Hiram Abiff - Forward 1

Hiram Abiff - Forward 1

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"In ancient Egypt, the engineers, draftsmen, and masons who worked on the big architectural projects were accorded a special status. They were organized into elite guilds..."

"Evidence of the existence of these special guilds was uncovered by archaeologist Petrie during his expeditions to the Libyan desert in 1888 and 1889. In the ruins of a city built around 300 BC, Dr. Petrie's expedition uncovered a number of papyrus records. One set described a guild that held secret meetings around the year 2000 BC.

The guild met to discuss working hours, wages, and rules for daily labor. It convened in a chapel and provided relief to widows, orphans, and workers in distress. The organizational duties described in the papyri are very similar to those of 'Warden' and 'Master' in a modern branch of...Freemasonry.
- William Bramley, The Gods of Eden

It is evident that Noah and his sons preserved, not only the general history of the primitive world, but as much of its acquired knowledge as could be useful to themselves and their posterity. This they had ample opportunity of doing; for the flood, in regard to Noah, was no sudden and unforeseen event. And it was done; for Moses records the antedeluvian inventors of many arts which had been preserved to his own time.

This land became known as Mesopotamia and it is the land where the garden of Eden was located. That garden is now thought to have been in Iraq. Nimrod's city was in a land once called Assyria. It was the first civilized culture after the flood. The surprising rise of this civilization has puzzled scholars for hundreds of years. The history books tell the rest of the story. Remember the name 'Ediru' seen in the lower right side of the map.

This is where biblical characters come to life and their deeds, misfortunes, and calamities are told, not just in the Bible, but in an ancient text called the Enuma Elish. The Enuma Elish is a 5000 year old set of clay tablets found in the city of Nineveh in 1876. This text reveals stories that were supressed from the bible and go all the way back to Adam. We focus on these stories and incorporate them as the actual historical account from before and after the flood. Because they connect so precisely with the bible they cannot be dismissed as myth.

How Old is Mankind?

The Fertile Crescent With the study of many archaeological sites, scholars have recognized an abrupt change in human culture about 11,000 B.C - the time of the Deluge, according to our findings - and have named that era of domestication Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age). It began around 300,000 years ago and ended around 50,000 years ago. The Middle Paleolithic and the Middle Stone Age broadly spanned from 300,000 to 30,000 years ago.

The western zone around the Jordan and upper Euphrates rivers gave rise to the first known Neolithic farming settlements (referred to as Pre-Pottery Neolithic A (PPNA), which date to around 9,000 BCE (and includes sites such as Jericho). This region, alongside Mesopotamia (which lies to the east of the Fertile Crescent (the green shaded area), between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates), also saw the emergence of early complex societies during the succeeding Bronze Age. There is also early evidence from this region for writing, and the formation of state-level societies. This has earned the region the nickname "The Cradle of Civilization."

The book of Job delineates an age long prior to that of Moses, the interlocutors, in this most ancient book, either expressly mention or clearly allude to every science and every laudible art which has usually been placed to the account of the Babylonians, Egyptians, Phoenicians or Indians. And it is remarkable that Job and his friends ascribe their whole stock of knowledge, whether of religion and morality, of the works of nature, or of civil arts.

Book of Jubilees - 24 -12. "And we explained to Noah all the medicines of their diseases, together with their seductions, how he might heal them with herbs of the earth. 13. And Noah wrote down all things in a book as we instructed him concerning every kind of medicine. Thus the evil spirits were precluded from (hurting) the sons of Noah. 14. And he gave all that he had written to Shem, his eldest son; for he loved him exceedingly above all his sons. 15. And Noah slept with his fathers, and was buried on Mount Lūbār in the land of Ararat. 16. Nine hundred and fifty years he completed in his life, nineteen jubilees and two weeks and five years. 17. And in his life on earth (Noah) he excelled the children of men save Enoch because of the righteousness, wherein he was perfect. For Enoch's office was ordained for a testimony to the generations of the world, so that he should recount all the deeds of generation unto generation, till the day of judgment."

Enoch, according to the secret books, knew about the coming flood. He knew because one God told him. In the historical view in the time of Adam there was more than one god. The Sumerian records show there to be no less than 8. These gods fought amoung themselves each one claiming lands and the rule of the people. These gods had many subordinate gods or sons and daughters who helped teach the people farming and animal husbandry. They also taught sciences such as reading and writing, music, weaving, metal craft, ect. Some of the gods became corrupt. These other 'gods' then committed a great sin by mating with earthly women, or more accurately 'the women of the tribes of Cain'.

The offspring of this union became corrupted and evil. They are called the Nephilim in the bible. After many years of this evil and the corruption of mankind the 'council of gods' decided not to tell anyone that a great disaster was coming. This was something they could not prevent. Enoch described it as 'mountians' raining down from Heaven. Today they are known as astroids. Just as we are able to see astroids far out in space now, God warned Enoch many years before it arrived.

From the Book of Jubilees; Noah's Sons led astray by Evil Spirits; Noah's Prayer; Mastźmā; Jubilees 24: 7. "And the Lord our God bade us to bind all. 8. And the chief of the spirits, Mastźmā, came and said: "Lord, Creator, let some of them remain before me, and let them hearken to my voice, and do all that I shall say unto them; for if some of them are not left to me, I shall not be able to execute the power of my will on the sons of men; for these are for corruption and leading astray before my judgment, for great is the wickedness of the sons of men."

9. And He said: "Let the tenth part of them remain before him, and let nine parts descend into the place of condemnation." 10. And one of us He commanded that we should teach Noah all their medicines; for He knew that they would not walk in uprightness, nor strive in righteousness. 11. And we did according to all His words: all the malignant evil ones we bound in the place of condemnation, and a tenth part of them we left that they might be subject before [Him] on the earth".

"...The author of a well researched academic study [The Origins of Freemasonry]...went so far as to say that, in their early days, the Masons had regarded Thoth as their patron." Since Thoth was known far and wide he has a Summerian name also. That name was Enoch.

Because God had warned Enoch about this disaster before it happened, and as the story goes, Enoch inscribed all the secrets the gods had taught man on 'pillers'.

(This was copied just like it is presented) The Pillars; "And these persons knowing right well yt God would take vengencance for sinne either by fire or water wherefore they writt their severall Sciences yt they had found in two pillars of stone yt might be found aftr Noah his Flood And ye one stonbe would not burn wth fire & ye othr called Lternes because it would not dround wth wtr etc" .”The word here spelled “Lternes” is rendered on other old Constitutions as “laterns,” usually translated “brick.” But marble does not resist fire; brick - especially early unscientifically vitrified brick - does not resist water.

If the word be considered a perversion of “latten,” which means brass or bronze, then the ancient legendary pillars are made of metal and marble, a more sensible idea, since metal would resist fire, and the marble, water. In Tyre was the great Temple to Herakles with two pillars, one of gold, the other of smaragdus (polished green marble). from Two Pillers
and see another scientific explanation.. Noachian Grail Lineage

In the traditional bible story, Noah (the Sumerian Ziusudra) then tells Shem that he is to 'fear and obey' the Lord. But this is also described in the Nag Hammidi scrolls with a much more sinister aspect. Noah dies. Ham, Cush and Nimrod then become builders of great cities like Nineveh, Babylon, Erech, Akkad and Calneh in the land of 'Shinar'. This Shinar in modern times is called Summer. It was 'The Land Between Two Rivers' and it is now Iraq and Iran. The God of Abraham controled these lands. He is the 'Material or "Creator" God'

As we see in Moses' time the 'gods' were shortened to only one God. Sigmund Freud even suggested that Moses was actually Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV, 1364-1347 B.C.) due to the 'one God' theory. The date of Akhenaten's rule is not consistant with what we discovered about Moses, in that he was ruler in the region 200 years earlier at a time when all Egypt was under one King. But we find Abraham in Egypt 200 years before Moses was born. Our investigation found that Abraham also had 'one God'. But this was a different god - a god that he feared. His son Jacob who later was known as 'Israel', worshiped this same god. 'Israel' means deceiver.

The 5000 year old Sumerian texts reveal the truth. The god he worshipped was Enlil, the vengefull hated brother of Enki. This god is also described in The Nag Hammidi scrolls as the Arch-Begetter, who is called 'Yaldabaoth' and the Hebdomad.
"And Abraham and Isaac and Jacob were a laughingstock, since they, the counterfeit fathers, were given a name by the Hebdomad".

Christ's words from the Second Treatise; "For the Archon (ruler) was a laughingstock because he said, "I am God, and there is none greater than I. I alone am the Father, the Lord, and there is no other beside me. I am a jealous God, who brings the sins of the fathers upon the children for three and four generations."

"O those who do not see, you do not see your blindness, i.e., this which was not known, nor has it ever been known, nor has it been known about him. They did not listen to firm obedience. Therefore they proceeded in a judgment of error, and they raised their defiled and murderous hands against him, as if they were beating the air. And the senseless and blind ones are always senseless, always being slaves of law and earthly fear."

