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Our war against false teachers!

It is our opinion that the anti-Masonic do-gooders who post malicious lies about Masons are the least educated most illiterate group of people on the planet. This is quoted from a forum; "Yes - they literally eat children." another one; "Some of us (and I'm only a sophomore) have been studying these demons for YEARS ... For me - I started studying "demonOlogy" when they Cooked those children at WACO. I'm still YOUNG indeed as their are many many that knew these demons from as far back as 1913! There are lots of great books written from far ago exposing the Masons/De Molay/Rosicrucians/TonsMore."

Another quote; Phoenixrises;"Well, if their philosophy involves the kidnapping and torture of kids (under 10, mind you) then THEY don't know who they are f--king with. Because if that's the case, then it means that they actually KNOW that they are evil, rather than simply misguided." and this one by George Hayduke; "Oh, and you can bet that the 33rd-degree mason is full-blooded Annunuki. The 32nd degree are probably Nephilim of the caliber of Gilgamesh (There's a reason why our world leaders don't seem human). Lost? Get busy."

And another; The etymology of the WORD Craft is derived from words which mean TO LIE - TO DECEIVE. Their power resides in their ability to WORD SMITH - To create ILLUSIONS through WORDS. The reality of the power of these 'knights' resides in the peoples naiveness. Without which - they would be mere liars and con artists. see Info on Masons. The offenders and their postings have been reported to LooseChange abuse.

Talk about paronid schizophrenia! Where do these people get this stuff? "studying "demonOlogy"? This is twisted! "the WORD Craft" means SKILL or Knowledge! We think the FBI was at Waco. We do not recall a single mention of agents being Masons. And the most ludirchrous statement of all;"They eat children", is just to stupid to even bother to challange.

We copied this from our Oklahoma Masonic newsletter; 07/06/07

A State and Nationally publicized event is about to take place in which your lodge can be a major player.

Brethren from across the state are being asked to fund, and attend, a charitable Marathon in Guthrie Oklahoma. The event is being held on Sept 26th from 7am to 1pm. The purpose of this event is to raise funds for research into a treatment and hopefully a cure for a debilitating and fatal disease known as Ataxia Telangectasia or A-T.

A-T is a childhood disease which first affects a childs motor skills, forcing them into wheelchairs by the age of 13. It then attacks their immune system and makes them 1000 times more succeptable to Cancer than you and I. These chiildren need our help. Nobody has championed their cause. Parents,relatives and friends are currently the only source for research funding.

Doctors know so little about this disease that some of these children are dying before ever being diagnosed properly. It is like having Muscular Dystropy, Cerebral Palsy, Cystic Fibrosis, immune deficiency and Cancer rolled into one. Accordingly, Doctors do not know what they are dealing with and sadly misdiagnose and treat these children.

The Scottish Rite has graciously agreed to host this event in the Atrium of the Temple. The Grand Master has given his permission for us to contact and solicit the Oklahoma Lodges for their help. Albert Pike Lodge #162 is spearheading this effort in an attempt to help these children as well as heighten the public's awareness of the virtue of Oklahoma Masonry.

JOIN US. Accept the challenge and help the Masonic Fraternity of Oklahoma to be the largest Oklahoma Contributor to this most worthy cause. If we (the Masonic Fraternity) surpass $5000.00 by July 15 we will be highlighted on a T-shirt worn by the competitors in this marathon across the United States. The Masonic Charity Foundation is aware of this cause and awaits your request for matching funds.

A documentary will be filmed of this event in its various venues across the U.S., including Guthrie. State and Local media will be present. Guthrie is the sole Oklahoma stop. We at Albert Pike Lodge feel confident that you will find every reason to join us and let the Nation see the "light" of Oklahoma masonry.

For phone pledges, please contact xxx Case at 405/xxx-3231 or 405/xxx-1907. You may also email (mailto:xxxxxxxxxxxx@sbcglobal.net) or contact us at the Lodge. All we must have before July 15 is the pledge. The funds can be received anytime prior to the event on Sept. 26. In addition...please make checks payable to the A-T Children's Project. Anyone wishing to help and need the address or phone number of the Albert Pike Lodge can find it here. Oklahoma Grand Lodge

This is not the only chartiable work Lodges do. Quote from the Grand Lodge page; While charity is not the primary purpose of Masonry, Masons and Lodges still do much to make the lives of others better. Last year, we gave more than $2 million to help communities buy emergency equipment, help needy families, provide scholarships, support education, purchase school supplies for teachers, support the arts in the public schools, and much, much more. We sent supplies to American troops overseas and gave both volunteer time and money to help their families here. One in every six Oklahomans benefits in some way from the philanthropic activities of Oklahoma’s Freemasons.

And we can't forget the Shriners who solely support 13 Childrens Orthopaedic and Burn Center Hospitals around the Country. The service is absolutely FREE to patients. If you have a child that needs help...The field of pediatric orthopaedics includes treatment for injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Shriners hospitals are staffed and equipped to handle virtually all pediatric problems, except for acute trauma. Some of the most common conditions treated at Shriners include, but are not limited to:
cerebral palsy
congenital hip dislocation
leg length discrepancies
missing limbs
Legg-Perthes disease
myelodysplasia oteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease)
spina bifida

Thirteen of our hospitals have motion analysis labs equipped to carefully study how a child with mobility problems walks. These high-tech labs use a system of reflective markers, high-speed cameras and computers to develop a model of a child's walk which aid physicians in recommending individualized treatment plans. Shriners Hospitals

What beggars my imagination is the way in which anyone, for whatever sort of malicious or neurotic or malicious [sic] reason, who writes anything denouncing freemasonry is assumed by some to be telling the truth. They are not. We have seen it in public life and we have seen it here. The Church should be different.... I am ashamed when fellow Christians are so gullible and so uncharitable, and that is putting it charitably."
Canon R. Lewis (not a Mason), speaking to the General Synod of the Church of England.

Hiram doesn't save anyone! Hiram is not Jesus!
This little ditty is a cunning effort by pew setters to convience you they are right and Mason's are wrong or worse, we are 'devil worshipers'. When you read our side of the story, you'll change your mind. We are not 'devil worshippers' and the symbols Mason's use are completely and delibertly misinterperted on purpose so you won't discover the real truth THEIR leaders are hidding..

It's to bad these so-called educated persons aren't interested in archaeology, or the history of Imperial Rome or even the real truth about Jesus, whom I might add, we very much believe in and honor. The difference being; We know what he was really doing and it wasn't saving so-called sinners. Jesus was a Gnostic, not a Christian so his teachings carried a different meaning than what the KJB portrays. His real teachings are in the Nag Hammidi Scrolls.

