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This page is intended for brothers and sisters who are looking for guidance and haven't quite found the answer they are seeking on any of the other pages we have compiled. Others who might see it as 'occult teaching' are not welcome here. For this reason we ask that you please do not mail it to anyone, as we feel that everyone must seek it and find it on their own.

If true Joy does not enter your heart, if tears don't fill your eyes after you read this page,we apologize.
But if you find what you seek, if your soul responds to what we teach here, please let us know by signing the quest book.

This page is for serious minds who are seekers of the spiritual truth. It is not a novelity to be strewn about as if it were a good joke. What is here is not a joke. It is true from all indications we have found. It is based on the ancient religions of the Zodiak Priests, the Gnostics, The Nag Hammidi scriptures, the experiences of Enoch, the Templar secrets, Edgar Cayce writings, Masonic educational material and some New Testament scripture.

We are not asking anyone to believe what you will read here. However if you do not understand and cannot comprehend what you will read here, you are not ready for this journey..

NOTE: If you have not read the information on our Forbidden series pages, you should go there first, before continuing here... Forbidden Forward 1. What is found in that series is essential for understanding what is written here. And see The Light of your soul and both 'Christ's mission' pages are also the key to a full understanding of this page.

In The Secret Doctrine, H. P. Blavatsky refers to these tenets, one such passage being here quoted:

The planetary origin of the Monad (Soul) and of its faculties was taught by the Gnostics. On its way to the Earth, as on its way back [to its native divine home] from the Earth, each soul born in, and from, the "Boundless Light," had to pass through the seven planetary regions both ways.

Thus it is through these seven sacred planets and their respective planetary chains that the monad continues its afterdeath peregrinations once its imbodiments on the invisible globes of our earth's planetary chain are completed. A description here follows, in passages taken from The Esoteric Tradition, which will answer many questions and describe much that has been merely outlined so far:

during its [the Monad's] activity after the postmortem existence for the man is commenced, it passes from sphere to sphere, going the rounds anew on its ceaseless peregrinations during the Manvantara. It passes through the spheres not merely because it is native to all of them and is therefore drawn to them by its own magnetic attractions and impulses, but likewise because it itself wills to do so; for free will is a godlike thing and is an inherent and inseparable attribute of itself. -- p. 857

The reader's attention is called to the words "going the rounds anew," which refers of course to the fact that these inner and outer rounds are followed by the monad after each of the incarnations on earth of the human being. And also note the free will exercised by the monad as showing that it, a divine being, takes upon itself voluntarily the immense task of imbodying itself in all classes of the lower lives of its own cosmos in order to lift them up, to urge and inspire their self-evolution into godhood like its own.

We die, in the sense of losing grasp upon ourselves, because we live now almost wholly in that part of our natures which is bound to die, the personal and physical consciousness. Even the highest god of the inner spiritual worlds must, could he take upon himself human flesh, sooner or later witness its dissolution. The physical nature of Jesus, who was a high avatara -- or the manifestation of a god -- had to pass through the gates of physical dissolution. "But," you say, "he rose again from the dead." Indeed yes -- as every one of us must learn to "rise" -- "greater things than these shall ye do," he promised us.

The "resurrection" is an initiation-teaching from the ancient Mystery schools. These schools existed in antiquity as a vital part of all those old civilizations. Their purpose was to teach mankind the origin, constitution, laws, and destiny of the universe and of our relations and experiences within it. In the days of Jesus these Mystery schools had deteriorated, as all things must with time. The truths, however, which that mystery-knowledge had been teaching for ages, were so interwoven into the mental and moral fabric of the Mediterranean civilizations that the Christian Church was obliged to adopt a great deal of the mystery-language and ceremony to attract the people and make its new dogmas intelligible. But in partially adopting these, it misunderstood them and debased them to material levels; and the glorious "resurrection" of the spiritual man triumphant over his own selfish and animal nature was debased into the present illogical doctrine. The true resurrection has a deep place in the teachings of occultism, or applied theosophy:

Its meaning is this, that within each one of you is a divine being, a living god, prevented from manifesting its transcendent powers only by the cramping bonds of our personal selfhood -- our prejudices, our whims, our small petty hates and loves; and that when a man can conquer these lower things -- conquer them in the sense of making them servants of the god within, fit instruments and tools for self-expression -- then you will see man walking the earth as a human god, because manifesting the transcendent powers of the god within him, of the immanent Christ, of the inner Buddha, as the Buddhists put it. -- G. de Purucker, Questions We All Ask, Series I, No. 44 from Death 3

True resurrection means initiation -- that final glorious consummation of the long course of self-directed evolution under the guidance of a spiritual teacher which theosophy offers to all who will live the life and imbody its teachings. The subject of initiation is copiously dealt with in theosophical literature, so we shall quote but one passage in regard to it:

there is a pathway steep and thorny though it be for the average man, yet it leads to the very Heart of the Universe. The man traveling this path passes through the portals of growth quickly, relatively speaking; and I can show you how to put your feet upon this pathway, so that instead of spending ages and ages and ages and ages in slowly evolving, in slowly expanding, in slowly bringing forth the powers and faculties within you, you can grip yourself, guide your own evolution, and thus much more quickly grow.

This is 'self-directed evolution,' . . . This is initiation. -- Op. cit., Series II, No. 4

There is actually of course a kind of resurrection of the body in the meaning herewith described:

when you realize that the very atoms of your body do not come to you by chance, that they are the same atoms which you used in your last incarnation on earth, then you quickly see that there is a resurrection of the physical man in that sense of the word: i. e., that when you return to earth in the next reincarnation, the atoms in which you live in this present body, will automatically fly to that new body, will be psycho-magnetically drawn to you, for they are your physical, astral, and ethereal children. -- Op. cit., Series I, No. 44

The spirit or monad is constantly growing; it is evolving, on its way to become the super-spiritual, finally to become the Divine, then the Super-divine. Is that the end of its evolutionary possibilities? No, it advances ever, constantly and endlessly evolving, growing. But words fail us here to describe this sublime conception. We cannot describe it in faltering human language. Our imagination falls palsied in any such attempt, and we can merely point to the evolutionary path vanishing in both directions into infinity and into eternity, as beginningless as it is unending. -- Op. cit., Series I, No. 13

We have now taken a somewhat detailed view of what death really implies and of the place which it holds in human evolution. As to the process itself, it may be useful very briefly to review the stages through which the human consciousness passes when death brings release to the spiritual self. These are:

1. Death itself, or the sloughing off and disintegration of the physical body, caused by the severance of the link between the spiritual self and its lower principles. The astral model-body or linga-sarira also now disintegrates -- a process which is greatly hastened by cremation of the physical body.

