similar yet different processes. From these verses, the case can be made that Jesus taught the concept of resurrection as being physical rebirth as well as spiritual rebirth.

More about reincarnation on Death of the disciples forward

Matthean Clues Indicative of Karma

Perhaps the most obvious of these is Mt 26:52, "...for all who take the sword will perish by the sword." It is evident in everyday life that this is often not true, with some murderers getting away with their misdeeds. However, within the context of reincarnation and karma, the verse suggests that those who do not truly repent of their misdeeds in the present life will have to suffer unpleasant learning experiences of like kind from the victim's point of view in one or more future lifetimes.

Another clue on karma left behind is Mt 7:2, "...For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get." This presumably refers to the consequences of having judged falsely or unfairly. Again, we see that the warning is not necessarily a truism within a person's present life, but could well be over a succession of lifetimes. Other examples, which require more discussion, could be presented.

It may be added that with this analysis we find, contrary to the Jesus Seminar, for example, that the Golden Rule (Mt 7:12) was an authentic saying from Jesus, though not of course original. By following that rule one usually avoids developing negative karma.

The evidence is thus as strong as can be expected that Jesus taught reincarnation and karma, among many other things, not resurrection, if he were indeed a wisdom teacher, which is assumed here. Such teachings would have tended to attract any Hindus temporarily residing in Palestine to hear him talk and meet him, greatly increasing the likelihood that Jesus had a few Indian friends there who learned from him of his earlier years spent in India.

It is Paul who was no doubt instrumental in establishing the orthodox view that the empty tomb was due to Jesus having been the first fruits of resurrection. This ex-Pharisee must already have believed in a Pharisee's view of resurrection before his conversion. However, the full implications of the Jesus-in-India evidence are much too manifold to explore here. again see A NEW ECUMENISM

Tao means 'the WAY'... Seqenenre Tao. 'The Way' is what Jesus spoke of as, "I am the way, the truth and the Life; no man comes unto the Father but by me.".... This means wherever we find a soul proclaiming the unity of God and the Brotherhood of Man - it is the LIGHT of Christ in him that is speaking. Lake of Memory rising, William Fix

The Word is GOD, The WORD or Logos is the LIGHT ( Divine Knowledge ), that enlightens every human being, then the Christ consciousness is latent in everyone. The gospel of Philip #11. "One single name they do not utter in the world--the name which the Father bestows upon himself in the Son. This he exalts above every other name. For the Son will not become the Father unless the name of the Father was bestowed upon him. This existing name they are indeed each made to think to himself, yet they speak it not. Yet those who do not have it do not even think it. But the truth begets these words in the world for our sake. It would not be possible to learn it without words." (! Jn 17)

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth verify this; "But, know ye, the Masters were mighty in magic, able to lift the Veil from the face of the serpent, able to send him back to his place. Came they to man and taught him the secret, the Word that only a man can pronounce. Swift then they lifted the Veil from the serpent and cast him forth from place among men."

" When thou hast entered the form thou hast dwelt in, use thou the cross and the circle combined. Open thy mouth and use thou thy Voice. Utter the Word and thou shalt be free. Only the one who of Light has the fullest can hope to pass by the guards of the way. And then must he move through strange curves and angles that are formed in a direction not known to man."

"List ye, O man, and heed ye my warning: attempt not to pass the guards in the way. Rather should ye seek to gain of thine own Light and make thyself ready to pass on the way. Light is thine ultimate end, O my brother. Seek and find ever the Light on thy way. more".... The Emerald Tablets

Let a man be without external show such as the Pharisees favoured, without inscriptions such as the Scribes specialized in, and without arrogant and ignorant self-destructive denial such as that of the Sadducees.

Such a man, whether he be of any religion or none, of whatever race or nation or creed, once he recognizes the existence of a Fraternity of Divine Beings, a Brotherhood of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Christs, an Invisible Church (in St. Augustine's phrase) of living human beings ever ready to help any honest and sincere seeker, he will thereafter cherish the discovery within himself. He will guard it with great reticence and grateful reverence, scarcely speaking of his feeling to strangers or even to friends. When he can do this and maintain it, and above all, as John says in the Gospel, be true to it and live by it, then he may make it for himself, as Jesus taught, the way, the truth and the light. While he may not be self-manifested as the Logos came to be through Jesus - the Son of God become the Son of Man - he could still sustain and protect himself in times of trial. No man dare ask for more. No man could do with less.

