The Passage of the Secrets, page 1 continued

The Passage of the Secrets, page 1 continued

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God's Wife

Sophia In the Nag Hammidi scrolls we find Sophia who is ( Wisdom ).
Sophia is Gods (YHWH's) wife and daughter because he created her first. Hence every creature will have a mate. Because of the perfect mind, and the creations of heavenly hosts, only man will know 'love' and the virtues of YHWH. These were created so there would be a 'balance' of forces.

If you have read any of the Nag Hammadi writings, there is a deity who calls himself Seth, who was the only son of Adam. Seth is the 'good' son, who guides the people into compliance with YHWH's rules and shields them from evil forces.. .but Seth has another name now very familiar with the Christenized world. He is also a "Master" of YHWH's knowledge and a creation from the
"Pure Light"..

From The Second Treatise of the Great Seth
( Nag Hammidi collection ) 3rd paragraph...
"For those who were in the world had been prepared by the will of our sister Sophia - she who is a whore - because of the innocence which has not been uttered. And she did not ask anything from the All(God), nor from the greatness of the Assembly(angels), nor from the Pleroma ( region of Light ) . Since she was first, she came forth to prepare monads and places for the Son of Light and the fellow workers which she took from the elements below to build bodily dwellings from them. But, having come into being in an empty glory, they ended in destruction in the dwellings ( bodies ) in which they were, since they were prepared by Sophia. They stand ready to receive the life-giving word of the ineffable Monad ( Mind of God ) and of the greatness of the assembly of all those who persevere and those who are in me" (Christ).

Barbelo/Sophia; "And his thought performed a deed and she came forth, namely she who had appeared before him in the shine of his light. This is the first power which was before all of them (and) which came forth from his mind. The Apocryphon of John

She is the forethought of the All - her light shines like His light - the perfect power which is the image of the invisible, virginal Spirit who is perfect. The first power, the glory of Barbelo ( forethought), the perfect glory in the aeons (eternity -"a period of existence" or "life".), the glory of the revelation, she glorified the virginal Spirit and it was she who praised Him, because thanks to him she had come forth.
This is the first thought, His image;
she became the womb of everything, for it is she who is prior to them all;
the Mother-Father, the first man, the holy Spirit, the thrice-male, the thrice-powerful, the thrice-named androgynous one, (the 'copy') and the eternal aeon among the invisible ones, and the first to come forth.
The Apocryphon of John, from the Nag Hammidi Library.

"According to Gnostic teachings "the soul is a female (the Greek word for soul, psyche, is feminine). Originally she is a virgin, androgynous in form, living in the presence of the heavenly Father. When she falls into a body, however, she is defiled; after abandoning her Father's house and her virginity, she falls into sexuality and prostitution, and is abused by the wanton adulterers of this carnal world. Desolate and repentant, she prays to her Father for restoration, and he hears her prayer. She is returned to her former condition, and restored to androgynous union with her brother. This union is achieved through spiritual marriage; the bridegroom comes down to the bridal chamber, and the soul and her bridegroom 'become a single life', inseparable from each other. Thus the ascent of the soul to the Father is accomplished, and the soul is again at home in heaven."
- William C. Robinson, Jr., in The Nag Hammadi Library

"And he (YHWH) looked at Barbelo ( Idea/Thought ) with the pure light which surrounds the invisible Spirit, and (with) his spark, and she conceived from him. He begot a spark of light with a light resembling blessedness. But it does not equal his greatness.
This was an only-begotten child of the Mother-Father which had come forth; it is the only offspring,
the only -begotten one of the Father, the Pure Light"..
from.. The Apocryphon of John the story of 'creation'.

The Egyptian connection to Sophia.

Hathshepsut The 2nd king of the 1st Dynasty established the right of women to rule Egypt. It was during the 1st Dynasty that a woman ruled Egypt, to take that into perspective, if the US followed that, we would have a woman president well before the Civil War. Hathshepsut was one of the 11 women to rule one of the greatest civilizations in the world. And it, like most of the others, was peaceful. Rights of women were established. They could marry and divorce; there was no community property; women could establish their own businesses without a man's consent or cosignature; they could conduct them before, during and after marriage. Married couples were considered co-partners and co-equals. Pregnant women, by law, had to be taken care of by the husband or the police came and beat him up!

Egyptian history tells us there were Queens who were also called "God's Wife". These Queens ruled when there was no male heir to the throne or no male was available to rule the kingdom. The most prominent Queens who became God's wives were of course Isis, Hatshepsut, Nefertiti and Cleopatra. They were depicted in art forms being the same size as the Kings or Gods, making them equals to the Gods. They wore the Male headdress and the beard and tried to appear as the God/King would have. Nefertiti was married to Ankhenaten, who believed in One God. Nefertiti was equal to Ankhenaten in all things. The God was Aten, the Sun God. For Isis, the true God was Ra. Akhenaten was considered a pioneer of monotheism, a precursor of Abraham and Moses. His goal was to continue the efforts of his Father to regain the fully divine status Egypt's Kings had and enjoyed in earlier times. The question is, how much earlier?