2. The review by the reincarnating ego of the events of the just ended life. This is a most important and solemn part of the act of dissolution, when the ego views every thought and act of its life, seeing clearly the justice and meaning of the life's events. At such a time, immediately following death, there should be perfect, reverent quiet around the departed so that no breath of disturbance from the outer plane may interrupt this necessary and sacred event.

In connection with our study of this profound and wonderful subject many questions are likely to arise. It is often asked, for example, if, since theosophy teaches that there is a heaven-world, does it not also teach something about a hell? And how about purgatory, which many people believe in: what has theosophy to say about that?

If by "hell" is meant a place of eternal punishment, then theosophy emphatically denies both the ideas implied in this expression. In the ancient wisdom there is no place for the illogical and childish idea of punishment. We meet only the consequences of our own past thoughts and actions in this or former lives -- that is, our karma. No one imposes or forces these resulting conditions upon us: they follow our own actions as naturally as heat follows combustion, or as the furrow follows the plow. Also, to repeat, no state or condition of existence can be everlasting.

Our theological ideas of heaven and hell are more of those man-made misconstructions already mentioned -- those distorted remnants of the ancient mystery-teachings which still prevailed in the popular mind at the beginning of the Christian era. All these misconceptions were fastened upon human thought at a time when humanity was passing into an age of spiritual inertia, culminating in the so-called Dark Ages. And the theological doctrines of hell as found in all religions in some form have, to condense the words of Dr. de Purucker (see The Esoteric Tradition, pp. 543-551), become almost without exception highly embroidered misconceptions of the original doctrine taught by the founders of such religions. All these misconceptions came to be accepted literally instead of symbolically and figuratively, and have brought about almost untold suffering and misery to human hearts. Thus the words "heaven" and "hell," in their true mystical sense as a part of the ancient mystery-teachings, are seen to refer -- the heavens to--

those spiritual realms of experience through which all Monads whatsoever shall and indeed must at some time in their age-long peregrinations pass, and in which they dwell for periods proportionate with the karmic merit attained or won; and the so-called 'hells' are those spheres or realms of purgation, to which all Monads whatsoever during certain periods of their age-long peregrinations must pass, therein washing the matter-laden, and therefore heavily-laden, souls; so that once cleansed they may rise again along the ascending arc of Cosmic Experience.

Indeed this earth itself is regarded by those beings who have long ago transcended its matter-weighted vehicles and temptations as a hell of a particularly trying variety. Thus theosophy, while explaining the origin of these theological misconceptions, frees the human mind once and for all of their degrading and cruel influence.

There is of course in nature's vast realms a condition or state of being which is the opposite or nether pole to those stages of spiritual attainment and rest which extend all the way from devachan to the different degrees of nirvana at the close of the greater periods of evolution. This other state of being is called "avichi" and is also of many degrees according to the material propensities of the entities who are drawn into it by their own evil actions. Those who are given over to hatred, revenge, lusts, or vices of any kind, gravitate inevitably to some form of avichi, to which state the lower stages of the kama-loka belong. Here dwell the psychic remains of such men and women, for human life gives as incomplete a scope on the one hand for the deepest degrees of evil as for the attainment of the purest spiritual happiness on the other. Yet if people accumulate within themselves desires and energies of either the basest or finest, these must find their outlet and expression somewhere. The "hells" or lower reaches of the kama-loka are the direct karmic consequences of the indulgence by men and women in degrading human attributes. But even so the results are merciful, for these "hells" confront the entities attracted to them with the terrible consequences of unbridled self-indulgence in evil, and so impress them that the road to avichi may later be avoided. And happily they are but temporary and the number of such unfortunate men and women is relatively small.

Theological doctrines about purgatory are another example of the distortion by ignorant men of the mystery-teachings of the ancient wisdom to serve the ends of exoteric religion. How they arose can easily be seen from the foregoing, though the ancient wisdom tells us that in the actual state of kama-loka -- excepting in the rare instances already cited of suicides and the very evil -- while there is purgatory of a sort in the sense of the dissolving away of the material and selfish elements of the deceased, this purification is an unconscious process and involves little or no suffering whatever for normal human beings. All these bugbears of theology and superstition theosophy explains, and in explaining casts aside.

Both these teachings however, belonged to the Mystery schools and were, as seen, badly distorted by early Christian pietists who adapted them to the uses of the new religion, Christianity.

Proving there is 'Life' after Death has been a goal of mankind for centuries. The fact is, this truth has always existed, it has just been forgotten, buried and denied. Jesus said, "God is the God of the 'living' not the God of the Dead". "We are as the Angles in Heaven". In these words of the Master, lies the truth. This page therefore reflects no religion except the fact that God is in all of us, everywhere, all over the World and he is the Heart and truth of what real religion is based on, from the beginning of time and the creation of the World.

The Truths of the Ancient Brotherhood are not difficult to discover. But first you must discard your Christian beliefs and what ever you have been taught about the 'Resurrection', just for a few minutes. Jesus said, "the things that are hidden will be made clear to you". This means the understanding of this may be difficult for some, but others will see the connection immediately. Members of the 'brotherhood' should see 'the light' in an instant if they have done any homework at all..


New Age religion is slowly taking place of the old traditional stand-bys because new truths are being discovered every day and soon this will be the religion and truth of the World. Some will understand it immediately, Others who have not reached spirtual maturity, have yet to be shown this truth and will not understand it or believe it. They will be stuck with the old, what they call 'real religion', without ever realizing there might be something they missed. A 'Bible thumper' will never understand these ancient teachings because he is bound-up by church doctrine that does not understand the real words of the Christ or the meaning he understandably told with parables. Christ said that 'another age' would find the true meanings. The age of Christ's return is approaching. When we reach the Age of Aquaris in 2012, Jesus will be with those who discover his truth. The rest will perish in the vast sea of Darkness, never to rise again.