Thoth in ancient Egypt, is the Christ that is the 'Son', who sits next to God in Heaven. 'Thoth is older than dirt', as the saying goes. He has been around and has been at God's side since before the Earth was dirt. He is the 'incarnated' CHILD of God, who becomes the Christ in the flesh.

About the Book of Revelation in the Bible, Edgar Cayce made some astonishing statements. In the beginning chapters in Revelation, John sees a vision of a book with seven seals. This book symbolizes John's body with the seven spiritual centers. In the vision, John weeps as he realizes that no one in heaven or earth is worthy to open the seals of the book. However, there appears a Lamb, the Christ, with seven eyes, who opens the seven seals one by one. This sequence of events in the vision is extremely important and instructive for us in the initial stages of our awakening. The awareness that no one is worthy enough to open these seals except Christ, should indicate to us that no attempt to open these centers, whether by drugs, hypnosis, breathing exercises, or other specialized meditation or inner awareness techniques, should be made unless the seeker has firmly set his spiritual ideals and is so directed by the spirit within. The seven eyes of the Lamb symbolize the seven spiritual centers. They are the organs of perception through which we may become aware of other planes and dimensions in the same way that our commonly known five senses are organs of perception of our earth experience.

Although we have learned to think of God as One or Triune (three in one), the Revelation speaks repeatedly of the seven spirits of God. This expression suggests seven different functions of the Divine Spirit. Thus we, as children of God made in His image, contain within us the corresponding spiritual sensory centers, which give us the potential of becoming aware of the seven aspects of the Divine.

The body is the temple of the living God both as the place where we may meet Him and as an instrument of awareness through which we may attune to Him. As an instrument for attunement, the endocrine glands serve as points of contact between the Spirit and the body. These centers are the transformers of the One Force of Spirit into physical consciousness and manifestation. The functioning of these centers is, in turn, dependent primarily upon the quality of motivation or ideal chosen and dwelt upon by the imaginative forces of the mind.
from .The dimensions of the afterlife and the body

As you may recall from the writings of Thoth , Tablet 2; "These are lights that are souls among men, growing and fading forever, changing yet living, through death into life. When they have bloomed into flower, reached the zenith of growth in their life, swiftly then I send my veil of darkness, shrouding and changing to new forms of life. Steadly upward throughout the ages, growing. He who by progress has grown from the darkness, lifted himself from the night into light, free is he made of the halls of Amenti [ maat ], free from the flower of light and of life. Guided he then, by wisdom and knowledge, passes from man, to the MASTER of Life. There he will dwell as one with the Masters, free from the bonds of the darkness of night".

Everyone by now has heard the hundreds of stories of people who have died and came back again. These near death experiences are told over and over with one common thread in each. They all see the 'Light' and some travel deep into the kingdom of Heaven, which they are able to recall when they 'come back'.
They all are able to see themselves being 'worked on' by doctors and nurses as the Doctor or nurse has called a 'code blue' and are rushing to save the persons life. The dead therefore are not dead, they have only moved on to what ever destiny God has planed, which is normally their return in another 'flesh' and to try again to attain the zenith described by Thoth above. Dr. Raymond Moody has, over the years established that these experiences are not fantasies or hallucinations. There are thousands of documented cases with some undergoing clinical verification today.

The International Association for Near-Death Studies. "Do you remember how electrical currents and 'unseen waves' were laughed at? The knowledge about man is still in its infancy."
- Albert Einstein..... IANDS
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On the Pyramid page we mentioned Unas, who was an Egyptian King in 2400BC. Unas and many before him, including Enoch were 'Taken to Heaven with out dying'. Which brings us back to what Jesus said.."I tell you the truth, Some whom are standing here today will not see death before they see the kingdom of Heaven "..Luke 9:27, The initiation was a planned near-death-experience taking the King, The High Priest or the Initiate to Heaven.

