Hiram Abiff - Introduction page 5

Hiram Abiff - Introduction page 5

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Men of Knowledge, Men of Science, Men of God.

The Knights Templer and the Freemasons

The 'Lack of Knowledge', or should we say the supression of it, is the reason for the fall into the dark ages. The Christians under St. Augustine (5th century) were told that learning and education was against God's laws. Pythagoras, Hipparchus and Galileo were condemed by church decree for teaching beliefs 'outside church doctrine'. They burned every record that they thought was connected to what they called 'sin' and called it 'witchcraft'.

"In Plato's Timaeus, there appears the earliest known equation of the Creator with the 'Architect of the Universe'. The Creator, in the Timaeus, is called 'tekton', meaning 'craftsman' or 'builder'. 'Arche-tekton' thus denoted 'master craftsman' or 'master builder'. Jewish and Greek writers misinterpreted this as 'carpenter'. For Plato, the 'arche-tekton' crafted the cosmos by means of geometry."
- Baigent & Leigh, The Temple and the Lodge

17th century scholars, Masons in particular disagreed with the supression of knowledge by the church. Masters such as Ashmole, Christopher Wren, Robert Boyle, Issac Newton, and Robert Hooke, found 'truth' in science. That science led the to debunking of 'church doctrine' in more than one instance.

In 1662 Hooke was named Curator of Experiments of the newly formed Royal Society of London -- meaning that he was responsible for demonstrating new experiments at the Society's weekly meetings. Christopher Wren was a 17th century English designer, astronomer, geometer, and the greatest English architect of his time. He was a founder of the Royal Society (president 1680–82), and his scientific work was highly regarded by Sir Isaac Newton and Blaise Pascal.

During the 17th and 18th century, in the age of Enlightenment, religion was seen as antithetical to reason. Because the Middle Ages was an "Age of Faith" when religion reigned, it was seen as a period contrary to reason, and thus contrary to the Enlightenment. Immanuel Kant and Voltaire were two Enlightenment writers who were vocal in attacking the religiously dominated Middle Ages as a period of social decline. Many modern negative conceptions of the age come from Enlightenment authors.
more.. Dark ages concept

"...During the years between 1723 and 1813 the invocation of the name of Christ in the endings of prayers gradually died out. In masonic quotations of scripture the name of Christ came very pointedly to be deleted from the text." That's because out of respect for our 'brothers' who might worship Buddah or Allah, ect., a particular deity could not be named. "It is perhaps because the Freemasons call God, "GAOTU" (Grand Architect of the Universe) as revealed to Royal Arch Masons, as being 'that Religion to which all men agree' that it was determined that Holy Royal Arch workings should not be conducted in Lodges but separately in 'Chapters' under the control of a Grand Chapter and not of Grand Lodge."

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries many Europeans, Masons among them, found their way to the Middle East, where they discovered the relics of those cultures which had practiced the Ancient Mysteries. Masons with a philosophical turn of mind recognized the similarities between their Order and the ancient traditions. The similar symbolism, some of which, like the ladder from a Temple of Mithras, is shared with Masonry, encouraged the idea of Freemasonry's direct connection with those ancient rites."

"Although there is evidence for a generic connection between the Craft and the Ancient Mysteries, there is no explanation of how the material might have been transmitted or how the tradition could remain hidden through the rigors of the Dark Ages and the probing of the Inquisition."
- W. Kirk MacNulty, Freemasonry - A Journey through Ritual and Symbol

This site was developed to bridge the gap between the ancient mysteries and what the churches call 'Myth' or legend. In effect; the fallen angels we see in the modern christian bible in Genesis 6: 2-4 have other names which include; Watchers, Guardians, Nephilim, Elohim, Gods, and Sons of God. These names for the gods (more than one) are in every document we have that applies to any religion. The Torah, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Bible, ect. The vast majority of religious and spiritual adherents follow one of; Christianity (33% of world population), Islam (20%), Hinduism (13%), Chinese folk religion (6%) or Buddhism (5%). check out this world map (scroll down) World Religions

Early Christian scholars, the earliest known classifiers of major religions, recognized two "proper" religions, Christianity and Judaism, besides what they termed as heretical deviations from Christianity, and idolatrous relapse or paganism. Islamic theology recognizes Christians and Jews as "People of the Book" rather than idolaters, although Christians are criticized for worshiping Christ as a god rather than following Christ as a prophet and messenger. The Christian view long classified Islam as one heresy among others.

Views evolved during the Enlightenment, however, and, by the 19th century, Western scholars considered the five "world religions" to be Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

Our attempt here is to use all of these to show the reader, 'the one seeking enlightenment', that at one time all of these came from ONE SINGLE SOURCE. If that source is 5000 years old we might as well use it to identify the fallen angels, gods or Elohim or as in the Christian bible, Genesis 1:26 - "US", 3:22 - "OUR" and 11:7 - "US".
When we discover who 'US' is, we will find God or GAOTU.

This is a recent comment from a private entry in our guest book:

"Your website is utterly amazing. I was raised as a Master Mason in 1973 and, sadly, for years since then I have met with disappointment and frustration at the behavior and obvious ignorance I've seen of far too many of my brother Masons.
I've known for years that Freemasonry is more than some club of "I've Got A Secret" and have searched for any shred of information providing truth. My search has included those references you cite as well as others, including esoteric sources as old as or older that Freemasonry. The truth is beautiful once we find it. I have spent many hours reading your website and will be spending many more as time permits. Thank you for providing another wonderful source of Masonic truth."

The 'ignorance' this Master speaks of is mostly due to the church 'imposed' doctrines or 'heresies' of the day...most of which have been proven to be false or simply not true.. Below we see who perpetuated most of them and their admittance that it was all formed as 'doctrine' - Or the belief imposed by the churches or synagogs on it's members.

What we now believe is the truth was destroyed in the 300's AD. when the religious leaders at the time imposed their beliefs on the world. Unfortunately those beliefs have misled the entire human race and we are now, and have been - killing each other over our religious differences!

Note; We are not attacking Catholics, Musslims or Jews - Only the MAN MADE RULES that all religions impose on all of us no matter what our faith might be!

The name of Jesus is found in all religions. From Christian, to Islam to Buddism so the following is not a bias or religiously related statement!

Matthew 13:35, The words of Jesus, "I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world."

We'd like to clear up some misconceptions

Albert Pike made the assumption that Masonry was a religion in one of his books and he was very wrong. This is the quote:"Albert Pike maintained that, "Every Masonic Lodge is a temple of religion; and its teachings are instruction in religion." Pike also asserted that the true meanings of the mysterious and arcane symbols of Freemasonry are found in the occult philosophy of the Jewish Cabala, that Freemasonry owes all its secrets to the Cabala, and that Freemasonry is a religion based on the Cabala."

You won't find any Mason anywhere that agrees with this statement. Pike made other statements that were ultimately turned into Hoaxs by those who wished to damage the Lodges reputation as well as that of the Catholic church. The most infamous of these is the Taxil Hoax. This Hoax is still being used by so-called christian sites to demonize Masonry. They will not refer to the person or place or reason for the Hoax. Anotherwords, they won't tell you the truth. See this and other misleading stories on our Pit of Serpents page. or see..Anti-Masonry

General Albert Pike (1809-1891) was a lawyer and editor, and Sovereign Grand Commander of the Southern Supreme Council, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (1859-1891). Although held in high regard by many North American freemasons, his writings on the history or symbolism of Freemasonry are not considered authoritative.

Albert Pike is popular with anti-masons for three reasons. Firstly, Léo Taxil falsely accused him of claiming that the god of Freemasonry was Lucifer (Note Taxil’s public confession); secondly, Susan L. Davis and Walter L. Fleming, without documentation or proof, claimed him as a leader of the Ku Klux Klan; and thirdly, Pike’s extensive writings are easily quoted out of context to demonstrate pagan or occult leanings.

Discussing the 'traditions' of any particular religion does not mean that any Mason agrees with it or practices it. However those ancient traditions reveal the secrets of the ancients.... And it has nothing to do with so-called devils or demons except the instance used on the next page referring to King Solomon.

Here's another misleading statement: "Freemasonry deliberately misleads the initiates of the lower degrees with false religious interpretations, even suggesting in some degrees that Lucifer is their light! (The Taxil Hoax) "Aleister Crowley was a mason (briefly) and something he learned in the secrecy of a lodge led him and other masons to form an occult group called the Order of the Eastern Templars, or O.T.O.. Crowley and O.T.O. are frequently labeled as "evil." Several Christian churches consider O.T.O. to be Satanic, and we can see why.