We have discovered that some of the Brothers from the 'Old School' who need to see everything in writing to believe it, or they have to experience it for themselves. They are not quite ready to look at the evidence for what it really is. Some who belong to the Accepted Free Group ( Moderns ) do not believe Masonry goes any farther back than the Templars... Or as tradition would have it, You are supposed to figure this, the real meaning, out on your own.
The old esoteric wisdom is mostly lost, but what remains is the light beyond, before and above any other wisdom that ever was taught to mankind. Even the Moderns would agree with this.

Masonry has held the true meanings for centuries

The New age teaching, which now again uses philosophic wisdom, seems to be springing from very old roots. The old roots are called 'pure religion'. No sect, creed or culture is different in these roots. These roots have been long forgotten and abandoned . Here We have uncovered some very old roots which take us back to the original beliefs and practices of the 'Brotherhood'.

Masonry is a small light, but a true one, able to guide a few members in the right direction. Most members of the Craft do not see the light and do not even know of its existence. They do not understand the meaning of initiation and are happy with moving among the symbols, simulacra and substitutes secrets of the Mysteries without comprehending them, and without trying to translate them into reality. They blindly stumble into the Craft, progress to Masters, MWM's and beyond without ever having discovered the reason they are there in the first place. These will be 'lost', but we cannot guide them if they are not interested.

If you saw the words in large print, in blue on the Gnostic page and the first God's Wife page, where we reviewed the Nag Hammidi Scrolls, you saw the initiate being 'raised'. We repeat it here;

"And the Spirit came to him in haste when it raised him. Having given its hand to the one lying prone on the ground, it placed him firmly on his feet, for he had not yet stood up. He gave them the means of knowing the knowledge of the Father and the revelation of his son. For when they saw it and listened to it, he permitted them to take a taste of and to smell and to grasp the beloved son."

"He appeared, informing them of the Father, the illimitable one. He inspired them with that which is in the mind, while doing his will. Many received the light and turned towards him. But material men were alien to him and did not discern his appearance nor recognize him."

Did you really understand this?

Deeper Meanings...

One writer states, Today, Solomon personifies the primordial Life-Essence, or Divine Wisdom, that is the basis of our being. Hiram, the King of Tyre, brings the kingly assistance, form and fixity required in the shape of "building material". The word Tyre has nothing to do with the port of this name. In Hebrew Tyre means "rock", and the strength, compactness and durability associated with rock, while in Greek the same word appears as Turos and in Latin as Terra, earth, and Durus, implying form, hardness, consistency and durability.

"King of Tyre" can be interpreted as the cosmic principle that gives solidity and form to the spiritual and formless Life-Essence, or to a cup intended to hold liquid. Hiram Abiff ("the teacher from the Father"), the widow’s son, personifies the active intellectual principle or Logos; he is the Christ principle immanent in every soul.

Hiram Abiff is not really a king but a "widow’s son", like Horus. His mother is the Gnostic symbol referring to the Divine Motherhood or Sophia, ( wisdom ) who was also called Isis, Eve and Mary. Only those children who have rejoined, or are trying to rejoin, their mother can be called the "widow’s son". Anotherwords - the goddess or Holy Spirit has been forgotten and abondoned due to church doctrine.

To re-connect with God and our most Holy Mother, who IS the Holy Spirit, is the core of basic gnostic teaching, because it proves without a doubt there is life after death, which then re-connects the seeker with God.
It is an 'awakening'. It is the reason behind the 'raising' of Hiram Abiff. It is true 'resurrection'. It becomes a re-birth to those who understand the full meaning. It has nothing to do with the term, 'born again' that was a 'Later' Christian invention of ignorance. Early Christians, those who really knew Christ and followed him, knew of this truth.

The problem it seems, is that man made what has become known as 'religion'. 'Religion' was not created by God therefore making it fallible, and in some instances full of words that have caused alot of misunderstandings. The scriptures were left for man to figure out and interpert. The interpertation process by men, has made most things said by Jesus ( the Master ) to be translated in the literal sence. Other things he said, were taken to be symbolic, when infact they were actually meant in the literal sence. God actually intended for this to happen, it was again in the divine plan.

Matthew 13:35, "I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world."

A better explaination comes from The Reluctant Messanger web site

Please keep in mind that the Satan here is probably Allah of Al Qaeda Islam and will come out of Syria. We know that Sadam Hussein buried nuclear weapons in Syria right before the war with Iraq.

The Prophecy of God's Holy Days

The Master and Chester were enjoying an evening on the porch. The stars were bright with a glow in the east that Chester assumed was the city where he had caught the bus that had stranded him here. Chester could tell he was going to hear another story.

The Master's voice mingled with the sound of crickets. "I want to tell you the mystery of the Jewish Holy Days blended with Christ's prophetic fulfillment of them."

Chester smiled as he watched the stars waver in the humid Indian air. "Is this another one of your blended religion theories?"

The Master waited.

Chester broke the tension. "I'm sorry, I know I promised to be more teachable but your story had better be logically consistent. I demand it. After all I'm still trying to understand the blended religion called Zen." Chester found Zen to be a bit too right brain for him. It seemed illogical but he did find that meditating helped his logical reasoning skills. The paradox perplexed him. "Ok, I'll listen."

After a long pause the Master asked, "Would you rather we talked about the weather?"

"I'm sorry, I'm still cynical after all these years, please tell me about the blended religion of Christianity and Judaism. In can't be stranger than a blend of Buddhism and Taoism." Chester preferred arguing with his peers and The Master preferred a calm discussion.

The Master sounded brighter, "Thank you. I'm about to explain the details of the Amended Plan of God. I had only told you of the Resurrection before, but the plan of God goes deep, as it must for Christ and the material god of this world god are locked in battle over the future of all souls on this planet."

Chester just said, "Now that seems pretty important. I'm all ears." Chester smiled into the night.

"It begins with Passover." The Master paused. "Christ became Passover for all of mankind." Chester started to interrupt but held his tongue. "Christ died so that all souls would cease needing to experience multiple death and birth cycles."

Chester squirmed. "I am just beginning to understand reincarnation, when you start telling me of reasons why God is helping reincarnation with the resurrection, as the amended plan that will guarantee every soul on the planet can achieve paradise. Did that mean God made a mistake?"