So to those of you who are not Masons, our suggestion would be; stop worring about Hell and the devil because there is no such thing. These 'scare tactics', Hell and the 'devil' were invented by the church, carried forward by Judiasm and the Christian religion, Mesopotamian religion, Greece, and Gnosticism. Why? Because the Jews who were afraid of their god, only had one god (the wrong one). This evil verses good goes back thousands of years and there is a good reason for it but church fathers used this 'dualism' to create a 'serpent' to challange the God of the Bible and the Torah and a 'satan' to challenge Jesus in the NT. There is no mention of a 'satan' in the Old Testament or the Torah. Satan appears in the New Testament only because the Romans and Greeks who wrote it believed there was one.

No real dualism is found in Judaism, except in the Gnostic and theosophic forms of Jewish mysticism known as Kabbala. The presence of a vigorous and universal monotheism implies not only faith in a single creative god but also faith in a god who is the uncontested master of history; and neither Satan nor Belial detract from this absolute monotheism.

The Nag Hammidi scrolls on the other hand, name the material God of this world as Yaldabaoth or Sakla and they describe his son Sabaoth as turning away from him. Sabaoth is also called Adonaois. Cain and Abel are named as Yaldabaoth's sons. (Not the sons of Adam) The Apocalypse of Adam describe the evil and the good Gods or angels. Yes, More than one!

Adam describes the material god as "... the ruler of the "Aeons and Powers" and another god as"..the eternal knowledge of the God of truth". (The word aeon (aion) signifying "age", "the ever-existing", "eternity") The text goes on to say, "Then the God who created us, created a son from himself and Eve." This son is Cain. So the dualism comes from the fact that there were two gods - one good and one bad. There need be no satan because there is an evil god. This god unfortunately is the god in the bible, described as a god of wrath, jealousy, and vengeance, who punishes the Jews over and over. He is described as the 'god of death'. The good God is there too and it is he that saves Noah and his family. His name in the Sumerian Texts is Enki. The 'material' god is called Enlil and his son was indeed Cain (spelled KA.IN) or 'Sin'. However in the Lost Books of Enki, he admits that Cain and Abel are his sons. Which ever it was it wasn't Adam and Eve. All of this information is in our 'Forbidden knowledge' series.

Those of you who don't know about the 'polytheistic' religions should focus your studies on them and on refraining from attacking the historical record, people or organizations whom you know nothing about. Or did you not get it when Moses said,"Thou shalt not bare false witness against thy neighbor?"

The above and the following is posted due to these unautherised links by a couple of anti-Masonic do-gooders, who know nothing about Masonry or know nothing about the political agenda of the Romans at the time of Jesus, who favored the Sadducees, but post their lies about Masons anyway. There is one in particular who rants and raves and types postings about the same thing over and over. He claims to be a born-again christian, most likely a fundamentalist. You might want to look this up in the dictionary. It has the same meaning as an Islamic radical militant who we know are only interested in killing Americans.. These people are so closed minded, or brain washed, they do not want to learn what might be the real story. They are taught by their 'clerics' to hate Americans and Jews and to be a martyr and die for their cause. In the same instance fundamentalists are taught to rant and rave about their beloved Yeshua and attack anyone who doesn't agree with them. This is nothing more than an organized HATE campaign perpetuated by church fathers who teach these people that they are susposed to challange all evil. Our question would be; Who are they to JUDGE anyone?

It was not our intention to degrade the Catholic church or challange the bible, but more and more lies are being told by fundamentalist radical Christians and Islamic radicals and this seems to be the only way to clairify the matter, with the actual historical and archaeological record, which by-the-way does not agree with the biblical stories.

Jupiter, King of the Gods With this same hate campaign the Romans killed millions of "new Christians' in the time of Jesus. Recorded history proves this was 'Gnostic Christianity' which was completely different than it is now. There is no such thing as a secret 'rapture', again created by John Nelson Darby in 1827. It was all created to sell a book, and another book and yet another book.

The Romans worshipped pagan gods like; Sol, Saturn, Jupiter, Quirinis, Mars and Ceres. The Roman ritual practice of the official priesthoods clearly distinguishes two classes of gods, the 'di indigetes' and the 'di novensides' or novensiles. The gods represented distinctly the practical needs of daily life, as felt by the Roman community to which they belonged. They were scrupulously accorded the rites and offerings considered proper. Even the majestic Jupiter, the ruler of the gods, was honored for the aid his rains might give to the farms and vineyards. In his more encompassing character he was considered, through his weapon of lightning, the director of human activity and, by his widespread domain, the protector of the Romans in their military activities beyond the borders of their own community.

We found the disciples were Gnostic and this proof is in the Catholic Encyclopedia on line. Mary Magdalene was Gnostic ect. and that's why St. Gregory labeled her a sinner or Harlet. Our page on the 'Death of the Disciples' provides links to this information.

It is beyond any reasoning why bible thumpers dismiss recorded history and archaeology and believe the Roman and Greek lies recorded in the New Testament of the KJB. Folks, large parts of it are not true!

The historical and archaeological records indeed tell a different version of the story about the Jews, the Romans and Jesus than the bible. The bible was put together by Romans and Greeks whom Jesus stayed away from. They were grouped as 'gentiles' and Jesus called them unclean and heathen. He did allow some Romans and Greeks into the group of followers but only after they displayed that they wanted to learn and abide by the groups rules.

That's why every page in this site probably has information you never read or heard about anywhere else. We suggest if you don't believe what is here in print, you need to study Roman history a little bit closer. They hated and killed millions of Gnostic Christians to keep them quiet when Constantine proclaimed Christianity to be the State religion in 324 AD. Many escaped to France, Germany, Spain ect. In France they still celebrate Mary Magdalene. Thomas and Mary (Jesus' mother) went to India.

The pope is a man who takes upon himself honor which belongs to no human being. Even the very name by which he allows himself to be called (Holy Father) is highly presumptuous and blasphemous. Even though modern Christianity like Babtists, Methodists, The Church of England, ect., do not honor the Pope, their religion is based on the same "resurrection" of Jesus that the Roman church invented. But the "Resurrection" is not what you think it is.

"...the day of Christ is at hand. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God." -- 2 Thessalonians 2:2-4

The Roman Catholic Church has never been the true church. It began (313 AD) almost 300 years to late to be the true church of Christ . It started with the Roman Emperor Constintine who saw a vision and "converted" to "Christendom". He had his army run through a river and declared that baptism and them Christians, married his new church with the state, brought in idolatry, persecuted the real Christians and believed in baptismal regeneration. Romanism has been corrupt from it's inception.

CATHOLIC TRADITION - Venerating/worshipping images. Pope bows to statues of Mary, people worship the eucharist and have statues/candles in their homes and churches.

WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS - It is idolatry to venerate images. We are not even supposed to make them. Exodus 20:4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. 20:5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God... But this jealous god is not who you think it is.

"Here, then, in Rome was Teitan, or Satan, whom they identified with the "serpent that taught mankind," that opened their eyes (when, of course, they were blind), and gave them "the knowledge of good and evil." In Pergamos, and in all Asia Minor, from which directly Rome derived its knowledge of the Mysteries, the case was the same. In Pergamos, especially, where pre-eminently "Satan's seat was," the sun-divinity, as is well known, was worshipped under the form of a serpent and under the name of Aesculapius, "the man-instructing serpent." According to the fundamental doctrine of the Mysteries, as brought from Pergamos to Rome, the sun was the one only god. Teitan, or Satan, then, was thus recognised as the one and only god; and of that only god, Tammuz or Janus, in his character as the Son, or the woman's seed, was just an incarnation. Here, then, the grand secret of the Roman Empire is at last brought to light--viz., the real name of the tutelar divinity of Rome. That secret was most jealously guarded...
" (Hislop, The Two Babylons, p. 279)

It is important to understand that the true priests of the Jerusalem Temple were outsed by the Romans. In the year 6, Judaea, which had been a client kingdom of Rome (i.e., it had its own ruler), became a Roman province ruled by a Roman procurator, who was responsible for maintaining peace and collecting taxes. The tensions rose higher when pagan Rome took over the appointment of the High Priest, also beginning about the year 6. Josephus was in the family of the true high Priests and he wrote the Antiquities of the Jews. He was a half brother to Jesus and the youngest of 4 boys born to Mary after Joseph died. He is called 'Jose' in most references. The other brothers were Simeon, James, and Judas. And there were two sisters. There are also numberous references to Thomas, the twin brother of Jesus. The Catholics, in their attempt to portray Jesus as divine and a god, dismissed Thomas as a brother or the son of Mary. They even changed wording in the KJB that said Jesus (the twins) were born in the seventh month which is consistant with twin births even now. They have consistantly portrayed Mary as a prepetual 'virgin' when she was NOT! They consistantly say that the 'brothers' were the sons of Joseph before he was married to Mary...NOT!

Under Jewish law a brother of the deceased was responsible for the widow. In this case it was Cleophes also called Alpheus. This is confirmed in the Catholic Encyclopedia; St James - "The author is commonly identified with the Lord's brother, the Bishop of Jerusalem; the view that the Lord's brother must be identified with James, the son of Alpheus, is by far the most probable." "Probably the son of Cleophas or Clopas (John 19:25) where "Maria Cleophæ" is generally translated "Mary the wife of Cleophas", as married women are commonly distinguished by the addition of their husband's name.

Josephus was born in Jerusalem in 37 CE as the son of Matthias, a man from priestly descent, and a mother who claimed royal blood. This could be no one else but Mary, Jesus' mother and from priestly descent, Cleophes, Joseph's brother. The family name was therefore Matthias, who is mentioned as replacing Judas as a disciple after he committed suicide. Josephus did not know his brother Jesus but he was a commander in the Zealot (Gnostic Christian) army. Fearing for his own life he turned to side with the Romans after 70 AD when the Temple was destroyed.

The theft of a large amount of money from the Temple treasury by procurator Gessius Florus (who, according to Tacitus, "indulged in every kind of robbery and violence") contributed to the radicalization and increased the popularity of Zealots, some of whom believed that any means were justified in order to attain political and religious independence from Rome. Jesus and the disciples were Zealots - freedom fighters.

The true priests were within the Essenes sect., of which Joseph, Mary, Elizabeth, Mary's sister and mother of John the Baptist and Zacharah were members. This was also known as a Nazarene sect. They were called the followers of The Way. Josephus described them as Zealots or freedom fighters. When the Romans invaded, they left the temple and formed their own closed community. They lived at Qumran by the Dead Sea. The priests were called the Zodakian priesthood. (1) Zodak: the high priest, son of Ahitub of the house of Eleazar the son of Aaron, and 11th in descent from Aaron; joined David after Saul's death and supported him against Absalom and Adonijah; anointed Solomon as king. A descendant of Zerubbabel in the genealogy of Christ.

(4) That during the exile Ezekiel in his sketch of the vision-temple represented the Zadokites as the only legitimate priests, while the others of the line of Aaron were degraded to be Levites; (5)(P) That in order to establish the legitimacy of Zadok, the writer of the Priestly Code invented his Aaronic descent through Eleazar and inserted the fictitious prophecy in 1 Samuel.

After the Zodak Priests and Essenes moved away, the Pharisees and Sadducees were left to fight amoung themselves and challange Jesus. The full story is on our 'Jesus' and 'Death of the disciple's series.

To a couple of the writers on the Alt Freemasonry site at Google Groups: It's a real shame that a few misguided individuals who are not Masons can post garbage like, "Masons worship the devil" and they pick up a quote here and there and completely misinterpret it and get away with it. But these postings and misrepresented facts are nothing more than lies to discredit the real cause of free thought and free choice which is the very reason men from all over the World are Mason's. If you notice, the church won't allow free thought or free choice, and it appears that the fundamentalists who write this junk are less than familiar with Roman or Catholic church history. The Roman church had the first bibles put in print and it was the church's word which they claimed was God's word. They declaired themselves the surpreme authority on religious teaching and communication with God. They burned any bible that was not approved by themselves and had the owner crucified.

Our research indicates Saul/Paul was indeed a traitor to Jesus and a Roman citizen and admits he is a Pharisee.- Acts 22:25. and see Matt 16:11. He created false doctrine so he could teach his own version of the gospel which appealed to the Greeks and Romans (Gentiles).

Research by The National Geographic Channel, The History Channel and the Biography Channel seperately conducted, also reveals more unknown facts connected to Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the disciples. The National Geographic Channel broadcast the newly discovered Gospel of Judas beginning last year that reveals what we've been saying for some time. There were two Gods! Judas was not a traitor, and as Jesus' brother (Jude) he was taught more of the 'secret gospel' than the others except Mary Madgelene. Apparently the Pharisees and the Sadducees did not know the other God but Jesus did and he was trying to teach his followers about this malevoelent, loving God that the Gnostics were very familiar with. The 'One' god in the christian bible who punishes the Jews and recks havoc and vengence is not the god of Jesus.

Other philosophers and theologists who have studied the ancient texts in detail, including the Enuma Elish clay tablets agree with this theory because the texts name the two gods in their Sumerian environment over 5000 years ago. Both of these gods are reflected in the Genesis account of 'creation' but most everyone overlooks obvious verses that identify each one and their deeds. (ref: there are two accounts of the creation of Adam and Eve.) We will review these verses in detail on 'Forbidden Forward 1'.