Crowley was initiated into an irregular lodge in Mexico. He had only four contacts with regular Freemasonry, was never active as a freemason, was never recognized as a freemason by any regular body of Freemasonry, and had no impact on Freemasonry..

The OTO is not associated with todays order of the Knights Templar or any regular Masonic Lodge. (Regular means affiliated with the Grand Lodge of England) This article explains how the Scottish Rite rejected the OTO and thereby refused to recognize it as a Masonic body. The O.T.O. originally borrowed ritual material from irregular Masonic organizations, and although some related symbolism and language is in use, the context has changed to Thelema and its tenets. This book contains both the phrase "Do what thou wilt" and the word Thelema in Greek, which Crowley took for the name of the philosophical, mystical and religious system which he subsequently developed. This system includes ideas from occultism, Yoga, and both Eastern and Western mysticism (especially the Qabalah). Crowley became one of the most infamous Satanists of this century!" Aleister Crowley was an athiest, a drug user, a blatant bigot, a self proclaimed Satanist, and a homosexual so he could not have been be a mason!. He said, "Women exist for the use of men." That is to say, his interest was in the woman's body and he wanted no spiritual or intellectual participation from her." Crowley himself practiced polytheism. (belief in several gods).

The 'Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn' (Societas Rosicruciana) was never a branch of Freemasonry even though the three founders, Dr. William Robert Woodman, William Wynn Westcott, and Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers were Freemasons. In the same instance, the "Skull and Bones" society is NOT connected with Masonry even though it uses some masonically related symbols. These symbols have been changed slightly to avoid any connection with a morality based secret society such as the Masons.

Masonry is NOT connected with the Skull and Bones Society, a secret group at Yale University. see the 'Pit of Serpents' page.

No individual speaks for Freemasonry, nor does Freemasonry dictate opinion and belief to its members, so masonic membership is no real criterion for evaluating views, opinions, conclusions, or actions. One list of freemasons can be found at: Famous Masons

The Founding Fathers: George Washington, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, James Polk, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, James Garfield, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Warren Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, all Freemasons.

Masons are Not Lyndon Johnson, NOT George Bush, Not Ronald Regan!
Here is the List Famous Freemasons

Egyptian, Sumerian and Hebrew history verses the King James Bible:

Within this site there are many stories, each one dealing with a biblical character we are all familiar with. The difference here is the stories we uncovered are not found in the bible. They are from other texts, books banned from the bible, sacred scrolls, stone tablets and the historical memory of Egyptian priests long before they were ever written down. Research into these 'other texts' reveals facts left out of the cannonical text. The first 5 books called the Torah were written for the Hebrew people by Moses. But as previously mentioned, there were two versions.

Torah is a Hebrew word meaning "teaching," "instruction," or "law". It refers primarily to the Five Books of Moses, also known as the Laws of Moses

During 5th century BCE, when the works of the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) were edited and canonized and the secret knowledge encrypted within the various writings and scrolls (“MeGilot”), the knowledge was referred to as Ma'aseh Merkavah and Ma'aseh B'reshit (“the act of the Chariot” and “the act of Creation”) alluding to the encrypted knowledge within the book of the prophet Ezekiel describing his vision of the "Divine Chariot", and referring to the first chapter of Genesis. In the Torah, there is believed to contain many hidden secrets as to the creation of the universe and forces of nature.

Some of these ancient stories were delibertly left out of the currently used and recognized King James Bible. Then even the approved text was edited many times to be kept in tune with the ever changing beliefs of the temple priests including the stories about Jesus. Romans wrote the New Testament. Paul was one of them. When Paul discredited the disciples in the book of Acts, everything changed. Paul declared the Laws of Moses to be obsolete and they were abandoned. He declared the disciples to be false teachers. How is that possible when Jesus trusted them and taught them all he knew? The 'New Laws' of the Roman controlled Jerusalem church were then firmly cemented into place. They called it 'Christianity', but that word was not used untill 11 years after Christ died.

Because we use lost and secret texts, our other pages contain many unknown facts about Adam and Eve, Josephus, Abraham, King Solomon, Plato and the lost continent of Atlantis, The Knights Templar, Jesus and his brothers, the disciples, Isis, Osiris, Moses and the Egyptian connection. We include information about The Shroud of Turin and Jaques De Molay, John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene, and the ancient astrologers, the Magi. We also present facts we discovered about the New Testament that you won't read anywhere else. Little known facts about the Old Testament, where it came from, who wrote it and who changed it are also exposed. What is found before the changes were made is remarkable indeed.

From our research we find that when Moses wrote the Torah, he had a god in mind that was not called Yehwah or Jehovah. That name is revealed in the Torah along with other clues that brought us to our conclusions. The 'other texts' such as Enoch's books and the 5000 year old Enuma Elish tablets confirm our theories. Remember, the bible and the Torah uses the word 'US' in several verses which further reinforces what we found. Those verses are Genesis 1:26, 'US", and 4:22, "OUR" . And again when the Gods (more than one) confront Nimrod in Genesis 11:7. If you have read these words, you can not denigh that is odd and has never explained.

One of the Gods, the texts reveals, was loving and kind and did not demand obedience, nor did he want the people to fear him. The Hebrews were so afraid of their God they could not let go of their beliefs in this controling, vengeful deity. From this early form of Judiasm, we have been taught to 'fear' God.

Our intention was not to contridict the bible, but what we have found from esoteric sources tells a different story than what we have been taught as children in Sunday School.

Our focus on the truth is - the vengeful, jealous deity that the Hebrews were afraid of is also jealous of anyone who is good and kind. This deity is not capable of love or understanding or forgiveness. He is the creator of 'death'. On the other hand, the God that we call 'the True God' is responsible for life and he gave us something the jealous, vengeful god can not - a soul. This is the focus of a secret page. We hope you find it because it will take you beyond any 'faith' issue you ever had about 'life after death'.

Although Hiram Abiff is a fictious character in the Masonic ritual, there may have been an Egyptian King who was privy to a precious secret, which he took to the grave with him. He died for his beliefs in a 'true God' that was loving and kind was only here to help and teach us. His reward was living forever in the 'afterlife', a term most people do not understand.

The Gospel of Thomas; 1. And he said, "Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death."
2. Jesus said, "Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all. [And after they have reigned they will rest.]"
5. "There is nothing buried that will not be raised up!"

The Knights Templar

The real discovery of America and why they did.

One of the 'mysteries' handed down over the centuries was contained in scrolls found under Herods' Temple and discovered by the Knights Templar in 1118. Did they find a map? Navigational charts? Christopher Columbus did not discover America, but he was a Mason and a Portuguese Knight of Christ.

The Knights Templar, Henry Sinclair in particular, discovered America in 1398. They sailed to find the place marked by a star called la Merica. This star and the mythical land below it were known to have originated from scrolls found beneath Herod's Temple. When the Templars had been 'outlawed' in Europe, they undertook this search for the perfect land that lay over the great sea to the west. The 'la Merica' star is the reason the USA is called America. They landed on the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada in 1398. There is a monument in the form of a 15 ton boulder with a black narrative plaque on it. This is located at Halfway Cove on Rt. 16 in Guysborough County, just above the original landing site.

According to Pete Cummings and others, Henry used many of his ships and his Italian expert to sail to Nova Scotia in 1398 and Massachusetts in 1399. He may even have gone to Rhode Island, where evidence suggests that he built Newport Tower. and see Newport Tower. One viewer says the wikipedia article is biased against it being of pre-Columbian origin.

His grandson William, first Sinclair Earl of Caithness, immortalized that voyage (among many other things) in stone at Rosslyn Chapel, near Edinburgh Scotland. The picture is the Santa Maria (Christopher Columbus's flag ship) with Templar crosses on the sails.

The Templars were 'outlawed' because they believed something different than the Pope or the church of England wanted them to believe. But they had a very good reason. They were descendents of the high priests of the Jerusalem Temple before Rome took control over their religion. These priests were from a holy family that had Jesus as a 'Son'. From that time until now, what they wanted was 'freedom'. Freedom to believe based on their own understanding of what the scriptures taught.

In 399 B.C. Socrates was tried for corrupting the morals of Athenian youth and for religious heresies; it is now believed that his arrest stemmed in particular from his influence on Alcibiades and Critias, who the church claimed had betrayed Athens. They made him drink poison.