As Thoth taught, and as he describes in the tablets, there are Seven levels in Heaven where he visited many relms and saw many souls. Thoth gained freedom from the earth, freedom from the trials of the 'flesh', as Christ did.... ( Read the 'Book of the Dead', read the Tablets of Thoth .)...
Souls were entering the gates to upper heaven and the lower gates to hell. One of these places they visited was described by an American Indian named Black Elk, ( who went there and returned because he almost lost the connection with his 'flesh') was a library. In this library the soul had access to all knowledge and if the soul desired, he could stay there and study. Sylvia Brown also covers this extensively in her book, Life on the Other Side. But this journey was more..It allowed the 'initiate' to be in the Kingdom of Heaven, in the presence of God, to understand his wisdom, to see his Almighty Light.

This is what Enoch did. This is what Jesus did, ect.,ect. This was the path of the Horus and is symbolic of the path of Hiram Abiff. "Death is only the Beginning". When you were 'raised', you would see the light. "YOU BECOME ALIVE". Christ said, "You must first be 'raised' and then you die". "God is the God of the 'Living', not the God of the 'dead'".

On the page intitled' The Magi', we took a look at the 'caves' of Enoch and The Groved Ware People of Europe. These caves were the place where the souls of the dead were reincarnated into the body of new born babies. The women who gave birth were 'chosen' to be impregnated on the spring or corresponding soltice so that the birth would occur on time. The seed of the expected next King was planted artificially so as not to defile it's mother. This was done only for the birth of a 'Holy Child'. Jesus was born after his mother only carried him for 7 months. He also had a twin brother, Thomas.

So it was with the men of the Old Testament, the kings and the high priests were reincarnated to carry on their task on earth. Adam is said to have lived 900 years. This may be how his life was extended. Special re-births were planned for many years and were calculated to occur with the alignment of planets. Jesus was born during a triple conjuction in 7BC. The next 5 planet conjuction did occur on May 5th, 2001. A new cycle of Venus began on the winter soltice, which was September 30th. . This alignment was expected for 2000 years.

As the Ancient Mysteries taught, the soul that does not begin this work in this world will not be able to do it in the next one and will remain in a kind of a limbo until it is drawn again in the eternal process of life.
There are many levels of superphysical life or, as the Gospels say, "in my Fathers’ house are many mansions", and that means that there are many resting-places whose occupants are graduated in hierarchical order according to their spiritual level.
Masonry believes in this graduation, not only in the after-life, but also in its organization. As an example it is known that above the Craft Lodges there are the Provincial Grand Lodges, followed by the Grand Lodge of the nation. Above these are the Royal Arch Chapter, with, above again, the Provincial and Grand Chapters

When Jesus the man reappeared to the disciples, he was trying to show them that they too could achieve the immortal state of being 'one with the father'. Jesus was not dead and he had not died on the cross, the Spirit of the Christ then re-intered the body of Jesus and he was able to become only partially visible, showing them the essence of the spirit of the Christ. Therefore, There was No DEATH of Christ, and he did go to Heaven without dying, as Jesus has said, however there is more to the story.

On previous pages and here, We have mentioned Edgar Cayce. He was a Presbyterian who taught Sunday school for many years. He read the Bible through 68 times, once for every year he lived.. Mr.Cayce was like a shaman, when in a state of hypnosis, his higher consciousness could fly on the other side of the country to diagnose an illness for someone who had written him for help. Cayce could go into the 'other world' to read records to find the help needed. Although we can find no proof that Cayce was ever 'initiated', he would still be called 'A Master'.

Mr. Cayce spoke of Jesus or the Christ often. He said, the Logos who was the Christ, was incarnated at least 30 times. The name 'Christ' is a term derived from the Greek 'Chistos' meaning savior. But Christ is the Logos, the one who incarnates into 'flesh'. He is the one who does God's will on earth.