The Good God - "He Who Is is ineffable"; No principle knew him, no authority, no subjection, nor any creature from the foundation of the world until now, except he alone, and anyone to whom he wants to make revelation through him who is from First Light. From now on, I am the Great Savior. For he is immortal and eternal. Now he is eternal, having no birth; for everyone who has birth will perish. He is unbegotten, having no beginning; for everyone who has a beginning has an end. Since no one rules over him, he has no name; for whoever has a name is the creation of another."

(BG 84, 13-17 adds: "He is unnameable. He has no human form; for whoever has human form is the creation of another)."

"Whoever, then, knows the Father in pure knowledge will depart to the Father and repose in Unbegotten Father. But whoever knows him defectively will depart to the defect and the rest of the Eighth. Now whoever knows Immortal Spirit of Light in silence, through reflecting and consent in the truth, let him bring me signs of the Invisible One, and he will become a light in the Spirit of Silence. Whoever knows Son of Man in knowledge and love, let him bring me a sign of the Son of Man, that he might depart to the dwelling-places with those in the Eighth."

"Behold, I have revealed to you the name of the Perfect One, the whole will of the Mother of the Holy Angels, that the masculine multitude may be completed here, that there might appear in the aeons, the infinities and those that came to be in the untraceable wealth of the Great Invisible Spirit, that they all might take from his goodness, even the wealth of their rest that has no kingdom over it. I came from First Who Was Sent, that I might reveal to you Him Who Is from the Beginning, because of the arrogance of Arch-Begetter and his angels, since they say about themselves that they are gods. And I came to remove them from their blindness, that I might tell everyone about the God who is above the universe. Therefore, tread upon their graves, humiliate their malicious intent, and break their yoke and arouse my own. I have given you authority over all things as Sons of Light, that you might tread upon their power with your feet."
from the Sophia of Jesus Christ in the Nag Hammidi Library.

We also direct your attention to Deuteronomy 29:1; Moses says, "Your eyes have seen all that the Lord did in Egypt to pharoah, to all his officials and to all his lands." The pharoah in this instance was Apepi II or Aphōphis I at Avaris (1581-1541 BC). Deuteronomy 29:26, "They went off and worshipped other gods and bowed down to them, gods they did not know, gods he had not given to them". Deuteronomy 29:28 "In furious anger and great wrath he brought on it all the curses written in this book - The Lord uprooted them from their land and thrust them into another land, as it is now."

If we remember that Egypt is the land of Ham and Canaan is the land of 'Israel' due to the curse on Canaan. When the 'Lord' up rooted them we are refering to Enlil. When we get into more information from the Sumerian texts, we will find out why they were sent there.

This information acknowledges that 'in fact' there were 'other gods'! We as Christians, Jews, Buddists or Muslims have been programed to ignore this information. Then who is the 'US' in Genesis 1:26, 3:22 and 11:7? Under the 'one god' Jewish religious tradition, which we adopted as our own, we worship a vengeful, deceitful, angry god who punished the Jews over and over. The kind loving God we don't know wouldn't treat us this way because we are his children!

The 'Material World' in which we live is controlled by the 'material god', known as 'Yaldabaoth', Enlil, Jehovah, Elohim, Yahwah, Baal, the Hebdomad, and the ruler Jesus spoke of, ect. The term also appears in Gnosticism in which the material universe is seen as evil or at least created by a lesser and or inferior creator deity. In Gnosticism, the Demiurge is a being that never should have come into existence. Some of us find this impossible to believe. However if we consider that the true God, a God of love, forgiveness and kindness has nothing to do with this world and is unknown and unnamed in this world, we come closer to knowing him. Actually we are part of him as Jesus was but for most of us this is very difficult to understand and accept. Gnostic teaching and philosophy is the path by which we reach him. Believe it or not, this is what Jesus taught.

If you ever woundered where Jesus was for the first 30 years of his life, we have the answer. He was not an uneducated man. Why do you think the church surpresses this information?

And from a spiritual perspective, when the Jews therefore worship the god of the literal word -- with rituals, animal sacrifices, incense, in a temple made with the hands of men -- then it can truly be said that the Jews worshiped a false god. And what was it that the scriptures used by the Jews said:

"The multitude of your sacrifices-- what are they to me? says the LORD.

I have more than enough of burnt offerings, of rams and the fat of fattened animals; I have no pleasure in the blood of bulls and lambs and goats. When you come to appear before me, who has asked this of you, this trampling of my courts? Stop bringing meaningless offerings! Your incense is detestable to me. New Moons, Sabbaths and convocations-- I cannot bear your evil assemblies. Your New Moon festivals and your appointed feasts my soul hates.

They have become a burden to me; I am weary of bearing them. When you spread out your hands in prayer, I will hide my eyes from you; even if you offer many prayers, I will not listen. Your hands are full of blood; wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight! Stop doing wrong, learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow"
from. (Isa 1:11-17 NIV).

The worship of the false god began in Egypt under Hyksos rule 400 years before they were forced to leave but it probably had begun before that, carried forward by Abraham from the Babylonian city of Ur. Abraham's Father worshiped Enki, the 'unnamed god' of future generations. This is confirmed in the 'book of Jasher' when Terah has Abraham arrested and taken before Nimrod. Abraham, as a descendent of Shem worshipped Enlil. Enlil freed Abraham from prison and ordered him to leave Ur.

Enlil's good brother Enki was worshiped by Noah's sons, Ham and Cush, but Jepheth and Shem worshiped Enlil. The Egyptian God Osiris had an evil brother named Set(h). Seth is actually connected to Noah's son Shem with an Egyptian name, (Semsem). We will also find Ham's Egyptian name became Anedjib. So who is Osiris? More info on Hiram Forward 2.

The implications of this are huge. The Hyksos had overrun Egypt and had taken control of a large region including the modern day Tell el Dab'a and Gaza and the sacred city of 'On'. The true Egyptian Kings were forced to leave so they went 400 miles to the South to a city we now know as Thebes - the modern day Karnak.

About Abraham: The Land around Shechem was infact Egyptian territory but the inhabitants were resisting Egyptian rule. One passage in Genesis 33 has Jacob legally purchasing the location Shechem for the capital of the northern kingdom of Israel. Genesis 34 has Jacob's sons killing all of the men of Shechem (Shekem) by a deceitful trick. So in essence they murdered everybody and took the land!

The Armana Letters (link on Widows Son 1) confirm the land belonged to the real Egyptians. An inscription on the Stele of Khu-Sebek, a noble in the court of Sesotris III (c. 1880-1840 BC) also confirms Egyptian ownership.

Joseph, also known as 'Yuya' was buried at Avaris. His coffin is of particular interest. He was buried at Avaris in an Egyptian style coffin with the wings of 'Maat' covering the lid. More archaeological information on Abraham 2.

See Deuteronomy 31:16 where Moses says, "You are going to rest with your fathers, and these people will soon prostitute themselves to the foreign gods of the land they are entering." The bible refers to this god as Baal or as the Hyksos knew him, Seth, Set or Sutekh.

“For it is written, that Abraham had two sons, the one by a bondmaid, the other by a freewoman. But he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh; but he of the freewoman was by promise. Which things are an allegory” (Gal 4:21-24 KJV).

Hager the Egyptian maid servant bore Abraham Ishmael. Sarah had Issac who's sons were Jacob and Easu. Jacob tricked Easu out of his birthright as 'firstborn'.

Book of Jasher 35:11 And behold through his love toward his God, Abraham took his only and precious son and intended to bring him up as a burnt offering to his God, and had it not been for God who prevented him from doing this, he would then have done it through his love to his God.

The above, like many other verses we refer to - confirm there were two gods.

It quickly became apparent from the Hiram Key, that something was amiss in the Biblical account. That being that Joseph did not live at Thebes and he did not become a pharoah or king at Thebes. Abraham did not visit the 'King' of Egypt, but the pharoah at the time of the northern territories of a 'split nation'.. Joseph lived at Avaris (Memphis) which is 300 miles to the North of Thebes. Joseph's signet sing was found at Avaris during an excuvation in 2006. It had the name of his father Jacob on it (Yaakov). That seemed odd until we did further investigations.

The King of Egypt (Seqenenre) lived at Thebes/Luxor while the ursurper government of Joseph under a 'pharoah' called Aphophis 1541- 1540BC, lived at Avaris/Memphis. The dates of rule match perfectly with that of Ahmose, the youngest son of Seqenenre Tao. Avaris, by all archaeological accounts became pi Ramses but only after Ramses became a King, but that was 200 years later than the Seqenenre murder. see The Middle Kingdom (at the bottom of the page) of Egypt by Dr. Kelley Ross. There is alot more evidence to back this theory up including stellas written by Ahmose which cover the 'destruction' and imprisonment of the Hyksos/Hebrews.

So in agreement with Knight and Lomas, in our view the story of Hiram Abiff is copied from the murder of Seqenenre. We also find Moses fits very neatly into this timeline and other archaeologists started to agree with Knight, Lomas and us when in 2006, a Jewish Canadian archaeologist named Simcha Jacobovici made a film about the explosion of the Santorini volcano in 1550 BC. The show Exodus Decoded was first viewed in the US on the History Channel on August 20th, 2008. It repeats periodically.