Galileo was condemned in 1633 by the Roman catholic church for teaching that the earth revolved around the Sun. The church forbid any science from being taught if it differed from their views. When the church had a 'different' doctrine than the scientists of the time, they called it 'witchcraft' and labeled it hereasy. The perpetuator was sentenced to death, his teachings and drawings burnt.

Because of this prosecution, Law, mathematics, technical philosophic problems, and natural science was taught outside the confines of Rome in countries like India, Babylon and Egypt (Phoenicia) as early as 580 BC. We found evidence of much older teaching and a knowledge base that is just now being rediscovered. There were 10,000 students that attended these Mystery schools. One of the schools teachers was Pythagoras (582 - 500 BC). The Essenes studied Pythagoras. The Essenes have been highly suggested to be the ancestors of Jesus, John the Baptist and their respective families.

To further their education, the members of the Masonic organizations of Europe ignored church doctrine to rediscover science in the late 1600's. This stand against the church lead us to the Hubble telescope, the Mar's Rover and the International Space Station. It also led us to "freedom" in the United States of America and even Germany and Russia....so how can knowledge be bad?

The Royal Society of England was formed in 1648. There were mathmeticians, astrologers, architects, alchemists, doctors, ect., who had nothing in common except that they were highly educated in their particular field. Some of them found what is described as the Philosohers Stone. The bible calls it 'Manna'. Exactly what is it? We found the answer.

This movement was in the vanguard of progressive thought in Europe, and included some of the founders of our tradition of organised science. Newton, Hooke, Boyle, Ashmole and other members of the original Royal Society were Freemasons. Masons have been accused of having secrets, but in 1688 when James Stuart was deposed as King of England, everything was lost. The Royal House of Stuart was descended from King James, a Scot. The historians say everything was burned so nothing could be discovered by outsiders. It seems that the remaining secrets were held by Christopher Wren, who was a member of the house of Stuart. When he died, Anderson (Anderson's Constitutions) claimed Wren took the secrets with him.

Basically what this tells us is that the Catholic church and the Scotish Protestants did not get along and when King James was deposed in 1688, the Highland chiefs under King William were obliged to take an oath to support him and not the country. When some refused, one entire clan, including women and children were slaughtered in 1692. Mel Gibson's portrail as William Wallace in the movie Braveheart was only the beginning of the rebellion against England. Wallace did rally the Scots in fighting the tyranny of the British. But he was, although not a prestigious member of the class, a minor nobleman of the LOWLAND, and not the more romantic HIGHLANDS. He was killed in 1305. Longshanks, though, went on to live until 1307. Wallace's wife's name was Marion not Murron and she was killed when the British came to their home looking for Wallace. He had already had a history of rebellion. But this is the movies.

The background of the Scotish Protestant movement originated with France and is probably connected to the Knights Templar, and William Sinclair (St. Clair) in particular. He built a chapel to house artifacts brought by the Knights Templar to Scotland in 1126. Between 1118 and 1128 the Templars excavated the ruins of Herod’s Temple in Jerusalem. Hugue de Payen, first Grand Master of the Knights Templar, served on the First Crusade with Henri St Clair, First Earl of Roslin and Hugue visited Roslin in 1126 where he was given land to build the first Templar Preceptory outside the Holy Land.

The Book of Hiram Enoch left some of his knowledge in the form of a stone structure. These structrues are all over England and they include Stonehenge. We recommend the book Uriel's Machine , Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, for a detailed look at the function and purpose of these structures. Their newest book, The Book of Hiram, is a continuation of the remarkable link to these structures which are connected to astrology and Enoch's teachings. We have some of the details on our page, 'The Magi'. In the book, Knight and Lomas find there are three lozenges on the wall of an underground chamber at Rosslyn chapel that describe specific locations on earth where the 'secrets' of the ancients were located. One of the locations is Rosslyn.

For those unfamiliar with Rosslyn, it is in Scotland and is the site of an exact copy of Herod's temple in Jerusalem. Built by William Sinclair, (St Clair) and completed in 1486, it is rumored to be the repository of secret documents and possibly the Ark of the Covenant, found by the Knights Templar in 1118. They spent 9 years digging under the old site of Solomon's temple. They went up to 80 feet down in the earth to locate sacred temple scrolls, temple hardware and massive amounts of gold and silver. They also found a geneology chart. This chart is rumored to be 'top secret' and reveals the truth the church has been hiding for almost 2000 years. We have three full pages about the Templars and the truth the 'chart' reveals. And see Origins of Masonry by Robert Lomas.

In 1440 William St Clair was the most powerful man in Scotland. He decided to build Rosslyn to house the treasures he had inherited from the Templars and establish a seat of spiritual authority to rival James II who was dabbling in English politics and finally got himself killed during the War of the Roses. 1542--Accession of infant Mary Stewart (she later changed name to Stuart) to the Scottish throne.

Christopher Columbus

In Lisbon, a young Christopher Columbus meets Felipa Perestrello at Sunday Mass. Columbus marries this daughter of a Templar knight and soon moves to Madera. There his mother-in-law gives him a very special wedding present: The maps and charts of the Templar explorations in the Atlantic. Drummond-Sinclair relatives marry into the Perestrello clan as well bringing knowledge of the Atlantic route to America to the newly married explorer.

There is little doubt that Columbus expected to meet rajahs of India and mandarins of China armed only with trinkets and mirrors as his trade goods.

There is little question that the Templar organization survived the 1307 persecution. The remnant organization sailed to Portugal where King Denis allowed the order to become the Knights of Christ. Prince Henry Navigator's school at Sagres preserved a Templar tradition of collecting and growing the lost and secret knowledge of the world. Columbus married into the order and later sailed to America with a Templar cross on his sails.

Prince Henry Sinclair

In the year 1391 A.D. Prince Henry Sinclair met with the famous explorers and mapmakers Nicolos and Antonio Zeno at Fer Island, which is located between the Orkneys and the Shetlands. The Zeno brothers were well known for their maps of Iceland and the Arctic. Prince Henry would contract them to send an exploratory fleet to the New World.

November of 1898 in Kensington MN., 1500 miles from Newport Tower, a farmer clearing a field had cut down a poplar tree. He proceded to pull the root base over so he could get it out of the ground. Stuck in the root system was a large 202 lb. rock containing Runic (letters in the old Norse alphabet) inscriptions. (right)

Dated 1362, the inscription refers to a party of 30 who had traveled "far west of Vinland. " [Note: "Vinland" was the name given to an area of North America by the Norseman Leif Eriksson, about the year A.D. 1001. Although still debated, "Vinland" could refer to modern-day Greenland or Newfoundland, Canada] This suggests that established history is wrong, and westerners made it to America, far before Columbus, Wolter said. He speculated that the travelers came to Minnesota possibly to take advantage of fur trade or to make land claims.

Prince Henry Sinclair It is known King Magnus of Sweden sent a party to Greenland in 1355. They never returned. It is very possible that these men were from that party. The stone bears the date of 1362. The transliteration of the text is generally accepted as: "Eight Goths and 22 Norwegians on a journey of exploration from Vinland very far west. We had camp by 2 rocky islands one day's journey north from this stone. We were out fishing one day. After we came home we found 10 men red with blood and dead. AVM [Ave Maria] save us from evil." The inscription along the edge of the stone says: "Have 10 men by the sea to look after our ships 14 days' journey from this island. Year 1362."

The History Channel has a new show about Henry Sinclair's journey called "Holy Grail in America". See how symbols on the Rune Stone match Templar ruins all over Europe. History tells us the Templar were massacred on Friday the 13th, but that a Templar fleet allegedly containing treasure was last seen off Scotland in the late 1300s. Stones with similar markings as the Rune stone have been found on islands across the Atlantic Ocean, as well as in Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Is it possible the Templar were leaving clues to an incredible journey to the New World?