The Master sighed, "God did not anticipate the rebellion of a hate filled god. Time will be cut short. Instead of millions of years for souls to achieve oneness with God, less than 100 years is left unless Christ intervenes. The jealous god of this world will influence mankind to destroy itself before the year 2100." The Master waited to see if Chester thought this information was worth his time.

"Ok, Ok. You have my attention." Chester had never met a man like the Master before.

The Master smiled as a falling star punctuated the moment. "Christ died so that all debts of all souls for all wrongs in any lifetime could be paid for by accepting his sacrifice."

"Why was that necessary?" Chester challenged.

"The material god knows that if he can seduce mankind into destroying this planets ability to support life then the reincarnations will be permanently suspended." The Master waited for Chester's next question.

Chester smiled, he caught what he was doing also. "Why can't God just patch the earth like he did at Genesis? The material god destroyed almost all life on the planet and what was left was going to die when the true God showed up and restored everything."

"Because if the material god can seduce mankind to destroy itself, he won't be directly responsible as before, and this planet will have failed in achieving its God Potential by its own combined will."

Chester sounded sad. "It can't be over for us. I know we have enough nuclear weapons and biological weapons to totally destroy all life on the planet, but I'm sure that mankind will never use them."

The Master sighed, "If you will listen to the entire story before challenging every concept, I think we can move along a little faster."

Chester kept silent.

"Christ died for our sins but we must do our part." The Master waited as another falling star crossed the star studded blackness. "The Days of Unleavened Bread follow the Passover and last for seven days. The first and last days are Holy Days. Avoiding leavened bread for seven days is symbolic of avoiding sin. Think of it as avoiding further acts of bad karma out of respect of Christ wiping our karma clean by his death sacrifice."

Chester helped, "That covers Passover and the first two Holy Days. There are five more."

"Pentecost represents the sending of the Holy Spirit to Mankind. The Holy Spirit uniting with our spirit so we achieve Oneness to God, now in just one lifetime."

Chester challenged, "But if we all die in World War Three, what good does it do us?"

Master laughed, "The next Holy Day is the Feast of Trumpets and it represents the 7 trumpets spoken of in Revelation that preceeds the coming of the Messiah, the return of Jesus Christ in all his power with his Angelic Hosts, preventing mankind from destroying itself and of destroying the planet's ability to sustain life. The Eternal will send Christ when Christ's intervention is necessary to divert warring mankinds attention from destroying one another."

Chester queried, "Why will that help?"

Master continued, "Mankind will treat Christ and his angels as invaders and switch to attacking Christ. Christ and his Angels will destroy the weapons and the men who wield them. Unless those days be shortened no flesh shall be saved alive."

Chester laughed as he began to see the big picture.

Continuing with his story, the Master sounded more excited. "The next Holy day is the The Day of Atonement. This represents the second war of the Angels. Michael and his Angels will fight the material god and his Angels and will throw them into the endless abyss. The material god and the unrepentent Angels will be imprisoned for one thousand years!"

Chester smirked, "Why one thousand years why not forever?"

The Master took a deep breath. "The Feast of Tabernacles also lasts for seven days but it represents Christ creating a paradise on earth that will last for one thousand years. For one thousand years, souls that have almost achieved God Oneness but need just a few more lives to achieve their God Potential, will be reincarnated during Christ's rule. Christ will do what the material god refused, to help mankind achieve their God Consciousness. After those souls have achieved Godness, near the end of the one thousand years, souls of bad karma will begin the reincarnation to judgment. At the end of one thousand years, the material god and his Demons will be released for a short while to finish their work of deceiving the evil. "The material god will once again seduce mankind into war. A final war that prepares our planet for the day of judgement! When the war is over, The material god and his Angels will be thrown into the Lake of Fire where they will exist forever."

Chester couldn't hold back, he had to look for a weakness in the logic flow. "What about all the other souls that have ever existed. How do they achieve Christ Consciousness? How about all the souls ever born in China before Christ was born. How can they become saved if they never heard of Christ." Chester beamed, he knew the Master could not wiggle out of that one!

The Master finished by saying, "After this war, the days of Judgement begin. All souls that have yet to achieve God Consciousness will be resurrected and will be judged. This time they will have complete knowledge of past lives. Every man and woman will know of the complete plan of God and their true potential to become One with God. Those that are judged unfit to continue will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. This is known as the Eternal Death. They will end up there because they refused to improve their karma despite all of the chances they had during their reincarnated lives, including the one they had during the Utopian Reign of Christ, so they will forever be cut off from God. After the judgement God will create a New Heaven and New Earth will be the ideal environment for the remaining souls to continue their journey to become One with God."

Chester ended by saying, "That is one blended religion. Sounds like you got a little Hindu and Buddhism in with the Christianity and the Judaism, don't your think?"

The Master handed Chester a gold coin. Even in the dark of the porch Chester could tell it was gold and very valuable. The Master simply stated, "You are beginning to understand. In the Koran it says "Be they Muslim, Jews, Christians, or Sabians, those who believe in God and the Last Day and who do good have their reward with their Lord, They have nothing to fear, and they will not sorrow." Koran: The Cow verse 62

The 'Master Jesus' spoke in parables because he knew someday man would figure it out and make himself closer to God and all mankind by understanding what he was really saying. But at the time it was only for the 'initiates'.

Redemption of the Soul is the basis of ALL religion. Religion does not exist with out this principal. But a 'church' and it's doctrine cannot re-connect the human soul with God. Only you, by yourself, can do this.

However, the several flashes are the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, and fit together serendipitously when demythologized and integrated with each other. All religions — ours included — center on the story of Atlantis (Eden) and of its Fall (Man's/Adam's) and destruction by the Flood, as well as on the hope of its rebirth at the Millennium.