According to The Hiram Key; With Seqenenre's murder the name or the secret word was lost. The heirs of the king, namely Kamose and Ahmose - Seqenenre's sons devised a new word, a substitute that was to be used until the real secret word could be rediscovered. As the story continues, Moses was given this word by the God himself.
Moses, Aaron, Joshua and the sons of Jacob lived in Egypt.

Is it possible that upon learning that he, Moses was a Hebrew, was tricked by Enlil into believing the Enlil was the god he should follow? The Nag Hammidi scrolls seem to verify this by calling Moses, a faithful servant, was a laughingstock, having been named "the Friend," see The Great Seth

Was the proto-type of Hiram a real Egyptian King who is brutally murdered in 1554 B.C. by the sons of Jacob - Simeon and Levi? The focus of this theory comes from the bible verse Genesis 49:5-6 where Simeon and Levi have made 'wicked plans' and killed a man. They are in Egypt at the time at the Hyksos stronghold Avaris. Exodus 1:8 is where we find that the new King of Egypt does not know Joseph or Abraham and they are both prosecuted. Joseph is even 'shot at' and 'wounded' for some reason. Genesis 49:23..

Testament of Levi', Verse 7: 'The Egyptians then prosecuted Abraham our Father when he was a stranger, and they vexed his flocks; and Eblaen, who was born in his house, they most shamefully handeled'.

In The Hiram Key this is connected with a young priest from the Hyksos 16th dynasty, (Thebian 17th dynasty) who conspired to help confront the True Egyptian King, Seqenenre to try and get him to reveal the secret word. Ahmoses' declaration that they did not get what they wanted and the details of King Seqenenre's murder are on the Widow's son series, page 2. Here we reveal the 2 ruling dynasties that were in place in Egypt at the same time. That means there were two 'pharoah's'. One at Thebes, one at Avaris. However, only Seqenenre was given the title, "King". The cronology timeline is presented by Kelly L. Ross PhD. Avaris wasn't renamed pi-Ramesse until the 19th dynasty. Another article sited is Seqenenre Tao II and Ahhotep I

In the 3rd degree Masonic ritual, the hero Hiram is wounded in this manner; a violent blow to the Master's forehead, a violent blow on the left temple with a level and a violent blow full in the center of the forehead with a heavy stone maul. It just so happens that the mummy of Seqenenre Tao II has these same wounds described by forensic pathologists to his head. see Widow's son 3. A link is provided to the account given by pathologists from the Journal of Clinical Pathology.

No connection of Hiram to an Egyptian King ever surfaced until the The Hiram Key came out. Some Masons don't believe it to be true. We think the ritual was changed because Noah just died of old age. On the other hand, Seqenenre was most likely murdered and the Egyptian ritual of 'The raising of the dead' was probably used at his funeral not to mention the matching wounds to his head which connect to the three blows inflicted by the ruffians. The mummy of Seqenenre was somewhat decomposed due to his wife and sons immediately waging war and looking for the killers and found the two priests who had been killed. If the killers took out the 2 high priests there would have been no one left who knew the ritual. Then we have the punishment of the Egyptians on the Hebrews right there in the bible and possibly the hunting down and punishment of the murders - Levi and Simeon.

The story contains murder, revenge, sacrifice, and punishment.

For those of you who know the ritual; It appears that from the 3rd to the 20th degree there is a succession of time from the murder of Hiram to the building of the second temple in Jerusalem. These degrees were rewritten when the hero who died became Hiram Abiff instead of Noah (explained on the Widow's Son page). The George Washington degree was even added sometime after 1776 apparently.

The 19th to the 29th are called HISTORICAL AND PHILOSOPHICAL DEGREES. It seems to us these were not changed and they may reveal a truth as yet unexplained. (a link to the ceremonies and the focus of the rest of the degrees is provided a little later on).

From the focus of the 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, and 28th degrees of the Scottish Rite; These are the layouts of the ceremony.

23rd; This degree, connected with the one succeeding it, is based on the perfection and purity of the Hebrew Tabernacle, or Sanctuary. "Unholy sacriledge and presumptions interference with sacred ceremonies are forbidden and punished; and only those with hearts divested of all impurity, are commended in the performance of Holy rites."

The Lodge, styled a Court, has two apartments. The first, for the Reception, is a small dark room with an alter at the center, upon which is a dim light and three skulls. In front of the alter is a skeleton. The second apartment represents an encampment of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, near Sinai.

As we focus on unholy sacriledge and the interference with sacred ceremonies: In the investigation of the murder of Seqenenre Tao, florensic scientists determined that he was killed on his knees or in a kneeling position. Assuming he was in the temple at the time saying his prayers to keep Aphophis (the Hyksos pharoah) away, he is brutally murdered.

Without the secret ritual that only was known by the Egyptians and the secret word, the excepted ruler could not be called 'king'. This seperation of powers and rulers is not reflected in the biblical account.

In the focus of the 22nd degree, the jewel is an axe. The Sinai is in Egypt.
Three skulls - those of the murders. One skeleton - that of the victim.

In the center of the court is a representation of the Tabernacle of Moses, described in Exodus 23 and 36. The Master, the "Most Excellant High Priest," represents Aaron, and the two Wardens, in the West, represent Eleazar and Ithamar. The three wear white turbans, with a blue ribbon with the Hebrew inscription, QDSh L-IHVH, "Holy to the Lord!" All others are styled "Worthy Levites".

What is Aaron doing here? Didn't Moses led the twelve tribes out of Egypt? This represents something that happened while Aaron, Moses and the tribes are still in Egypt.

As we pointed out on the main page, Moses and Aaron are in the attendence of a funeral of a King..Seqenenre Tao. They are in Egypt. Aaron conducts the sacred ceremony. His heart is divested of all impurity. "The murdered king is laid in front of the alter. The three murders are on the alter. The Axe jewel represents the murder weapon.

The rest of the focus of the degrees that we mentioned all have something to do with Egypt or ancient teachings.

24th degree; The focus of this degree illustrates the sacerdotal duties of the High Priest, of which there are two: incessant labor for the glory of God, honor of country, and happiness of brethern; and offering up thanks and prayers to God, in lieu of actual sacrifices.The initiate must possess the lamp ( reason ), the cloak ( liberty ), and the staff ( forces of nature ), and each of these is threefold, making the holy number nine -- the number Hermes allotted to initiation. These correspond also with the three great lights. The powers of the Sphinx are also inculcated, and the cube ( as the symbol of nature's immutable law ) is presented with the Tetragrammaton. The law of eqilibrium is applied to ritual, and the initiate is urged to interpret the symboly he receives for himself. The "inner" ( solar ) mysteries of Osiris (Tammuz, Bel, Atys, Dionusos, Cama, Mithras ) are then rehearsed.

The important words of this 'focus' are; The 'other gods', High Priest, initiation, Sphinx, Hermes, inner solar mysteries of Osiris, and the Tetragrammaton. Moses studied as a High Priest of Egypt, and he was the only one allowed on Mount Serābīt. This also focuses on the duties of the newly appointed High Priest, who at the time was Aaron. Since Aaron was not raised in the 'Royal Court' of the true king of Egypt, he was not familiar with the sacred works. He had not been 'initiated'. Moses must have taught him because Aaron became the first Hebrew High Priest.
If you read the information in the link you see that animal sacrifices were not allowed at this time. This represents what the true God said to the Israelites as we read above.

It is worth making a necessary distinction between the Israelites and the Hebrews of the Mosaic era. At that time they were not one and the same, as Bible teaching seems to indicate. The Hebrews were the family and descendants of Abraham, and their place of residence was, in the main, Canaan (or Palestine). The Israelites, on the other hand, were the family and descendants of one of Abraham's grandsons, Jacob, whose name was changed to 'Israel'. The name 'Isreal' means 'deceiver'. It was Jacob's family alone who had moved into Egypt, and it was their descendants who eventually returned with Moses - to be reunited, after countless generations, with their fellow Hebrews.

The difference between the strains was, of course, that the Israelites had long been subjected to the laws and religions of Egypt and they knew very little about the customs of their cousins in Canaan. Through more than 400 years they had been in an environment with a whole pantheon of gods; and although they had developed a 'One God' concept within their own fraternity, that god was not the Jehovah of the Canaanite Hebrews.

Judah was the founder of one of the 12 Tribes of Israel. A region of Israel, which included the city of Jerusalem, was named after Judah. In fact, Judah became the name of the southern kingdom when Israel divided into two kingdoms about 2900 years ago. In Revelation 7:7, Judah is at the top of the list of the tribes receiving the Seal of God for 12,000 of its members. The name Judah means "to praise." The theologians say that Judah replaced Israel's (Jacob's) faith because Israel rebeled against God and would not follow him or obey him but there is more to this than we are told. Just like Nimrod, Judah knew the difference.

