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WARNING; We reserve the right to change any URL that has been indexed by search engines or linked to by an anti-masonic source.

"Man, thou has two ears to hear the same sound, two eyes to perceive the same object, two hands to execute the same deed". In the same way, Masonic Science, the science above all others, is both Esoteric and Exoteric.


It is said by Masons, "Nothing in Masonry is Secret". This site is dedicated to that Fact. Anyone with the ability of sight and the ability to read can find this information. It is not Masonic Law, set belief or Doctrine in any way. It is NOT taught in Lodge... but it is not hidden and it is not occult. There are however certain rights and parts of Ritual that cannot be revealed to anyone other than another Mason. It is lawful to discuss the ideals of Freemasonry as well as the beliefs etc. What is unlawful is telling the signs, rituals and means of recognitiion.

This site will reveal what We believe to be the True Origin and history of the Craft providing, hopefully a better understanding for all.
Each man seeks in Masonry for himself, and each man finds for himself. Each man has an absolute right to interpret Masonry for himself as he sees fit. With our long tradition of prizing intellectual liberty and individual thought, it could not be otherwise. No interpretation of Masonry is officially "right," and there are some which are clearly wrong. We hope at the very least, that you find this site 'enlightening'.

This entry is from our guest book; THANK YOU!!! At last someone has put together all the data I have been researching over the past 55 years. Thank GOD the information (the truth) is still out there. Warm Regards, Dr. R. Ken Johnston; PM, WM, KT.

NOTICE: The information in this site is from our own personal research and does not reflect the beliefs of the entire Masonic body. It is our own personal search for the truth, it is what We believe to be true. It contains our own personal opinions as well as those of gifted masters who are leaders in their particular fields. However these are not shared by every Mason or every Masonic body. It is not based on religion, but a reflection of religious history, facts and practices that are connected and very ancient.

Matthew 13:35, "I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world."

Masonic Light!

Masonic ceremonies have but one aim : to maintain our enthusiasm, to excite our intellectual curiosity, and to awaken our reflections, in order to help us to understand and assimilate those important spiritual truths and moral virtues, which extend beyond the grave, beyond time and space, through the boundless realms of eternity. We have endeavored to bring these 'ceremonies' to life here, to walk with the ancients who taught the 'mysteries' and taste their reason for doing so. May you find "Light" as you walk here.

Masonic quote; "When I was made an Entered Apprentice, I was asked: Where were you first prepared to become a Freemason?" The answer: "In my Heart," suddenly took on a far more profound meaning than I had ever given it."

"One day, way back in that proverbial "time immemorial", some man, however primitive, considered that conflict and hate simply did not make as much sense as harmony and brotherly love. He realised that the path of the good inevitably triumphed over the bad, and that however much evil there might be in the world, there is not enough darkness to quench the Light of one small candle."

"I believe that it was on the day that man came to these realisations that Our Ancient Craft was born, and that in his heart, that man was the first Freemason."

" Who that man was, where that man was and how that man came to those conclusions is largely irrelevant." from.. The Craft.. Written by a Jewish Mason

We included this because there is an ongoing debate as to where Masonry began. Our conclusion is 'From Time Immemorial' and the following pages trace that truth back to it's source. God!

The Aims and Relations of the Craft, first issued by the English Grand Lodge in 1938 and since fully subscribed to by the Grand Lodges of Ireland and Scotland: The first condition of admission into, and membership of, the Order is a belief in the Supreme Being; The Bible, the Volume of the Sacred Law, is always open in the Lodges.

Every Candidate is required to take his obligation on that book or on the Volume that is held by his particular creed to impart sanctity to an oath or promise taken upon it; While the individual freemason has the right to hold his own opinion with regard to public affairs, neither in any lodge nor in his capacity as a freemason, may he discuss or advance his views on theological or political questions;
The Grand Lodge has always consistently refused to express any opinion on questions of foreign or domestic State policy either at home or abroad, and it will not allow its name to be associated with any action, however humanitarian it may appear to be, which infringes this policy; The Grand Lodge refuses to have any relations with, or to regard as freemasons, any Bodies, styling themselves Freemasons, which do not adhere to these principles.

This site is not just for Masons. It is for anybody who looks for more than the written version of God's word to explain why we are here, how we got here and what happens to us when we die.
What really happens? Do we really go to Heaven? Is there really a Hell? Within the workings of what some call the 'secret society' there is a literal truth, but it's available to everyone who seeks it. This so-called secret society excepts all religions into it's ranks in hundreds of countries around the world. We are all looking for the same thing. Truth! We are able to find the answers because we all believe in God.

As we studied the goals of the Knights Templar in the book Rosslyn, by Tim Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins, we found these words; "The Templars, being true Gnostics, in complete contrast to the Roman church of which they were susposedly part, did not concern themselves with the salvation in individual souls, but with the spiritual and material transformation of entire communities and nations. Their ultimate objective was to restore true gnostic monotheism to the world, uniting Christianity, Judaism and Islam."

With this in mind, we have in effect consulted 'other' volumes of the sacred law, of which some are 5000 years older than the present 'edited' KJ bible. The 'contrast' that emerges does indeed connect these religions, and it does show with startlingly clarity, why the Templers disagreed with the church and why in the end, a controlled French Pope and a greedy French King had them prosecuted, tortured and burned at the stake on a charge of heresy.
Even this drastic, brutal punishment did not squelch the truth...
Historians agree the Templars did nothing wrong, but they had a lot of money and King Philip wanted it. In effect he used religion to try and get it. He did not succeed.

If you've seen the news today, you are aware that Osama bin Laden's religious fanatics are killing people all over the world who are not Islams, calling them infidels. How could a religions body do this you ask..Because of what they are taught by their religious leaders. We, in effect are the infidels and they are God's chosen people, ect. They have chosen to believe that their god Allah wants us dead, wiped out. The christians (Romans) did the same thing 2000 years ago. They killed over 2,000,000 men, women and children in the name of God, forcing their beliefs on the populas of Europe. It's time for this to stop...What will it take for men to see the truth?

The historical record says all religions began in the same place. The christian religion is a 'spin off' of the more ancient version of how God created earth, ect. We are more concerned here with the historical documented version and the archaeological finds that make it fact.

Our focus here is mainly on the edited christian KJ version of the bible currently used in the United States and England. What we ask you to keep in mind is that historical and archaeological documented truth is sometimes completely different from what people call 'the gospel' in the KJ bible. And the KJ version is only a record of the 'edited' translated version of the Hebrew faith, at least where the Old Testament is concerned. Since most of us disagree with the Jews who claim there was no savior, and denigh that Jesus was the Christ, we don't understand why some of their Torah was used to create our bible. The real answer lyes in the 'bloodline' of the descendents of Adam, beginning with Seth, not Cain or Abel. Then the Romans used the Books of Enoch to create the New Testament, they just used the parts they wanted and discarded the rest.