Queen Hatshepsut was married to Thutmose II and when he died in about 1479BC, she took the throne and was regent for her nephew Thutmose III who was only 12 years old. From markings on his mummy, archaeologists believe Tuthmose II had a skin disease, and he died after ruling only three or four years. Hatshepsut, his half sister and wife, had produced no offspring with him. She depicted herself as a man and attributed her birth to a union between her mother and the the deity Amen. She was also called 'the Master craftsman'. Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt and king Solomon of Israel would have been contemporaneous. Velikovsky, in Chapter III of his book, to make a case for identifying the famous expedition to the land of Punt in the reign of Hatshepsut with the renowned visit of the queen of Sheba to the court of king Solomon. When Hatshepsut became pharaoh she had to give up her office of "God's Wife", she passed this title to her daughter, Neferure. Hatshepsut then linked the office with those of the crown and the temple of Amun. Hatshepsut was an 18th-dynasty pharaoh who was one of the handful of female rulers in Ancient Egypt. Her reign was the longest of all the female pharaohs, and her funerary temple still stands as a tribute to her incredible rise. Info on Hatshepsut

Nefertiti The title of 'God's Wife' came and went as rulers changed and men retook the throne. However they could not be 'Kings' with out the Queen or high priestess. The religion called for a union of the two to create a 'oneness'. The king would not be acknowledged or gain full devine power without the authority of the priestess. With this union, the priestess gave her husband power and wisdom unequaled in ancient times. The marriage was deemed sacred and it took this union for the kings to actually become God's. There was also a sacred anointing associated with the marriage or union. This 'anointing' ceremony was still used in the time of Jesus. With the union, the ultimate blessing of regeneration was bestowed on the king who then embodied the God. The union was believed to infuse both themselves and the world around them with a regenerative balm, and actually echo the creative impulse of birth of the planet..

Queens of Egypt

The hieros gamos was the ultimate expression of what is termed 'temple prostitution' where a man visited a priestess in order to receive gnosis - to experience the divine for himself through the act of lovemaking. The word describing the priestess was hierodule which means 'sacred servant'. The word prostitute with its implied moral judgment, was a Victorian rendering. The servant was in control of both the situation and the man who visited her and both of them receive benefits in terms of physical, spiritual and magical empowerment. The body of the priestess became literally and metaphorically a 'gateway to the gods'.

In Egyptian mythology, the phallus symbol represented ' rebirth'. It was not considered evil or 'nasty' as today's religions prefer. Birth is the only gateway of the soul into the material world.

With the birth of Seth/Horus/Hermes, humans became aware, with the advent of consciousness, that sex meant something more to them than to the animals. It was the door by which new souls entered the earth, a door unnecessary elsewhere in the solar system. It was the only means the trapped souls had of getting out of their predicament - through the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. They represented the ideal vehicle for the soul on earth. Edgar Cayce on Man's Origin

The Nag Hammadi scrolls

We believe 'The All' and 'The Law of One', is the good God or YHWH. He is also explained in the Nag as 'The thrice-male, the thrice-powerful, the thrice-named androgynous one';
Pistis is ( Faith )/ Barbelo is ( forethought )/Sophia is 'mind' ( wisdom , knowing from whence she came ). She is the first creation of YHWH, she is his mate, his image. She and only she recognizes her creator. She is also called his daughter. She is the one of 'pure light' that conceived a 'son' of the 'pure light'.
The pure light is Christ, the 'first begotten one', the logos, and it is Seth who calls himself "me" above.

Sophia's daughter is called 'Eve of life' or Zoe, the 'holy spirit'.

Sophia also created Yaldabaoth, but he is 'empty'. He has 'light' but he does not contain 'pure light '. He lacks wisdom. He does not know his creator.
The first Adam , material man, was created by the 'prime parent', Yaldabaoth, but this is not YHWH. That is why he is called the 'counterfeit father'.

As you read from the Nag Hammadi collection, the pleorma is the world of 'light' that signified the universal soul. It is the abode of the thirty eternal heavenly aeons or worlds. The Gnostics knew the Universal God as Forefather and Abyss. With God was thought, also called grace and silence. From this arose mind ( Sophia ), which comprehended the greatness of the Father, and truth was produced. The last of the thirty aeons in the pleorma was Sophia.

The Father remained invisible and incomprehensible to all the other aeons ( angels ) except that of mind ( Sophia ). Disharmony arose when Sophia aspired to know more than her limits . She developed a strong passion to comprehend her Father's greatness.This passion developed an effect outside the pleroma, resulting in various emotions such as grief, fear, shock, terror, and anguish. These emotions and ignorance became embodied in formlessness, and Sophia gave birth to a son who became the demiurge, a product of her fear and grief.
From the emotions of the demiurge, matter was created.
In her intention to understand God, she created a being who is an imperfect image of God.
The Gnostics believed Sophia was the mother of Yahweh/Jehovah, and this is the demiurge. Sophia occupied two positions. The higher Sophia was incorruptible, and the other was that of a fallen aeon, an aeon of death. She is considered the personification of divine wisdom and referred to as the female 'logos'.

Because of Sophia's transgression, the Father divided the cosmos from the pleroma. His goal was to restore the pleorma to its original harmony. To accomplish this, He sent his Son, to establish pleroma harmony by enlightening the aeons about the unknown Father. Christ is the only aeon to inhabit both the pleorma and the physical world. The demiurge created the world to carry out, unknowingly, the intentions of Sophia to know the Universal God.
Keepers of the Secrets, Sacred Science, volume II by Robert Siblerud

The Evil One; The thrice-male, the thrice-powerful, the thrice-named androgynous one;
'The Copy'
"Now the archon ( ignorant angel ) who is weak has three names. The first name is Yaltabaoth, the second is Saklas, and the third is Samael. And he is impious in his arrogance which is in him. For he said,
'I am God and there is no other God beside me,' for he is ignorant of his strength, the place from which he had come".
"When Pistis Sophia desired to cause the thing that had no spirit to be formed into a likeness and to rule over matter and over all her forces, there appeared for the first time a ruler, out of the waters, lion-like in appearance, androgynous, having great authority within him, and ignorant of whence he had come into being. Now when Pistis Sophia saw him moving about in the depth of the waters, she said to him, "Child, pass through to here," whose equivalent is 'yalda baoth'". (Yaltabaoth )
"But Yaltabaoth had a multitude of faces, more than all of them, so that he could put a face before all of them, according to his desire, when he is in the midst of seraphs. He shared his fire with them; therefore he became lord over them.
Because of the power of the glory he possessed of his mother's light, he called himself God".