One of these times of incarnation was as the scribe Jeshua, who updated the Old Testament. Cayce says he was also Joseph who was a Hyksos and Pharoah of Egypt before Moses was born. After Joseph's mission is complete he becomes Joshua, the lieutenant of Moses.
He was Zend, father of the first Zoroaster and before that, Melchizedek who was the High Priest of Salem and wrote the book of Job.
This explains why the Zodak priest-hood was important to the Essenes and they would not sway from the teachings of Enoch.
Before Melchizedek, he was Enoch, whom God took, and who many scholars equate with Thoth. Thoth or Hermes ( who is probably Enoch ) was the architect of the Great Pyramid. Although Cayce mentions Adam, we are not sure about him, because Adam tried to kill himself 3 times. He didn't want to be in the earth bound body God had placed him in. He suceeded each time and God would send 'his word' to 'raise' him every time. God finally convinced Adam that he had to experience life on earth, and he would come at a specified time and save his ( Adam's )'seed'.

The Logos does not necessarily enter the flesh at any one's 'Birth' and he doesn't have to linger until the 'death' of the body to leave. When the mission is complete he moves on leaving the body as it was before. As we saw on the Discovery page of Jesus, he was seen entering the body of Jesus by John and this was told to the whole world. The so-called 'resurrection', was when the spirit of Christ left the body. The body does not 'rise'.

If you feel some doubt of this , ask yourself if you believe in demons, in spirits that can enter the body and cause harm. Do you have faith that experienced Roman Catholic Fathers can exercise demons? Or is that a lie too? Sylvia Brown says there are no such thing as demons.

If you've ever heard a Ghost story, you know spirits exist. Have you ever taken a picture only to find light shadows or white fog in them? Or small white circles? Have you ever thought someone you loved very much, was watching over you? Do you have a 'guardian angel'? Do you ever experience a smell or a 'sign' of a loved one. If the answer is yes, my point is proven.

Cayce said, that the Logos ( Thoth or 'the son' ) was Adam first and Mary was Eve or the Holy Spirit. These two first humans were then copied by the other evil sons and daughters of God.( fallen angles ) Adam was human, the others that were created by the fallen angles were not. On the Atlantis page we learned that the 'others' they created were Neandertals who became extinct whenever the fallen angles tried to destroy the 'Beasts' that threatened them. These were non-humans, they had no soul. On the Atlantis page we find that the DNA of these creatures does not match the DNA of present humans.

The Templar secret

On a previous page We mentioned that Jesus and John were in Egypt to study, and there was another reason they were there. The Great Pyramid is God's Holi of Holies, it is the first temple of God on Earth. The ancient Egyptians knew this when they took part in building it. Thoth specifically states that HE built it. They also knew there was the 'One to Come'. The Coffer in the Kings Chamber was for the Initiate and the 'One to Come' who was the Christ. They set up a Priesthood and waited over 10,000 years for him.

Here is what happened in the Great Pyramid of Gaza;

When a King died, The departed Pharoah was to travel to the 'Other World', which is the Duat or the recreation of Heaven above. The shaft in the Kings Chamber pointed directly to the 'the Kingdom of Osiris' which was the DUAT and the area of the heavens called Orion . Or the constellation of Orion and known as Orion's Belt. But the time frame of this actual alignment was 2500 BC and 10,500 BC. The shafts in the Queen's Chamber are closed, were never open because the SOUL could travel through any substance, therefore there was no need for the shaft to be open.

There are four shafts, each one aligns with Orion or a 'Belt star' at a particular date in time. The movement of the earth determines that time. In 10,500BC the Star Al Nitak in the Belt of Orion was at the lowest point in its precessional cycle and Leo housed the vernal-equinox point. In AD2002 , now, the other extreme of the 'balancing mechanism' of Gaza is about to be reached. Aquarius will be opposite Leo in the autumnal equinox of time.
The entire Gaza complex is a mathematical scale model of the Northern hemisphere of the earth on a scale of 1:43, 200. By transportation and extension it is obvious that the monument is an architectural and mathemetical representation of the northern hemisphere of the sky. The rest of the alignments are too complicated to go into here, but are in Graham Hancock's Book, Message of the Sphinx.