Judah in the Bible; was the southern of the two kingdoms remaining after the division of the kingdom of the Jews that occurred under Rehoboam. The northern kingdom, Israel, was continually at war with Judah. In the Bible the southern kingdom is regarded as usually more loyal to God than the northern kingdom was. Judah's capital was Jerusalem, and its dynasty was the house of David. It lasted from 931 B.C. to 586 B.C.

Remember Judah existed as an independent kingdom for about 300 years. Judah ceased as a kingdom when the Babylonians conquered it about 2600 years ago.

The Hebrews god was a faceless entity whom they called, quite simply, 'the Lord'. In the Israelite language he was called 'Adon'. This is one of the reasons why the names 'Lord' and 'Jehovah' were always separately identified in early texts, although they were brought under the wrap of the single God in later times to suit the emergent Jewish and Christian faiths. To the Egyptians, the name of this Lord (Adon) was quite similar; they called him 'Aten'. From this derived the name of Pharaoh Akhenaten, meaning 'Servant of Aten'.

So, when Moses and the Hebrews made their exodus into Sinai, they arrived not as worshippers of Jehovah but of Aten; and it was for this very reason that they were given a whole new set of laws and ordinances to bring them into line with the Hebrew culture of their prospective new homeland.

When Moses and the Israelites left the Nile Delta, their obvious route to Canaan (where they were eventually headed) would have been directly across the wilderness of northern Sinai. So, why did they push southward into the difficult high country to spend some time at the Horeb mountain of Serābīt? (To this day archaeologists do not agree on which mountain was really the mountain of Moses.) ...From Laurence Gardner's web site.

There was something on Mount Serābīt that Moses knew about - other than the God Moses spoke to. (who was, by-the-way called 'Lord of the Mountain') ...What was it? It was something that had a 'scientific' purpose and we tell you what it was on the Ark of the Covenant page..

In Judaism the Tetragrammaton is the ineffable Name of God, and is therefore not to be read aloud. In the reading aloud of the scripture or in prayer, it is replaced with Adonai ("My Lords", commonly rendered as "the Lord.") Other written forms such as ? (yod) ? (vav) (YW or Yaw or ? (yod) ? (heh) (YH or Yah) are read in the same way.
The name YHWH was not always applied to a monotheistic God: see Asherah and other gods Elohim (gods) and Yaw (god). When the text is read out loud by Jews, the Tetragrammaton is replaced by the word Adonai ("my Lord(s)"), Elohim ("God(s)"), Hashem ("the name"), or Elokim.

Focus of the 25th degree; After the death of Aaron, when the new moon occurred at the vernal equinox of the 40th year of the Wandering of Israel, the people became discouraged, and began to pray to Amum and Astarte, Osiris and Isis. But Adonai ( God ) sent firey serpents amoung them, and Moses was asked to pray for the people. Moses was told to build a 'brazen' (bronze) serpent, and put it on a pole, and all who looked upon it were cured of the (firey) serpent's venom.

Contrary to the Genesis account of Adam and Eve, serpents had magical as well as healing properties. As we see, Astarte, Osiris and Isis are the gods the Israelites knew best.
God creats a firey serpent; The firey serpent is then subjected to a 'brazen' serpent who seems to cure them of something. That puts Adonai (God's name at the time) at odds with another equally powerful enity....that enity is connected to Osiris and Isis.

Focus of the 26th degree; The candidate is presented with the "ancient dogmas and teachings" of the Hindus, Buddhists, Mithraists, 'Druids' ( Norse ?), Egyptians, Hebrews and Christians, and that in all ages the golden threads of truth have gleamed in the woof of error. Fortunate is the Mason who, by the light of wisdom, the true Masonic light, second emanation from the Deity, can discern the golden threads, God's hieroglyphs, written when time began; and read them aright, as they were read by our ancient brethren in the early ages!" The mystery of life, death and rebirth is presented using the metaphor of seeds and plants.

Focus of the 28th degree; The jewel is a golden sun on the obverse, and a hemisphere, showing the northern half of the ecliptic ( Tarus to Libra ) and Zodiac. Of the large amount of instruction in this degree, seven main points are outlined:

(1)" Science is preserved by silence, and perpetuated by initiation."
(2) " Make gold potable, and you will have the universal medicine," which evidences that one should appropriate truth to ones own use, and that the changes known as death are part of life.
(3) "The permanent revelation, one and universal, is written in visible nature, is explained by reason, and completed by the wise analogies of faith."
(4) "There is no invisible world. There are only different degrees of prefection in the organs," and " There is no void in nature; all is peopled."
(5) "Thoughts, once uttered, are immortal....How could the thoughts exist, if the soul from which they emanated were to cease to be?"
(6) " Nature is the primary, consistent, and certain revelation or unveiling of God. It is his utterance, word and speech."
(7) "Analogy is the last word of science, and the first of faith. Harmony is an equilibrium; and equilibrium subsists by the analogy of contraries. The absolute unity is the supreme and last reason of things."

"The Resurrection of the Dead"

The origional ancient Egyptian ritual and the journey the King must take is written in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and it is over 10,000 years old. It is also suspected that The Pyramid texts, written on the walls of the Pyramid of Unas, contain secret ritual words that are as yet not understood.

Those of you who are Masons and have not discovered this ancient ritual written down by Thoth, will find that passwords are necessary and there are seven levels to pass through before the king reaches his goal. The seven levels are representative of the seven major planets in our solar system. These are sometimes refered to as the 'seven levels of Heaven'. The Eight Heaven, according to the Nag Hammidi Scrolls, is where the Christ is said to reside. The king had to know the name of the god who guarded the passageway to the Heaven in order to proceed through it. A 'password' was necessary to enter. There is a 'stewart' who guides the king on his journey. This journey is only possible if the King has lived his life without sin. His deeds are weighed against a feather in the Hall of Judgement (Maat/Justice) of the Egyptian Gods. More details of this ceremony is on Widow's Son 1.

"A name was in a way one's whole being. Actually, this is a very old notion which predates the Hellenistic age and stems from the religion of the Ancient Egyptians.. .Knowing the name of the Aeon (secondary deity) didn't just give a person knowledge of him but also power over him so that the Aeon no longer became an obstacle in the souls' return-voyage to The Good."
- Maged S. Mikhail, "The Gnostics, A Survey of Gnostic Beliefs and Gnostic-Christian Ties" Legend has it that King Solomon knew the names of demons and with this information he could control them and make them do work.

The Forbidden deeds are described in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and a spell is used to avoid anything else blocking the progression to the next level of travel. Spell 178 of the Book of the Dead describes death as 'the night of going forth to life', emphasising that it was viewed as a transitional state, leading to the afterlife. We see the 'forbidden deeds' as being the pre - 10 Commandments that were given to Moses. We also see them in Deuteronomy in detail, but they are also part of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Knowledge passed from Father to Son through the Ages

April 1st, 2009: Right now, researchers have discovered a chemical from Marijuana (THC) that will kill a cancer tumor in the brain. This could not have possible with out the cooperation of several people. From the School of Biology at Complutense University in Madrid. The findings were published in the April issue of The Journal of Clinical Investigation.
This is happenening every day. New scientific discoveries especially in the field of medicine, make our lives better.

Hipprocties, (460 BC – ca. 370 BC) was an ancient Greek physician of the Age of Pericles, and was considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine. However medical papryus' have turned up that are older than his time in Egypt. The Edwin Smith papyrus is from the 27th century B.C. written by medical writer and architect Imhotep, among others, since the papyrus appears to be based on the writing of multiple authors. The reference to the Lower Egyptian Den is a historic anachronism which suggests an origin closer to the First Dynasty (c. 3000 B.C.)

Plato, 428 -348 BC, founder of the Academy in Athens, the first recorded institution of higher learning in the Western world. Plato founded one of the earliest known organized schools in Western Civilization on a plot of land in the Grove of Hecademus or Academus. The Academy was "a large enclosure of ground which was once the property of a citizen at Athens named Academus... some, however, say that it received its name from "an ancient hero", and it operated until AD 529, when it was closed by Justinian I of Byzantium, who saw it as a threat to the propagation of Christianity.

Many intellectuals were schooled in the Academy, the most prominent one being Aristotle.

(323 BC – 283 BC) Euclid of Alexandria was a Greek mathematician and is often referred to as the Father of Geometry. He was active in Alexandria during the reign of Ptolemy I . His work 'Elements' is the most successful textbook in the history of mathematics. Not until the 20th century, by which time its content was universally taught through school books, did it cease to be considered something all educated people had read.

Alexandria was the site of the most famous of the "Mystery Schools". There was a huge library with the most amazing papyrus collection in the world. Everything from the latest inventions to the most recent medical findings were housed there. It burned in 48 B.C. when Ptolemy XIII was at war with Rome. According to Plutarch's account, this fire spread to the docks and then to the library. Julias Caesar was said to have accidently set the fire.