Let us consider first the Sacraments, keeping in mind that, mythically, all Saviours are one and the same, in different avatars. Thus, Adam, Enoch, Noah, Christ, Krishna, Atlas, Shiva, etc., are just one and the same deity. Likewise, all religious traditions come from a single Tradition, which is the tradition of Atlantis and Lemuria. They are all part of the Urreligion that some anthropologists of genius have discerned as the original source of all religions, both primitive and evolved. from

It is within the normal Divine process that humanity should be redeemed and restored to its previous state, that it should be brought back into close association with the Divine Principle, from which it became increasingly detached as its materialistic tendencies overpowered its native spirituality. This restoration will require a vast amount of time, and the use of an orderly and scientific method to bring each soul to its previous pure and perfect condition. Recovery requires skilled scientific assistance that can only come from the Divine and now invisible world, from the gods and angelic guardians of the human mentioned in all the ancient traditions and sacred writings. This regenerative method could be called, as the Masons do, a "heavenly science", or "Royal Art".

The human race has moved farther and farther from the original Wisdom, so that the Light that shined on the cosmic principles is now barely visible. However that light, like the light of the Master Mason, is not extinguished. The Masonic system acts now as the witness of the Ancient Wisdom and Mysteries; it is a feeble light, but it is there all the time to show the true line of succession of the primitive doctrine and to guide its members on the way of peace and perfection.

In Masonic teaching, the Symbolic temple is not made of bricks and mortar, but of incorruptible raw materials used by the Creator to make the human organism.
Jerusalem, the city where it is said that it was built, is not the capital of Palestine, but the eternal "city of peace" in the heavens. Its builders were not three men from Asia, but the Divine energy seen in its three principles (Wisdom, Strength and beauty) which, as "pillars of His work", form the metaphysical basis of all created things. In modern terms these three metaphysical principles can be defined as Life-Essence (the spirit of Wisdom), incorruptible Matter (the mould or vehicle that gives it form and Strength) and the intellectual principle or Logos binding the first two together in an intelligent and functional whole (Beauty).

Originally, the human soul was divinely made of these three principles on these three pillars in the heaven-world. These three pillars "also allude to Solomon, King of Israel; Hiram, King of Tyre; and Hiram Abiff". These names personify the indissociable triadic constituents of the Divine Unity. Their names are inscribed on the central symbolic altar of the Royal Arch Degree as evidence of the divine construction of the human soul. However, the temple of the soul has now been destroyed and thrown down from its previous eminence and grandeur, and Humanity is not a united organism anymore, but is shattered in many parts. It has lost consciousness of the genuine secrets of its origin and nature, and its only knowledge comes from what its senses collect in the outer world. The Temple can however be rebuilt, and each Mason’s soul becomes one more new stone of the restored temple in the heavens. This is the temple not built with hands.

The temple of the human soul, originally composed of the three principles in good proportion, is now destroyed as its three pillars are degraded. Wisdom (Gnosis) has fallen and replaced by speculative opinion; Strength (divine dynamic energy) has been replaced by the frailty of the flesh; Beauty has been replaced by ugliness and imperfection. The glory is departed!" Man is now disconnected from his Vital and immortal Principle; he is a prisoner to his lower temporal nature. To save and free himself he must rebuilt his temple, making it possible for Deity to reenter into himself to stay.

The ancient Mystery Schools

Long ago, when the Mysteries flourished, most educated man entered them in the same way that man enter universities now. It was the recognized source of instruction in the culture of the human soul, and its education in the science of itself and its divine nature.

The Greek civilization was the heir of the precedent Indian and Egyptian schools, although it followed a different path. Most wise Greek, like Pytagoras and others, traveled to Egypt to be initiated in the old mysteries, wisdom, and secret doctrine. In the Greek school, the Mysteries and the "Royal Art" took the form of a quest for philosophy, for the wisdom, for the Sophia and, in the Hebrew and Christian schools, it took the form of a quest for the Lost Word. The end was the same – to recover "that which was lost"- but the approach was different, and finally the two methods melted into one.

The Ancient Mysteries involve much more that a national philosophy; they also required a philosophic method of living or, better, of dying (as Plutarch said, "to be initiated is to die"). The Ancients made a distinction between the Lesser and the Greater Mysteries. The Lesser or more elementary instructions were taught to the junior candidates, so that they could purify and adapt their life to the truths disclosed. The Greater Mysteries were those related to the development of consciousness within the soul of those who follow the prescribed rules of life. The Lesser Mysteries can be compared to the Greater, as the Craft degrees compare to the Holy Royal Arch.

Besides the Greek Elusinian system of Ancient Mysteries , of course, many others such as the Egyptian, Samothracian, Chaldean, Mithraic, Gnostic, and others still. In their time and places, they were the authoritative centers of religion and philosophy in the larger sense of these words. All these systems avoided to divulge the deeper truths, and the description of the initiation process that remained secret. Very few people are fit to receive initiation even after long and rigorous preparation, and even less are able to impart it.

We recommend the writings of Plato and Socrates and the newer books by Sylvia Brown ('Life on the Other Side' and 'Past Lives, Future Healing') to help unravel the deeper truths. These are primarily based on the Kabalah. They contain a common thread; That which survives as an individual after death of the body is the astral soul, which Plato, in the Timaeus and Gorgias, calls the Mortal soul, foraccording to the Hermetic doctrine, it throws off its more material particles at every progressive change into a higher sphere. Socrates narratres to Callicles Gorgias 524 that this mortal soul retains all the characteristics of the body after death of the latter, so much so, indeed, that a man marked with the whip will have his astral body "full of prints and scars". The astral spirit is a faithful duplicate of the body, both in a physical and spritual sence.
Isis Unveiled

Sylvia Brown says in her book 'Past Lives, Future Healing' that if a person dies a violent death and there are 'marks' on the body - in the next life these marks will reappear as birth marks. They may even experience pain associated with the mark. This has proven to alot of folks that they have been here before.

This is the proof of Reincarnation of the soul. Before you return to the living, you pick the life you want to live..or try out - so to speek. This is a learning process. To experience every type of life is what Jesus was trying to tell us we could do..You must be 'born again'!

We will be using Jesus/Christ as the 'Son' here because We believe he was the 'Grand Master' of his time and finally the High Priest of the Brotherhood and 'Son of the Father'. Jesus the man, was an 'Initiate' and worked his way up to 'Master'... A Master who can return again and again to 'teach us'.

Some of this may follow Early Christian beliefs, but we know of no other way to explain it and make it easy to comprehend. Templar discoveries of the actual life of Jesus and the allegorical explaination of his divinity were the original basis of the Higher Masonic Degrees.