You will find that the parts they discarded tell a completely different story than what they left in and that is concerning the scientific knowledge of Enoch.

Then we have the Kabalah, the Koran and many other sacred volumes of work which still do not give us the complete story. But if we combine these and we look at the archaeological record for answers, we find all of it is connected. The other sources we found should never be considered any less important than the edited version of KJ bible.

The sources we use here are The Nag Hammidi Scrolls, the Dead Sea Scrolls, The Secret Books of Enoch, and most importantly the Sumerian clay tablets called The Enuma Elish that are over 5000 years old. Because these works contridict the bible, who the Gods were and the life of Jesus, the church calls them heresy and warns people not to believe what is written by the actual disciples who alone had the secrets Jesus taught them. Does this really make any sence - unless the church is hiding something? Parts of the works of Enoch were discovered with the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The land of Sumner, (Mesopotamian) is where Abraham lived in the city of Ur. The Enuma Elish tablets explains to us why he left. His name in the tablets is AB.RAM. And there in Nipper we also find Enoch called Ediru in the tablets, who was made a priest because he was a favorite of Enki - a god of Sumner. He was taught all the secrets of this God.

The secret books of Enoch, which the church chose to suppress completely are vitally important because they contain a description of giants that once roamed the earth. They also describe an ancient science which the church claims is witchcraft but Enoch used extensively. The book of Jubilees is another supressed work and as we mentioned, and we have ancient Egyptian scrolls that also give us a completely different story than the KJ bible relates.

With this in mind, most people who attend christian churchs in the U.S. cannot except that the gospel, or what they call 'the word of God' and archaeological, historical evidence and research conclusions do not necessarly agree with each other. Theologians know this but refuse to talk about it openly...once again supressing the truth.

People from other countries like Peru, Mexico and even the American Indians however, who practice christianity in the daylight revert to their old religions by night. This means they follow the church because they are forced to but they don't necessarilly believe all that is taught. They knew the truth long before any church told them they had to believe something else.

Why would you take the word of a church father or priest, whose life is dedicated to convincing you about their version of 'God's' word, over the documented scientific research conducted by people who have Masters and PhD's and have spent their life investigating the same thing without the prejudice and bias of religion?

An example of this would be doing a search on say, Alexander the Great. Where would you look to find information on him? An encyclopedia right? So here we are only doing the very same thing, only we are looking for information of AB.RAM, Solomon, and even Jesus outside the bible which very few people ever bother to try to do. It seems the church has made any attempt on this search sacrilegious or even go to the extreme to call it a sin. BOLOGNA!

Another clue to finding the truth is now we have documented proof there IS life after death. This comes in the form of Near Death Experiences now told by thousands of people. Key In 'NDERF' in your search engine and read the stories. Other writers say there is no such place as Hell and no such deity as Satan or Lucifier. These were an invention of the church.
That's right, invented by MEN not God!

Some of us now believe that we do have angels around us all the time as well as our passed-on loved ones who visit sometimes every day. If you've watched Montel Williams on Wednesdays you know who Sylvia Brown is. If you have ever watched the T.V. show 'Medium', you might be convinced that physics can and in fact see ghosts and even communicate with them. This is becoming a popular phenomenon in the United States. Why, because we all believe in miracles but we also believe in something else - Life after Death! And these shows seem to reinforce that belief. This is called 'Spirituality! This is not connected with ANY religion.

But then why are we told there is a hell, a devil, ect. by church leaders? - To keep you going to church, obeying church imposed rules and filling the coffers. If we used the money it takes to build todays huge churches to feed and house the poor, we wouldn't have any homeless people sleeping on benches and cardboard to worry about. We wouldn't have thousands of hungry children in our own cities and towns who go to bed every night without a nutritious meal or a glass of milk.

With that said, there are huge differences that are actually seen in the contradiction the bible offers. The contradictory conclusions therefore are clues to the actual truth the bible seems to hide and we seem to overlook because we have been taught that the bible is 'God's Word'. But in our current version of 'God's Word', we found an amazing truth that does not need reinterpretation. It's written in plain simple words right there in Genesis that a third grader could understand.

The 'forced on you' 'literalist' interpertation of these words by our church fathers has hidden the truth for far too long. We want you to read it again along with us and we will show you what they failed to explain... or could not...or WOULD NOT! If you read Forbidden Forward, Forbidden Forward 1 and 2 and Forbidden Knowledge 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 you already know what we found.

Another problem we found is that present day biblical researchers pay to have archaeological evidence support the gospel. They send out chosen teams to prove what is written in the bible is indeed fact.

What if that research proves just the opposite?
And what if they then hide or cover up what they found?
What if independent research not connected with any religious sect finds things that contridict the 'Word' of God' as written in the KJB?

To prove our point we found this; "Because on Mount Serabit (aka Mount Horeb, the biblical Mount Sinai), there exists an extraordinary archaeological discovery: A temple dedicated to the Egyptian goddess, Hathor. One can in fact surmise that Moses was well aware of an operational Egyptian temple in the Sinai, and the Sinai was thus a safe haven for his flock of departing slaves. Thereafter, the temple was lost to the world until 1904 A.D., when a group of archaeologists headed by Sir W. M. Flinders Petrie found the site."

According to Laurence Gardner the real find, however, was “the discovery of a metal-lurgist’s crucible and a considerable amount of pure white powder” on Mount Serabit. Also on the premises was a mysterious substance called mfkzt, which is referenced dozens of times on wall and stelae inscriptions. Gardner subsequently gives a convincing argument that the mfkzt -- besides being unpronounceable -- is, in fact, the White Powder of Gold . What Petrie, et al, had found was an Egyptian laboratory of Alchemy standards.

The bible tells it like this; “And Mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke... and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly.” (Exodus 19:18) Mount Horeb -- by any other name -- was the place where it was happening! It was also off limits to anyone not brought up in the Pharaoh’s lineage (e.g. Moses). “And thou shalt set bounds unto the people round about, saying, Take heed to yourselves, that ye go not up into the mount, or touch the border of it; whosoever toucheth the mount shall be surely put to death.” (Exodus 19:12) Whereupon, the narrative continues, suggesting several means by which one might meet an untimely end.