"Since that day, there appeared the principle of verbal expression which reached the gods and the angels and mankind."

The Demiurge is identified with the Old Testament Yahweh, when he screams ‘Thou shalt have no other Gods before me", he is voicing the arrogance of a spoilt child.
Read Genesis 1: 26 "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness". Hundreds of Clay tablets from Mesopotamia replay this creation story and identify the 'gods' who created intelligent 'man'. There is a male who is identified as 'the father' and there is a female who is identified as the 'mother of mankind'. But there is an ignorant 'brother' who is jealous of his good brother. (Sabaoth and Samael explained here). Samael is the same deity we identify as Enlil. He is the creator of 'choas' ( jealousy, hate, pride, lust, glotony, vanity, laziness).

The story is the same, but the players are not sur-real. They are living, air breathing creatures from another world. We know they breathe air, because we do and we are like them. But Elohim means 'false god' or 'fallen angel'. Thoth served to enlighten humans in that age that they were not the spawn of the Nephilim , the fallen angels of Lucifer. He revealed to them that although the Fallen Lords had greatly tampered with their mortal bodies through eons of genetic manipulation, human kind were still 'angels unaware'.

Biblical writers explain these stories away by calling them 'myth', but the stories exist in many old world countries, each calling the creator god by a different name. They are not myth.
We will say it again, The good God has no relationship with man. He is unknown and unidentified in this world. He is a god of love, compassion and goodness and he loves mankind - he is not associated with war, hate and murder. He did not create the 'physical world' as we know it. He did not make us live to work and bring home a paycheck so we can buy 'material things'. But labor is considered good because we must provide for others who cannot provide for themselves. This includes food, clothing and shelter.

If we compare the stories of man's creation as found in the various scriptures and mythologies, we find everywhere a dual creation of man. He is created as an innocent being, without knowledge of good and evil, without free choice, living in a state of harmless and unprogressive bliss. Afterwards he is enlightened by the gift of divine fire, (his soul) which turns him into a responsible being, made in the image of his divine creators, and destined thenceforth to learn wisdom by experience of pain and pleasure, wrong and right. Such is the true interpretation of the allegory in Genesis. (The 'fire' which is the gift of eternal life or the 'soul' which comes from the good god or 'goddess' Sophia.)

(The following is Controversial but it may be what Albert Pike was trying to explain ) "The Serpent is man's real Saviour. It is this Serpent that teaches man the knowledge of good and evil and makes him like unto the Gods. The Serpent is actually the Lord God in another form, (the good brother) perfecting his own original work and making of the earlier mindless man a complete being, a fitting image of his divine author." This is from... The Satan myth and reinforced by the Sumerian texts on our Forbidden Forward series. The above was published in The Theosophical forum of April 1936; p. 264-68
Albert Pike was therefore correct, but unless you have the information explained to you like we have, you wouldn't have a clue what he was talking about and you'd think him insane or as bible thumpers do - a devil worshiper. Now you see he wasn't.

Nag Hammadi continued...When the ruler saw his magnitude - and it was only himself that he saw: He saw nothing else, except for water and darkness - then he supposed that it was he alone who existed. His [ universe ] was completed by verbal expression: It appeared as a spirit moving to and fro upon the waters. And when that spirit appeared, the ruler set apart the watery substance. And what was dry was divided into another place. And from matter, he made for himself an abode, and he called it 'heaven'.
And from matter, the ruler made a footstool, and he called it 'earth'.

Next, the ruler had a thought - consistent with his nature - and by means of verbal expression he created an androgyne. (male/female spirit) Seven appeared in chaos, androgynous. They have their masculine names and their feminine names. The feminine name is Pronoia (Forethought) Sambathas, which is 'weak'.

And his son is called Yao: his feminine name is Lordship.
Sabaoth: his feminine name is Deity.
Adonaios: his feminine name is Kingship.
Elaios: his feminine name is Jealousy.
Oraios: his feminine name is Wealth.
And Astaphaios: his feminine name is Sophia (Wisdom).
These are the seven forces of the seven heavens of chaos. And they were born androgynous, consistent with the immortal pattern that existed before them, according to the wish of Pistis: so that the likeness of what had existed since the beginning might reign to the end. You will find the effect of these names and the force of the male entities in the Archangelic (Book) of the Prophet Moses, and the names of the female entities in the first Book of Noraia.
These are included in the 'seven creators' mentioned on passage forward, page 1.

Then when Pistis saw the impiety of the chief ruler, she was filled with anger. She was invisible. She said, "You are mistaken, Samael," (that is, "blind god"). "There is an immortal man of light who has been in existence before you, and who will appear among your modeled forms; he will trample you to scorn, just as potter's clay is pounded. And you will descend to your mother, the abyss, along with those that belong to you. For at the consummation of your (pl.) works, the entire defect that has become visible out of the truth will be abolished, and it will cease to be, and will be like what has never been."

'Empty glory' and 'modeled forms' are determined to be creatures with 'no soul'. They are not created by YHWH's Helpers, ie. Enki/Sophia.

Sabaoth; He hated his father, the darkness, and his mother, the abyss, and loathed his sister, the thought of the prime parent, which moved to and fro upon the waters. And because of his light, all the authorities of chaos were jealous of him. And when they had become disturbed, they made a great war in the seven heavens. Then when Pistis Sophia had seen the war, she dispatched seven archangels to Sabaoth from her light. They snatched him up to the seventh heaven. They stood before him as attendants. Furthermore, she sent him three more archangels, and established the kingdom for him over everyone, so that he might dwell above the twelve gods of chaos.