Why does Paul get away with the murder of Stephen whom he defines as a man of God? Acts:7:57 and Acts 22: 19."And Saul was there, giving approval to his death!." Then see Acts 8:3. "Saul began to destroy the church and drag men and women off to prison!"
There was no conversion of Paul! see Acts 9:26. The disciples did not trust him, not believing he was a disciple! Acts 9:30, They sent him off to Tarus. Fact: Paul was never a disciple, but claims he is in order to spread his false religioious doctrine, which by-the-way was a revised worship of already familiar Roman and Greek Gods. They copied every miracle the deity's had. This included raising from the dead in 3 days, the sky darkened, a king born of a virgin.

From Egyptian mythology..
Horus is born of a widow ( or virgin ) on Dec 25th.
This is to millions, the story of Christmas and the date many recognize as the birthday of Jesus. But it is also the resurrection day of Osiris, Attis, Tammuz and Adonis and the birthday of the Sun God worshiped in Roman legend called Sol. "Sol Invictus, god of the sun in Roman mythology, was equivalent to the god Helios of Greek mythology. Also, Sól was the name of a sun goddess in Norse mythology, with the s-rune named after her."

Quetzalcoatl The better known dying and rising god-men were Osiris of Egypt, Atys, Adonis, Dionysus and Orpheus of Greese, Bacchus of Rome, Tammuz of Syria, Odin of Scandinavia, Krishna of India, Hesus of the Celtic Druids, and Quetzalcoatl of Mexico. In Aztec religion, Quetzalcoatl (IPA: was a god and was thought to be the leader and most vicious of gods, thought to come back and take back the empire. The feathered serpent god was connected by the planet Venus. Today Quetzalcoatl is the most well-known Aztec deity, and is often thought to have been the principal Aztec god. In reality, Quetzalcoatl was just one god in a pantheon of gods, not considered superior to the others. Quetzalcoatl was also known as Marduk, a benelovent kind,God. Our Index pages cover this in depth.

Horus, son of Osiris, born on Dec 25th: Horus's principal enemy - originally Horus's other face or "dark" aspect - was "Set" or "Sata," whence comes "Satan." Horus struggles with Set in the exact manner that Jesus battles with Satan, with 40 days in the wilderness, among other similarities. This is because this myth represents the triumph of light over dark, or the sun's return to relieve the terror of the night. It is a duality created by ancient religions and recopied by church leaders - as one good and one bad deity who battle each other.

Prometheus descended from heaven as God incarnate as man, to save mankind.
He was crucified, suffered and rose from the dead.

The Christian myth grew by absorbing details from what they then called pagan cults. Because like the image of the child-god in the cult of Dionysus, he was pictured in swaddling cloths in a basket manger. He was born in a stable like Horus - the stable-temple of the Virgin goddess Isis, queen of heaven.Again like Dionysus, he gave site to the blind; and like Attis and Adonis, he is mourned by women. His resurrection took place, like that of Mithra, from a rock-tomb. and see..
The Templar Revelation, Lynn Picket, Clive Prince

Dionysus - god of wine and mysteries - also known as the Roman God Bacchus; It is through these mystery cults, the secrets of which were so well guarded that we know but a few essential details, that we come into contact with a unique characteristic of Dionysos; for according to the legends of one the cults, the god himself dies. That a god should die seems an oxymoron - by definition, a deity is immortal. And yet some of his followers believed that he was slain, and then reborn.

In the Caananite mythology the evil Mot slays his brother Aleyin, the son of God, who then resurrects and kills Mot. Just like Jesus on the cross, Mot's last words are "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?" We cover all of this and more on our page, "Christ's Mission."

Paul called the disciples false teachers. Acts 13:50, The people sturred up prosecution against Paul and Barnabas. Acts 13:52, "And the disciples were filled with Joy!" Paul is arrested Acts 22:, Gentiles were not allowed in the temple. Acts 22:4, Paul admits! "I persecuted the 'followers of this WAY' to their death," then in Acts 24:14, he says he is a member of the 'Way'." Finally he is stoned to death by the very people he prosecuted. The rest of the NT is Paul giving HIS law, not the words or Law of Jesus, which would be The Laws of Moses. (Mt. 15:3ff; Mk. 7:8-9)

The other fact that is not revealed is that none of Pauls letters have survived. After Constintine demanded reverence to HIS new religion, (325AD) calling himself Christ, Roman Bishops changed the words and destroyed the origional text. Hotema states that the name "Jesus Christ" was not formally adopted in its present form until after the first Council of Nicea, i.e., in 324 A.D.

Paul was paid by Imperial Rome to hunt down the disciples and kill them. The only way he could do this was to declare he was one of them and try to infiltrate their group. If they were false teachers, why did Jesus trust them completely and send them out to teach his word? The Roman church version of the NT has poisioned your minds with lies. We suggest you read the real words of Jesus, and James, from the Nag Hammidi scrolls before you accuse us of heresy or devil worship.

This Apocalypse occured when Paul created a riot and had James stoned (63AD). This resulted in the people rebeling against Rome and Paul got arrested by Roman guards. This was however 'protective custody'. From the The (Second) Apocalypse of James "For in fact he is not one (come) from them, (and) because of this, he is despised. Because of this he boasts, so that he may not be reproved. For because of this he is superior to those who are below, those by whom you were looked down upon. After he imprisoned those from the Father, he seized them and fashioned them to resemble himself. And it is with him that they exist."

From Paul's Apocalypse; "I am going down to the world of the dead in order to lead captive the captivity that was led captive in the captivity of Babylon." "And I am the Spirit who accompanies you. Let your mind awaken, Paul, with [...]. For [...] whole which [...] among the principalities and these authorities and archangels and powers and the whole race of demons, [...] the one that reveals bodies to a soul-seed." This suggests that Paul is being guided by a demon. One verse ends with; "He turned his face downwards to his creation and to those who are his own authorities". The 'authorities' are the 'fallen angels'.

The Holy Spirit spoke to him, saying, "Look and see your likeness upon the earth." And he looked down and saw those who were upon the earth. Paul was shown the angels bringing a soul out of the land of the dead. They placed it at the gate of the fourth heaven. And the angels were whipping it. The soul spoke, saying, "What sin was it that I committed in the world?" The toll-collector who dwells in the fourth heaven replied, saying, "It was not right to commit all those lawless deeds that are in the world of the dead".
('The 'Dead' are those who are Spirtually Dead!)