The real clincher, however, is Exodus 32:20, where Moses took the ill-fated Golden Calf, which the errant Israelites had made, “and burnt it in the fire, and ground it to powder, and strawed it upon the water, and made the children of Israel drink of it.” [The emphasis on “it” is reminiscent of the Manna, the “What is it?” of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, The Papyrus of Ani.] The fact that “it” turned out to be an early form of a Kool-Aid mix for the children of Israel, is not some form of “wash-the-mouth-out-with-soap punishment, but instead was for the distinct benefit of the imbibers. They were receiving the ORME - or "Food of the Gods".

The fact the temple was dedicated to the goddess Hathor is also noteworthy. Being an aspect of Isis the Great Mother, Hathor had an astounding relevance throughout Egyptian history, with even the Ptolemys (including the last of their line, Cleopatra) continuing the worship of Hathor (when so many other Gods and Goddesses were being ignored). Hathor was usually shown with horns, symbolizing an upturned, horizontal crescent moon, designed for “knowledge reception”, effectively a divine communication device. [When Michelangelo portrayed Pope Julius II with similar horns, the Church was “somewhat disconcerted” with the idea, but Mikey and Jules may have known better. The horny Julius may have been representative of Jules having a direct communication link.]
see Library of Alexandria

The Mount Horeb Powder Factory was also the source of the Monoatomic Elements , which can achieve Superconductivity and provide a lessened gravitational attraction of very large stones (a means by which The Great Pyramids may have been built). It’s just amazing how every little piece fits into an esoteric, all-encompassing puzzle!

Our Theories concerning the date of the Exodus and the involvement of Ahmose in the expulsion of the Hyksos has been confirmed. From the History Channel, first broadcast on Aug. 20th, and 26th. Sept 7th, 2006: This show is rebroadcast periodicly.
After six years of unprecedented research, host Simcha Jacobovici and a team of renowned archaeologists, Egyptologists, geologists, and theologians shed revelatory new light on the Exodus and the era's ruling Egyptian Dynasty. Their new theory pushes events hundreds of years earlier than previously thought, allowing age-old stories to sparkle with new perspectives and startling historical import. Using elaborate, state-of-the-art CGI, THE EXODUS DECODED offers a stunning virtual account of stories like the birth of Moses, the ten plagues, and the parting of the "Reed Sea", revealing once and for all the difference between acts of Nature and the hand of God. It also proves that Ramses was not the pharoah of the Exodus.

This documentary also exposes Joseph as a Hyksos pharoah living in Avaris, the Hyksos stronghold. Artifacts found at the site confirm that he lived there. With the conformation that the Exodus did indeed occur between 1550 and 1470 B.C., the 10 plagues are attributed to the natural disasters caused by the massive eruption of the Santarini volcano. Many more details are exposed about the Hebrew people that are not very complimentary. Want to see what we found now?
Widow's Son 2,

What if the rest of the truth is contained in a vast library nobody has access to except those responsible for the deception?
What if we say we found proof that large parts of the New Testament were edited and rewritten to suit a Greek audience, using pagan Roman and Greek Gods as the background stories for Jesus.

And what if the words Jesus spoke were actually 'coded' phrases and there were hidden meanings meant for the disciples alone?

What if the Greek interpretations of the Aramic language used by the disciples, do not reflect what the true gospel really said?
What if we say Moses' Ark of the Covenant wasn't built by him or Bezaleel and it's measurements were not given to him by God?
What if we say Jesus did not worship the God you think you do? - the same applies to Moses, King David, and King Solomon. But that means there might be 'another God'.
Is this Heretical? Pagan? Work of the Devil? You will be surprised. ' Forbidden Forward' explains this.

What if we tell you we know who the wives of Cain and Abel were which the KJ bible leaves out? And Eve, or rather a 'copy' of Eve (also known as Lillith) had two daughters. Adam doesn't have a daughter. We will show you how the real Eve had only one Son. His name was Seth.

What if we say that Eve did not come from Adam's rib, and there is no such thing as 'the original sin' susposedly committed (by Eve)?
What if the KJ bible version you have in your home is not even close to the original version that is more than 5000 years old?
Did you even know there is another version?

Our research proves there was another version. In fact there are two. But the differences in the old first and second version are only slightly different but they are very different from our current KJ version. Which brings us to the conclusion that God did not have anything to do with the writing or verbal transmission of the gospel or it's interpretations. Men are responsible for this and they made the gospel into what they wanted it to say. The Old Testament reflects a Hebrew point of view only, but that doesn't make it correct or even true.
This is not the only shocking conclusion we found. The New Testament story of Jesus is not actual fact as the gospels portray. More and more of this stunning revelation is coming to 'light' as we enter an era called the 'Age of Aquaris'. In this era humans all over the world will discover a lie that is more than 2000 years old and the people responsible for that lie will pay the price.

For those of you that don't think there is an Egyptian influence or background in Masonry - we offer this web site The Scottish Rite Temple In Washington D.C.

The objective of this site is to show – using the scriptures – all the mistakes made by religion during the last centurie . Because of greed, tradition, customs, etc, the religion became something material instead of spiritual and has lost it s own objective that is our salvation.

All through Scripture we ought to notice the titles by which God is called in each distinct place. We are so poverty-stricken in thought that we generally use but one name for God; not so the rich soul of David: throughout the Psalms you will find him appropriately ringing the changes upon Adonai, El, Elohim, Jehovah, and all the varied combinations of names which loving hearts were wont to give to who they thought was "the glorious LORD of hosts", The one and only God. He wasn't!

We wish to show, based on the scriptures that everybody is already free, there is no need to pay anything to anybody and neither do any kind of sacrifice because Jesus has already set us free.

Remember this?, "Get up and flee to Egypt with the baby and stay there until I tell you to return." Matthew 2:13.

But did you know about this! "When Israel was a child...“Out of Egypt did I call my son. But the more I called Isreal the further they went from me, They sacrificied to Baal and burning incense to idols." Hosea 11:1.
Who is the Son that is called?
With this information pertaining to Baal in mind, the rest of this chapter is important because Israel and Ephraim are punished for worshiping idols and a false god. We think when Jacob (Israel) was on the wrong side of the fence when Moses was "called" to try and straighten this mess out! We prove it on the next page...
Who are the Hyksos and why are they not described as invaders to Egypt in the bible?

Verse 9, "I am God and not man; I am the Holy One living amoung you, and I did not come to destroy." verse 12; "Israel surrounds me with lies and deceit..but Judah still trusts in God and is faithfil to the Holy One."