Named after it's founder Alexander, as a research institution, the library filled its stacks with new works in mathematics, astronomy, physics, natural sciences and other subjects. It was at the Library of Alexandria that the scientific method was first conceived and put into practice, and its empirical standards applied in one of the first and certainly strongest homes for serious textual criticism.

The Library at Alexandria was charged with collecting all the world's knowledge. It did so through an aggressive and well-funded royal mandate involving trips to the book fairs of Rhodes and Athens and a (potentially apocryphal or exaggerated) policy of pulling the books off every ship that came into port. They kept the original texts and made copies to send back to their owners.

The Church burned enormous amounts of literature. In 391 Christians burned down one of the world's greatest libraries in Alexandria, said to have housed 700,000 rolls. All the books of the Gnostic Basilides, Porphyry's 36 volumes, papyrus rolls of 27 schools of the Mysteries, and 270,000 ancient documents gathered by Ptolemy Philadelphus were burned. Ancient academies of learning were closed. Education for anyone outside of the Church came to an end -
Helen Ellerbe The Dark Side of Christian History

Euclid's (300 BC) truths were used as the foundation of truth in all disciplines and their contribution to molding the cource of Western civilization was enormous to the extent that these principles are still in wide use today. For over two thousand years, Euclid has not only been accepted as the father of the science of logic, but his geometry has become the foundation of all truth about the physical world in which we live. These truths are so clear, so evident, that no one in his right mind could question them.

Sacred Geometry; Everything in the universe follows the same blueprint or patterns of creation by geometric designs that repeat over and over in an endless dance of sound, light and color.

We also have the Nash Papyrus which has been dated to the second century B.C. It was discovered in Egypt by W. L. Nash and first described by Stanley A. Cook in 1903.

The papyrus was by far the oldest Hebrew manuscript fragment known at that time, before the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947.

Twenty four lines long, with a few letters missing at each edge, the papyrus contains the Ten Commandments in Hebrew, followed by the start of the Shema Yisrael prayer. The text of the Ten Commandments combines parts of the version from Exodus 20:2-17 with parts from Deuteronomy 5:6-21. A curiosity is its omission of the phrase "house of bondage", used in both versions, about Egypt - perhaps a reflection of where the papyrus was composed.

Some (but not all) of the papyrus' substitutions from Deuteronomy are also found in the version of Exodus in the ancient Greek Septuagint translation of the Hebrew Bible. The Septuagint also interpolates before Deuteronomy 6:4 the preamble to the Shema found in the papyrus, and additionally agrees with a couple of the other variant readings where the papyrus departs from the standard Hebrew Masoretic text. The ordering of the later commandments in the papyrus (Adultery-Murder-Steal, rather than Murder-Adultery-Steal) is also that found in most texts of the Septuagint, as well as in the New Testament (Mark 10:19, Luke 18:20, Romans 13:9, and James 2:11, but not Matthew 19:18).

Since we know the Nag Hammidi scrolls were not discovered until 1945, the Dead Sea Scrolls - 1947, it is possible that Pike knew little or nothing about gnostic philosophy. However copies of the Books of Enoch were found with the scrolls. James Bruce, a Knights Templar, found copies of The Books of Enoch in Ethiophia in 1773. Wheather Pike was able to read these or not, we do not know. We revisit those concepts of the Books of Enoch and The Gnostic philosophy here.

The Book of Enoch describes the fall of the Watchers, the angels who fathered the Nephilim (cf. the bene Elohim, Genesis 6:1-2). The fallen angels went to Enoch and asked him to intercede on their behalf with God after he declared to them their doom. The remainder of the book describes Enoch's visit to Heaven in the form of a vision, and his revelations.

The book contains descriptions of the movement of heavenly bodies (in connection with Enoch's trip to Heaven), and some parts of the book have been speculated about as containing instructions for the construction of a solar declinometer (the Uriel's machine theory).

The nomenclature is derived from a character of the same name in the Book of Enoch. In Knight and Lomas's interpretation of the Book of Enoch, Uriel warns Enoch about the impending flood, giving him instructions for building a form of solar observatory (for the purpose of preserving advanced knowledge into a time of global disaster) by teaching him the movement of the Sun against the horizon over a period of time, which Enoch then records in detail in the Book of the Heavenly Luminaries .. (part of Enoch's Books).

The most important part of the text is the first section of the book which depicts the interaction of the fallen angels with mankind; Sźmīazāz compels the other 199 fallen angels or 'Sons of God', to take human wives to "beget us children".

This is 'The Origional Sin'. It has nothing to do with Adam and Eve.

Genesis 6..And the 'Watchers' decided to take human wives...

"And Semjāzā, who was their leader, said unto them: 'I fear ye will not indeed agree to do this deed, and I alone shall have to pay the penalty of a great sin.' And they all answered him and said: 'Let us all swear an oath, and all bind ourselves by mutual imprecations not to abandon this plan but to do this thing.'. Then sware they all together and bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it. And they were in all two hundred; who descended in the days of Jared on the summit of Mount Hermon, and they called it Mount Hermon, because they had sworn and bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it."

This results in the creation of the Nephilim (Genesis 6:4) or Anakim/Anak (Giants) as they are described in the book:
"And they became pregnant, and they bare great giants, whose height was three thousand ells [the Ethiopian text gives 300 cubits (135 meters), which is probably a corruption of 30 cubits (13.5 meters)]: Who consumed all the acquisitions of men. And when men could no longer sustain them, the giants turned against them and devoured mankind. And they began to sin against birds, and beasts, and reptiles, and fish, and to devour one another's flesh, and drink the blood."

It also discusses the teaching of humans by the fallen angels - chiefly Azāzźl:
"And Azāzźl taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates, and made known to them the metals of the earth and the art of working them, and bracelets, and ornaments, and the use of antimony, and the beautifying of the eyelids, and all kinds of costly stones, and all colouring tinctures. And there arose much godlessness, and they committed fornication, and they were led astray, and became corrupt in all their ways. Semjāzā taught enchantments, and root-cuttings, Armārōs the resolving of enchantments, Barāqījāl, taught astrology, Kōkabźl the constellations, Ezźqźźl the knowledge of the clouds, Araqiźl the signs of the earth, Shamsiźl the signs of the sun, and Sariźl the course of the moon."

Michael, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel appeal to God to judge the inhabitants of the world and the fallen angels. Uriel is then sent by God to tell Noah of the coming apocalypse and what he needs to do.

What the Books do not explain is that the Knowledge that was taught to man could be used to benefit and help mankind. Since we have Noah, Ham, Japheth, Tubal Cain, Nimrod, Lamech, ect., who knew the skills, passing these skills on to their brothers and sons with a positive purpose in mind, the skills became secret so they could not be used for corrupt purposes. The Book also does not explain that the 'other' Sons of God, the Anak or Anunnaki who were not corrupted continued to help mankind. These Annunaki were considered gods to the Sumerians. In the Sumerian language, the term Annunaki meant "from heaven who came to earth" The Watchers were known as the Annunaki, or the heroes of old, men of reknown as mentioned in Genesis 6:4.

The original dead man in the Masonic 3rd degree ritual was actually Noah. We find Noah in Genesis 10:23 being covered by his sons Shem and Japheth. Then Noah curses Canaan, the son of Ham for seeing him in his nakedness. Could this story be a medifore for Ham finding out a secret? We have combined several sources for uncovering the secret of this medifore. The legend goes all the way back to Seth, the third son of Adam, when he writes the secrets of the Gods on two pillers. One that will not burn and the other that will not sink in water. Noah was said to have found these pillers and passed the secrets on to his sons. The secrets were then passed on to every king and High Priest of the chosen people of God including King Solomon.

We think King Solomon, Moses, Noah, Ham, Nimrod, Enoch, Seth, and all the way back to Adam knew the secrets. Not counting Jesus, no explaination of how or why these men (Seth, Enoch, Noah, Moses) were allowed their abode in Heaven except that they were righteous and did all that God asked of them. It all has to do with the "Tree of Life" that we read about in Genesis. But the God in Genesis denighed Adam and Eve access after accusing them of sin. This has always been the reason humans were denighed eternal life... or so we thought. Forbidden Forward 1 page. has yet another story.

There is a sinister force at work here much like the witch king in Lord of the Rings. There is an underling mystery that is just now coming into the light. It is an age old secret that was only known by the kings and priests of a royal family including Jesus.

By the time of the Templars, Secret Knowledge was also passed between brothers by way of a deck of cards. The church outlawed these too in an effort to supress any Masonic teachings. This card deck became known as the Tarot Deck. The secret double meanings of these cards is on this special page. Fortune tellers now use these cards to perdict the future with close to accurate results. Author E. Waite, a Freemason took it upon himself to produce a deck that more closely followed Knight traditions and the Grail legend.