Sabaoth condemns his father. Sabaoth is illuminated ( given light ) and receives authority from the 'ALL' against the forces of chaos ( evil ). "And before his mansion he created a throne, which was huge and was upon a four-faced chariot called "Cherubin". Now the Cherubin has eight shapes per each of the four corners, lion forms and calf forms and human forms and eagle forms, so that all the forms amount to sixty-four forms and seven archangels that stand before it; He is the eighth, and has authority. All the forms amount to seventy-two. Furthermore, from this chariot the seventy-two gods took shape; they took shape so that they might rule over the seventy-two languages of the peoples. And by that throne he created other, serpent-like angels, called "Seraphin", which praise him at all times."

"Thus, when the prime parent of chaos saw his son Sabaoth and the glory that he was in, and perceived that he was greatest of all the authorities of chaos, he envied him. And having become wrathful, he engendered Death out of his death: and he (viz., Death) was established over the sixth heaven, Sabaoth had been snatched up from there. And thus the number of the six authorities of chaos was achieved. Then Death, being androgynous, mingled with his (own) nature and begot seven androgynous offspring. These are the names of the male ones: Jealousy, Wrath, Tears, Sighing, Suffering, Lamentation, Bitter Weeping. And these are the names of the female ones: Wrath, Pain, Lust, Sighing, Curse, Bitterness, Quarrelsomeness. They had intercourse with one another, and each one begot seven, so that they amount to forty-nine androgynous demons. Their names and their effects you will find in the Book of Solomon". Yaltabaoth has authority over them and over all matter.

"And in the presence of these, Zoe, who was with Sabaoth, created seven good androgynous forces. These are the names of the male ones: the Unenvious, the Blessed, the Joyful, the True, the Unbegrudging, the Beloved, the Trustworthy. Also, as regards the female ones, these are their names: Peace, Gladness, Rejoicing, Blessedness, Truth, Love, Faith (Pistis). And from these are many good and innocent spirits. Their influences and their effects you will find in the Configurations of the Fate of Heaven That Is Beneath the Twelve".

Now when Sabaoth had taken up the place of repose in return for his repentance, Pistis also gave him her daughter Zoe (Life), together with great authority, so that she might instruct him about all things that exist in the eighth heaven.

"Thereafter he created a congregation of angels, thousands and myriads, numberless, which resembled the congregation in the eighth heaven; Zoe and Sabaoth had two sons; a firstborn called Israel and Christ. Israel - which is, "the man that sees God"; and another being, called Jesus Christ, who resembles the savior above in the eighth heaven, and who sits at his right upon a revered throne. And at his left, there sits the virgin of the holy spirit, upon a throne and glorifying him". Now where he sits is upon a throne of light (within a) great cloud that covers him. And there was no one with him in the cloud except Sophia - Pistis, instructing him about all the things that exist in the eighth heaven, so that the likenesses of those things might be created, in order that his reign might endure until the consummation of the heavens of chaos and their forces". ... from 'Origin' in the Nag Hammadi Library.

These 'likenesses', 'creations' are souls or 'images'. Many people have seen and heard them. They are also known as ghosts.

From; [Vol. 1, Page] 578 - THE VEIL OF ISIS.
..also see Berosus and Sanchoniathon; Cory's "Ancient Fragments"; Movers, and others.

"Now, we have but to remember that Siva and the Palentinian Baal, or Moloch, and Saturn are identical; that Abraham is held until the present day by the Mahometan Arabs as Saturn in the Kaaba; that Abraham and Israel were names of Saturn; and that Sanchoniathon tells us that Saturn offered his only-begotten son as a sacrifice to his father Ouranos, and even circumcised himself and forced all his household and allies to do the same, to trace unerringly the biblical myth to its source. But this source is neither Phoenician, nor Chaldean; it is purely Indian, and the original of it may be found in the Maha-Bharata. But, whether Brahmanical or Buddhistical, it must certainly be much older than the Jewish Pentateuch, ( a.k.a. The Torah, the five Books of Moses, also known as the books of the Law, made up of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.) as compiled by Ezra after the Babylonian captivity, and revised by the Rabbis of the Great Synagogue".... from Isis Unveiled by H. P. Blavatsky, Vol. 1

This is the first clue we have that the books of the Torah were compiled by Moses and there after were edited by Ezra and again by Ezekiel after the captivity in Babylon. This last revision deleted any hint of an Egyptian heritage or background. It did however retain the events in Babylon that began with the origional 'creation' story. Abraham's family lived in UR, in Babylon. They were not Hebrews at the time the Old Testament was written, they were Babylonians. The bible makes a point to say that Abraham was wealthy and protected by 'the lord'. Didn't the 'lord' protect Cain too?
So you should understand that the 'Lord' here is the false god.

As you read from the Widow's Son page, this description aligns Abraham with the evil Hyksos rulers and makes him not exactly a 'good guy' except in the eyes of the Levite Hebrew priests who wrote most of the Old Testament. We believe this firmly creates the 'seperation' of the Hebrew Jehovah worshipers and another small branch of Hebrews who later followed Moses who has been firmly identified as Egyptian.

The Sumerian texts show that Abraham did follow Enlil/Jehovah and that Enlil is the god who promised the land of Canaan to Abraham and his descendents. Genesis 17:8. Shechem is mentioned in Genesis 12:6. Abraham is thrown out of Egypt in Genesis 12:19-20. Even after his 'initiation' by Melchizedek, Genesis 14:18-20, he did not know which god was the true one. Jehovah still is in control of Abraham. Genesis 15:7 reinterates how Jehovah boasts that he brought Abraham out of Ur and bids him to sacrifice animals.
The texts then relate how his daughters committed incest with their father. Genesis 19:31. Abraham then follows the god he worshiped back into Canaan which was Enlil's territory. Enlil is the reason Abraham almost sacrificed Isaac. 'Israel, the man who sees God, was a deceiver of mankind.

It is note worthy that Moses saw the Hebrews as unclean and heathen. He caught them worshiping a golden calf and doing the evil that Enlil had influenced them to do. Why else would he spend 40 years in the desert waiting for that generation to die off?