As we recall Judah is the son of Jacob who suggested the brothers sell Joseph to the Ishmaelites.
Why is Judah favored here over Israel (Jacob)? Also take note that this God emphasizes he is Not here to Destroy! There are over 800 instances of murder, rape and cruelty ordered by God in the bible. Doesn't that seem odd to you? Why the contridiction? As we recall, the Kingdom of Judah was ruled by the Davidic line. David's grandson Rehoboam was rejected by ten of the twelve Tribes of Israel during the disruption at Shechem. note: Shechem was Egyptian territory at the time.

Before they left Egypt (Jacob) Israel originated as 12 tribes, according to the 12 sons of the patriarch Jacob, who was the son of Isaac and the grandson of Abraham. These 12 tribes settled in what became known as the land of Israel and they built a Temple dedicated to their God, Yehwah, in Jerusalem.

After the reign of King Solomon (970 - 931 BCE) and in fulfillment of ancient prophecy, the nation split into two sectors:

JUDAH, which consisted mainly of the 2 tribes of Judah and Benjamin and became known as ‘the Jews’ (Judeans). Their's was the Temple at Jerusalem, their main city.

And why is the narration of the children of Judah necessary in the search of the Grand Master Hiram Abif?

Well, because the tribes of Dan and Napthali were specifically mentioned in the building of King Solomon's Temple. Specifically, the workman who is skilled in brass came from one of these two tribes, depending on what book you are referring to. And to insure that there is no confusion, there are three versions of the Holy Bible (namely, the Catholic edition.)

"The name of the Master who is known to you as Hiram Abif is connected with the same symbol. Abif is not a part of his name, not a correct rendering of the Hebrew word which is "Abiu", his father. Ab and Abi means father, master, instructor. Nor is the word Hiram. For in the Book of Kings, Khairom or Khairum, and in the Book of Chronicles, Khurum; and Khurum in the Phoenician language means "the sun."

ISRAEL: The 10 tribes who made Shechem, north of Jerusalem, their headquarters, and built a Temple there. They became known as the 'Northern Kingdom’ of Samaria and, generally, retrogressed to paganism under the rule of idolatrous leaders, like King Jeroboam, and Ahab and his wife Jezebel. (Refer The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel)

The Scriptures (Refer 1 Kings 12; 2 Kings 17 & surrounding chapters) abound with references to the animosity and wars that raged between these two sectors of the same nation, that is, between the Jews and the people of upper Samaria - the Samaritans. The latter were despised by the Jews.

In the year 721 BCE, Samaria was conquered by the Assyrians, the 10 northern tribes were deported and the land repopulated with foreigners. This was the end of the Northern Kingdom, Israel, after which they became known as “The Lost 10 tribes of Israel”.

Today, these ten 'Lost' Tribes of Israel are regarded as having migrated to Northwest and Western Europe and their descendants are now in those areas or in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Britain has characteristics of Ephraim, Reuben was important in France, Issachar in Switzerland, Zebulon in Holland, Dan in Denmark, Naphtali in Norway, Gad in Sweden, the country of Finland was influenced by the Tribes of Simeon, Issachar, and Gad; Simeon, Dan, and Ephraim were important in Ireland.

Jer. 3:8 "I had repudiated disloyal Israel for all her adulteries and given her her divorce papers."
Hosea 1:4 - YHVH puts an end to Israel's sovereignty.
Hosea 1:6 - YHVH withdraws His Love from Israel, but not from Judah.
Hosea 2:1 - She is no longer His 'wife'.
The rest of the chapter describes her whoring and punishment.
The latter part of ch 2 proposes her Return to Him.

The Creator; Isaiah 54:4 - "... you will no longer remember the curse of your widowhood. For now your Creator will be your Husband, His Name: YHVH Sabaoth". He is called the God of the whole earth." (The 'material god') YHVH and Sabaoth are not the same! Sabaoth (sab'aoth, oth, saba'th) , Hebrew term used in the New Testament (Rom. 9.29; James 5.4) and in Christian hymns (e.g., Sanctus and Te Deum) in the title of God, translated in the Bible as “Lord of Hosts” (Isa. 1.9). Sabaoth, Lord of Hosts of armies. "Lord' means "owner".

When the disruption took place at Shechem, at first only the tribe of Judah followed the house of David. But very soon after the tribe of Benjamin joined the tribe of Judah, and Jerusalem became the capital of the new kingdom (Joshua 18:28), which was called the kingdom of Judah. The Second Book of Chronicles (2 Chronicles 15:9) also says that members of the tribes of Ephraim, Manasseh and Simeon "fled" to Judah during the reign of Asa.

The Babylonian Captivity had a number of serious effects on Judaism and the Jewish culture. For example, the current Hebrew script was adopted during this period, replacing the traditional Israelite script.

There are two sources of Jewish texts. The Elohist (E) is one of the sources of the Torah postulated by the documentary hypothesis. E is theorized to have been composed by collecting together the various stories and traditions concerning biblical Israel (Jacob) and its associated tribes (Dan, Napthali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulon, Ephraim, Manesseh, Benjamin), and the Levites, and weaving them into a single text. In particular it records the importance of Ephraim, which was the tribe from which the King of Israel happened to derive.

The Jahwist's story begins much earlier than the Elohist's, in fact, it begins at the beginning. Consequently, it introduces stories concerning the general human condition, both large tales such as the fall of man, Cain and Abel, as well as brief stories, like that of the Curse of Ham, and the tower of Babel. It also includes general creation stories, such as that of creation itself, the flood, and the badly truncated, and thus difficult to interpret, story of the Nephilim.

Unlike the Elohist, the covenant involving Isaac in the Jahwist tale is one in which God freely makes it to an adult Isaac. The Jahwist thus contains a tale of Isaac meeting his wife, when she comes out at the provision of water, and repeats the tale of Abimelech confusing a wife for a sister with Isaac and his wife rather than Abram and his. Jacob later is described as meeting his wife in similar circumstances, his having helped some sheep to drink. This repetition may be deliberate, or may reflect variant versions of the same story being placed in the same work but with different names, possibly indicating two earlier sources on which the Jahwist work could be based.

The Jahwist also provides some tales describing the political situation of the southern tribes, the most relevant of which is the tale of the rape of Dinah, a story which both explains the ownership of Schechem, and why the tribes of Simeon and Levi lack territory. The Jahwist also seeks to explain why despite being the firstborn, Reuben has little territory, though the story, involving Reuben and Bilhah in incest, is widely regarded by academics as having been abruptly truncated during redaction, only one line of it remaining in the torah.

The Jahwist text; In this source God's name is always presented as the tetragrammaton, YHVH, which scholars transliterate in modern times as Yahweh (or as Jahweh, after the German spelling: Jahwe), and in earlier times as Jehovah, or simply as the LORD, which is the case in the King James translation.