Some speculate that something is buried on Oak Island about 80 feet down in a pit called the Money Pit. Called so because many people have sunk money into the pit with no results. There is a booby trap filled with water at the bottom and no one can find the source to stop it. and see Templar Treasure

1602 William Schaw sets up the modern lodge system in Scotland following the instructions of James VI.

1602 The Lodges of Scotland affirm William St Clair of Roslin as hereditary Grand Master Mason of Scotland from TI

1603 James VI takes Freemasonry to England when he becomes James I of Britain.

1641 Sir Robert Moray becomes the first Mason recorded to be made on English Soil.

1715 First Jacobite Rising, lodges begin to disclaim their Scottish roots.

1717 Formation of Grand Lodge of London denies Jacobite Heritage.

1725 First National Grand Lodge formed in Ireland.

1736 Grand Lodge of Scotland Formed as a counter measure to London expansionism.

Back in England; Then again in 1886 a private letter from the ruling Jacobite Peerage, was sent to a number of select prominent people asking for a tribute to be paid to the Stuart House. They asked for any records that related to that leadership to be sent to the New Gallery at the British Museum. Queen Victoria took control of the display and nearly all of the manuscripts were never seen again. Since that time, historians and researchers have been trying to piece the lost records back together.

From 1688 forward Masonry became spectulative, loosing the 'operative' position it once held when Ashmole, Newton and others practiced Alchemy and the search for the Philosophers Stone. They knew that Masonic lore was connected with Kabbalah wisdom philosophy (an ancient tradition of enlightment based on material and spiritual realms of consciousness). They also knew that it was related to the culture of the biblical kings, and were aware of a scholarly existance before the days of the Roman Empire. They researched the technology of the ancient Babyloians, the philosophies of Pythagoras and Plato, and the mystery traditions of old Egypt, becoming throughly absorbed in history beyond the bounds of biblical scripture.
Laurence Gardner The Shadow of Solomon

The history found here traces the ancient religion and secrets of the Masters back to the beginning of time...and to Egypt and Sumer where it is written in stone.
But where did this 'knowledge' begin?

The bible we read now is nothing like the bible that was used in the time of Jesus. There was one set of books that they had then that were only rediscovered by James Bruce in Ethiopia in 1768... Sacred Texts and Enoch's Books...parts of which were found under Herrod's Temple. Another copy was found with the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947. This would not be important were it not for the fact that the secret Books of Enoch were apparently kept with The Ark of the Covenant which the Ethiopians claim they have. Enoch's books contain scientific secrets - secrets we are just now understanding. How did Enoch know about Orion? see Hiram Intro 3.

At this point, a little more American history is in order. One of the reasons so many people came to the colonies from England prior to the Revolution was because of religious persecution under the Church of England as the established and recognized religion of the government. That persecution extended to the colonies and to those practicing religions not recognized by the Church of England. In the colonies, pastors in those religions not recognized by the Church of England could not perform certain religious rites, including marriage. Often times, couples had to travel great distances to be married in a church not of their own faith or wait until a minister of a recognized faith visited the colony.

Take a guess how the Church of England was formed.
Christianity, introduced by the Romans, was fairly well established in Britain by the 4th cent., but was almost destroyed by the Anglo-Saxon invasions beginning in the 5th cent. Surviving in isolation, the Celtic Church developed practices at variance with those on the Continent. This led to conflict when St. Augustine of Canterbury who arrived in 597 AD to reconvert England. Augustine himself invented the 'original sin' doctrine you now read about in Genesis. No God ever professed Eve to be evil or a sinner - a man did! But there's more to this story than you ever imagined.

Roman usages, forced on the people by the church were eventually adopted in preference to Celtic ones (see Whitby, Synod of), but the English Church remained somewhat isolated until the Norman Conquest, when Continental churchmen undertook its reform.

During the Middle Ages the church in England was affected by the same clashes that bedevilled the relationship between church and state elsewhere in Europe. A modus vivendi was finally achieved in the matter of investiture, but quarrels over the taxes demanded by Rome and appeals going from English courts to Rome were not resolved until Henry VIII broke the union of the English church with Rome. This action, which created the Church of England, was occasioned by the pope's refusal to grant Henry's request for an annulment of his marriage to Katharine of Aragón. The Act of Supremacy (1534) acknowledged the king as “the only supreme head on earth of the Church of England.” Thus the Reformation in England under Henry was at first a matter of policy, not doctrine. see Church of England

Then we have the American revolution which stopped England and the Church from controlling our government or the people.

This is why our government is not under the authority of a pope or Christianity or any other religion. Our government is under the authority of the people. But now just because a majority of Government officials might be 'of a certain faith' does not give them the right to dictate or to impose on others, their beliefs any more than the church in England did. By contrast Islam has control over Iran, Iraq, Pakastan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, ect. This religious order is different in each country but it controls the government of all. Iraq has at least 3 different sects of the Musslim faith. One of them teaches men to die for Allah. It teaches them to kill 'the infidels'. Why is that?

Nine Masons signed the constitution of the United States and probably had something to do with the Bill of Rights. Thomas Jefferson, a Deist, wrote the Declaration of Independence, which opens with a statement of rights deriving, not from the God of Holy Scripture, but Nature's God and the Natural Law. Lincoln, in his "Inaugural address, said he regarded the entire subject of religion as a matter of individual conscience...and that should be our motto for living.

The History Channel has recently released ("finally"), an accurate story about the masons and "Secrets of the Founding Fathers" who were a group of Freemasons..
How did the trademarks of the highly secretive Masons become integrated into the Great Seal, and on the dollar bill containing the All-Seeing Eye?
Did the grid design of the nation's capital-- commissioned by George Washington and completed by Pierre L'Enfant--contain occult symbols embraced by the Illuminati in 1776?
Did Benjamin Franklin and George Washington deliberately enlist 33 Freemason generals from France to grow the fraternal brotherhood among Masonic nations?
Explore the secret sides of the men responsible for laying the foundation of the United States. see Mysteries of the Free Masons Check your local listings for times.

Religious tolerance is part of the Masonic creed. We are to respect all religions and their members choices. But the religions themselves teach just the opposite. They teach their members to hate and disrespect everybody elses religious choice. The Roman government and an emperor named Constantine in 325 AD is responsible of this. The Church of Rome still proclaims that if you're not a Catholic, you're not a Christian and you will go to hell. This is a 'scare' tactic that has no place being taught, especially to children. A few enlightened men have begun teaching this with the inclusion that there is no such place as Hell.

Where is Hell mentioned in the Old Testament? Even after Adam and Eve, Moses, King David and King Solomon who susposedly sinned against God, there is no mention that they were going to Hell! There is no mention of eternal damnation or even a Satan. These are inventions of a few church fathers long after Ezekiel edited the Torah in 586 B.C.

In the United States, freedom of religious choice is the first amendment. This choice is being challanged by those who consider themselves a 'majority' in the U.S. For years, these groups have been trying to force the rest of the world into a religion that is based on pagan Roman and Greek Gods worshiped by the Roman Empire over 2000 years ago. If the people they are trying to convert know this, why don't we? It is our opinion that religious groups need to stay out of Iraq and mind their own business. This is the reason they hate us. Would you want them here trying to force Islam on Us?

Masons and 'free' men knew this was not the kind of government they wanted.
see America's Founding Fathers. And see

Ancient Persian, Egyptian, Babyloian, Roman and Greek history is where we find the truth. This is something the church would rather we didn't look into. They don't want us to study ancient religions or ancient cultures that might contridict what they have taught for almost 1500 years.

It was the single object of all the ancient rites and mysteries practiced in the very bosom of pagan darkness. . .to teach the immortality of the Soul. This is still the great design of the third degree of Masonry. This is the scope and aim of its ritual. The Master Mason represents man, when youth, manhood, old age, and life itself have passed away as fleeting shadows, yet raised from the grave of iniquity, and quickened into another and better existence. By its legend and all its ritual, it is implied that we have been redeemed from the death of sin and the sepulchre of pollution. The conclusion we arrive at is, that youth, properly directed, leads us to honorable and virtuous maturity, and that the life of man, regulated by morality, faith, and justice, will be rewarded at its closing hour by the prospect of eternal bliss. . . The important design of the degree is to symbolize the great doctrines of the resurrection of the body and the immortality of the soul; and hence it has been remarked by a learned writer of our Order, that the Master Mason represents a man saved from the grave of iniquity, and raised to the faith of salvation.
Albert Mackey
However, we contend there is no resurrection of the body

No man should be prosecuted for his religious beliefs, but that's exactly what happened to Jesus. It didn't have anything to do with a 'sacrifice' for all humanity. The Romans 'hung Him on a tree' because he was teaching something contrary to the Roman church imposed 'Law' which was totally controlled by their religion. That religion was totally pagan at the time and history confirms this. Even Constantine worshiped a 'Sun God' and this was well after 325 A.D., during the formation of the doctrines of the church. That same sun god's birthday became Jesus' birthday. His actual birthday was on the Spring Equinox in 7 BC., which would be March 21st. An astrology expert, Dr. John Charles Webb showes you how he arrived at this date in our page' Passage of Secrets 8'. Oh and by the way, he is Catholic.