The Sumerian texts reveal to us that Marduk/Ra and Thoth were brothers. Both sons of Enki. Marduk expelled Thoth from Egypt and his inherited home around 3200 B.C. Thoth was taught by his father Enki, how to raise people from the dead. His brother Marduk/Ra was not. In Sitchen's " Calendar Tales" from "When Time Began".. he explains to us in great detail that Thoth taught the Moon cycles based calendar (which under his other name 'Quetzlcoatel' became the Mayan Calendar) partly because it needed to compete with his arch-enemy brother Ra/Marduk's Solar based Calendar's.

In the Age when Toth-Mus-Zurud descended into to this world, he dwelt primarily in Atlantis, with periods of time spent among the Tribes of the Central Earth. Thoth's entire ‘mission' was threefold. One was to bring to Earth the ‘Enochian Table, 'which was knowledge of sacred geometry for specific Earth structures to be built upon this sphere to aid us in our return to the Attasic Universe. Originally, those whom Thoth calls the ‘Master Builders of the Sun Bow,' set up patterns and grids upon and within the planet, from which sacred temples arose. But as the etheric veil of the Earth deteriorated, greater consciousness patterns were needed to be nested within the Gaia-form of this world. His second planetary objective was to supervise these constructions, so that they would be accomplished according to the Greater Plan. Thirdly, he was to bring to this realm a great deal of knowledge that had been lost from the hearts and minds of the Earthborn.

This he gave us in such works as the ‘Emerald Tablets,' and many other books on such subjects as sacred geometry, alchemy, healing sciences, and the true Genesis of our universe. All of his ‘writings' as ‘The Thoth' were not done pen in hand, but as direct transmissions into the akashic records. Many channel-scribes through the ages have tapped into the Akashic Repository of Thoth, and written from his Record. Our page about Shepherd Kings explains this further...Seqenenre being the last King to know the sacred teachings. After the expulsion of the Hyksos by Ahmose, the evil Seth was also banished from Egypt.

But for all the newly defined race of the Hebrews were not the governors of Canaan as they had been governors in their own land. To the native population they were immigrants, and for many generations they encountered famine, wandering and hardship, while Enlil/El Elyon (although the covenanted god of the Hebrews) was also the God of the indigenous Canaanites. Meanwhile, Marduk, descended from the Anunnaki bloodline of Adam's son Seth, gained new support from the incoming Amorites in Babylonia and he instigated a revised building programme of such magnitude that Babylon soon became the key power-centre of the following era.

As we said, according to the bible, Abraham was 'initiated' following the order of Melchizedek. This should have disconnected him with the Hyksos and connected him to the lineage of the 'brotherhood' created by Enoch. But he still almost sacrificed Issac. We discovered that blood sacrifices and circumcision are not from the teachings of Enoch. The Hebrews therefore have taught something 'different' for a very long time. Thus began the 'blending' of religious ideas that eventually formed the Hebrew Nation. It could also mean these stories were 'borrowed' from other sources as described above and reused to form a 'new religion' deleting Moses' real teachings which came from Enoch. But something is still missing from the teachings. What is not missing is the Divine Laws that Noah passed on to his sons.

The History of Freemasonry, by High Adept and Prince of Masonry Albert Mackey, provides the sequel to the Gnostic version of the account of Noah:
"After Noah’s emergence from the Ark, he is said to have promulgated seven precepts for the government of the new race of men of whom he was to be the progenitor... (1) To do justice (2) Worship God (3) Abstain from idolatry (4) Preserve chastity (5) Do not commit murder (6) Do not steal (7) Do not eat blood."
"(1) Thou shalt not engage in idol worship. (2) Thou shalt not blaspheme God. (3) Thou shalt not shed innocent blood. (4) Thou shalt not engage in bestial, incestuous, adulterous or homosexual relations - not commit the act of rape. (5) Thou shalt not steal. (6) Thou shalt establish laws and courts of law to administer these laws, including the death penalty for those who kill, administered only if there is one testifying eyewitness. (7) Thou shalt not be cruel to animals."

According to the Encyclopedia of Religion, these regulations, which are known as the Noahide Laws, derive from a Cabalistic interpretation of the Torah.

According to Albert Mackey, the Noahide laws were intended to regulate the conduct of both Jews and Gentiles: "These seven obligations...are held binding on all men, inasmuch as all are descendants of Noah, and the Rabbins maintain that he who observes them, though he not be an Israelite, has a share in the future life, and it is the duty of every Jew to enforce their due observance wherever he has the power to do so.

The Encyclopedia Of Judaism lists the same seven laws, which "are felt to represent at least a formulation of basic, intuitive ‘natural law’ a mechanism for non-Jews to be governed under Jewish jurisdiction." The entry mentions further that: "Full-page ads in the New York Times and other newspapers have proclaimed: ‘All nations of the world: Fulfill the 7 universal Noahide Laws given to you in the Torah of Moses.’" The Encyclopedia then bluntly asserts the appropriate penalty for disobedience: "One additional element of greater severity is that violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noahide to capital punishment by decapitation.

So in effect, these laws were not given to Moses on the mountain but were passed down for thousands of years beginning with the 'good' Seth, son of Adam. They are also part of the divine laws of Thoth and are clearly written in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

This is why we feel that the display of the Ten Commandments on State and City property are not 'biblical' in origin. They are 'Universal' and have existed for thousands of years.

Men did not know who the true God was.

We find this passage in the Nag Hammidi texts: (The Archon is the bad angel. He is Yaltabaoth and the Hebdomad.(any period of seven consecutive days; the number seven; seven laws; the seven forces of the seven heavens of chaos.)) Christ/Seth says; "For Adam was a laughingstock, since he was made a counterfeit type of man by the Hebdomad, as if he had become stronger than I and my brothers. We are innocent with respect to him, since we have not sinned. And Abraham and Isaac and Jacob were a laughingstock, since they, the counterfeit fathers, were given a name by the Hebdomad, as if he had become stronger than I and my brothers. We are innocent with respect to him, since we have not sinned."