J has a particular fascination for traditions concerning Judah, including those concerning its relationship with its neighbour Edom. J also supports Judah against Israel, for example suggesting that Israel acquired Shechem (its capital city) by massacring the inhabitants.
This is rehashed on the Widows Son 2 in more detail and is directly related to the Hiram Key story when Joseph and Abraham are shot at.

J is thought to have been composed by collecting together the various stories and traditions concerning Judah and its associated tribes (Levi, Judah, Simeon, and Reuben), and weaving them into a single text. J also contains traditions associated with Edom, and with the plain - Moab and Ammon, nations which bordered the southern tribes, and which Judah considered to have the same ethnic origin as itself, being descended from Esau, and Lot's two daughters, respectively.

Generally, the Jahwist presents a less supernatural world than the Elohist, for example, by Moses having no supernatural powers, but instead acting as an intercessor who begs God to undo each of the Plagues of Egypt, after the Pharaoh has equally begged Moses for help. Nethertheless, the Jahwist is the only source involving talking animals, both in the tale of Adam and Eve, and also in the episode of the Ass of Balaam, neither of which appear in the Elohist work.

We invite you to come along with us as we uncover for you, the mis-translations, the lies, the deception and the actual documents, scrolls, and clay tablets we found that overwhelmingly support our claims. Along with the archaeologists, we have 'dug up' the real truth. A truth that might set you free from the slavery that a Pope and his so-called bishops and saints put in place and forced on the population of Europe long after the death of Jesus.
It's time you knew what that truth really is. This is what we call "Light" or hidden knowledge.

Matthew 13:35, "I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world."

What does Masonry have to do with it?

Most historical and archaeological facts that we found do coincide with the Masonic group we call the "Ancients", but not the Masons called "Moderns", who reject this history as part of their own. This establishes the fact that everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion and this is the the Key to understanding Masonry. But what we found also assures us, that the as we study old documents and scrolls and seek out the hidden truth our opinion changes and we become true 'Masters' of our own destiny.

We wish to point out, that although the next page and parts of Abraham's page, deals with subject matter found in the The Hiram Key, by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, 1997 - Element books, there is much more that we have discovered to 'back up' their work. There are things here that they do not alude to or bring forward in the book. We, at every opportunity have tried to show the origin of this work and our 'back-up' sources which Knight and Lomas did not include and were heavly criticized for it. If we have overlooked any, we apologize for the error. Some of our information came from web sites that are no longer available - we apologize for this. We do not wish to take credit for anyone elses work. We also wish to point out that many do not agree with the Knight and Lomas account. Those who do not agree are encouraged to seek light in other areas of this site, as we have only scratched the surface of knowledge hidden for centuries.

"Some of the seventeenth-century manuscripts [preserving the 'Old Charges'] do not refer to Hiram Abif, which has led some to believe that the character was an invention of this relatively recent period. However, the name Hiram Abif was only one designation for this central figure; he is also referred to as Aymon, Aymen, Amnon, A Man or Amen and sometimes Bennaim. It is said that Amen is said to be the Hebrew word for 'the trusted one' or 'the faithful one', which fits the role of Hiram Abiff perfectly. But we also know that Amon or Amen is the name of the ancient creator god of Thebes, the city of Sequenere Tao II. Could there be an ancient linkage here?"
- Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas, The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus

'Hiram'; A Connection with the Mystery Religions

"To the initiated Builder the name Hiram Abiff signifies 'My Father, the Universal Spirit, one in essence, three in aspect.' Thus the murdered Master is a type of the Cosmic Martyr - the crucified Spirit of Good, the dying god - whose Mystery is celebrated throughout the world."

Remember the 'one in essence', 'three in aspect'. It is very important as you will see.

"The efforts made to discover the origin of the Hiramic legend show that, while the legend in its present form is comparatively modern, its underlying principles run back to remotest antiquity. It is generally admitted by modern Masonic scholars that the story of the martyred Hiram is based upon the Egyptian rites of Osiris, whose death and resurrection figuratively portrayed the spiritual death of man and his regeneration through initiation into the Mysteries. Hiram is also identified with Hermes through the inscription on the Emerald Tablet."
- Manly P. Hall, Masonic, Hermetic, Quabbalistic & Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy

The legend of Hiram which has become in Masonry one of the most impressive ritualistic dramas of all time. Historically-minded Brethren continue to wonder from whence it came and whose imagination and gifts of language transmitted it into the matchless drama which furnishes the core of "the sublime degree of Master Mason."

Certainly, the tragedy of Hiram is not to be found in the Bible. If only one Hiram is referred to in the Old Testament, the story of his assassination is not corroborated in either I Kings or 11 Chronicles; for there we read as follows: "So Hiram finished all the work he did for King Solomon on the House of the Lord."

No mention of Hiram is to be found in any of the Old Charges and Gothic Constitutions, or in any of the remnants of old ritualistic practices to be found in the records of operative lodges which date from 100 years or more before the founding of the first Grand Lodge, which marks the beginning of the era of modern Speculative Freemasonry in 1717.

The first recital of the Hiramic legend as the dramatic cornerstone of a third or Master Mason's degree appears in an expose of the ritual of Freemasonry entitled Masonry Disseeted, written by a Samuel Prichard and published in London in 1730. In our review of the book The Shadow of Solomon by Laurence Gardner, we find that a French clergyman, Rev Jean Theophilus Desaguliers, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England 1719-22, and author of the General Regulations in the 1723 Constitutions. A member of the Georgian Royal Society, Desaguliers was a prominent philosophical scientist and inventor of the planetarium. He was also an inventor of mythology. Before he brought Hiram onto the scene, the principal character to represent the construction industry in Masonic tradition was Noah.

The story, as you will see below, did not have the elements of a 'good' story and so further elements were added - those of betrayal, murder, martyrdom and revenge. Desaguliers had a more extiting plot, but felt it necessary to change the central character in order to associate the tale with stone-masonry instead of Noah's woodworking. Thus, the legend of Noah became the legend of Hiram Abiff against a backdrop of the building of Solomon's Temple.

Consequently, it seems a logical conclusion to assume that the Master Mason Degree, and with it, the legend of Hiram Abiff, were introduced into Freemasonry when it became a speculative, or philosophic organization.

To address this, we found this on Paul Bessel's web site. The file was in pdf format and is worth reading. One paragraph reads;
In 1726, according to the Graham manuscript, the craft was still using the legend of Noah and his three sons. According to Coil and I will use his writing, since he has translated the manuscript into modern words: “We have it by tradition and still some reference to scripture that Shem, Ham and Japeth went to their father Noah’s grave to try to find something about him to lead them to the veritable secret which this famous preacher had, for all things needful for the new world were in the Ark with Noah.