The Christian Scriptures tell all humans "how they should build" and reconstruct their own fallen nature, and that the method to use involves the cross as a working tool and one that culminate in a death and a raising from the dead. Those who attain their initiation and Mastership by that method become part of the household of God and are built into an eternal spiritual temple, not made by hands, but located in the heavens, and of which "Jesus Christ is the chief corner stone". Those of you who have felt thus far that Jesus is avoided should see that he is not.

By convention, the members of the Craft avoid to mention the Christian Master in their Lodge in order not to offend the non-Christians, whos' Sons have other names. For the same reason, they only read and make reference to the Old Testament. This is unwarranted as the "Greater Light", to which the members are to be aware from their entrance in the Craft, is the totality of the Sacred law that includes the New Testament. Both New and Old Testaments are part of the Masonic instructions, and both constitute the record of the Mysteries in their supreme form and content. The Gospels are a record of preparation and illumination, leading up to the ordeal of death. However the initiate is 'raised' from the death and in the process, discovers the devine truth and in doing so attains Mastership.

At the Nativity, or birth of the Great Master, it is known that the Magi, or Initiates, came to see Him after seeing His star in the East. Jesus, is described as the last earthbound 'man' to appear and be described as an enity, or "Son of God", to teach mankind the path back to God. But he was just like the rest of us. And we are like him. He was nothing special except that he knew who he was and where he came from and he had not committed any act that we might call 'sin'. However a 'Son of God' is any man who understands the principles we are about to expose.

The Christ is a Divine soul. It is seperate from 'Jesus the man' or 'His body'.

The Initiates

In Jesus' time, the Life the initiates lived in the Qumran Community, was an 'experience' and lifestyle seperate from the other Jewish communities of the era. The place they lived is called 'the wilderness' in the bible. They often referred to themselves as 'outcasts'. This was necessary for the education of the 'brothers', and to teach them that not only was there was life after death, there were the 'secrets of the brotherhood' that had to be protected and taught to the newcomers. The community was 'closed' to outsiders or those who did not conform to the membership requirements..

To be considered for admission into the brotherhood the combination of all, resulting in the righteousiness necessary was; following the laws of Moses, adhearing to the Ten Commandments, combined, with justice, truth and 'Goodness' freely given, as described in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Personal possessions were taken in as part of the 'community trust', to be shared with everyone. As ancient Masonic law stated ('The Book of Community Rule'), the prospect had to 'ask' to be admitted and he had to follow the beliefs of the brotherhood. There was an ancient science that was practiced by the Essenes and the people who lived in the Qumran community, particularly by the High Priests, as they alone possessed the "Sacred Knowledge". With this secret, you will see that Jesus, the Master was not the only one who was 'resurrected'.

They studied what is called "The Secret Doctrine" which, then, involves planes of consciousness, degrees of knowledge, stairways of reality, a series of superimpositions of pictures - created with certain photographic techniques where different forms and shapes assumed by the same object are simultaneously represented. This seems far fetched, but their understanding of physics, matter and atoms was beyond that that is taught today. They also practiced Yoga and other forms of the higher thought process. They, through the practice of Alchemy could seperate themselves from their bodies and return. If they attained 'Master ship', their souls could visit heaven and return as Enoch did. This is still practiced today but is labeled 'witchcraft'.

In addition to this, Astronomy required no telescope as it dealt, not with the stars in the sky, but with the science of metaphysics and the understanding of the forces determining the destiny of individuals, nations. Candidates were graded according to their moral efficiency, and their spiritual or intellectual stature. For years they underwent disciplinary intellectual exercises and bodily asceticism; appropriate tests and ordeals determined their fitness to proceed in the upper stages of their initiation. Only the qualified candidates could proceed to learn the closely guarded secrets.

The Essenes believed the attainment of knowledge was the way to enlightenment, which in turn was the way to know God. Gnosticism was the knowledge of God. The Gnostic teachings arose from Zorastrianism, Judaism, oriental religions, Greek philosophy, Persians, Hellenics and Early Christians. Jesus also studied to be a Shaman and he studied in Persia and India and learned a form of meditation similar to Yoga. He was a man of Great wisdom and knowledge and could do things no one else, no other mortal man could do. He understood the principals and was a 'Master' of Al-chemy. The Essenes and Gnostics knew of healing herbs and powerful drugs to stop pain. His 'knowledge was Great' before the Spirit entered him.

Humility is a required condition from the aspirants. The world at large believes that the wisdom into which the Mysteries and initiation admit a man is foolish, as it is the opposite of the usual standards. The candidate must be ready for that complete and voluntary self-denial that may lead to the negation of everything he held for true until then. He must accept to "become a fool for the kingdom of heaven’s sake", and to suffer adversity, ridicule, and insult from others. This was one of the reasons for Masonic secrecy since the world’s wisdom and that of 'initiation' are at the opposite of each other, and this justifies that any contact between the two are to be avoided. Silence and secrecy are therefore necessary but humility is indispensable. Those few who succeeded to Master the Lesser Mysteries were normally admitted to initiation in the Greater Mysteries, but those who failed were not. As the Gospels say, "Many are called but few are chosen".

Paul was originaly taught these secrets, but he was self-convinced that he alone knew the truth. He used the teachings for profit and 'control'. He did not teach what the disciples wanted him to and he was kicked out of the community. This is recorded in 'The Acts of Paul' in the New Testament where you see that the disciples sent him back to Tarus. It plainly says, they did not trust him. The disciples were then hunted down as criminals and prosecuted. And this was the direct fault of paul who was a Roman citizen. Paul focused on Christ's death rather than his teachings, claiming he died for save them, which was not true at all.. Therefore anything he said, any 'letter' he wrote, was a lie based on ignorance and that is proven by the words of 'the Master' that were left out of the bible on purpose by the 'controllers'.

Because the teachings were used to control the masses, Paul helped create a false Church, hiding the secret teachings and this was proclaimed by the Christ; Matthew 13:34 "I will open my mouth in parables, I will utter things hidden since the creation of the world"..
Matthew 15:7 You Hypocrites! Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you; These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.
They worship me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men".

Because of the lies of Paul and the Roman Catholic Church, the Truth has long been buried in the Dead Sea Scrolls, The Nag Hammidi codexes and in Bible verses that a Roman did not want you to find. What is amusing, as we discovered, is that Paul so blindly misunderstood who Jesus 'the man' was, and 'Who' he became, and why God sent him, that he and the Roman's were not able to cover up the whole truth because they were too ignorant to figure it out in the first place.