The Jewish church in Jerusalem was also a puppet of Rome and they colluded in the condemnation of Jesus and his followers. In the book of Acts, Paul condemns the Laws of Moses. If you read it closely you will see that Jesus disagreed with this.

The point is, modern Christianity wasn't even recognised until 44 A.D. as a religion. That means Jesus didn't begin it. There was no bible until well after 500 A.D., put together by the same former pagans that voted on what they wanted the people to believe. This bible was solely created for the Greeks and Romans in order to combine their beliefs and control them. The government of Rome then condemed all other religions as herecy and they set out to kill anyone who didn't agree with them. This condemnation included the Essenes in Jerusalem and it extended to other countries including Spain, England, Ireland, France, ect. There was no safe haven for Gnostic Jews until a number of them fled to Southern France after the crucifixion because the Romans were looking for them.

The Roman church condemned 'nature', science and knowledge of 'self'. They incorporated these beliefs into their bible and the men (the authorities of the church) condemned all women as sinners except their version of the Holy virgin Mother. God didn't make Eve a sinner, Men did.

In today's society we are no longer prevented from learning as much as we want to for as many years as we choose. Most people however, never study the origins of their religion, because the church has managed to convince them that everything outside the church taught doctrine is fake and heretical. They just blindly follow the rest of the flock to church believing what they are told to believe.

Our question would then be; Are you of Free mind or not? If Not - Why? Why can't you read and learn for yourself? Why can't you have your own opinion? When the church tells you something is heretical you can bet it isn't. It's just one more thing they don't want you to know....or believe.

We do not have anything against Christians or Musslims or Jews. We do not teach or profess any religion. Masonry is Not a religion.
What we are saying is that the majority of these organized church believers do not know the history behind their religious orders. We found evidence that all religions started in the same place. You won't be surprised where, but you will be surprised how and why.

Armed with the information we present - we want you to determine for yourself what is true and what is not! We are not asking you to believe us even...just read the historical and archaeological information and determine for yourself what you believe and what you don't!...Without church interference or prejudce.
We present the evidence...You determine the answer.

That's what Masonry is! The freedom to make your own choices!

The Knights and the Masonic organization were the originators of the ideas of 'seperation of church and state', 'religious freedom', the education of children by laymen, and the belief that people have the right to make their own laws and elect their own government, "according to the new principles of liberty." These ideas were called 'crimes against the church' by Pope Leo XIII in 1884 in a paper called the bull Humanum Genus.
The word 'heresy' is defined as a belief or practice contrary to the orthodox doctrine, but is actually derived from the Greek hairesis, meaning "choice". Thus a charge of heresy was a denial of the right to choose, which included a religious choice. We all know what happens to a Catholic if he refuses to abide by strict church doctrine.

And how about the law of seperation of Church and State held dear to us in the U.S. Without this seperation, science would be at a standstill yet today!

Mars Rover In spite of the church, Plato and others studied the works of the ancients. These men included Enoch, Pythagoras, Hipparcus, Aesculapius, and even Moses. The Inquisition condemned Galileo in 1633 because his teachings clashed with the Bible, which read: 'God fixed the earth upon its foundation, not to be moved forever'. But Galileo was rehabilitated after 359 years." The Romans also had Socrates, Plato and Hippracus violently killed because of their scientific studies and theories.
Some of the men paid a high price for this freedom of thought, but those who chose to come to America to escape the church's rule, made things happen. In less than five hundred years they sent a man to the moon. And we now have 2 'rover's' on Mars surface, a space station and the amazing Hubble telescope.

This statement is from a respected Master Mason and addressed to us;
"I believe the vatican is afraid of the original christianity coming back to life. Some of my friends in the 32° and 33° AASR told me that the 33rd degree is given a copy of the original bible before vatican edited it, which the templars recovered from the temple mount. They also said that the vatican keeps a copy under armed guard in a vault somewhere, and the ethiopians have a copy as well, also under armed guard. They said that if it were released to the public it would result in the vatican waging war to supress it, which is why it is kept secret. From what I have been taught, simon magus created the catholic church to repress the original which was gnosticism. Also, the vatican leaders are said to preserve the true mystery of the mass, while they leave a placebo for the masses.
christianity ---Today's brand of it is so different from the original I would hardly call it so. The bible was written in allegory, yet today's brand of "Jesus" worship takes it at face value.(and not as the original was intended.)
I hope a few of the masons read the website and wake up. Alot of them believe freemasonry is only a morality system."
Pax et LVX, Frater RAH XI° OTO

As on our first page, we invite you to participate in a Masonic Forum in which this mason participates, which sheds more "Light" on this and other related subjects . Forum Subjects The origin of Masonry poll is now inactive due to numberous discussions outside of the main subject. However there are other subjects to enter and review.

As a small example, St. Thomas, a discipline of Jesus, is always shown with a carpenter's square, a dominant Masonic symbol. Also, John the Baptist, a well known patron saint of Freemasonry, was one of Jesus' teachers. Further, Jesus is often depicted wearing a lambskin, an emblem of innocence and the badge of a Mason. Fans of Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" will love it because it is filled with hidden clues about the Craft. Evidence; The Shell is the symbol of the Knights Templar. St John the Baptist the other Patron Saint of Freemasons, Is always shown baptizing Jesus with the Shell.

The mysteries of the Shell are not unique to Freemasons, Inside the Shell is the Pearl. The Buddha who taught Enlightenment 600 years before Jesus, Found the secrets associated with the Shell, and now every Buddhist Temple displays the Pearl either in the hands of the Buddha, or within the Dragons mouth.
by W:.Tim Bryce, PM Editor, FREEMASONRY for The Next Generation

Believe it or not, Jesus put a plan to gain religious freedom into action almost 2000 years ago, and it was recorded by Josephus. Jesus is described by Josephus as being a 'Freedom' fighter, and we have copied the part of the War Scroll that describes Jesus actual act of insurrection. Anotherwords what we present is archaeological and historical evidence that you won't find in the Bible. These books, ancient scrolls and stone tablets give us a different look at our religions and how they started.

The original teachers of Freemasons were known as the Magi, They were the three wise men who arrived for the birth of Jesus. At their Ancient School of Knowledge they taught their students Mathematics, Rhetoric. Grammar. Logic. Geometry. Music and Astronomy. In order to do this they used Signs and Symbols, The Freemasons know how to interpret these Signs and fully understand there meanings. The Bible explains the significance of these signs in St Luke Chapter 21 verse 25, "There shall be signs in the Sun and in the Moon and in the Stars."

The Freemasons use the Signs created by the Sun and the Moon the Planets and stars to regulate the Earth’s calender.

Jesus tried to explain the wisdom of the ancients to Nicodemus, with this verse from St John Chapter 3 verse 12, "And Jesus said to Nicodemus, if I have told you of Earthly things, And you don’t believe me, how shall you believe me if I tell you of Heavenly things?"

Freemasons use Symbols to distinguish each other, one of these Symbols is the Skull and Crossbones, it is placed inside Cathedrals. Upon American Universities. It is the symbol of Mortality. The Pirates of the Caribbean were Templar Knights retrieving the Treasures stolen from them when they were outlawed. ( see the Walt Disney film National Treasure )

A list of secrets writings includes; Enoch's secret books, the book of Jubilees, the Vulgate, the Apocrypha, and many more that were left out of the 'offical' cannonized texts. Even the Torah gives us clues. The Apocrypha refer to texts which were left out of the officially sanctioned versions ('canon') of the Bible. The term means 'things hidden away,' which implies secret or esoteric literature. However, none of these texts were ever considered secret but most of us haven't heard of them. They aren't mentioned in church circles and no one studies them. However much knowledge, even secret knowledge comes from these texts.

This is from the Lost Books of Adam and Eve chapter 1;
WHEN Luluwa heard Cain's words, she wept and went to her father and mother, and told them how that Cain had killed his brother Abel. So you see that Cain had a twin sister. The second chapter verse 8 reveals; As for Adam, he knew not again his wife Eve, all the days of his life; neither was any more offspring born of them; but only those five, Cain, Luluwa, Abel, Aklia, and Seth alone.