"And the three witnesses came. The first spoke, saying, "Was I not in the body the second hour [...]? I rose up against you until you fell into anger and rage and envy." And the second spoke, saying, "Was I not in the world? And I entered at the fifth hour, and I saw you and desired you. And behold, then, now I charge you with the murders you committed." The third spoke, saying, "Did I not come to you at the twelfth hour of the day when the sun was about to set? I gave you darkness until you should accomplish your sins." When the soul heard these things, it gazed downward in sorrow. And then it gazed upward. It was cast down. The soul that had been cast down went to a body which had been prepared for it. And behold, its witnesses were finished."

Correct doctrine is crucial because false and man-made doctrine drives out, replaces and nullifies true teaching (Mt. 15:1-9; Col. 2:8, 20-23). The apostles had the responsibility to lay the foundation of the church by planting congregations and by delivering their inspired teachings and writings. If the shepherds became corrupted, so would their followers. Therefore, we can understand Jesus’ very strong concern with purity of doctrine. We hope and pray that some day many of the modern evangelical churches will share that concern.

The disciples, in practice, denied the doctrine of original sin and depravity. However that doctrine was created by St Jerome, a Roman Bishop. The Pharisees took pride in their Jewish heritage and greatly over-emphasized their privileged status as Jews (Rom. 2:17ff.) at the expense of the necessity of saving faith and conversion. Their religion was very external; good works were placed on display to be seen and praised by men (Mt. 6:1-6, 16; 23:5). Their religious leaders loved pomp, status and power (Mt. 23:6).

The Lunar Passion

The Jewish month begins with the new moon. The passover, falling mid-Nissan is always in the full moon. Hence the date of Easter is determined by the moon: "Easter Day is currently determined as the first Sunday after the full moon on or after March 21. The Eastern Orthodox churches, however, follow the Julian rather than the Gregorian calendar, so their celebration usually falls several weeks later than the Western Easter" (Grollier).

There was a similar conflict in the time of Jesus between the Essenes, who followed the old Jubilees calendar and the Greek lunar calendar of Jerusalem. The Jubilees calendar had 364 days composed of 12 - 30 day months and four seasonal days. It was thus neither lunar nor solar, but similar to the Sumerian calendar and the 360 idols around the Ka'aba. Ironically, it was said that there was an eclipse of the sun in the crucifixion, something that happens only in the three dark days before the moon rises again from the dead! The body and blood of Christ is the bread of Tammuz and the wine of Dionysos. He is hung in his death in the tree of Adonis, the cross of the four woods.

By their traditions they nullified God’s law (Mt. 15:3ff; Mk. 7:8-9). The Pharisees and their followers will not enter the kingdom of God (Mt. 23:13). They are blind leaders of the blind (Mt. 15:14), hypocrites (Mk. 7:6), whose hearts are far from God (Mt. 15:8). They are full of inner corruption (Mt. 23:27ff) and are guilty of persecuting the true people of God (Mt. 23:34-35). Thus, they are designated as “the synagogue of Satan” by Jesus (Rev. 2:9). Our Lord had a good reason to say the apostles, “Look out and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees.”

While the Sadducees had some strong disagreements with the Pharisees, both groups found a common enemy in Christ and the disciples (Ac. 4:1ff).

The general philosophical principles of Phariseeism which consists of a love of human tradition, a secondary yet superior source of authority in an oral tradition, a zealousness for the traditions of the fathers, a large body of authoritative man-made rules and a system of salvation rooted in human merit are all crucial elements of the Roman Catholic Church. In the papal church the religion of Christ and the apostles has been swallowed up by ritualism, pomp and ceremony. The Word of God is overshadowed by a mountain of human inventions: the priesthood, the mass, the confessional, indulgences, worship of Mary and the saints, etc. The necessity of conversion has been replaced by baptismal regeneration and salvation by works. True spiritual worship has been replaced by outward man-made rituals: candles, surpluses, the crucifix, statues, holy water, the altar, and the sign of the cross—none of which are authorized by the Bible.

The most effective way to leaven the church is to use men who are respected religious leaders. Historically the men who have been used by the so-called devil to corrupt the church have often been very articulate, intelligent and morally upright (at least outwardly). False doctrine has not come from dullards but from shining intellects, from men who are very popular and “pious”. In recent years, The fictious Satan has used men that have been well known for teaching solid, orthodox doctrine for many years. Thus, when these men introduce subtle but dangerous heresies their views are readily accepted by many. And when these men are challenged by orthodox teachers many come to their defense saying, “How could pastor so and so be teaching false doctrine when we know he has championed the Reformed faith for years? How dare you accuse our dear brother of heresy!” This tactic has been very effective. It has resulted in the orthodox party (who are simply defending the Reformed faith) being accused of being unloving, obsessed, obnoxious and deluded.
see. The Warning Against False Teachers

The term 'Christian' here is used in a comprehensive sense and embraces works produced both by Catholics and Gnostics whom they define as heretics; the latter are chiefly members of the various branches or schools of Gnosticism, which flourished in the second and third centuries. The Christian apocryphal writings in general 'imitate' (their description) the books of the New Testament and therefore, with a few exceptions, fall under the description of Gospels, Acts, Epistles, and Apocalypses. from the Catholic Encyclopedia
The word 'imitate' is a false description of the actual writings of the disciples.. This demonstrates that Jesus and the disciples were Gnostics, not Christians. This also lends further proof that Paul was sent to hunt them down and prosecute them as heretics.. If you want more of the truth you need to read our Death of the Disciples Series and especially The Death of James page.

And just because you don't believe in UFO's doesn't mean they do not exist. It also has absolutely nothing to do with a conspiricy. If you had paid any attention to the published news reports given after the UFO link, you would see that even President Regan and the Soviet leader at the time who was Gorbachev knew something strange was going on. The 'Star Wars Defense System' was put in place to address that threat. So if you want to continue to look foolish, be our guest, but We suggest that you remove the links before Google administration sees them because you may be bared from any further posts. You have violated your 'terms of sevice agreement'.

Further: There is NO Satan and there is no mark of the beast that reads 666. As Members of the Masonic Family, who have studied ancient religion in depth, the academics, 'real scholars' with PhD's agree with us. We are reporting your unautherized links to Google and we are reporting slander and libel, and we will be changing some links. You are the 'False Teachers' Jesus spoke about.

P.S. The terms of Service on Google read thus: You agree that you are responsible for your own conduct and communications while using the Service and for any consequences thereof. You agree to use the Service only to send and receive messages and material that are legal, proper and related to the particular Group. By way of example, and not as a limitation, you agree that when using the Service, you will not: defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others; post any inappropriate, defamatory, infringing, obscene, or unlawful Content; Your group and your unauthorized links have been reported to Google.
As of May 4th all of the offending remarks and links have been removed.