The Sadducees were called 'ignorant' and 'fools' by Jesus. Jesus is said to have taught Pharisaic Judisam, but this is from Gnostic origin. 'Sadducees' means righteous or that it comes from the priestly name Zakok. Since the Sadducees were connected with the temple priesthood, they accepted only the written laws of Moses, and condemed any teaching that was not based on the written word. But they rejected the Pharisaic belief in angles, demons, and resurrection after death. This caused a disagreement then with Jesus because he agreed with the Pharasees.

Ancient connections

Read ...Manly P. Hall and attributed to Reynold E. Blight, 33 degree, K.T. The entire works are found at The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, page 34 of 37.. because of it's connection to the 'truth'..."For this reason I am called CHIRAM TELAT MECHASOT, one in Essence, but three in aspect."
being 1) spirit / Sun HE
2) consciousness / Soul ME
and 3) form / Moon HER
and " S " (plurality)
for the myriad "adaptations" and expressions of "The One", "I AM called Hermes" ( Greek )

"In this Trinity is hidden the wisdom of the whole world. It is ended now, what I have said concerning the effects of the Sun (Son)."

The Heart of the Matter

What is the SOUL?

Man has a triple nature; he has a body, and senses which bring him into contact with, and translate the meanings of, the physical world of earth, air, fire and water which is about him. He has a brain and a mind by which he reasons and understands about the matters physical with which he is surrounded. and he has a Something Beyond; call it Soul, or Heart, or Spirit, or Imagination as you will; it is something which is allied to, rather than a part of, reason, and connected with the physical side of life only through its sensory contacts.

This soul or spirit comprehends a language which the brain does not understand. The keenest of minds have striven without success to make this mystic language plain to reason. When you hear music which brings tears to your eyes and grief or joy to your heart you respond to a language your brain does not understand and cannot explain. It is not with your brain that you love your mother, your child or your wife; it is with the Something Beyond; and the language with which that love is spoken is not the language of the tongue.

A symbol is a word in that language. Translate that symbol into words which appeal only to the mind, and the spirit of the meaning is lost. Words appeal to the mind; meanings are expressed in words appeal to the spirit.

To achieve universal self-consciousness is to dispel all illusions and to know no difference between onesself and the whole of nature. It is to make the plan of nature the very framework of one's being and the deliberate basis of one's destiny. This is a matter of degrees, however, and when we consider degrees of self-awareness in the highest sence, we are confronting something way beyond simple delusions and phenomenal relatives. We have to come clean and be confident enough to impose no petty prejudices or minor obsessions, to which the fullness of the universe is irrelevant, on our pathway. We have to do a preliminary therapy and cleanse ourselves before we are ready to accept the universe and before we are ready to enter the first portal.
from the pages of The Hermetic Method

As Humans, We all were given a soul at birth. That spark of pure 'light' that seems to form an 'aura' around us. This is believed to happen by some as we take our first breath, or perhaps the soul enters the amnotic fluid of the mother and baptises the baby with the 'spirit of God' just before birth. Others feel it takes place when the baby 'kicks' the first time because the brain begins to function and cause movement.....because it is said, "The Mind is the Mirror of the Soul".

There can be No life in any Human with out this 'Light', ( Soul ). Understanding that 'light' which is the miracle of the soul, given by God, is the only way to know who the Christ really was. God said, "Let us make a man; Like God did God make them". This means that only men are like the 'creator'. The creator is not the true God. But Sophia through Christ gave us 'life' or our soul so that we could recognize our connection to the true god. Then do ONLY humans have a soul and a mind. And then only through the teachings of Christ can we recognize that we have a soul. Our mind allows us to be conscience of ourselves, our being.
The creator, a false god, is explained in detail on the Passage forward page.

If you truly understand that the Christ was the 'Son of God', in an absolute literal sence, then you surely know that in him was the 'light' and spirit, essence { soul } of God, which is in every human on earth. The soul you have is your 'life essence' and it is what is causing you to be able to think and breathe right now, this very moment. It is not your religion that causes you live and breathe, it is God, and it is because Sophia interviened to save man from total slavery to the creator.

As we explained on our Forbidden series, the creator is a false god. He doesn't like us. He considers himself as a judge and punishes those who oppose him. New information from the recently discovered (1970's) gospel of Judas proves this is true. Futher - Judas was not a traitor. Jesus taught an amazing truth to Judas for a reason. Because he understood who Jesus was - Because a prophesy had to be fulfilled. see the Lost Gospel of Judas This can be downloaded and printed. Click on 'view document'. The TV episode was broadcast on April 8th, 2006 on the National Geographic channel and will braodcast again on Thursday April, 13th. Check your local listings for broadcast times. An archived webcast is also available on Lost Gospel

In this text Judas tells Jesus that he knows where He came from and who He is. Jesus laughs when the disciples tell him they are going to offer a prayer of thanksgiving to God. He calls the god 'Your God' for a reason. The disciples didn't understand what he meant...but Judas did. You will see the name Barbelo. Barbelo is mentioned in the Nag Hammidi Scrolls. She is the thought/idea in the realm of pure light that conceived the Christ spirit. She is the invisible, virginal Spirit. We repeat this text on God's Wife. Link to the Nag Hammidi collection.. Alphabetical index.
Or click The Apocryphon of John where Barbelo is described.

This is from the The Apocryphon of John; "And Barbelo requested to grant her eternal life. And the invisible Spirit consented. And when he had consented, eternal life came forth, and they attended and glorified the invisible Spirit and Barbelo, the one for whose sake they had come into being.

"And she requested again to grant her truth. And the invisible Spirit consented. And when he had consented, truth came forth, and they attended and glorified the invisible, excellent Spirit and his Barbelo, the one for whose sake they had come into being."

This soul is neither male nor female, but it is both as stated above by Hermes. The Barbelo/Sophia, who is also called 'wisdom'. She is the Mother of all mankind. She is the Holy Spirit, the female, and God is the Father counterpart. Only the ones with a soul have 'wisdom'. These two come together to form what we call a human soul. We also have a spirit which is a copy of the body, only it is less visible to the human experience. This gives us a third part - ourselves, our essence, our persona or personality. Personality is unchanging. It reappears with every reincarnation, no matter what body it is placed in. Even dogs, cats, horses, pigs, dolphins and animals that have higher intelligence have this personality feature. They are all different but they remain the same.