Why did the Catholic editors of our currently accepted version of the bible leave these works out?
see the complete list Here

"Ask, and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock, and it shall be open unto you"

Putting religion aside - We are supposed to use our knowledge to help our fellow man. Science and technology is one of the ways we help. Science is how we discover the true God...the God of 'knowledge'. God's sacred sciences is how these men known as Masons became 'Masters'. Geometry used to be 'sacred knowledge' - not shared with anyone but a 'brother or son'. But it was being taught by Elicid in 323 BC. and it was taught in Persia 1000 years before that. Solomon studied Pythagoras.

We offer THE REGIUS MANUSCRIPT "Here begin the constitutions of the art of Geometry according to Euclid." Greek geometrician, who taught in Alexandria under the reign of Ptolemy I (323-283 B.C.). He is the author of the Elements, the basis of plane geometry. By the way, Elicid was not connected with Abraham but Abraham taught geometry to the Egyptians.

"Thus, long before the time of Abraham, and one thousand years before the building of Solomon’s Temple, the oldest and most authentic record of the creation notices the confederacy of Masons".

After a long ceremony of preparatory purification, continued during nine days, the candidate for initiation was admitted at night into a vast building. By a series of mechanical contrivances, he was apparently exposed to the terrors of an earthquake; and amid imitations of thunder and lightning, sudden darkness beset him, and hideous noises were heard around.
After enduring much calculated to strike terror, or arrest attention, he was introduced into the sanctuary of the goddess
Isis or Ceres, "which was dazzlingly lit up, and he was then instructed in the meaning of the sacred symbols presented to his view.
Significant passwords were then communicated to him, by which he might recognize the brethren, and a most solemn oath was administered that he never should divulge the mysteries in which he was then instructed to the uninitiated.. from the pages of .. The Origin of Freemasonry ..A LECTURE..Delivered at the Lodge of Instruction held under the Warrant of The Victoria Lodge, No. IV. ,Dublin on Monday, the 2nd of February, 1857.

From the Cooke Manuscript

THANKED be God, our glorious Father, the founder and creator of heaven and earth, and of all things that therein are, for that he has vouchsafed, of his glorious Godhead, to make so many things of manifold virtue for the use of mankind. For he made all things to be subject and obedient to man. All things eatable of a wholesome nature he ordained for man's sustenance. And moreover, he hath given to man wit and the knowledge of divers things and handicrafts, by the which we may labour in this world, in order to therewith get our livelihood and fashion many objects, pleasant in the sight of God, to our own ease and profit. To rehearse all these matters here were too long in the writing or telling, I will therefore refrain ; but I will nevertheless, tell you some ; for instance, how and in what manner the Science of Geometry was first invented, and who were the founders both thereof and of several other crafts, as is declared in the Bible, and other histories. ...from the first paragraph of
The Cooke Manuscript and....For if a man work with his hands he employs some sort of tool, and there is no instrument of any material in this world which is not formed of some sort of earth (ore) and to earth it will return. And there is no instrument or tool to work with that has not some proportion, more or less. And proportion is measure, and the instrument or tool is earth. And Geometry is earth-mensuration therefore I affirm that all men live by Geometry. For all men here to this world live by the labour of their hands.

A little further down..."Fortunately knowing of the vengeance that God would send, the brethren knew not whether it would be by fire or water. They knew by a sort of prophecy that God would send one or the other, and therefore they wrote their sciences on the two pillars of stone. And some men say that they wrote on the stones all the seven sciences, but [this I affirm not]. As they had it in mind that a vengeance would come, so it befell that God did send vengeance, and there came such a flood that all the world was rowned and all men died save only eight persons. These were Noah and his wife and his three sons and their wives, of which sons all the world is descended, and they were named in this wise, Shem, Ham and Japhet. And this flood is called Noah's Flood, for he and his children were saved therein. And many years after the flood, according to the chronicle, these two pillars were found, and the chronicle says that a great clerk, Pythagoras, found the one, and Hermes the philosopher found the other, and they taught the sciences that they found written thereon."

Every chronicle and history and many other writers and the Bible especially relate the building or the tower of Babel; and it is written in the Bible, Genesis, Chap.10, how that Ham, Noah's son, begat Nimrod, who grew a mighty man upon the earth and waxed strong, like unto a giant. He was a great king and the beginning of his kingdom was the kingdom of Babilon proper, and Erech and Arend and Calnch and the land of Shinar.

And this same Ham began the tower of Babel and taught his workmen the Craft of Masonry and he had with him many masons, more than 40,000, and he loved and cherished them well. And it is written in Polycronicon, and in the Master of History, and in other histories, and beyond this the Bible witnesses in the same 10th chapter, as it is written, that Ashur who was of near kindred to Nimrod went forth from the land of Shinar and built the City of Nineveh and Plateas (sic) and many more. For it is written "Do terra illa" [&c.]

It is but reasonable that we should plainly say how and in what manner the Charges of the Mason's Craft were first founded, and who first gave it the name of Masonry And you most know that it is stated and written in the Polycronicon and in Methothus Episcopus and Martiris that Ashur who was a worthy lord of Shinar , sent to Nimrod the king to send him Masons and workmen of the Craft that they might help him make his city which he was minded to make. And Nimrod sent him 3000 masons. And as they were about to depart and go forth, he called them before him and said to them, "Ye must go to my cousin Ashur to help him build a city, but see to it, that ye be well governed, and I will give you a Charge that shall be to your and my profit."

Most of the other sacred knowledge has been lost over time but now some has been rediscovered, some of it by accident. Moses could have been the first man to use a 'lazer'. The beem of the lazer is a product of the earth - and of 'nature'. God gave Enoch all of his 'secret knowledge' and it was passed on to Noah, Moses, Josuha, King David and King Solomon... But did Jesus learn it? Yes! And we can tell you exactly how!

Hidden away in the schools of India, we find a manuscript showing a man named Issa who attended a Mystery School and became an initiate and then a Master. The missing years of Jesus' life were spent in the great Mystery schools of India, and Egypt. That is why He is called a 'Master' in the book of Matthew. The church has kept this hidden for 2000 years.

The History Channel, The Biography Channel, and the National Geographic Channel have recently done the same research as we have and they are coming up with the same conclusions we did. Jesus was a man; he was married; he had children; he worshiped a different God than most people and he was educated and highly so. He practiced Alchemy and healing arts taught to him in Egypt and he was able to 'raise people from the dead'. This has an allegorical meaning as do many other things we read about him from the scriptures. The gnostic allegorical terms he used were meant to hide the true meaning from the Romans.

In simple terms, Lazarus wasn't really dead because crys were heard from within the tomb praying for the high priest to come rescue him. Jesus wasn't a high priest at the time but he preformed the ceremony to release Lazarus anyway. This resulted in the action he took as being called a 'miracle'. Jesus then spent the night teaching Lazarus the secret mysteries and baptizing him in an initiation ceremony only reserved for the disciples and close followers. Lazarus was about to become Jesus' brother-in-law. The 'annointing' of Jesus by Mary of Bethany was a ceremony that could only be preformed by the 'wife' of the 'King'. The 'wedding' at Cana was immortalized in paintings of the 15th century. You will find more of the allegorical terms, secrets denighed by the church and what we uncovered on our Jesus series.

The Keys of Enoch (on intro 3) prove there was much to learn. The Essenes had copies of Enoch's books...So did the Knights Templar. The Essenes are the group 'who went out into the 'Wilderness'. The Wilderness is now known as Damascus on the edge of the Dead Sea. This mountainous area is the place where the Enochian Jews made their last stand against the Roman controlled Jerusalem church in 70AD. They drank poison rather than be captured by the Romans. Our series on the life of Jesus covers all of this and more.

( 1.) A Hebrew tradition states that Enoch (the father of Methuselah) erected several columns before the flood and that a bronze one, which held a depository of the great philosophical and religious truths unknown to the world at large, survived.

( 2.) A third century AD Neoplatonic work, Corpus Hermeticum, tells how an Egyptian priest Manetho discovered the secrets of ancient rites that had been hidden in pillars, buried in a deep vault before the Deluge. (The Greeks equated their god Hermes with Thoth.)

(3.) The "old ritual" of Freemasonry relates that the two great pillars placed in front of the Temple of Solomon had been hollow. Inside them had been stored the "ancient records" and the "valuable writings" pertaining to the past of the Jewish people.

Matthew 13:35, "I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world."