After death, Edgar Cayce says the soul travels not only on earth after death but through the whole solar system in what we might call a "university". In this manner, each plane would represent a different "college" of higher learning. This connects with the 'seven levels of Heaven'. We are more "children of the cosmos" than merely just children of earth. The deep part of us travels the entire universe and our souls have chosen to enter into this particular "university" (solar system) that we find ourselves in. Each planet is a three dimensional representation of higher or lower realms in the afterlife.

The gateway to this "university" or solar system we find ourselves in according to Cayce, is the star system Arcturus. Strange as this sounds, Cayce described humanity as being citizens of the whole cosmos. Although souls enter and leave the many dimensions of this solar system, we are not limited to merely this solar system. After death, the soul travels to the star system Polaris, the Northern Star. According to Cayce, this dimension is the "exchanging" place where souls determine where their next incarnation will be. It is interesting to note that the ancient Egyptians believed this as well and that the main shaft to the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid points directly to Polaris....

As an example, Edgar Cayce during a reading described his most recent sojourns throughout the cosmos. The soul of Edgar Cayce sojourned in the dimension of Uranus, the plane of the "psychic", and just before incarnating in the earth dimension, had a brief experience in the dimension of Venus. He incarnated into the earth with these most recent experiences ingrained in his soul. Such a combination would make a person "psychic" having a "heart" for helping others.

As another example, Edgar Cayce described his sister Lila's sojourns. Her soul sojourned in the dimension of Jupiter prior to incarnating into the earth. But before incarnating she had an experience in Mercury which added to her mental ability. Jupiter’s influence of "high mindedness and large groups" is one of the reasons she later became an executive for the International Red Cross. Large groups and high ideals often come with incarnations in the Jupiter dimension according to Cayce. These influences, Cayce says, are latent within the soul by soul experience, not just because the stars are in a certain position at the time of birth. The soul has actually had experiences in these dimensions.

We have here discovered that the 'initiates' could travel 'out of their body'. This they called 'the living resurrection'. They could go to heaven or where ever they wished and return. They experienced seeing the face of God. The tablets of Thoth confirm this in great detail along with the 'Names' of the 'Helpers' who are on different levels in Heaven. Thoth also describes this journey in 'The Egyptian Book of the Dead', and the 'passwords' that are necessary to enter each level. This experience is what Jesus was describing when he said, "Some of you standing here will not die before seeing the kingdom of God".
Every Initiate was taken to the Pyramid to Take a final 'Test'. In the Pyramid, God's Holi of Holies, also called 'The Hall of the Initiates of the White Brotherhood', The initiate begins this journey in the lower, Decending Chamber at night.

Jesus began the journey in this Decending Chamber. This journey was said to have taken three days to complete. The King's Chamber was the Goal. As we pointed out on the pyramid page, "take note of the massive granite blocks that are in the lower asscending chamber of the Great Pyramid." With the Star shinning brightly down the small alignment shaft, the soul would have had to have had extradrodinary balance, sensitivity, and lightness to detect the place at which to alter it's course and attain the direction of the sarcophagus, instead of being swept upward by the attraction of the star.

You also may have read about the displacement of Matter, on the Moses page. The story of the Sword and the Stone was a true story and will only be proven with the re-discovery of the ancient science. Al-Chemy was a secret science taught to the Essenes by the High Priest. It was practiced many years before this journey in the pyramid.. A large proportion of Masonic symbology, particularly those of the higher degrees, are inspired by esoteric currents such as alchemy.

Jesus, by the Power given to him by God, could displace the matter of his body along with the soul.

Jesus had received power over matter which is also described as power over the Earth. This is also overcoming bondage to the material world. Think you're at a Star Trek Movie??... Beem me up Scottie!! ... THIS Is exactly what he did.

This is only one of the secrets of the esoteric wisdom. The soul can seperate from the flesh and the flesh can seperate from itsself. Only the Christ, with the wisdom of God could do this. If you read some of the technics and procedures used in Al-Chemy, you will see that the body can be displaced into particles of matter and then return if the right conditions are achieved.

More scientific proof of extraterrestrial help or what we call advanced technology.