Now these 3 men had agreed that, if they did not find the very thing itself - that the first thing they did find was to be to them as a secret thing not doubting but did most firmly believe that God was able and would cause what they did find to prove as veritable to them as if they had received the secret at first from God himself. So they came to the grave finding nothing but the dead body almost consumed. Taking a grip at a finger, it came away; so from Joint to Joint; so to the wrist; so to the elbow; so they reared up the dead body and supported it; setting foot to foot, knee to knee, breast to breast, cheek to cheek and hand to back, and cried out: ‘Help, 0, father,’ as if they had said; ‘0, Father of Heaven, help us now for our earthly father cannot.”’ So they laid down the dead body again and not knowing what to do, one, said: ‘Here is yet marrow in the bone:’ and the second said: But a dry bone,’ and the third said; ‘It stinketh.’ So they agreed to give it a name (a secret word) as is known to Freemasonry to this day.”

The legend of Hiram Abiff is intended to teach fortitude, integrity, faith and fidelity. It is not intended to teach resurrection, no matter how many Masonic students and officers state that that is his purpose. The falsity of the resurrection teaching is obvious within the legend. You don’t resurrect someone and then turn around and bury him again.

What we have in the Hiramic legend is an example of the Masonic life and how that life should be lived extensively illustrated. We also have enough leeway so that a man can make his own interpretation of what the Hiramic legend should mean to him. We will never know when the Hiramic legend was invented. We will never know what meaning those who adopted the legend to craft Masonry meant to give it. We can only surmise that the Hiramic legend, like the legends which we find in most cultures, is intended to symbolize the actions of the perfect man. Regardless of what meaning we give to our legend, we can plainly state that the legend, like all of Freemasonry, is intended to give us a chart to follow to a more perfect and a more spiritual life.
Unfortunately Paul has removed this site.

Yet both the "Points of Fellowship" and the idea of regaining ancient knowledge concerning eternal life had a much earlier origin than even the late Middle Ages. The embrace itself goes back at least to the Old Testament legends of Elijah and Elisha, who raised widows' sons by "stretching themselves" upon their dead bodies and placing mouth upon mouth, eyes upon eyes, and hands upon hands.

The same embrace reappeared in the early Christian Gospel of Thomas, where Jesus tells the disciples that they must "become one" with him by placing eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in the place of a hand, and a foot in the place of a foot, and an image in the place of an image.

That this was remembered even during the Middle Ages is shown by the fact that the Seder Eliyahu Rabbah (eighth century) also explains how God will resuscitate the dead by lifting them out of the dust, setting them on their feet, and placing them between his knees to embrace them and press them to him.

The concomitant expression, "fellowship," which has remained so closely associated with this embrace in Masonic lore, likewise had an ancient origin, being identical to the Greek word, koinonia, used to describe the union of Christ and his disciples, who must suffer what the Savior suffered in order to obtain eternal life:

As ye are sharers (koinonoi) of the sufferings (of Christ), so shall you also be of the consolation (2 Cor. 1:5-7).

That I might know him and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings (koinonian tes pathematon autou), being conformed to his death, that if possible I may obtain the resurrection from the dead (Phil. 3:10-11).

He has given us precious and very great promises that you might become sharers (koinonoi) of the Divine Nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world (2 Pet. 1:4).

Additional embraces depicting this saving "fellowship" have been preserved in the early Jewish-Christian Odes of Solomon:see Masonry Research

So now we know where the legend of Hiram came from. However Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas in the Book The Hiram Key found connections that are so startling, so remarkable that we took pleasure in trying to find evidence to back up their work. We think we found it. Overwhelmingly!

Entering our 10th year of research, the following pages are these findings; A documented religious history not found in the bible.

The overall process of rejuvenation was conducted through a programme of thirty-three degrees and, to facilitate the process, the hermetic philophers taught initiates how to prepare a miraculous 'powder of projection' by which it was possible to transmute the base human ignorance into an ingot of spiritual gold. In the Book of the Dead, the pharoah in search of terminal enlightment asks, at every stage of his journey, the overriding question, "What is it? - which in the Hebrew language was expressed in the single questioning word, manna?
Genesis of the Grail Kings Laurence Gardner

We begin our search for the truth with the Egyptian Mysteries, and our main theme that connects a sacred secret ritual with a fallen hero, Hiram Abiff. It explains how an Egyptian King was 'raised' to what the Egyptians called 'the afterlife'. The afterlife is the answer to the age old question, what happens to us when we die?
Our 'hidden' pages prove we don't really die, but this background is necessary to show the ancient connection into what some call a pagan religion. We will also show you the first of a series of descrepencies and hidden truth we found in the KJB.

Note: We are not students of Aleister one uninformed web master has stated. Crawley seems to hate women and claims they are inferior just like our New Testament Paul. He also hates Christians who we closely identify with, but just have a different version of what real Christianity was - 2000 years ago. To prove this see Crawley quotes

We apologize for any misspellings as we do not use an editor and must rely on a small spell checker to help us. We hope to correct all these asap.

The Egyptian Connection

"The keys to the biblical miracles of old, and to the phenomena of modern days; the problems of psychology, physiology, and the many 'missing links' which have so perplexed scientists of late, are all in the hands of secret fraternities. This mystery must be unveiled some day…The answers are there. They may be found on the time worn granite pages of cave-temples, on sphinxes, propylons, and obelisks. They have stood there for untold ages, and neither the rude assault of time, nor the still ruder assault of Christian hands, have succeeded in obliterating their records….And so stand these monuments like mute forgotten sentinels on the threshold of that unseen world, whose gates are thrown open but to a few elect…they will disclose their riddles to none but the legates of those by whom they were entrusted with the MYSTERY. The cold, stony lips of the once vocal Memnon, and of these hardy sphinxes, keep their secrets well.
Isis Unveiled - Madame Blavatsky

Those who have dared to lift the veil of Isis have found the Sun God at whose pillar they worship to be the "thrice great" serpent, (knower of wisdom) Hermes Trismegistus.... But he is also known as Enoch.

The discovery of Masonic emblems in the foundation steps to the pedestal of the Egyptian obelisk at Alexandria known as Cleopatra's Needle, is accepted by many as strong evidence that Freemasonry existed at least a century before Christ. This great shaft is now in Central Park, New York City where it was erected in 1880, after transportation in the hold of a vessel especially constructed for the purpose. The stones and implements showing the Masonic signs and emblems were placed in the same positions in which they were found in Egypt, when the obelisk was erected in America.
From,"The Story Of Freemasonry" By W.G. Sibley 1904.