Every school child is taught in Sunday school about the 'fallen angels' who corrupted mankind and God brought a flood to destroy them. The secrets of what they were teaching involved more than making metal objects and combining herbs to create medicines. They had the technology to create a nuclear bomb...and they did - more than one.

bitumen At the site believed to be Sodom and Gomorrah, which lies next to the Dead Sea, Bitumen, or slime pits were found. This is the result from an underground petroleum reserve oozing through to the surface. And all oil reserves have natural gas associated with them, which also can seep into the air. All of this is speculation, but the region yields the elements and evidences of an extremely cataclysmic occurrence -- one in which a lake was formed, blocking the river from its continued flow and which devastated the entire plain to the extent that nothing grows there.

The site also rests on a tectonic plate. The Great Rift Valley formed in Miocene times as a result of the Arabian Plate moving northward and then eastward away from the African Plate. It is possible that a great earthquake occured there in Abrahams time resulting in a natural gas explosion of massive porportions.

But Evidence was found at the Sodom and Gomorrah site of radioactive materials which date to over 3900 years ago. The site is near the Dead Sea which still does not support any aquatic life. The translation of 'salt' which Lot's wife turned into is not correct. The Sumerian term NIMUR meant salt and vapor, so Lot's wife turned into a piller of vapor not salt. This leaves little doubt there was an explosion.

The destruction took place in 2024 BC. To this very day, the water of springs surrounding the Dead Sea has been found to be contaminated with radioactivity, "enough to induce sterility and allied afflictions in any animals and humans that absourbed it over a number of years" (I.M. Blake, "Joshua's Curse and Elisha's Miracle" in thePalestine Exploration Quarterly). We also see this; a cache of burned gold which is now gold salts, burned bones, jars, and tile have also been found. It takes a very high temperature to burn gold into a powder. This ties to the date that Abraham left. The biblical record reveals that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed twenty-four years after Abraham left Haran, which is within one hundred fifty miles of ancient Ebla. We will show you this new evidence on Forbidden 5.

The Nephilim made war to destroy each other and mankind and there is evidence of this. Until the late 1800's no one knew who or what the Nephilim were or what they were actually doing. Now we have an historical and archaeological record...and it is important - not because they were accused of being evil, but because of what they knew or knew how to do....Their scientific knowledge! - or the abuse of it.

Orion Now days cloning animals doesn't seem to be a serious problem. Combining an egg and sperm in a petri dish is standard practice. Manipulating DNA to achieve particular traits or gender is also possible. NASA is planning a base to be built on the Moon and a new space ship called Orion has been unveiled this year. But there is a threat - specifically the technology of creating nuclear power. The power itself isn't the problem - nor the science involved - its the destructive use of it. Look at North Korea and Iran and consider what their motivation is.
Is there any way to keep this from happening? If the Arab Nations combine to destroy Israel, there is probably nothing anybody can do to stop them!

The true God saw to it that his divine sacred knowledge remained after the flood, but only with a chosen 'Son', someone God trusted never to reveal the 'Mysteries'. The 'brotherhood' was called the 'keepers of secret things' by the ancients. Now you know why most of the secrets were kept secret. They were only to be used to benefit our fellow man.

This brotherhood, which was begun by Enoch and now known as Masons is the reason you have the freedom to think for yourself and make your own choices. It is the reason religious prosecution is not allowed in the United States. It is also the reason the USA has a nuclear arms treaty with most industrially developed nations. Most of us value all human life regardless of another persons religious beliefs or the color of their skin....This is a moral issue that most all of us agree with, Mason or not...so why can't we agree on religious tolerance?

If you consider that every thing that is taught is 'symbolic' a true picture begins to emerge that is far from the 'organized' religions of today. For instance, Hiram represents the 'universal spirit', that is everyone that has a soul. With that, everything becomes 'Spiritual' not religious. Our page on 'The Widow's Son 1' explains more.

Hiram doesn't save anyone! Hiram is not representative of Jesus!
This little ditty is a cunning effort by pew setters to convience you they are right and Mason's are wrong or worse, we are 'devil worshipers'. When you read our side of the story on 'The Forbidden series', you'll change your mind. We are not 'devil worshippers' and the symbols Mason's use are completely and delibertly misinterperted on purpose so you won't discover the real truth they are hidding..

Scholarly Quote; "The worst readers are those who proceed like plundering soldiers: they pick up a few things they use, soil and confuse the rest, and blaspheme the whole."
Friedrich Nietzsche, Mixed Opinions and Maxims

"I am appalled, I am bound to say, by the unsolicited material that has been sent to me...prior to this debate. What beggars my imagination is the way in which anyone, for whatever sort of malicious or neurotic or malicious [sic] reason, who writes anything denouncing freemasonry is assumed by some to be telling the truth. They are not. We have seen it in public life and we have seen it here. The Church should be different.... I am ashamed when fellow Christians are so gullible and so uncharitable, and that is putting it charitably."
Canon R. Lewis (not a Mason), speaking to the General Synod of the Church of England.

Quoted in Christopher Haffner, Workman Unashamed (Shepperton, England: Lewis Masonic, 1989), p.13.

More quotes from the Masonic forum on this subject...Outsiders think we're a cult?

Monday, March 1, 2004 6:13 PM - Quote from a senior member of this Masonic Forum: "I was quite impressed with the research and rather enjoyed it. I didn't find a single sentence that I disagreed with on the entire website.

I posted a link to it on our PRO-masonic forum, saying it was a tribute to what true masonry was about, and that all master masons should read it."
Pax et LVX, Frater RAH
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Is there Life after Death? Understanding the story of Hiram Abiff proves there is!

Anyone looking for scientific research into the possibility of Life after Death need only key in the words 'Near Death Experience' into any search engine and read what it says... or see 'NDERF'.

Another point made recently by Sylvia Brown who was featured every Wednesday on the Montel Williams Show on NBC; Spirits and Ghosts are part of our experience on Earth. If we accept that they really do exist they will be more receptive to us. Ghosts are spiritual beings that are trapped on the Earthbound plane. These enities can be seen as a shadowy opaque figure and they can move objects or make noises. Most often they are victims of a violent death. The movie, 'The Others' with Nichole Kiddman is a prime example that they don't know they are dead. If we accept the possibility that they are real they will seek us out to help them find their way home to Heaven. All they need is to be told to go to the 'light'. This in itsself should show us 'there is life after death'! As Enoch said,"we are imprisoned in 'material bodies'". We can free ourselves by understanding the secrets of 'gnosis'.

"There are seven sins in the world: Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Worship without sacrifice and politics without principle." --Mahatma Gandhi

The Other Side and Back What we define as a spirit are our departed loved ones who have made it to 'The Other Side' (and back), which is also the title of one of Sylvia's best selling books. We see them in photographs as 'orbs' or smoky strands of light. They visit us often to see how we're doing. They send birds, leave coins, ring the phone or come with a smell that they enjoyed and their loved ones would recognize. Each of us has angels around us all the time. They are here to warn us of impending disasters such as a car wreck or a fire. Our 'time' to leave this earth' is programmed in our 'Lifes Chart' before we ever get here. We decide to whom we will be born and what our lifes path is beforehand too. Spirituallity is going to replace organized religion in the next few years and we will be 'as One' with God again. Our page called 'The Light of Your Soul' explains more.

We continue this discussion on Forbidden Knowledge Forward.

A preview of what the church called the forbidden knowledge and some of what the rest of our site has to offer is here. We also cover answer the question, "Who is US?" in Genesis 1:26 and 3:22? -
But before you go here, read Enoch's teachings on the 3rd intro page. You will see the words, "biochemical testing zone" and "Orion". Do not take this lightly.

Or Forbidden Knowledge Forward 1. The real story about Nimrod and the 2 Gods in the Sumerian text.

July 29th, 2005; Tenth planet discovered in our solar system! Visit the Graham Hancock web site and see the third page in our
Forbidden series. This may be connected with Enoch and the return. Judge for yourself.

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A variety of subjects all relating to ancient Masonic secrets are covered on the 'intro pages' but are covered in depth on other pages within the site. The following is an overview of what's on the next/previous 10 listed pages.

Hiram - Forward

Hiram - Forward 1 The Two Pillars that Noah found. Focus of the 24th through the 28th degree. The 10,000 year old "10 Commandments. How the 'Watchers' married human women and corrupted mankind.The real Exodus. The eruption of the Santarini Volcano and it's connection to the 10 plagues of Egypt. The Egyptian Gods, Historical evidence proves there were two ruling Kings at the same time in Egypt. One was Seqenenre Tao II who may have been the last man to know the secret name of God. Many secrets of the ancients. What was Manna?