It continues; "David was a laughingstock in that his son was named the Son of Man, having been influenced by the Hebdomad, as if he had become stronger than I and the fellow members of my race. But we are innocent with respect to him; we have not sinned. Solomon was a laughingstock, since he thought that he was Christ, having become vain through the Hebdomad, as if he had become stronger than I and my brothers. But we are innocent with respect to him. I have not sinned."

"The 12 prophets were laughingstocks, since they have come forth as imitations of the true prophets. They came into being as counterfeits through the Hebdomad, as if he had become stronger than I and my brothers. But we are innocent with respect to him, since we have not sinned. Moses, a faithful servant, was a laughingstock, having been named "the Friend," since they perversely bore witness concerning him who never knew me. Neither he nor those before him, from Adam to Moses and John the Baptist, none of them knew me nor my brothers."

"For they had a doctrine of angels to observe dietary laws and bitter slavery, since they never knew truth, nor will they know it. For there is a great deception upon their soul, making it impossible for them ever to find a Nous of freedom in order to know him, until they come to know the Son of Man. Now concerning my Father, I am he whom the world did not know, and because of this, it (the world) rose up against me and my brothers. But we are innocent with respect to him; we have not sinned."

"For the Archon was a laughingstock because he said, "I am God, and there is none greater than I. I alone am the Father, the Lord, and there is no other beside me. I am a jealous God, who brings the sins of the fathers upon the children for three and four generations." As if he had become stronger than I and my brothers! But we are innocent with respect to him, in that we have not sinned, since we mastered his teaching. Thus he was in an empty glory. And he does not agree with our Father. And thus through our fellowship we grasped his teaching, since he was vain in an empty glory. And he does not agree with our Father, for he was a laughingstock and judgment and false prophecy."

"O those who do not see, you do not see your blindness, i.e., this which was not known, nor has it ever been known, nor has it been known about him. They did not listen to firm obedience. Therefore they proceeded in a judgment of error, and they raised their defiled and murderous hands against him, as if they were beating the air. And the senseless and blind ones are always senseless, always being slaves of law and earthly fear."
from Second Treatise of the Great Seth

Did you notice that Enoch is not mentioned as being a laughingstock?

Islam uses Abraham as their first hero and they contend that he started their religion. Remember Sabaoth is Yaltabaoth's son. So when he creates 'Israel' and one called 'Jesus Christ', he is creating images, (or ghosts) as it says, 'resembles' the savior in the eight heaven, but the true son's name isn't Jesus Christ as you will see 'Isreal' (Jacob) is subject to the worship of a 'vengeful' false god. 'Jesus Christ' isn't really the name of God's Son but throughout recorded history this will be his name. We see that He calls himself Seth in the Nag Hammadi texts. He is the First Born of Sophia or Eve with out the assistance of any God or man. This means the others are false images and it means herein is a false religion created by the will of a false god. Yaltabaoth/Enlil/Yehwah/Jehovah.

Back to the Nag Hammadi text

By her will, Sophia/Zoe sent her breath to Adam and gave him life. Adam does not know the difference between the 'Light' and the 'Darkness', thus he can be influenced easily by Yaldabaoth. Because of this he is called 'ignorant' or 'blind'. He must learn as we all do, how to avoid the 'darkness'(ignorance). We believe Sophia/Zoe became the known as the 'Holy Ghost' and is the one who bestows the soul on mankind. When Adam opened his eyes and saw her, he proclaimed her, "Mother of the Living", because she gave him 'life' or a soul.

The mind of Yaldabaoth and his authorities, gave Adam form. Life then, is not yet having a soul. They stand ready means 'waiting for a soul', which is the 'word'. "No one enters the kingdom of heaven except by me".
The one who calls himself 'Me' in The Sophia of Jesus Christ then is the 'word' and has been determined to be the Christ, the Logos, the 'Son', the 'Light' of God since he was there from the beginning. This means the real Christ is in everyone who comes from the 'light' of YHWH/Enki.
( He is the 'opener of the ways' back to the kingdom of his 'father'.)

"And he subjected to him every authority, and the truth which is in him, that he may know the All which had been called with a name exalted above every name.
For that name will be mentioned to those who are worthy of it"... "And I raised him up, and sealed him in the light of the water with five seals, in order that death might not have power over him from this time on"... from the Apocryphon of John.

This clearly states that 'death' will never be the fate of mankind.

And the all-glorious One, Youel, anointed me again and she gave power to me. She said, "Since your instruction has become complete, and you have known the Good that is within you, hear concerning the Triple-Powered One those things that you will guard in great silence and great mystery, because they are not spoken to anyone except those who are worthy, those who are able to hear: nor is it fitting to speak to an uninstructed generation concerning the Universal One that is higher than perfect. But you have 'these' because of the Triple-Powered One, the One who exists in blessedness and goodness, the One who is responsible for all these.
from Allogenes, in the Nag
This appears to be the testimony of Enoch.... "and he said to me, "Write down the things that I shall tell you, and of which I shall remind you, for the sake of those who will be worthy after you. And you will leave this book upon a mountain and you will adjure the guardian:
"Come Dreadful One".

"The gospel of truth is joy to those who have received from the Father of truth the gift of knowing him by the power of the Logos, who has come from the Pleroma and who is in the thought and the mind of the Father; he it is who is called "the Savior," since that is the name of the work which he must do for the redemption of those who have not known the Father. For the name of the gospel is the manifestation of hope, since that is the discovery of those who seek him, because the All sought him from whom it had come forth. You see, the All had been inside of him, that illimitable, inconceivable one, who is better than every thought".