Please, If your site is not Strictly Masonic in nature, We kindly ask that you do not link to this site without permission of the Web Master or under the guidelines set forth here. We will change the URL if we find 'cutting edge', forums, groups or any anti-masonic site connected....
see Legal Issues

We are members of the Masonic Family. We are both card carrying members in good standing. However we do not participate in Lodge or Chapter for our own personal reasons. Perhaps some day when the petty fighting and bickerings stop, we will return. So this is our contribution to the Craft. We feel we can do more here than anywhere else, to help our brothers and sisters find 'enlightment' beyond the rituals.

We undertook the research for this site after finding several anti-Masonic web pages which told nothing but lies. We were also searching for the meanings of symbols, where they came from and the deeper reasons for what Masons believe. We came across a Catholic site that became our first antagonist and our first attempt to dispell the 'devil worship' tag placed on Mason's out of their desperation to stop us from telling our side of the story. We spent several weeks explaining that we believe the same things as they do just in a different way. Let us make it very clear, we believe in Jesus. We believe in the immortality of the soul and resurrection. We just have a different version of the story of Jesus's life and what he taught than they do. When you read our forbidden pages the truth becomes apparent very quickly.

We agreed to disagree but with a new found respect for each other's beliefs, except for one thing. We are free to believe what we want to, they are not. According to church doctrine - they are not allowed to become Masons, but some in the U.S. do anyway...see
Freemasonry and Rome

But there are worse fanatics or fundamentalists out here that we will call anti's. The anti's seemed to have dug up old symbols which they say are evil but we know mean something altogether different than what they try to convince you of. Most of what they claim comes from uneducated 'guessing' and finger pointing and just plain lies or anything they can conjure up to get you to believe them. The trouble is, they can't prove one syllable of what they are saying.

Fundamentalism is an attitude more than a particular belief system. It seems to be characterised by unquestioning submission to an absolute authority and intolerance of alternative view points, belief systems, and even in some cases of people who do not follow the teaching of the group. Often a god is said to be the authority that is followed, but in reality it is nothing more than a tradition. As a theology, fundamentalism is often poorly developed and frequently not able to address in a comprehensive way the scriptures of the religion that it purports to represent.

Fundamentalists often show a rather distressing [or amusing, depending on your viewpoint] tendency to dishonestly twist scriptures in order to make them align to their own inherited dogma, despite the fact that the principle of the movement is to do the reverse. Common targets of this dishonesty today include: the churchs stance on homosexuality, the cosmology of the Bible, and Messianic prophecy in the Old Testament. While bitterly complaining that their opponents take Biblical passages out of context [not always a false accusation] in order to discredit the Bible, fundamentalists simultaneously perpetrate that crime and condemn all those who do not proof text as they say they do.

Keep in mind, the church is threatened by what we know. But what Masonry teaches doesn't revolve around anything Satanic! It revolves around what God taught the ancients before religion became 'organized'. What God taught from Adam to Jesus was how to return to him. The church blocks this path by claiming those who don't attend are sinners. They claim you cannot be saved unless you follow their rules to the letter. God meant for men to get along and love each other as 'brothers'. The church directs you to hate anybody who doesn't agree with them and what THEY say is truth. The Catholic church even says, 'if you're not a Catholic you're not a christian'. Aren't we all searching for the same thing? A home in heaven? Ask yourself if this makes any sence if Jesus said we must love each other regardless. Weren't we all created equal in God's image?

The organized structure of religion ( posted here on the web ) now uses pictures of Satan and try to connect it to Mason's because we are a threat to their dogma and set doctrines.
It is certain that a God gave his secrets to mankind on purpose. But the Hebrews god is proven here to be a jealous vengfull god who dispises humans and doesn't want them to be educated or know his secret. He lies to Eve in the garden and tells her she will die if she eats the so-called forbidden fruit. Then she DOES NOT DIE but gains what we know as wisdom and she passes the apple to Adam. What the jealous god teaches is hate, lust, vanity, jealousy, greed, pride, gluttony, lazness ect. So why are we are taught to 'fear' and 'Obey' this God?

More details on .. Forbidden Knowledge

The true God did not tempt Eve with the Apple from the tree of wisdom, but he actually interviened and gave Eve a choice to use what she knew for good or evil. A Catholic Bishop named Jerome called the serpent 'evil', not God and not anyone else. The catholic church invented 'satan'. The serpent is not Satan. There is no such deity.

There is no such thing as a 'fallen angel!' However there were beings that Enoch called 'The Watchers'. This is also in scripture in the book of Daniel 4:17-23. The 'Messenger' is a Watcher. see Rebels among the 'Watchers'.

Adam and Eve were not part of the evil creations. But what we discovered about them is very different than the KJ bible tells us. We found an answer as to who were Cain and Abel's wives and as you know this is not in the KJ bible..
What is recorded in history is not altogether what the KJ bible says. Ancient manuscripts, hidden scrolls, ancient legends and word of mouth is different sometimes than written scripture. You must realize that Moses only wrote the first five books of the Hebrew bible and the rest was written by Hebrew priests and prophets. But we found out this work was not all written by Moses and it was edited.
Maybe the Hebrew schollars interrupted God's word differently than Moses. Maybe there is something they left out. This one single discovery proved this was in fact true. see Passage forward.

The KJ bible Old Testament was written with a Hebrew/Jewish point of view. Neither Abraham nor Moses was raised or taught by Hebrews, because 'Hebrew' wasn't really a sect until after Moses left Egypt. Their original tribe was called 'Hyksos'. Abraham tried to educate the Hyksos population with mathmatics and geometry. Moses was educated IN EGYPT and he already knew more than Abraham did. He tried to teach it to the Hebrews, but they refused to listen. The Hyksos and the Hebrews are one and the same, but they were illiteriate. They couldn't read or write.

Not understanding Moses's words, the Hebrews created their own religion. They rejected the religion of Egypt because the Egyptians believed the dead lived in another world, not really being dead at all. Yet Joseph was buried in an Egyptian coffer, with Egyptian decoration and an Egyptian style ceremony, in Egypt.
The Hebrews took Joseph with them when they left Egypt but they rejected 'The Original Laws of Moses' which isn't what we read in the Hebrew bible.. There was one tribe that didn't reject Moses' law. Jesse, Saul, David, Solomon, Hiram, and a few others kept the true teachings alive. They were labeled the 'devils' children because they taught something different. This different teaching was not included in the KJ bible because it had alot to do with human procreation....SEX!
The New Testament was written with a Greek/Roman influenced point of view, but the writers don't know all the hidden things, the things only the priests and prophets and the apostles were privy to.