Hiram - Forward 2 The megatsunami that caused Noah's Flood,Archaeology places doubt on biblical history, How did man come to know science, writing, mathmetics, grammer, astrology, ect.? "Craft Masonry", how it began, Agriculture, Farming and animal husbantry taught to man by who? Biblical text 'copied from an earlier source, The 'One God' theory is of a late date, Astrology, predictions to our destruction? The 13th sign, the 10th planet, Humanity has forgotten where we came from, Where did Religion began?, Deities that have the same attributes as Jesus. Disclaimer.

Hiram - Forward 3 Ham, Cush, and Miziram lived in Egypt. Is Cush the Scorpion King?, Shem and Japheth invade Egypt in the predynastic era, Abraham, and Jacob are Hyksos and invaders of Egypt in the 12 to 16th dynasty. Dynasty Tables provided by professionals on Egyptology and Egyptian history. Why the Thera volcanic eruption is connected with the Exodus and the 10 plagues, The sacred city of 'On', Discovery of 'Jacob's' seal-ring at Avaris. Ancient 'King' list, Ham's clan become the Dynastic Kings of Egypt. They take on Egyptian names, How the use of the word 'pharoah' came about. The Set(h) and Horus Gods, Secret knowledge found in the book of Jasher, Canaan becomes the slave of Shem, Who is 'US'? Who are the elohim?, The first builders, The spread of science and philosophy,

Hiram Index 1 The Egyptians wore masonic aprons, The 10 commandments came from the Egyptrian Book of the Dead, More 'lost gospels', The journey of Death leads to NDE, Thoth and Enoch, The Master Teacher Enoch, Another God found in the Book of Jasher, The bible borrowed text from Sumerian sources. Joseph did not live at Thebes, Moses story copied from the story of Sargon, review of the Hiram Key, more secret knowledge and science, Moses promoted the Essene teachings, The magical Sapphire rod of Elohim, The Djed Pillars-a possible light source.

Hiram Index 2 The sons of Noah, Proof Ham and his sons were caucasian. Canaan's curse. Ham's clan moves to Egypt around 3200 BC. Conections between Ham and the Egyptians. The legend of Tiamat..our Earth. The 18 books missing from the bible. Religious freedom - an Arab Lady speeks out.. What Enoch was taught. The rejection of Science and knowledge by the church.

Index 3 Deities that have the same attributes as Jesus. Religious oppression and the corrupt priesthood of Israel. The Secret Doctrine. The source of authority is spiritual. What the church claimed was heretical. The scientists. The "Mystery Schools" - ancient scientific papyrus - secret books. Who are the Nephilim? Solomon's tribute to Wisdom. Physics, angels, Magicians, and the supernatural.

Hiram Index 4 Who was Cain's wife? The conception of Noah, Church opposition to science, The Pope admits faults and frauds, Historical and biblical evidence for 2 gods. Joseph, pharoah of Memphis/Avaris. Noah and his sons. How did Nimrod become a king of Egypt? The ziggurat (Tower of Babel) ruins of Eridu. The predynasties of Egyp., Sacred ancient texts left out of the bible give the names of Hebrew Kings in another language. Shem became a ursurper King, then Abraham. The legendary battle of Set and Horus becomes a real historical event called the 1st Pyramid War. Ham rules in the first dynasty of Egypt.

Hiram Index 5 The tribes of the Giants. Who brought the flood on mankind?. The old Babyloian Gods. The Egyptian Gods, What does astrology have to do with it?. The true cross. The diverse cultures and races of the World, Thoth becomes Quetzalcoatl and moved to the high Andes mountains. Giants in South America. Cain in South America?. Rocket Ships of the Ancients. The Toltech and Maya civilization

Index 6 The famous Narmer Palette and it's connection to Nimrod. How did Narmar become associated with Nimrod? Before the Flood, the Book of Noah, Here we see the punishing god, 'The Lord of Spirits'. We introduce one of the Gods in Sumerian myth, Where did Solomon get 'the secrets'? Enki, the lord of magic, Atlantian (Etruscan) Couple - 7th century BC, Rebuilt after the flood, are the Apsu and the Tower of Babel the same thing, Eridu (or Eridug, modern Tell Abu Shahrain, Iraq) was the earliest city in southern Mesopotamia, founded ca. 5400 BC. The Sky Gods, The immortals or 'Good Watchers', The Kings of Uruk and Ur, A collection of Aeramic writings called The Targum, What you don't know about Abraham. The oldest culture in the world, Noah is taken to the abode of the gods.

Introduction ... Religious symbols,
Ancient History, which shows two ruling classes in Egypt. One was refered to as Hyksos. These people became the Hebrews. Documentation from 3 sources put the Israelites in a 'bad light'. Exerpts from the Nag Hammidi Scrolls, The Elohim, Who is "US" in Genesis?,

Introduction continued The Inventory Stella of Khufu proves the Great Pyramid was not built by him. The meaning of "Light". Science was regarded as an outcast, an enemy. There was no liberty, no education, no philosophy, no science; nothing but credulity, ignorance, and superstition. Christianity removed learning and education from civilization..This is how they did it! The Melchizedek priesthood. Armageddon! Gnosticism as taught by the disciples. Focus of the 23rd and 24th degree Scottish Rite. The White haired stranger. The invention of the 'Devil'. Archaeology and the Babylonian Captivity of the Jews.

Hiram Introduction 1... The mountain of Moses, where was it? A Temple discovered on top of the mountain! Josephs Egyptian burial, Jacob's signet ring discovered in Avaris, a debate between archaeologists, Evidence that Ahmose defeated the Hyksos, The Seth and Horus worshipers, Archaeological facts and the Bible including the tribes of Ham and his sons who were not black Africans. The truth about Cain and Abel. The cruelty of God. The Dark Side of Religion. Ancient building secrets. Astrological connections of the ancients.

Hiram Introduction 2 Civilization begins again after the Flood, The famous library of Ashurbanipal with 22,000 inscribed clay tablets,The cruelty of God, Religion breeds terrors of all sorts, The Dark side of Religion, The Temples of the Gods, Hammurabi's Code, Eridu, also called Eridug, was the first city in the world, The Children of the Rocketships, After the Great Flood, The two sons of Noah who turned to 'different gods', The Egyptian Gods of Ham's clan, The predynastic period of the falcon cult, the defleshed bones of Nebkara, Hotepsekhemwy/Raneb has been associated with Jacob, the sacred goat of Mendes, precession of the ages and Astronomical signs, The Age of Aquarius, Enki's lineage's domain, the temple complex of Baalbek

Hiram Introduction 3 The Keys of Enoch. Jesus' miracles; was Lazerus really raised form the dead? The 'Great White Brotherhood, Assended Masters, What is the church hiding? A compairson between Jesus and Dionysus, How women became whores in the churche's eye, Evidence that Jesus was in India, James, brother of Jesus - who was his father?

Hiram Introduction 4 More mysteries, "US", Elohim, Jehovah, Hashem, Egyptian Gods,The Mithans or Snake people, The Shemsu Hor, the maltaskulls, The Code of Hammurabi (Codex Hammurabi), The writings of Timaeus, reconstruction of the Etemenanki or the Tower of Babel, High Priesthood of Zadok, The spread of science and philosophy, Science in the Middle Ages, A God of Science, Religion and politics don't mix., Messianics, priest in charge of over-seeing magical rites,

Hiram Introduction 6 Enki's organisation of the World, Uruk(Ur) where civilization began, Enlil gives all the "Me's" to Enki, overview of Enlil and Enki's role, Enki's love and care for human kind, The Heliocentric System, the 'flat Earth' system of the church, Galileo defended heliocentrism, Antikythera Mechanism, The Mysterious Divine, The Gnostics, cathedrals built by the Templars using geometry and numerology, The philosophic Secret was then born in the form of social morality clothed in working-class allegory, The use of pi in the Great Pyramid, Former President Anwar Sadat killed because he was a mason, Greek Philosopher and Mathematician, Pythadoras taught geometry in 569 - 475 BC, Pythagorean Theorem, Beneath the Temple of Hathor a secret lays, the ancient Shimar or Schamir, The face of Serapis was used by the church as the image of Jesus.

Or Forbidden Knowledge Forward Religious Wars..Why?

Or The Widow's Son Masonic Information

Forbidden Knowledge The 10th Planet.

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