From..Akhenaten. Though the Order had no definite name, Thutmose saw that it had very definite principles, rules, and modes of procedure, all of which have come down to us today without material change. *

At the close of his reign in 1447 there were thirtynine Fratres and Sorores in the Council, and the meetings, which had become regular and systematic, were held in a hall of the Temple at Karnak, outside of which Thutmose III erected two obelisks bearing a record of his achievements.

Thutmose signed most of the decrees of the Council with his own cartouche and it became the Seal of the Order "in testimony of the great work of our teacher (Master) to be forever a mark of honor and loyalty." As was customary with these rulers when any event of national importance occurred, Thutmose issued a scarab bearing his cartouche on one side, plus a mark which has a special meaning to all mystics. One original scarab, which was used for hundreds of years in Egypt by various officials to impress the Seal of the mystic fraternity in wax on all official documents, was given to the Grand Lodge of America with other jewels and papers of an official nature. It is considered one of the rarest antiquities of Egypt now in this country.

The Order here is to be congratulated on having in its possession one of the oldest, if not the most sacred, of all mystic jewels, one which has never been used by other than the Masters in Egypt. It means virtually the passing of the Master's Spirit from Egypt to America, as was planned by the founders centuries ago.

{footnote} * It is understood, therefore, that the present name of the Order was not used during the formative period of the Egyptian mystery schools. {end footnote}

This Seal appears on the official documents of the Order of the present International Jurisdiction together with the American R. C. Seal, and its illegitimate use constitutes a forgery, according to the By-Laws of the Order throughout the world, punishable by a special decree of the Masters.

In this connection it may be explained that the Obelisk now in Central Park New York City - one of the two erected in Egypt by Thutmose III and intended to stand some day in "the country where the Eagle spreads its wings" - bears this Cartouche, or Seal, as well as many other authentic and instructive signs now used by all Rosicrucians of the true Order. In Egypt today, the Rosicrucian Order, descending from very ancient lodges, uses this Cartouche as its official emblem above all others.

And lets not forget the Washington Monument; "The cornerstone was laid in 1848, was with elaborate MASONIC ceremonies," says the US Government pamphlet. The site had problems having caused delays; then, when the monument was some 150 feet high, the Civil War postponed further constuction. Mills died in 1855. In 1876, when construction recommenced, George P. Marsh, who was ambassador to Italy, was among those asked for advice concerning completion of the monument. As a student of Egyptian obelisks—there are thirteen in Rome—he immediately suggested that Mills's projected height of 600 feet be reduced to the standard Egyptian proportions of ten times base to height, or 555 feet, a 55-foot width having been established. Marsh also strongly recommended that the circular 'temple' base be eliminated and that no decorative trim be used. Finally, he proposed a pyramidal capping of aluminum, a pioneering material for the time."
Ephesians 2:20 And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF being the chief corner stone. You will not find this statement quoted on any of the several anti-masonic sites. Instead they find controversial quotes by Albert Pike and others and use them to call Masons devil worshipers. Note; there is a similar oblisk at the Vatican.


In Babylon Mystery Religion, we are told also the true meaning of the obelisk: "Originally, the obelisk was associated with sun worship. The ancients, having rejected the knowledge of the true creator, seeing that the sun gave life to plants and to man, looked upon the sun as a god, the great life giver. To them upright objects such as the obelisk also had a sexual significance. Realizing that through sexual union life was produced, the phallus was considered (along with the sun) a symbol of life. These were beliefs represented by the obelisks. Of cource this brings up all sorts of conjecture by bible thumpers who call this overtly pagan and immoral but that's because they look at the world as being completely evil and obsessed with sex.

The layout of the District of Columbia was designed by French Freemason, Pierre Charles L’Enfante to depict various Masonic symbols. Even many of America’s most familiar emblems are Masonic in origin. The design of the Great Seal of the United States, for example, is replete in Masonic symbolism. On the front is found the symbol of the eagle (originally a phoenix) with outstretched wings, clutching an acacia twig in one talon and thirteen arrows in the other. Above the head of the bird is what is known in Masonry as the "clouded canopy," within which are depicted thirteen stars which, when joined in two overlaying triangles, form what is commonly known as the "Star of David". The motto E Pluribus Unum ("out of many one") is in reference to the Masonic hope that all the religions of the world will one day be seen as but imperfect expressions of one true Religion.

On the "reverse side" of the Seal we find two Latin phrases -- Annuit Caeptis and Novus Ordo Seclorum. The first phrase is translated, "He favors our undertaking." This phrase was taken from Virgil’s epic poem, Aeneid, and refers to the ancient deity, Jupiter, which is represented by the "All-Seeing Eye" overseeing the construction of a novus ordo seclorum ("New World Order"), symbolized by the unfinished pyramid. It was placed on the United States "one dollar" Federal Reserve Note by Thirty-Second Degree Mason Franklin Delano Roosevelt at the suggestion of Henry A. Wallace, the Franklin Administration’s resident occultist. This act followed Roosevelt’s implementation of his "New Deal" with the declaration, "We could never go back to the old order. The so-called new world order simply refers to everybody getting along. No wars!

Freemasonry exists today in 164 countries of the world. More than 33,700 Lodges can be found around the world, at least 15,000 of which operate within the United States. The roster of well-known Masons, both living and deceased, is seemingly endless. As many as fourteen United States Presidents have been Masons, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Gerald Ford. In fact, all but a few of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, as well as the majority of the framers of the United States Constitution, were Freemasons.

John Wayne Other celebrated Masons were and are the late "father" of the "positive thinking" movement, Norman Vincent Peale, actor Ernest Borgnine, Sir Winston Churchill, "Old West" heroes Christopher "Kit" Carson and William "Buffalo Bill" Cody, authors Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Mark Twain, and Rudyard Kipling, comedians W.C. Fields, Oliver Hardy and Red Skelton, as well as Benjamin Franklin, Harry Houdini, Paul Revere, Roy Rogers, Robert Dole, J. Edgar Hoover, Gene Autry, Douglas MacArthur, Charles Lindburgh, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and our favorite western hero, John Wayne.

The layout of Washington D.C. The Pentragram, with two points up. This is the Star of David not a Devil worship INVERTED pentragram. It was first seen around 3500BC in ancient Mesopotamia by the rulers as a symbol to tell that their power existed over the four corners of the known world. It's geometric qualities were symbolic of perfection mathematically and metaphsically by the Greeks. Note: This picture with it's red lines is incorrect because one of the points is not complete. What is important here is that the South point is at the Whitehouse where the North two points have the council building between them. The inverted pentagram (seen here) with the two points up represents the Goat of Mendes (seen below). This symbol was preverted to represent evil by the churches which is not correct.

