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Another Historical Building project

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon; These gardens portrayed the majesty of the Babylonian culture and the advanced technology of its people. It was a terraced garden that exhibited many beautiful plants and held many fountains. Nebuchadnezzar II ordered this wonder to be built during his reign of 43 years between the years of 604-562 BC. He built it to please his homesick wife, Amyitis, who was from Media. She longed for the meadows and mountains of her homeland. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon awed and astounded many travelers and historians in ancient times. Although they no longer exist, the idea of such a magnificent feat of engineering still fascinates people today.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were an impressive example of architecture. The gardens formed a quadrilateral shape. There were arched vaults, which were located on cubed fountains. The fountains created a humidity that helped keep the area cool. The entire structure measured 400 feet by 400 feet. The gardens were as tall as the city walls, which Herodotus reported to be 320 feet high. Conflicting sources report that the walls were 80 feet high, a less remarkable, but still majestic height. The architecture of the Hanging Gardens demonstrates the majesty of Babylonian structural design under Nebuchadnezzar's rule.

The gardens were as much of a technological feat as they were an architectural triumph. The technique of hydro engineering demonstrated their knowledge of irrigation. Historians have questioned whether the Hanging Gardens used hydroponics as a way of growing plants. Hydroponics means that nutrients are added to the water swirling around the plants roots. No soil is used in a hydroponic system. Excavations have found an elaborate tunnel and pulley system that brought ground water to the top terrace. The water was dispersed by means of a chain pump. A chain pump consists of two large wheels, like a ski lift, with one wheel at the top and one at the bottom. Buckets hanging from the chain were continuously dipped into the reservoir at the base of the gardens. By turning handles slaves provided the power to turn the wheels.

Along the edge of each stone were carved, "I am Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, who made this," demonstrating Nebuchadnezzar's absolute power and influence over Babylon . Nebuchadnezzar used these works as a means of self-promotion and self-glorification, not unlike other kings of that time. “Although Nebuchadnezzar suffered from insanity at some point during his 43-year reign, he transformed his city into an urban wonder”, states Herodotus . Nebuchadnezzar died a world conqueror and an architectural role model.
from The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The buildings were pyramidal in form and rose in several, usually seven, step-like sections. The storied tower of Birs Nimrud counts seven of these quadrangular platforms painted in seven colors, black, white, yellow, blue, scarlet, silver, and gold, and in the same order sacred to the stellar gods, Adar (Saturn), Ishtar (Venus), Merodach (Jupiter), Nebo (Mercury), Nergal (Mars), Sin (the Moon), Shamash (the Sun) .
It has been learned in the excavations at Nippur that the pyramidal tower or ziggurrat did not constitute the whole of the Babylonian Temple. This latter had an inner and an outer court, both nearly square and nearly of the same dimensions; the tower occupied about one-third of the area of the inner court, and near to it stood the temple proper where the sacrifices were offered. We may infer from the discoveries made in Nippur and in Sippara that a library and a school will be found to have been connected with the Babylonian temples. In the light of these discoveries the story of the Tower of Babel (Gen., xi, 4) assumes a new importance, whether we identify its remains with the runes of Birs Nimrud or with those of the Bel temple at Nippur, or again with those of Babil... from the Catholic Encyclopedia

We included this to reemphasize that 'building' and the knowledge to accomplish this feat was not evil. Also it says 'pyramidal tower' which is emphasized with a particular meaning over much of this site.

From the Regius Manuscript

The Tower of Babylon

You may hear as I do read,
That many years after, for great dread
That Noah's flood was all run,
The tower of Babylon was begun,
As plain work of lime and stone,
As any man should look upon;
So long and broad it was begun,
Seven miles the height shadoweth the sun.
King Nebuchadnezzar let it make
To great strength for man's sake,
Though such a flood again should come,
Over the work it should not take;
For they had so high pride, with strong boast
All that work therefore was lost;
An angel smote them so with divers speech,
That never one knew what the other should tell.
from Regius Manuscript

"The Bible, it must be said, has occulted the truth about the Flood, at least with respect to the time frame in which it occured. The Hebrew priests - no doubt appalled at the religious free-for-all among the common people three thousand years ago - denied the ex-physicality of their God, Yahweh, and denied the archaic tradition that he had fallen from the Sky, died, and come back to life again. The Hebrew priests thus dissuaded the Israelites from aspiring to an afterlife in similar fashion (such a quest was all the rage in ancient Egypt). Man's lot was on the Earth, they declared, and in death man would simply return to the dust from which he had been created by God. In contrast to the pagans, who sought their afterlife on the planet of God, the Hebrew people were brainwashed with the idea that God's abode was unreachable - more distant than even the farthermost visible star"
... By Alan F. Alford , which is another theory but indicates drastic changes in a religious belief held for centuries by the ancients.

The following exerpts are from the readings of Edgar Cayce

Q. In relation to the history of Atlantis as present, at what period did the flood as recorded in the Bible in which Noah took part, occur?

A. In the second of the eruptions, or -- as is seen -- two thousand -- two -- two thousand and six -- before the Prince of Peace, not as time is counted now, or light years -- day and night years. Not light years as the akashic records, or as the esoteric records, or as counted by astrology or astronomy, in the speed or the reflection of a ray of light. (364-6)from.. Edgar Cayce on Atlantis .

This means the destruction of Atlantis is thousands of years before Noah's flood and it might change the time frame the KJB puts on the 'new world'.