"This ignorance of the Father brought about terror and fear . And terror became dense like a fog, that no one was able to see. Because of this, error became strong. But it worked on its hylic substance vainly, because it did not know the truth. It was in a fashioned form while it was preparing, in power and in beauty, the equivalent of truth. This then, was not a humiliation for him, that illimitable, inconceivable one. For they were as nothing, this terror and this forgetfulness and this figure of falsehood, whereas this established truth is unchanging, unperturbed and completely beautiful".

"For this reason, do not take error too seriously. Thus, since it had no root, it was in a fog as regards the Father, engaged in preparing works and forgetfulness and fears in order, by these means, to beguile those of the middle and to make them captive. The forgetfulness of error was not revealed. It did not become light beside the Father. Forgetfulness did not exist with the Father, although it existed because of him. What exists in him is knowledge, which was revealed so that forgetfulness might be destroyed and that they might know the Father, Since forgetfulness existed because they did not know the Father, if they then come to know the Father, from that moment on forgetfulness will cease to exist".
from.. The Gospel of truth

The 'Son of Light' is sent to earth (incarnate) to teach man the path back to the one and only good God so he may eat of the tree of Life. This learning process is destroying the 'forgetfulness'. This is also called an 'escape' from the material world controlled by Yaldabaoth. We have began this escape with the knowledge of "Masters" sent by YHWH.
"He appeared, informing them of the Father, the illimitable one. "He inspired them with that which is in the mind, while doing his will.
Many received the light and turned towards him. But material men were alien to him and did not discern his appearance nor recognize him. For he came in the likeness of flesh and nothing blocked his way because it was incorruptible and unrestrainable".

"And the Spirit came to him in haste when it raised him. Having given its hand to the one lying prone on the ground, it placed him firmly on his feet, for he had not yet stood up. He gave them the means of knowing the knowledge of the Father and the revelation of his son. For when they saw it and listened to it, he permitted them to take a taste of and to smell and to grasp the beloved son". Sound familiar?..
The Gospel of Truth in the Nag Hammidi scrolls.

Lillith and the Beast; "Now the production of the 'instructor' came about as follows. When Sophia let fall a droplet of light, it flowed onto the water, and immediately a human being appeared, being androgynous. That droplet she molded first as a female body. Afterwards using the body, she molded it in the likeness of the mother, Eve, which had appeared. ( This is a 'COPY' of Eve ) An androgynous human being was produced, whom the Greeks call Hermaphrodites; and whose mother the Hebrews call Eve of Life ( Lilith ), namely, the female instructor of life". Her offspring is the creature that is called 'lord'. "Afterwards, the authorities called it "Beast", so that it might lead astray their modeled creatures. ( We believe these modeled creatures are servants to the fallen angles and called by modern science 'Neanderthal' because their DNA is not human like. They had no soul. ) The interpretation of "the beast" as "the instructor"... For it was found to be the wisest of all beings". Lillith is the mother of the beast.

Pronoia; ( lacking forethought ) is also called 'a soul of blood'. She is with Yaldabaoth in darkness (ignorance). ..."As that light appeared, a human likeness appeared within it, very wonderful. And no one saw it except for the prime parent and Pronoia, who was with him. Yet its light appeared to all the forces of the heavens. Then when Pronoia saw that emissary, she became enamored of him. But he hated her because she was on the darkness. But she desired to embrace him, and she was not able to. When she was unable to assuage her love, she pored out her light upon the earth . Since that day, that emissary has been called "Adam of Light," whose rendering is "the luminous man of blood," and the earth spread over him, holy Adaman, whose rendering is "the Holy Land of Adamantine." Since that day, all the authorities have honored the blood of the virgin. And the earth was purified on account of the blood of the virgin".

But most of all, the water was purified through the likeness of Pistis Sophia, who had appeared to the prime parent in the waters. Justly, then, it has been said: "through the waters." The holy water, since it vivifies the 'All' ( God ), purifies it.

...The Holy One said to him: "I want you to know that First Man is called 'Begetter, Self-perfected Mind'. He reflected with Great Sophia, his consort, and revealed his first-begotten, androgynous son. His male name is designated 'First Begetter, Son of God', his female name, 'First Begettress Sophia, Mother of the Universe'. Some call her 'Love'. Now First-begotten is called 'Christ'. Since he has authority from his Father, he created a multitude of angels without number for retinue from Spirit and Light."

First Begetter Father is called 'Adam, Eye of Light,' because he came from shining Light, and his holy angels, who are ineffable (and) shadowless, ever rejoice with joy in their reflecting, which they received from their Father. The whole Kingdom of Son of Man, who is called 'Son of God,' is full of ineffable and shadowless joy, and unchanging jubilation, (they) rejoicing over his imperishable glory, which has never been heard until now, nor has it been revealed in the aeons that came afterward, and their worlds. "I came from Self-begotten and First Infinite Light, that I might reveal everything to you."
..from The Apocryphon of John

There were three Adam's, two made by the authorities ( bad angles ) and the third being called a 'man of the law', or of the earth, or of God. He appeared on the eight day. He is given 'life' or a soul by Eve. He produced within himself every kind of scientific information.

"Now the first Adam, (Adam) of Light, is spirit-endowed and appeared on the first day. The second Adam is soul-endowed and appeared on the sixth day, which is called Aphrodite. The third Adam is a creature of the earth, that is, the man of the 'Law', and he appeared on the eighth day [...] the tranquility of poverty, which is called "The Day of the Sun" (Sunday). And the progeny of the earthly Adam became numerous and was completed, and produced within itself every kind of scientific information of the soul-endowed Adam. But all were in ignorance"... ( not knowing from whence they came )( from the Nag, 'Origin' )

Look at Genesis 1:26, "Then God said, Let us make a man", 1:27, "Man and maid did he make them."Then look at Genesis 2:7," God formed a man's body out of the dust of the ground and breathed into it the breath of life." 2:19-20. The Lord (Enlil) God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep...
There are two Adam's described here and there are two Gods, but he says "us" and he calls himself "Lord". In the first verse he makes man and maid at the same time but they are seperate. In 2:19-20 he changes his story..... Then in Genesis 3:15, "From now on you and the woman will be enemies as will all your offspring and hers." The Living Bible
You already know who the enemies, the two who hated each other, really were.