A Discussion continued from Forbidden

Clearly, our current society does not have open contact with our alleged visitors. In a society that did have such contact, their view of the Universe would indeed be very different than ours - especially with the knowledge that humankind was "among the least powerful" of the other races of beings that it was aware of. There was a time, apparently, where we knew how plentiful life was in the galaxy and had contact with it, but that time has been lost. And even though they were still in the kindergarten version of universal evolution, at that time the Rama / Atlantean civilization possessed inner qualities and outer technology that are only just now becoming tangible for us once again.

It is important that we note that although some vimana appear to have been airplanes, there were other designs in use that apparently go far beyond any technology that we now openly possess. The most important Vedic text on the vimana, says Childress in Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India and Atlantis, is the Vaimanika Sastra, first reported to have been found in 1918 in the Baroda Royal Sanskrit Library. Previous references were made to this text by other authors, but it was not rediscovered until 1918 - a flutter of time after 1901, when the Wright Brothers made the entire question of the existence of vimana aircraft much more plausible to modern humanity. (Remember that right up until the day the Wright Brothers flew, notable skeptics such as Sir William Thomson boldly declared that “heavier-than-air flight” was impossible.) Although some have questioned the authenticity of the Vaimanika Sastra, Childress details the many qualities of the text that lend serious credibility to it. As we read the following, remember that a translator's job is to take these ancient words and to then match them up with their closest approximation in our own modern language: We discussed this on Ancient Airplanes

Says the Vaimanika Sastra about itself: In this book are described 8 pregnant and captivating chapters, the arts of manufacturing various types of aeroplanes of smooth and comfortable travel in the sky, as a unifying force for the Universe, contributive to the well-being of mankind.

That which can go by its own force, like a bird, on earth, or water, or air, is called Vimana.

That which can travel in the sky, from place to place, land to land, or globe to globe , is called Vimana by scientists in Aeronautics. The ancient manuscript claims to give:

The secrets of constructing aeroplanes, which will not break, which cannot be cut, will not catch fire, and cannot be destroyed.

The secret of making planes motionless.

The secret of making planes invisible.

The secret of hearing conversations and other sounds in enemy places.

The secret of retrieving photographs of the interior of enemy planes.

The secret of ascertaining the direction of enemy planes approach.

The secret of making persons in enemy planes lose consciousness.

The secret of destroying enemy planes.

Unfortunately, due to size constraints we cannot give Dr. Thompson, David Hatcher Childress, Raymond Drake and others' material anywhere near the degree of coverage that it really needs in order to completely prove the point - but the evidence is out there. The reason for why Thompson's Alien Identities is considered such a breakthrough book is that it presents exhaustive, groundbreaking documentation from both the Vedic scriptures as well as modern UFO literature, and shows a highly significant number of coincidences between the two bodies of data, both on material and spiritual levels. While the vimanas referred to in the Vedic scriptures are clearly some form of airplane, there are repetitive examples of flying craft and humanoid beings that are definitely far, far more advanced and unlike those of contemporary or ancient humans, and sources such as Dr. Thompson's book cover this in great detail.

To help us support our continuing argument for an advanced civilization that cooperated with extraterrestrials / higher dimensional beings in the remote past, we again bring in evidence from India cited in Dr. Thompson's book, page 216-217. Here, he discusses the various "powers" known as siddhis that cosmic or extraterrestrial beings visiting earth at the time, [which he calls "Vedic humanoids,"] frequently discussed in the Vedas, had readily available to them. These siddhis were also said to be available to certain illuminated human masters as well:

1. Mental communication and thought-reading. These are standard among Vedic humanoids, but normal speech through sound is also generally used.

2. Being able to see or hear at a great distance.

3. Laghima-siddhi: levitation or antigravity. There is also a power of creating tremendous weight.

4. Anima- and mahima-siddhis: the power to change the size of objects or living bodies without disrupting their structure.

5. Prapti-siddhi: the power to move objects from one place to another, apparently without crossing the intervening space. This power is connected with the ability to travel into parallel, higher-dimensional realms.