The Two versions of the biblical text

The documentary hypothesis claims that the Jahwist and Elohist texts had two different meanings. (In the first source God's name is always presented as Elohim - Hebrew for God, or Power) were first combined by a redactor, producing a text referred to simply as JE, in such a way that it now read that God dictated the "Covenant Code", which was written onto stone, Moses subsequently smashing these stones at the incident of the golden calf, and thus having to go back and get a new set, with a set of commandments, "the Ritual Decalogue", resembling the first. Under this reconstruction another writer, the Priestly source, later took offence at parts of JE, and rewrote it, dropping the story of the golden calf, and replacing the Ritual Decalogue with a new (ethical) decalogue initially based on it, but taking commandments from elsewhere as well, and replacing the Covenant Code with a vast new law code, placed after the Decalogue for narrative reasons, most of which forms the greater part of the mitzvot in Leviticus.

The reconstruction then suggests that a century later yet another writer, the Deuteronomist, objected to the Priestly source, and rewrote it yet again, but in a different style: that of a series of flashbacks, producing a second slightly different copy of the Ethical Decalogue, and re-introducing the golden calf.
see... Ritual Decalogue

Due to the lack of religious importance placed on the Ritual Decalogue in modern times, the majority of discussion concerning it exists within academic circles. While a portion of the decalogue, discussing the position of other gods, idols, and a day of rest, is similar to the Ethical Decalogue, the majority of the commandments are quite different.

It is notable that even though the ancient practice of sacrificing firstborn children to God by Moloch had been banned, the belief that the firstborn belonged to Yahweh persisted, and thus still required that they be redeemed. The cost involved in redeeming a son is given repeatedly in the Priestly source, but that of an ass is given in the commandments, indicating that it had become fixed by this point. This is essentially where the story of Jacob almost sacrificing Issac came from.

Exodus Decoded- Here we try to debunk the debunkers

Archaeology is allowing us to come face to face with our history. At the same time, it affords us the possibility of separating fact from fiction. This can be both an exhilarating and disturbing process. The important thing is to be open and rational as opposed to dogmatic and close minded. Unfortunately, there’s too much of the latter going around. For example, many Biblical scholars see it as their professional duty to debunk Biblical tales, even if the evidence corroborates the Biblical story. If you look at some of the exchanges in, say, a magazine such as Biblical Archaeology Review, what you see is precious little scientific debate and lots of personal attacks. We have to get past this. That’s where The Naked Archaeologist comes in. We have to get past the jargon and to the history. When that happens, we can have physical contact with the past, which in turn can be more exciting than any Da Vinci Code. from Interview

Debunk: He further contends that these are “seals worn by Joseph’s court officials.” If the scarabs are connected to the high official Joseph, then why is Jacob’s name on them?

Suddenly the Biblical Jacob, father of Joseph, becomes the historical Jacoba, a Hyksos Egyptian pharaoh. This is a revolution in theology, but it is only a small step in a long process of uncovering the truth. The Biblical family is about to be transformed in terms of its political and secular importance. We have found the first bunch of grapes on this ancient royal vine. We debunked this.. see Jacob - Egyptian Hyksos Pharoah and the 2nd dynasty list on Jacob "Raneb" is Jacob, Hotepsekhemui or Mamayebra is Abraham.

So if the biblical patriarchs were indeed pharaohs of Egypt, why are they not to be found in the historical record? One of the simplest ways of looking for evidence for this biblical pharaonic family, would be among the all important and diligently recorded family names of the patriarchs.

Suddenly the Bible makes sense, there is valid historical data to be found if we know what to look for. Forget the picture postcard images of simple nomadic farmers - enter the tortuous dynastic alliances and political machinations of the most powerful people in the world in that era - the pharaohs of Egypt. Joseph was, by the admission of the Bible, the vizier to the pharaoh, the second most powerful man in the world. It is not a great extension of this biblical history to say that the other members of this important family were even more powerful, that they sat on the throne itself.

Jacobovivi found this gold ark in an Archeological Museum in Athens.

The connection we found is that Moses is in attendence at a funeral in Egypt. That person is Seqenenre Tao II. Recent archaeological confirmation assures us that Seqenenre Tao's son Ahmose is the Egyptian 'King' that didn't know Joseph....and it has been confirmed that Moses did not leave Egypt in the Rameses time period. Ahmose's writings confirm that he did rid the country of the 'invaders' in the 18th dynasty. see the Ahmose Stele

There is also new evidence that the Exodus occured much closer to 1550 B.C. than originally thought because of a volcanic eruption that caused the 10 plagues of Egypt (God is Nature). This eruption could have been any where from 1600 to 1470 B.C.

Seqenenre was murdered in 1554 BC. Kamose ruled for three years 1554 - 1551 BC. This puts eleven years between the rule of Kamose and Ahmose. Their mother, Termuthis was co-regent until Ahmose reached maturity. Josephus' Antiquities of the Jews confirm her insistance that Moses lead an Army and he welcomed the opportunity. Ahmose's final campaign against the Hykos was around 1540 B.C. The remaining Hyksos were forced into slavery at that time. If Moses was gone 40 years, the eruption would fit the 1550 - 1540 B.C. date as well as the Exodus.

The Tenth plague; Now called the Night of the Passover: The mummy of Ahmose's first born son, prince Sapair is in the Cairo Museum. He died when he was 12. Royal sons slept on beds like this one, near to the ground. The Adults slept on the roof where it was cooler at night.

A lake in West Africa expelled carbon-doxide gas from the underground chambers of a post eruption lava flow in 1986. This gas expelled from the lake remained at ground level and traveled silently over low lying areas at a high rate of speed. It killed what ever was in it's path. Egyptian Princes slept on beds just above the ground. Adults slept on the roof. see Nyos lake

This is from the Nyos site and applies to the "Passover" deaths of thousands of Egyptians in 1550 BC:
The CO2-rich cloud was expelled rapidly from the southern floor of Lake Nyos. It rose as a jet with a speed of about 100 km per hour. The cloud quickly enveloped houses within the crater that were 120 meters above the shoreline of the lake. Because CO2 is about 1.5 times the density of air, the gaseous mass hugged the ground surface and descended down valleys along the north side of the crater. The deadly cloud was about 50 meters thick and it advanced downslope at a rate of 20 to 50 km per hour. This deadly mist persisted in a concentrated form over a distance of 23 km, bringing sudden death to the villages of Nyos, Kam, Cha, and Subum.

An earthquake ensued from the volcanic eruption. Carbon Doxide escaped from the lake and it combined with the iron ozide in the water turning the water red. The carbon doxide also depleted the oxygen from the water killing the fish. The plague of frogs may be attributed to the weather, as well. Some species of desert frogs lay dormant in the soil until sufficient water is available for them to become active and reproduce. They then go dormant again as the land dries out. Heavy rains caused by the eruption could have brought about a massive outpouring of frogs.

Moving on to the seventh plague; Hail, and lightning are often associated with volcanic eruptions. Tiny ash particles can serve as condensation nuclei for hail, and strong electrical charges are common in the ash-filled air. see Scientific explaination of the 10 plagues.

The eruption of Santorini has been connected to the Israelite Exodus from Egypt and to the Ipuwer Papyrus, which in turn have been connected to each other. Despite numerous and varied arguments by a host of reputable scholars [e.g. Marinatos (1939), Page (1970), Doumas (1974), Luce (1976)] that one or more of the events associated with the period of extreme activity of the Santorini volcano surveyed above [i.e. earthquake(s), ash fall(s), tidal wave(s)] had a direct and disastrous effect on Neopalatial Minoan civilization, the simple facts are that the great earthquake which badly damaged Akrotiri is to be dated quite early in LM IA (either ca. 1650 or ca. 1560 B.C.?), that the entire town was buried in meters of volcanic ash still within the LM IA period (ca. 1625 or ca. 1550/1540 B.C.), and that the wave of destructions (most of them including fires) which defines the end of the Neopalatial period on Crete and to which the palaces at Mallia, Phaistos, and Zakro all fell victim cannot be dated earlier than LM IB (ca. 1480/1470 B.C.). These theories would tie the eruption to Pharaoh Ahmose I in the Second Intermediate Period of Egyptian History. see Bronze Age

David Rohl recently proposed a revised chronology, dating the Exodus to the Second Intermediate Period, in which case Ipuwer might refer to that event.

For the scientists in the audience check out this page about the eruption.. Santorini The oldest exposed volcanic rocks (Akrotiri Volcanics) have been dated 1630-1590 ka (Ferrara et al. 1980), and occur on the Akrotiri peninsula (Fig. 1). The bulk of the volcanic field has been built up over the last 200 ka, during which time twelve major ( 1-10 km3) explosive eruptions occurred.

In Hebrew, the Egyptian name Ahmose would mean "Brother of Moses." see Exodus Decoded. produced by Simcha Jacobovici, a Jewish Canadian film maker. Keep in mind that Islamic officials would not like this information to be true or confirmed because it would prove that Moses did infact exist and the Exodus was fact, not fiction. also see the Ahmose Stele which is the basis of the documentary.

From the documentary we also find that people of Greece traded goods extensively with the Avaris (Hyksos) community. Alot of them lived with the Hyksos and their art work shows boats going back to Greece. When the Exodus occurred these Greek people went back to Santarini. Grave stones and wall paintings there provided evidence that these people knew Moses.