We looked at other religious orders and what they teach. The connections were amazing! Keeping in mind that Christianity is not the oldest religion, this is where our research led us. So down on paper it went, transformed into this site for all to read.

We also found that unpublished parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls are in the hands of Catholic Theologins. These 5 men operate under the name Ecole Biblique. This is in turn controlled by the Pontifical Biblical Commission who reports directly to the Vatican. The scrolls are housed in Isreal in the Rockerfeller Museum and Israeli authorities under the Department of Antiquities have allowed this Catholic group sole authority and possession of the scrolls for the last 50 years since (1947). No outsider expect by direct permission of these biased Catholic priests is allowed to even see the scrolls.

This 'control' is dangerous to the scrolls and assures us there is something to be learned by a qualified non-biblical researcher that will shock the world. Just a few months ago the Gospel of Judas was put into public view. It is available for download on the National Geographic web site. This text was discovered in 1978 in Egypt. It tells a completely different story than Matthew, Mark or Luke. Judas was not a traitor but actually the only one of two people who knew the secret of Jesus. Did Jesus instruct Judas to reveal where he was to the Romans? Scholars think he did. Why? Because this was the plan. God intended for this to happen....but something else happened, or should we say didn't happen that will shock the very foundation the church stands on. Denial is the standard mode of operation for the church. But it isn't going to take very long until they will have to admit they've been hiding a truth that is just now beginning to surface.

More pressure needs to be asserted on Israeli and [ again ] Catholic authorities to release the remainder of the Dead Sea scrolls to the public. Our information says, the Scholars in charge are all Catholic and they have been holding some scrolls from publication for 45 years. Their rule of thumb is: "The primary responsibility of every biblical scholar is to ferret out from the Old Testament susposed anticipations of accepted Christian doctrine. Viewed any other way, the Old Testament presumably has scant value and relevance. This is a curious defination of 'dispassoniate scholarship'.
This means they are hiding something.

When you consider the doctrine in which all Catholics are required to believe, there becomes an eminiate threat to historical documents that should be declared just that and released to the world as such. We feel the scrolls are in danger of being destroyed should their story leak out.

This is what they say to any outside attempts to see the scrolls; "All inquiry and investigation, regardless of what might turn up or reveal MUST be subordinated and accommodated to the existing corpus of official Catholic teaching. In other words, it must be edited or adjusted or distorted until it conforms to the requisite criteria. If it can't be subordinated or accommodated to existing doctrine MUST of necessity, be supressed."
The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh
Baigent and Lincoln and Robert Buval do Not display an anti-christian, anti-masonic attitude for those who seem to think this. It is the Christians or any bible-thumper fundamentalists who will not except archaeological findings or historical proof that contradicts their vein unfounded illogical beliefs.

Father Skehan, who was in charge of the scrolls said this; "Utimately, the biblical scholor's work should be guided and determined by Church doctrine and be subject to the sovern right of Holy Mother Church to witness definitavely what is in fact concordant with the teaching she has received from Christ."The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception
Another words, You are never going to see what they are hiding because it will destroy the doctrine, the Church and them.

According to a document written by Cardinal Ratzinger, who was in control of the scroll research; Catholic theologins have no right to dissent from the established teachings of the church". The Pope endorsed this. "Indeed, dissent is itself ( promoted or demoted ) to the status of an actual 'sin'."
If a theologian begins to question Church doctrine, he is thus, by skilful psychological manipulation, made to feel morally tainted for doing so. Any propensity to question is effectively turned back on the questioner and transformed into guilt - something which the Church has always trafficked most profitably."

Cardinal Ratzinger also said this; "The freedom of the act of faith cannot justify a right to dissent. This freedom does not indicate freedom with regard to the truth, but signifies the free determination of the person in CONFORMITY with his moral obligations to accept the truth." Another words, one is perfectly free to accept the teachings of the Church, but not to question or reject them. Freedom cannot be manifested or expressed except through submission. This is a curious definition of freedom.
The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh

So with that said, don't believe anything you read on ephesians5-11 These are 'little people' with big lies!! They claim to be the absolute authority on Masonic rituals and what they mean. HA!! We beg to differ and we can back it up with proof.

For those of you who just have to read it, this page has one ritual. State of Nevada This is the Master Mason Degree, from an anti-masonic view point.
You will need the Adobe Reader for these files download it at Adobe Reader
Ignore the introduction and keep in mind that the wording changes from lodge to lodge.
THESE ANTI MASONIC LINKS ARE HERE FOR ONE REASON, WHAT THEY ARE SAYING IS NOT TRUE AND THE RITUALS ARE COMPLETELY MISINTEPREPTED. DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING PRINTED ON THESE PAGES AT FACE VALUE OR AS FACT. THESE RITUALS ARE ALLEGORICAL LESSONS JUST AS JESUS' TEACHING WAS ALLEGORICAL. Our Passage pages do give some explaination as to the realness of the immortality of the soul but the real lesson is only for the initiate to know and the Master to teach. However remember that most of the origional meanings have been lost. Only a Masonic scholar would be able to interpret the meanings clearly and correctly.

One of the many anti's had this page called Deadly deception. This one made us extremely angry. They quote Hiram Abiff as being brought back to life, flesh falling off his bones, after being 'raised' by the lion's paw grip. How stupid can they get. ( This nonsence has been taken off due to our protest. But this sentence still tells it all; "In both legends there is a wicked conspiracy by evil men to seize the precious thing".
What group, called a religion has had more people executed, cruisified, burned at the stake, tortured, heads lopped off, than any other group or society known to the history of mankind? ...And they still do their best to hassass and degrade those who don't agree with them.

Their comments; More stupidity;(1) "It puzzles me that no one has questioned the necessity for a "substitute" for the lost Grand Masonic Word. If it was lost at the death of Hiram because only he knew it, then why, when Hiram was raised back to life, didn't Solomon just ask him what the real, original one was? All Solomon needed to do was say something like, "Hiram…praise the Lord that you are no longer dead! Now what was that word all this fuss has been about?"

(2)This one is the worst one yet. from the Master Mason Forum Main Page to this Re: Prince Hall Masons...FOOLS!!!!
...."In fact, what these occultists who were also Masons represent are the very few Illuminated Masons who had gone all the way to the "Light", to discover what the final great secret of Masonry truly is, i.e., dedicated Satanists working to achieve the New World Order of Antichrist."

Our other page disputing the anti's Pit of Serpents

Ephippas and the Demon of the Red Sea bring the 
Great Pillar to Solomon How many times do we have to say it. Occult means "secret", NOT SATANIC!.. look it up in the dictionary.