President George Bush Sr., a Mason, signed an historic resolution of both Congressional Houses, recognizing the Noachide Laws as the "bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization". He urged the United States to take a lead in "returning the world to the ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws". This historically significant document is recorded as House Joint Resolution 104, Public Law 102-14.

Q. In relation to the history of Atlantis as present, at what period did the flood as recorded in the Bible in which Noah took part, occur?

A. In the second of the eruptions, or -- as is seen -- two thousand -- two -- two thousand and six -- before the Prince of Peace, not as time is counted now, or light years -- day and night years. Not light years as the akashic records, or as the esoteric records, or as counted by astrology or astronomy, in the speed or the reflection of a ray of light. (364-6)from.. Edgar Cayce on Atlantis .

This means the destruction of Atlantis which we feel is the world Noah knew before the flood, is thousands of years before the KJB version of Noah's flood and it might change the time frame the KJB puts on the 'new world'.

The other suvivors not mentioned in the KJB

Mummies of another group of caucasian people have been found in Northern China, in the Mountains under ice. They were giants of their age, being over 7 feet tall. It is said these giants went to the High China mountains to escape the flood. That is why in the stories that followed of King David, some of these giants had survived. Goliath was one of these giants and is described as being 9 feet tall..

More about Thoth

"As 'Toth-Mus-Zurud,' I came within a vesica of Light, a merkabah of golden and blue-white fire, from Rigel, through the 'Asefetas' (the Belt of Orion), and descended unto 'Rastaru' (Rastau), the etheric manifold of the plain of Giza. With me, I brought the Enochian Table containing the blueprint for the building of the Temple of the Risen One, later to be called the Temple of the Lion, which is now known as the ‘Great Pyramid.' I was the Master Architect of this construction, which was begun in the year 10,400 B.C. It was completed in 10,348 B.C.

"It was not until 9,160 B.C. that I entered the genetic Earth born embodiment through which I would reassume my ‘Thoth' role as Raismes of Aphra. In this Earthborn form, I would dwell for 300 years. After that time, I reincarnatated on Earth as Amenophis, architect to Akhenaten, Imenhotep, architect to Zoser, and Hiram Abiff, architect to King Solomon, among other experiences.
more info on Thoth The Secrets of Thoth By Paul White

Hermes Trismegistus: Book 1 .. Corpus Hermeticum - John Everard 5. But he that shall learn and study the things that are, and how they are ordered and governed, and by whom and for what cause, or to what end, will acknowledge thanks to the Workman as to a good Father, an excellent Nurse and a faithful Steward, and he that gives thanks shall be Pious or Religious, and he that is Religious shall know both where the truth is, and what it is, and learning that, he will be yet more and more Religious. And let this, O Son, be the end of Religion and Piety; whereunto when thou art once arrived, thou shall both live well, and die blessedly, whilst thy Soul is not ignorant whether it must return and fly back again.

8. For this only, O Son, is the way to the Truth, which our Progenitors travelled in; and by which, making their Journey, they at length attained to the Good. It is a Venerable way, and plain, but hard and difficult for the Soul to go in that is in the Body.

9. For first must it war against its own self, and after much Strife and Dissention it must be overcome of one part; for the Contention is of one against two, whilst it flies away and they strive to hold and detain it.

The "Hermes" referred to is Hermes Trismesgistos "Hermes the Thrice Great", who was conflated with the Egyptian god Thoth. When the Greeks came to Egypt, they were incredibly impressed by the ancient wisdom of the Egyptian priests. So impressed, that they immediately plastered their gods' names all over the older Egyptian ones in the grand old syncretic Greek tradition. Hence Amon became Zeus-Amon and Thoth, god of letters and sciences, became Thoth-Hermes (since Hermes invented the Greek alphabet, don't you know).

Hermes Trismesgistos was a very powerful ancient image. He was not a god. No reputable medieval magus believed in polytheism -- most, like John Dee, were devout (if goofy ) Christians. In his writings, collectively called the Corpus Hermeticorum, Hermes describes himself as "Philosopher, Priest, and King". Hence, he was human. An incredibly powerful sorceror, to be sure, but not a god. His exploits included building the Pyramids, designing the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, teaching Pythagoras, and generally doing everything worth doing in antiquity. He also invented the Egyptian alphabet and while doing that and building the odd pyramid, became the inspiration for the legends of Thoth. After his death (or occultation) he was worshipped as a god, much as Alexander the Great was.

Speaking of Alexander the Great, some say it was he who discovered the Emerald Tablet (on which was written the whole knowledge of magic in about two paragraphs -- apparently it wasn't what he said, it was how he said it) clenched in the mummified hands of Hermes Trismesgistos him self. Other legends say he discovered it in the hands of the ancient magician Apollonius of Tyana, but since Apollonius as born four hundred years after Alexander died, most scholars doubt this theory. Still other legends say the Tablet was discovered by Sarah, wife of Abraham, which would make Hermes dead before he built the Hanging Gardens. Anyway, the knowledge on the Tablet and in Hermes T's other writings (17 or so known books plus commentary) was what was called "Hermetic Science".

The Arab alchemistic writings began to filter into Europe following the Papacy of Sylvester II (999-1003) and were eventually disseminated such that the legend of Hermes Trismesgistos achieved a certain degree of recognition. The actual Corpus did not become available to the West until 1460, when the documents salvaged from Constantinople surfaced in Florence. Their translation in 1471, by Marsilio Ficino, set off the great explosion of Renaissance magic personified by Dee, Trithemius, Agrippa, and Paracelsus.

Passage, page 8 - Astrology, The Druids, Celts, Mayans

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