During the 1990s excavations by the Austrian team, Manfred Bietak concentrated upon an area on the western edge of the site, known as Ezbet Helmi where a large palace-like structure dating to the Hyksos period was discovered. The ancient gardens revealed many fragments of Minoan wall-paintings, similar in style to those found in the palace at Knossos in Crete. It has been suggested that these paintings, with their distinctive red background may pre-date those of Crete and Thera. They may well have influenced some of the Dynasty XVIII tomb paintings which appear to include Minoan themes, such as the flying gallop motif of horses and bulls. In the Dynasty XVIII strata of Ezbet Helmi, Dr Bietak discovered many lumps of pumice stone, which may be present as a result of the volcanic explosion on the island of Thera.
and see Pi-Ramesse

"Two titanic volcanic explosions occurred in the Mediterranean in the fifteenth century BC, one on Mount Vesuvius and the other on the island of Thera (red circle on the map below) near Crete. Each dwarfed the great explosion of the Krakatoa volcano in 1883."
- Robert Jastrow, "Hero or Heretic?", Science Digest, Sep/Oct '80

Wall Painting showing Egyptian and Minoan trade "Descriptions of the Krakatoa explosion convey a sense of the horror that must have gripped the people who witnessed the earlier and more violent eruptions in the Mediterranean:

'A tremendous roar, heard over two thousand miles away'
'vibrations of the atmosphere circling the earth'
'ninety-foot waves breaking with devastating force'
'burning ashes raining down, blistering and killing people'."
- Robert Jastrow, "Hero or Heretic?", Science Digest, Sep/Oct '80

"Estimates of the volume of material displaced by the Thera eruption indicated an intensity five or six times as great as that of Krakatoa..."
- Dr. Floyd McCoy, in Ground Truth, Earthwatch Research Report

The Egyptians chasing the Hebrews were covered by a title wave from the final eruption of the Santorini volcano. About 7 cubic miles (30 cubic km) of rhyodacite magma was erupted. The plinian column during the initial phase of the eruption was about 23 miles (36 km) high."

"The caldera (or crater) created by this eruption of the Stroggilķ volcano on Thera (now known as Santorini) is said to have measured as much as 83 square kilometers in area. It presently extends down as much as 480 meters below sea level inside of the wall of cliffs which ring it and which themselves rise up as much as 300 meters above sea level.
- Encyclopaedia Britannica

The sea poured into this enormous void through fractures in the ring of land, in the northwest and southwest of the island. If the chamber collapse was sudden, the flow of water must have generated tidal waves to the north and southwest."
- Christos G. Doumas Thera - Pompeii of the Ancient Aegean, p. 137-138 see Thera

When the sky turned dark;"Then the LORD said to Moses, 'Stretch out your hand toward the sky so that darkness will spread over Egypt--darkness that can be felt.' So Moses stretched out his hand toward the sky, and total darkness covered all Egypt for three days." - Exodus 10:21-22
"The land was in great affliction. Evil fell on this earth....It was a great upheaval in the residence.. ..Nobody left the palace during nine days, and during these nine days of upheaval there was such a tempest that neither the men nor the gods could see the faces of their next."

- Stone Shrine at el-Arish

"More than seventy miles east of Thera, directly in the path of the cloud, Southern Turkey and the islands of Kos, Rhodes and Cyprus received more than a foot of ash. In those places, the cloud, even if it had shed all of its heat (which it probably had not), would have suffocated almost everyone caught outdoors."
- Charles Pellegrino, Unearthing Atlantis (1991) pp. 62, 75
A huge cloud of dust and gas enveloped the earth, and there are accounts of unnusual darkness in Egyptian and Chinese literature.

"Then the LORD said to Moses and Aaron, 'Take handfuls of soot from a furnace and have Moses toss it into the air in the presence of Pharaoh. It will become fine dust over the whole land of Egypt, and festering boils will break out on men and animals throughout the land.' So they took soot from a furnace and stood before Pharaoh. Moses tossed it into the air, and festering boils broke out on men and animals."- Exodus 9:8-10

The eruption of Thera was almost a thousand kilometers from the Nile delta - the land of Goshen - too distant to have suffered much damage from the accompanying earth tremors although, coincidentally, a severe earthquake and hail (falling volcanic stones - from 23 miles (36 km) high.) did devastate the delta at the end of the Egyptian Middle Kingdom.

"...The fire ran along upon the ground....There was hail, and fire mingled with the hail, very grievous." - Exodus 9:23-24

The 'piller of Fire'; The eruption of Thera so distant from the Nile delta, however, that the Israelites would not have seen anything so striking as a pillar of fire, especially after the ash cloud darkened the sky. If the pillar of smoke and fire refers to a volcanic event it must have been much closer at hand.

Below is the 3rd stone seen in the documentary. In the Temple at the citadel, a scarab of Queen Tiye of Egypt - married to Amenhotep III - was placed in the "Room of the Idols", alongside at least one statue of either LHIIIA:2 or B:1 type. Amenhotep III's relations with m-w-k-i-n-u, *Mukana, have corroboration from the inscription at Kom al-Hetan - (Their explaination) but Amenhotep's reign is thought to align with late LHIIIA:1. It is likely that Amenhotep's herald presented the scarab to an earlier generation, which then found the resources to rebuild the citadel as Cyclopean and then to move the scarab here.

Jacobovici; Tombstones tell the story of the parted "Reed" sea and the chariots and horses of the Egyptians being covered with water. The best preserved of these gravestones is shown in Fig. 32.

(their explaination) The field, bordered by a double fillet, is divided horizontally into two parts. The upper part is filled with an ingeniously contrived system of running spirals. Below is a battle-scene: a man in a chariot is driving at full speed, and in front there is a naked foot soldier (enemy?), with a sword in his uplifted left hand. Spirals, apparently meaningless, fill in the vacant spaces.

Jacobovici: Since the graves’ contents are mainly contemporaneous with the early Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt, archaeologists have assigned them to the seventeenth-sixteenth (or early fifteenth) centuries B.C.
The 'meaningless' spirals are water closing in on the Egyptians. The naked man is Moses. This is the 1st stone. Pictures from . Mycenae. and see Exodus Decoded - More links, Another fresco in the documentary. It is called the Marine Festival.

This connection to the (Seventeenth dynasty) also means that Ahmose and Moses were raised as children together and Moses' step father was Seqenenre Tao. This puts Moses in Egypt at the time Seqenenre was murdered and we think Moses presided at Seqenenre's funeral as the oldest son.

The Tetragrammaton is defined as being 'several' gods and that will be important as we continue. Hindu, Buddhist, Mithraist, 'Druid' ( Norse ?), Egyptian, and Hebrew teachings must be combined to understand the full meaning of ancient religion. What one left out the other included.
"Golden threads of truth have gleamed in the woof of error."

The focus of the 26th degree is self explanatory. The focus of the 28th degree; Nature, God and Science are combined which is tied to the rest of this site and the connections we found.
" Make gold potable, and you will have the universal medicine,"

As you can see, we provide one or more sources for our theories. We encourage reading these back up sources for your own information.

With the secrets of science in mind - something or someone forbid nature and science from being part of Gods plan as written in scripture, because except for the 'brazen serpent' and Moses' rod, nothing else of a healing or magical nature is mentioned in the Old Testament of the bible, unless we are dealing with The Ark of the Covenant. The Ark had a scientific purpose. It has to do with the illusive 'Philosophers' Stone' and an age old secret that might prolong life and cure diseases. The bible calls it Manna.

'Manna'; The white powder of projection is now being researched for the industrial use in terms of its fuel-cell capabilities because it is super-conductive and can attract, store and distribute high volume energy. Also, the world of medicine has become fascinated by its future potential to cure immune system deficiencies and cellular breakdown as in AIDS and cancer conditions. The secret of its operation lies in a particular light-wave which exists at the nuclear center ( The point within a circle). It is a slow wave-form light, which resonates precisely with the light frequency of human DNA and constitutes the very Light of Life itself. More of this secret science is on our 'Ark of the Covenant' page 2. This discovery may lead to what is now called 'anti-gravity'.
Laurence Gardner The Shadow of Solomon

Benjamin Franklin was a member of the Royal Society of England and America's Ambassador to France in 1776. He was also aquanted with Prince Charles Edward who was head of the Royal House of Stuart at the time. Charles was also a member of the Rosicrucian fraternity. According to Laurence Gardner, the Count St Germain established the Masonic Order which eventually became formalized as the Commandery of Carcassonne. Franklin was a Commander of the Temple of Carcassonne in 1786. These records are held in the Grand Orient de France. What was Franklin's most important discovery?