The points within the pentragram represent calculations of time as the planet Venus moves within the solor system. Venus was so bright, it could be seen at night and it's points of 'rising' and 'setting' were aligned with the Sun's points during the day at certain times of the year. Knowledge of the Venus cycle enables the three main calenders to be regulary realigned and allows detailed predictions of the tides and lunar eclipses to be made. The eight-century Irish document Saltair Na Rann, which records the old oral traditions of the Irish Celts, tells of the knowledge required for leaders of the people in ancient times. Enoch was taught how to calculate the seasons using huge stones, like the ones at Stonehenge.

The Real Story that is NOT in the bible.

"...Ham, then, as a son of Noah left Babylon. The alchemical secrets were held securely within that family and taken to Egypt.

"...Beginning with the age of Nimrod in our chronological sequence, it is necessary to establish his references outside the Bible - especially since the Hamite lineage has become so crucial to the history of the Grail bloodline...

The Hamite line is the clue to the predynastic line of Egyptian Kings. A collection of Aeramic writings called The Targum tells us that Nimrod was the father of an Egyptian pharoah, but does not give his name. However a seperate Ethiopic text refers to another pharoah who was contempoary with Nimrod, phonetically calling him Yanuf. This pharoah is easily identifiable. His name is correctly written as Anedjib, and he was a king in the first dynasty of Egypt, reigning about 3000 B.C., at precisely the time of Nimrod. Not long after the reign of Anedjib ( about 2890 BC ) a new dynasty emerged in Egypt, and with this family the heritage of Nimrod was cemented very firmly in place. We are left in no doubt of this, because it was king Raneb, the second pharoah of the second dynasty, who first introduced the the veneration of the Goat of Mendes into Egypt.
Note: Clayton, Peter, A., Chronicle of the Pharaohs, Thames & Hudson, London, 1944, p. 26.
Continued on the next page.

This is especially relevant because in both the Grail and Dragon traditions, (which are fundamentally one and the same) the Goat of Mendes has always been directly associated with Nimrod's grandfather Ham. Mendes was a city just north-west of Avaris.
Laurence Gardner Genesis of the Grail Kings, page 194

The Goat (Ram) is known to all of us through the ancient science of Astrology first developed by the Chaldeans, or as they are commonly known; Babylonians. The ram is an animal with horns, symbolizing strength and fecundity. A ram is ready to leap. Associated with Mars.- The Beginning of Spring The Goat of Mendes or Ram represents the constallation of Aries which was present between 2120 BC and 60 BC. The Ram first appeared in Egypt, alternating with a goose's head as the symbol of Aries; its origin is a mystery.

In the Tarot Deck, the card representing Aries is The Emperor, who rules over the Element of Fire and illustrates qualities of leadership, strength, energy and assertive power. This card is symbolic of a combination of dynamic physical energy and the concept of authority. The Emperor's numerological correspondent is four, symbolic of the builder and the organizer. Four is made up of straight lines and is a sacred number. This principle may be seen in the straight lines of the cross and the square. In a divine sense, it represents law and order, the material realms, reason and logic. It is interesting to note that Jesus Christ was not the only spiritual leader to die on a cross. Krishna of India, Thamus of Syria, Flesus of the Druids, Mithra of Persia and Quexalcotl of Mexico all also perished on crosses. The equal-armed cross, with its crossbeams crossing the umbilical center, traditionally represented man. It was only after the crucifixion of Christ that the crossbeam was raised to the heart center. more about the secrets of the.. Tarot

Aries In accordance with the Dragon Court tradition, Ham was the designated Archon of the First Age of Aries and in this regard his symbol was the inverted pentagram. This five pointed star has two uppermost points, which are the horns of the Goat of Mendes. The two downward-sloping side points represent the ears and the single base point is the chin and the beard, as identified by Chevalier David Wood in his outstanding studies of sacred geometry. Note; The drawing above is ill represenative of the actual figure and was transformed into a devil by christians who didn't know the true meaning and have traditionally rejected astrology as an 'occult' practice. More misconceptions are revealed on our 'Pit of Serpents' page.

A bit more of intreging information to wet your whistle;
As far back as 2180 BC, the Pharoahs were using the schefafood (Manna) to enhance their pineal activity and thereby heighten their perception, awareness and intuition - but only the metallurgical adepts of the mystery schools ( The Master Craftsman) knew the secret of its manufacture. These adepts were operational priests , and the High Priest of Memphis (Avaris) held the title of Great Artificer.

Visit our Soap Box corner. We will tell you why we composed this site. And visit our Brief History page which includes further evidence of changes in Masonic and Templar traditions, which were controlled and influenced by the Church of England. Masons in Scotland were forced to accept the Grand Lodge's demands that they break from French and German traditions. This may be the reason the Egyptian, Celtic, Druidic, ect. origins of the craft are somewhat vague and never fully explained.

An explaination of terms used in Masonry are on Definations

The Egyptian Connection is continued on Widow's Son 2

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New information about Jesus, also known as Rabbi 'Hillel'
The page intitled 'Pyramid Trinity in First Century Judea?' The information was posted on September 26, 2002, on Graham Hancock's Pages where it is linked to this article. This is a significant discovery and it may eventually prove our theories on the life of Jesus.

"Carvings on an ancient ossuary in the Cincinnati Art Museum depict a pyramid-topped tomb in Jerusalem according to University of Cincinnati professor Steven Fine, who was the first to recognize the significance of the engravings".

Tomb of St. James and Zachariah 
[Family of Bene Hazir - rock cut tomb in Qidron Valley, East of 
Temple Mount. Tomb of St James - several burial chambers behind
 loggia-like facade with decorated architrave. Tomb of Zachariah - 
rock cut with Ionic columns and pyramidal roof "That pyramids once graced Jerusalem's skyline is not news. One example is the first-century Tomb of the Kings, the burial place of the queen of Adiabene and her son. The ancient author Josephus Flavius and Rabbinic sources describe how the royal family of this Central Asian site converted to Judaism and Josephus notes that their tomb was surmounted by three pyramids. Only fragments of the pyramids from this tomb have been found, says Fine, and no tomb with more than one pyramid is still standing in Jerusalem.
The Tomb (right) of Zechariah and the Tomb of Jason both have single pyramids; the Tomb of Absalom is crowned by a single cone".
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