6. The ability to move objects directly through the ether, without being impeded by gross physical obstacles. This type of travel is called vihayasa. There is also a type of travel called mano-java, in which the body is directly transferred to a distant point by the action of the mind.

7. Vasita-siddhi: the power of long-distance hypnotic control. Vedic accounts point out that this power can be used to control people's thoughts from a distance.

8. Antardhana, or invisibility.

9. The ability to assume different forms or to generate illusory body forms.

10. The power of entering within another person's body and controlling it. This is done using the subtle body (defined below.)

[Author's Note: The definition of the subtle body is referred to in common parapsychological literature as the astral body or soul body, and apparently these ancient societies had a much firmer recognition of its existence and of the ability to transfer one's normal waking consciousness fully into it. Modern-day explorers of this art refer to it as having an OBE, or out-of-body experience. The literature on NDE's, or Near-Death Experiences, seems to have a close parallel as well.]

Although many "academics" would automatically throw out these ideas as being far too mind-bending to be real, there are repeated examples of many of these "siddhis" appearing in ordinary people in our modern age. Michael Talbot's incredible book The Holographic Universe covers these types of phenomena in great detail, and such data will also be discussed in volumes II and III of this series. In Dr. Thompson's book, a far-reaching series of correlations are made between these phenomena as expressed in the Vedas and the many various UFO reports that have come about in this wide-ranging field. Simply put, we can see that a society that could command abilities like those listed above would be truly extraordinary, and would obviously be viewing life from a much different perspective than that which we now have. see "Ascension"

From the Emerald Tablets;
"Raised I high over the entrance, a doorway, a gateway leading down to Amenti.
Few there would be with courage to dare it, few pass the portal to dark Amenti. Raised over the passage, I, a mighty pyramid, using the power that overcomes Earth force (gravity). Deep and yet deeper placed I a force-house or chamber; from it carved I a circular passage reaching almost to the great summit. There in the apex, set I the crystal, sending the ray into the "Time-Space", drawing the force from out of the ether, concentrating upon the gateway to Amenti. (See The Great Pyramid by Doreal.)

Other chambers I built and left vacant to all seeming, yet hidden within them are the keys to Amenti. He who in courage would dare the dark realms, let him be purified first by long fasting. Lie in the sarcophagus of stone in my chamber. Then to reveal I to him the great mysteries. Soon shall he follow to where I shall meet him, even in the darkness of Earth shall I meet him, I, Thoth, Lord of Wisdom, meet him and hold him and dwell with him always. see.. Tablet I

In Judaic type mysticism, taking the form of a search for God and an experience of divinity, esotericism is fundamentally based upon the law of correspondence with the objective of finding symbolic relations between the divine and the earthly, the transcendent and the immanent, the visible and the invisible, man and the universe, through the use of analogies. The passage from one dimension to another takes the form of initiation ceremonies, simulations and magic type rituals in which a neophyte is given the secret of transmutation, agrees to be a member of the group of his fellows and gains access to a higher spiritual level.

From the Pyramid page, You recall there is a jagged shaft called the well shaft that runs upwards to the Assending Passage. Some believe this shaft was carved after the building was complete, making it easier for the soul and the matter of the body to get to the Kings Chamber. Or it was an escape route for the workers. Thoth says, HE PUT IT THERE. It would have been very difficult for anyone, in human form to climb up it. The Goal being , 'the One', The Christ would be the ONLY One who would be able to materalize in the Coffer in the Kings Chamber. This he did which indicated his fulfillment to the devine plan . John does say that Jesus could pass through a closed door."

Because no one else was to be able to do this and after Jesus did it, the Pyramid was closed up and sealed until the time of his return and HE will return.

The empty sarcophagus is said to be more than the goal of the initiates. It also symbolizes the spirtual maturity of the human race. There will be no more death in that the interpretation of what death is will be made plain. The records of this acheivement are said to be in the pyramid's secret chamber or in the Hall of Records.

Don't believe it? Take a look at this Quantum Teleportation, by IBM.The research is underway

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More references in the books; Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Jesus Conspiracy: The Turin Shroud and the Truth about the Resurrection, by Holger Kersten and Elmar Gruber

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