In describing the immence golden wealth of King Solomon, the Septuagint explains that Huram of Tyre supplied him with alluvial gold from the mines of Ophir, near Sheba, along with many other favors. Even the Queen of Sheba herself brought Solomon 120 talents of gold. It is said that the weight of gold which came to Solomon in one year was six hundred and sixty six talents of gold. It was for this reason that when the astonishing alchemical science of King Solomon was condemned by the 4th century Christian Bishops. The revelation of St John was doctored so that this number became the designated mark of the beast: six hundred, threescore and six (666) . This number of golden talents is equivalent to about 30 tons - with a value today of 250 million dollars.
Laurence Gardner - The Shadow of Solomon

The Septuagint is from the 3rd century B.C. The Hebrew version is from the 10 century A.D. and is only 500 years newer that the New Testament.

Does that mean there were other manufactured and doctored scriptures? You bet it does!
Stick around and we'll show you what they are.

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Hiram - Forward

Hiram - Forward 1 The megatsunami that caused Noah's Flood, Archaeology places doubt on biblical history, How did man come to know science, writing, mathmetics, grammer, astrology, ect.? "Craft Masonry", how it began, Agriculture, Farming and animal husbantry taught to man by who? Biblical text 'copied from an earlier source, The wife Question, The 'One God' theory is of a late date, Astrology, predictions to our destruction? The 13th sign, the 10th planet, Humanity has forgotten where we came from.

Hiram - Forward 2 Ham, Cush, and Miziram lived in Egypt. Is Cush the Scorpion King?, Shem and Japheth invade Egypt in the predynastic era, Abraham, and Jacob are Hyksos and invaders of Egypt in the 12 to 16th dynasty. Dynasty Tables provided by professionals on Egyptology and Egyptian history. Why the Thera volcanic eruption is connected with the Exodus and the 10 plagues, The sacred city of 'On', Discovery of 'Jacob's' seal-ring at Avaris. Ancient 'King' list, Ham's clan become the Dynastic Kings of Egypt. They take on Egyptian names, How the use of the word 'pharoah' came about. The Set(h) and Horus Gods, Secret knowledge found in the book of Jasher, Canaan becomes the slave of Shem, Who is 'US'? Who are the elohim?, The first builders, The spread of science and philosophy,

Hiram Index 1 The Egyptians wore masonic aprons, The 10 commandments came from the Egyptrian Book of the Dead, More 'lost gospels', The journey of Death leads to NDE, Thoth and Enoch, The Master Teacher Enoch, Another God found in the Book of Jasher, The bible borrowed text from Sumerian sources. Joseph did not live at Thebes, Moses story copied from the story of Sargon, review of the Hiram Key, more secret knowledge and science, Moses promoted the Essene teachings, The magical Sapphire rod of Elohim, The Djed Pillars-a possible light source.

Hiram Index 2 The sons of Noah, Proof Ham and his sons were caucasian. Canaan's curse. Ham's clan moves to Egypt around 3200 BC. Conections between Ham and the Egyptians. The legend of Tiamat..our Earth. The mountain of Moses and it's secrets and the Goddess he surported. The 18 books missing from the bible. Religious freedom - an Arab Lady speeks out.. What Enoch was taught. The rejection of Science and knowledge by the church.

Hiram Index 3 Religious oppression and the corrupt priesthood of Israel.The Secret Doctrine. The source of authority is spiritual. What the church claimed was heretical. The scientists. The "Mystery Schools" - ancient scientific papyrus - secret books. Who are the Nephilim? Solomon's tribute to Wisdom. The church rejected science. Physics, angels, Magicians, and the supernatural.

Hiram Index 4 The famous Narmer Palette and it's connection to Nimrod. Who was the Scorpion King?. Ham's clan moved to Hierakonpolis in 3400 BC. Hams name in Egyptian was Anedjib and he was the 8th king of the first dynasty of Egypt. Shem ursurps the thrown of Egypt in the time of Osiris, was Shem a pharoah too? How the verse in Genesis 10:26 makes sence: "Cannan shall be the slave of Shem." Why is the Hawk of Horus important?

Hiram Index 5 The tribes of the Giants. Who brought the flood on mankind?. The old Babyloian Gods. The Egyptian Gods, What does astrology have to do with it?. The true cross. The diverse cultures and races of the World,Thoth becomes Quetzalcoatl and moved to the high Andes mountains. Giants in South America. Cain in South America?. Rocket Ships of the Ancients. The Toltech and Maya civilization

Index 6 The famous Narmer Palette and it's connection to Nimrod. How did Narmar become associated with Nimrod? Before the Flood, the Book of Noah, Here we see the punishing god, 'The Lord of Spirits'. We introduce one of the Gods in Sumerian myth, Where did Solomon get 'the secrets'? Enki, the lord of magic, Atlantian (Etruscan) Couple - 7th century BC, Rebuilt after the flood, are the Apsu and the Tower of Babel the same thing, Eridu (or Eridug, modern Tell Abu Shahrain, Iraq) was the earliest city in southern Mesopotamia, founded ca. 5400 BC. The Sky Gods, The immortals or 'Good Watchers', The Kings (List) of Uruk and Ur, A collection of Aeramic writings called The Targum, What you don't know about Abraham. The oldest culture in the world, Noah is taken to the abode of the gods.

Hiram Introduction ... Religious symbols,Ancient History, which shows two ruling classes in Egypt. One was refered to as Hyksos. These people became the Hebrews. Documentation from 3 sources put the Israelites in a 'bad light'. Exerpts from the Nag Hammidi Scrolls, The Elohim, Who is "US" in Genesis?, Who were "The Other Gods" mentioned throughout the bible?

Hiram Introduction 1 continued The Inventory Stella of Khufu proves the Great Pyramid was not built by him. The meaning of "Light". Science was regarded as an outcast, an enemy. There was no liberty, no education, no philosophy, no science; nothing but credulity, ignorance, and superstition. Christianity removed learning and education from civilization..This is how they did it! The Melchizedek priesthood. Armageddon! Gnosticism as taught by the disciples. Focus of the 23rd and 24th degree Scottish Rite. The White haired stranger. The invention of the 'Devil'. Archaeology and the Babylonian Captivity of the Jews.

Hiram Introduction 1... The mountain of Moses, where was it? A Temple discovered on top of the mountain! Josephs Egyptian burial, Jacob's signet ring discovered in Avaris, a debate between archaeologists, Evidence that Ahmose defeated the Hyksos, The Seth and Horus worshipers, Archaeological facts and the Bible including the tribes of Ham and his sons who were not black Africans. The truth about Cain and Abel. The cruelty of God. The Dark Side of Religion. Ancient building secrets. Astrological connections of the ancients.

Hiram Introduction 2 Civilization begins again after the Flood, The famous library of Ashurbanipal with 22,000 inscribed clay tablets,The cruelty of God, Religion breeds terrors of all sorts, The Dark side of Religion, The Temples of the Gods, Hammurabi's Code, Eridu, also called Eridug, was the first city in the world, The Children of the Rocketships, After the Great Flood, The two sons of Noah who turned to 'different gods', The Egyptian Gods of Ham's clan, The predynastic period of the falcon cult, the defleshed bones of Nebkara, Hotepsekhemwy/Raneb has been associated with Jacob, the sacred goat of Mendes, precession of the ages and Astronomical signs, The Age of Aquarius, Enki's lineage's domain, the temple complex of Baalbek

Hiram Introduction 3 The Keys of Enoch. Jesus' miracles; was Lazerus really raised form the dead? The 'Great White Brotherhood, Assended Masters, What is the church hiding? A compairson between Jesus and Dionysus, How women became whores in the churche's eye, Evidence that Jesus was in India, James, brother of Jesus - who was his father?

Hiram Introduction 4 More mysteries, "US", Elohim, Jehovah, Hashem, Egyptian Gods,The Mithans or Snake people, The Shemsu Hor, the maltaskulls, The Code of Hammurabi (Codex Hammurabi), The writings of Timaeus, reconstruction of the Etemenanki or the Tower of Babel, High Priesthood of Zadok, The spread of science and philosophy, Science in the Middle Ages, A God of Science, Religion and politics don't mix., Messianics, priest in charge of over-seeing magical rites,

Hiram Introduction 5 Brief story about the Knights Templar, the church and freedom to 'choose'. A link to the books left out of the Bible. The Cooke Manuscript. The 'Pillers' of secrets. Ham and the Tower of Babel. The nuclear bombing of Sodom and Gomorrah in ancient times where the Dead Sea tested positive for radioactive materials 2000 years after Abraham left.

Hiram Introduction 6 Enki's organisation of the World, Uruk(Ur) where civilization began, Enlil gives all the "Me's" to Enki, overview of Enlil and Enki's role, Enki's love and care for human kind, The Heliocentric System, the 'flat Earth' system of the church, Galileo defended heliocentrism, Antikythera Mechanism, The Mysterious Divine, The Gnostics, cathedrals built by the Templars using geometry and numerology, The philosophic Secret was then born in the form of social morality clothed in working-class allegory, The use of pi in the Great Pyramid, Former President Anwar Sadat killed because he was a mason, Greek Philosopher and Mathematician, Pythadoras taught geometry in 569 - 475 BC, Pythagorean Theorem, Beneath the Temple of Hathor a secret lays, the ancient Shimar or Schamir, The face of Serapis was used by the church as the image of Jesus.

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