It seems to us that all these so-called 'educated' christian purists cannot tell the difference. With a very small effort one would find that the 'occult' delt with Alchemy and is even found in the secret books of Enoch. It also deals with metaphysics, astronomy, mathmetics, numberology, ie. science, which were known and practiced by Enoch and Moses. These were also practiced and taught by Socrates in 399 B.C. This means these sciences were available to be taught to initiates in the time of Jesus. And we can make them even madder by proving Jesus was educated by the finest minds in the world at the time - and he wasn't poor either. He was from a family of priests, all well to do and all with very high authority in the community.

We also found a sculpture and the story of King Solomon having control over a demon, making it hold a book for him... here it is. Old Testament Legends. And here's another one..The Lesser Key of Solomon "The wisdom of Solomon as described in 1 Kings was, of course, legendary, and it came to be assumed that such wisdom must have included great knowledge of the magical arts and power over the spirit world. Yes King Solomon used 'magic' but it was used to protect the followers and priests and heal the sick. He also used it to punish blasphemers, with a 'fire stick'. This magic is used again in the degree work when Moses was told to build a brazen serpent, and put it on a pole, and all who looked upon it were cured of the serpent's venom.

Asath [Asach]: an Angel invoked in Solomonic magical rites.
the Testament of Solomon

Ashael: an invocation Angel, mentioned in M. Gaster,
see the introduction , first and then this
The Sword of Moses

Quotes from the intro page above;
In these times magical art and practice were ruthlessly persecuted by the Church, and the Councils teem with denunciations against the work of the 'Evil One'. Moreover, it was connected in a certain degree with the teachings and practices of the various heretical sects, and the pursuit was anything but harmless. Thus it comes about that an exhaustive study of the origin and development of Magic is still a wish for the future, and the full influence which it has exercised upon mankind cannot be investigated in such a manner as to have a scientific value until at least a portion of the ancient literature will again have come to light.

The syncretistic character of the Gnostic teachings shows itself also in the adoption of Magic, and in the spiritual interpretation with which they invested the forms and formulas of Magic. The adherents of the various teachings of the Gnostics, and especially those that lived in Egypt and Palestine, adopted all the ideas that were floating about and transferred them into their system of superior Gnosis.

Being the most formidable sects that assumed an anti-Christian character, although some are anterior to Christianity, the Gnostics were the first to be attacked by the Fathers of the Church. Most of the ancient writings of the Fathers are filled with polemics against heretics, of which these are the foremost. The result of this campaign, which lasted for centuries, has been the absolute destruction of all the writings of the Gnostics. Sparse and incoherent fragments only have come down to us, and we are now compelled to study their systems and superstitions, if we may call them so, from the writings of their antagonists, Irenæus and Hippolytus, Tertullian and Epiphanius. A single exception is the work known as Pistis Sophia," the date of whose composition is variously assigned to the second or fourth century. It certainly seems to belong to a later stage in the development of the Gnosis, as it contains some of the later ideas. It has come down to us in a very bad state of preservation.

This is a page with a list of the Angles, good and bad. This list exists because Enoch, Abraham, Moses, Solomon, David and Jesus knew their names and knew how to control them. The Egyptian book of the Dead says, if you know their names you have effective control over them, as did these 'occultists'..
List of Angels

Ashriel: "Vow of God" - one of the seven Angels with dominion over the Earth. He is the Angel who separates the soul from the body at death. In the Cabala, he is invoked as a curer of stupidity.

Most Mason's know the lies that are being told are not the gest of the allegorical lesson they are taught if they do some research. And this of cource is not explained fully in lodge work. Maybe it should be. Maybe research should be demanded of new Masons. Those of you who know better will see the deception that's being told about Mason's has been told long enough..When you read the first 'Passage' page, the true meaning is revealed. The 'Living Resurrection' was just one of the true missions of Christ. But then certain religious groups will denigh Jesus belonged to a 'secret sect'. In researching ancient beliefs, We also found what we believe was the real reason for Christ's time on earth.

More importantly, added to other facts, We found evidence that King Solomon might have actually known Akhenaten and they were probably 'Brother's' by the Ancient rite. Akhenaten's statues depict the figure of a woman. No he wasn't gay. But he knew a secret that he tried to teach his followers. You will find out what it was as you continue on our pages.
The books of Thoth show us the Master Temple architects and builders, all of them including Hiram Abiff.

The Knight and Lomas book, The Hiram Key", is only one page in a series of known truths about ancient Egypt and ancient connections. Dismissing Hiram as a representation of Tao is easy, but the passage of the ancient right and the connection to Moses in this time period is no mistake. We believe Moses was born only 30 years before Tao was murdered. We don't think he was born in the 12th century B.C., as Christians claim. Our Introduction series is backed up by new evidence on this.

The Hyksos were ran out of Egypt in 1550 .B.C. lead by an army under the command of none other than Moses. Add this to the Exodus that landed the twelve tribes in Israel in 1456 B.C., as historical records have proven, and we have Moses leaving Joshua in charge when he was around 104 years old. A triple star alignment in 1600 B.C. may have signified his birth, but only a ten year difference places him in Tao's life and the reign of Tao's wife and his oldest son Ahmose. This we go into on The Widow's Son page and the 'Moses' Page.

We believe Moses and Aaron knew Tao and were present, possibly officiating at his funeral. Clues in degree work prove this, on the 'Missing lessons' page and our page outlining the lessons in the Scottish Rite Degrees. (No degree work is revealed).

Keep in mind that the greatest minds of our time, including the man who finally deciphered the Rosetta stone when he was 30 years old, were Masons. They demanded intellectual and political freedom. They studied night and day on every subject available to mankind.

They had to have studied religion at some point and the studies led them to one conclusion. The Ancients had all the true secrets. Buried by time, clouded in mystery and the occult were to be found the wisdom of God. In discovering that wisdom, they also found God. We feel that the ultimate goal of every Mason, should be to discover this wisdom. You are not here to be proud and boastful. You are not here to be recognized for your 32 degrees. You are here to learn and contribute to your fellow man.

The human mind demands REASON, it demands TRUTH, it demands LOGIC.

Nearing our 10th year on line, the search continues. We hope you find "light" here.

Please, If your site is not Strictly Masonic in nature, we kindly ask that you do not link here without permission or under the guidelines set forth here The reasons for this are simple. Many anti-masonic sites have tryed to use us to promote their lies and hate. We have also been linked to by 'discussion forums' who also use us to promote more lies.. When this happens we are forced to change the URL or cancel some pages. We apologize if some links might not work due to their cancellation. We now have sufficient information to directly link them to the pagan sources they accuse us of having, so now they will think twice before they try to 'use' us in their discussions of 'paganism' and satanic worship.

Will Rogers once said, "Diplomacy is the art of saying 'nice doggie' until you can find a rock."

Enjoy your journey...


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