"Now on the fortieth day, Sophia Zoe sent her breath into Adam, who the authorities had made, who had no soul. "He began to move upon the ground. And he could not stand up. When Eve saw her male counterpart prostrate, she had pity upon him, and she said "Adam! Become alive! Arise upon the earth!" Immediately her word became accomplished fact. Then the authorities were informed that their modeled form was alive and had arisen, and they were greatly troubled. "But let us not tell Adam, for he is not one of us. Rather let us bring a deep sleep over him. And let us instruct him in his sleep to the effect that she came from his rib, in order that his wife may obey, and he may be "lord" over her." This is where the myth of 'Adam's rib' came from...unfortunately the Hebrews and Muslims believed it and their wives are still subsurvient.

The authorities didn't know the real spirit of Eve had escaped from the human form and went into a tree. This matches the Egyptian story, that the Gods could turn into plants, birds, ect. She left her 'likeness' or 'image' with Adam. This is Lillith. The authorities defiled this likeness, thus defiling themselves. First she was pregnant with Abel, by the first ruler. And it was by the seven authorities and their angels that she bore other offspring.
This confirms our theory that Eve was not the mother of Abel or Cain. Cain is the product of a rape of a nurse by Enlil in the Sumerian texts. Cain is not Eve's son! The 'daughters of men' are the daughters of Cain. These are the half human forms Enoch speaks about in the secret books and this was the 'origional sin'.
The Children of the Nephilim or children of those who Enoch calls 'the Watchers' see Genesis 6:4.

Similar explanations NOT found in the KJ Bible...

Because they listened to the serpent, Yahwah throws Adam and Eve out of the garden. (There is a difference - Yahwah not YHWH.) This garden is not of the earth. It is the 'garden of creation' in heaven. Once they are thrown down to earth, and have put on the 'clothing' called 'flesh', YHWH gives Adam and Eve a choice. To use the knowledge or light, for good or's up to them from that point forward. YHWH, through Sophia, gave them the ability to think and learn and speak. How we use these tools determines how YHWH will use us in the devine plan. We feel our destiny is predetermined by YHWH. Without knowledge could man have discoverd that he has a soul?, that YHWH made man in his image? What does 'image' really mean?

In The Lost Books of the Bible and the forgotten books of Eden, Book 1, chapter VIII of Adam and Eve , YHWH sends Adam and Eve into a place called 'The Cave of Treasures'. Adam despises this place and he says, " O God, when we dwelt in the garden, and our hearts were lifted up, we saw the angles that sang praises in heaven, but now we do not see as we were used to; nay, when we entered the cave, all creation became hidden to us."

Then YHWH the Lord said unto Adam, " When thou wast under subjection to me, thou hadst a bright nature within thee, and for that reason couldst thou see things afar off. But after thy transgression thy bright nature was withdrawn from thee; and it was not left to thee to see things afar off, but only near at hand; after the ability of the flesh; for it is brutish." (physic ability)

The Garden is described as a place of transition. It is a place where there is no darkness. But it is a place where we 'forget' where we came from.
There is water in this garden that flows from underneith the Tree of Life. When Adam and Eve see the water, they find they cannot live without it. Chapter X, verses 5 - 6 says, Then God said to Adam, "While thou was under My command and wast a bright angel, thou knewest not this water, "But after that thou hast trangressed My commandment, thou canst not do with out water wherein to wash thy body and make it grow; for it is now like that of beasts, and is in want of water."

The 'Cave of Treasures' is Dark. God has put two 'souls' in a body of "Flesh" to punish them. In this body they will experience pain and grief and they will toil till the end of their days. God tells Adam that five days and a half ( 550 years ) must pass before 'One' will come and save 'his seed'. This then is calculated times ten. Esoteric sources say the years were more than 55,000.

In the cave Adam falls on the ground with grief and Eve is afraid because she can't see him. She finds him, but he feels without life as a corpse. The merciful Lord looks upon Adam and sends his 'Word' unto him and raised him from his death, and opened Eve's mouth that she might speak.

Chapter XI, verse 7, "But when I heard of thy transgression, I deprived thee of that bright light. Yet, of my mercy. I did not turn thee into darkness, but I made thee thy body of flesh, over which I spread this skin, in order that it may bear cold and heat."

Chapter XIV, " Verily I say unto thee, this darkness will pass from thee, every day I have determined for thee, until the fulfillment of my covenant; then I will save thee and bring thee back again into the garden, into the abode of light thou longest for, wherein is no darkness. I will bring thee to it - in the kingdom of heaven."

Thus we try to understand YHWH's wisdom as to why he puts Adam and Eve in a body of flesh. Are they put on earth to experience what cannot be experienced in heaven? For what ever reason, Adam and Eve become 'altered beings' and they must learn to live in the land God has chosen for them. They learn to eat and they experience pain from the food and their bodies now have strange functions.
"All that is flesh, that must eat and drink, cannot return to the Garden".

Esoteric sources say we are here to experience every type of life, and to learn from each experience. Escaping the control of the Demiurge is the final goal.

"But everyone who brings division - and he will learn no wisdom at all because he brings division and is not a friend - is hostile to them all. But he who lives in harmony and friendship of brotherly love, naturally and not artificially, completely and not partially, this person is truly the desire of the Father. He is the universal one and perfect love." - Nag Hammidi scrolls
This is the code of the 'brotherhood'. This is the way it was intended to be, since the beginning of time. The 'brotherhood' keeps this tradition alive.

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