Jesus the Man was given the 'spirit of the Christ, also called 'the Logos', which is the literal 'Son of God'. He is the power beyond power. He is of the devine creation before all other things were created. Within this 'soul' of the Christ lives its Mother and Father. It's Father is God. It's Mother is the Holy Spirit. Therefore the soul is both male and female but it has it's own individual personality and is referred to as 'self'. When we read the Judas Gospel, Jesus tells the disciples that the God they seek is within them.

What does it All mean?

Jesus, all the 'Sons' of God and Man are made of flesh, Dirt of the Earth and particles of the universe. This incompasses chemicals and compounds found deep in space as well as on earth. examples, H20, CO2, Methane, Carbon, ect. These substances make up the visible part of every living creature, plant, rock, water, air, earth, fire, ect. These elements connect all things made by God, but they are material things - things that can be seen. The soul is invisible except for a tiny spark of energy that can actually be photographed.


The answer you see is within one's self. When Jesus spoke to the disciples in Luke 9:27, he said, "I tell you this, there are some of those who are standing here who will not taste death before they have seen the kindom of God".
Matthew,16:28 is the same words,
Mark 9:1 is also the same. This meaning is also literal. One could experience death without dieing.

If you believe in God and you believe in Eternal life, you now should have an understanding of the soul and you understand that you do have a soul.

The Soul is seperate from the flesh but it lives within the flesh. So you should see that the man Jesus was also given a piece of that 'Soul or essence of God'. The essence ( light ) of God was in him, literally as he is in all of us.

Consciousness is God. What we see, what we feel, what we experience is God. Our persona or personality is our living life force. That living life force is God. It is sustained by blood and breath, which God gave us so we could live on earth. We have an 'image', a soul and a body. Our image can sometimes be seen on earth if we die traumatically and we aren't ready to leave. We cling to earthly possessions or someone we love because we are afraid to go any farther. This is accomplished because we have a fear of death. We are afraid to experience the unknown or we are afraid to be 'judged'.

Our theory indicates we will not be judged but our failures will be replayed through our persona. If these failures are severe we will experience a hell of sorts replaying these failures over and over and being sorry or 'tortured' by our own thoughts. If we are truely repentant we will be allowed to start over. We have seen what we did wrong and must be given another chance to correct these mistakes. We must pass through the gates of transition and return to an earthly body again. If we manage to understand where we came from like Sophia, if we have tried to be morally straight and good, perhaps we will be allowed to stay in Heaven. The point is we have to try. We don't need blood, body or breath in Heaven. As Jesus said, we become like the angels.

Because God chose him to teach us, Jesus' body was made pure by the virgin birth of himself and his mother. The purity was necessary due to the allmighty power of this "logos" spirit. The spirit that entered the body of Jesus was 'the Christ'. This gets a little more complicated when you understand that the Spirit of Christ, the Logos, 'threw out' the spirit living in the body and replaced it with it's self. This is the point of the baptizm, when John actually saw the spirit enter the body of Jesus. This may be why some confuse this spirit as actually being 'God'. It was not, but God sent him. 'His Word'.

'Born again' - this meaning is also literial, in the sence and terms of "birth", from the womb. It cannot be done at Church or anywhere else of material essence, except in it's mothers body; being born again of 'flesh'. Christ's words below will prove this.

In fact there is the verse that the Christ spoke concerning 'Born Again', John 3:5,
"What I am telling you so earnestly is this; Unless one is Born Again of the WATER and the SPRIT, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Men can only reproduce human life, but the Holy Spirit gives NEW LIFE from HEAVEN; so don't be surprised at my statement that you must be Born Again! Just as you can hear the wind but CAN'T tell WHERE it comes from or WHERE IT will go next, so IT IS the SPRIT. WE DO NOT KNOW on WHOM HE WILL next Bestow this LIFE from HEAVEN".
... Now, here it is, meaning,.. The Water is the transition.. the Spirit enters a New Life ( the spirit enters a new baby in the water of the amnotic fluid ) every day, every hour, every minute. The New Life only comes from Heaven. The new life is bestowed through it's mother, the Holy Spirit, and is the reincarnation of all souls being born again 'in flesh' literally. The Christ did say, "You must be Born Again". It is literally "LIFE". You have to start over until you learn the truth. When you discover this 'truth' you must do the work God has sent you to do.

If you have a new baby in your family, remember the soul within chose you to be it's parent. It's life is predestined and determined before it's arrival. You are to lay the foundations of it's life on Earth.

From that view point, You have just learned that you KNOW your Soul is Eternal. Your earthly container dies, but your spirit comes back again and again to be born again in 'flesh', and you have just this instant, established in your Christ consciousness that THIS IS A FACT, and this should make perfect sence.

You have consciously, this instant, realized that you are connected to the spirit of Christ by your own birth and your own soul. The Meaning is Literal. It is Not symbolic as Christians take it. Compare this with the TABULA SMARAGDINA above.

Travel to the 'Other Side'

As Sylvia Brown discusses in her book, The Other Side and Back, You can travel to 'the other side' if you really want to. You will see a vast cathedraled ceiling covered by a dome. In this vast city, there are millions of souls doing what they like to do best, never experiencing pain, quilt, lonelyness, or sorrow. They don't worry and they don't have to work.. ..But they are bored! So after a rest - of say 100 years, they choose a 'blueprint' for their next life experience on earth. Yes, they need to experience something here on earth, so they 'incarnate' again - come back. This is considered to be available to those who use the 'right' side of their brain to experience this in this lifetime. The ancients studied this in depth.

Edgar Cayce, in his readings says Jesus was here many times. He was Adam, Seth, Enoch, Thoth, Pharoah Joseph, Joshua, Buddah, Zoroaster, Melchizedak, and Jesus.

We can also go to Heaven. It's called Astrayl Travel. It's also described as an 'out of body experience'. To become a 'Master' one must be able to do this successfully. Some people do it automaticly and don't even realize it. They wake up from a deep sleep and have the feeling that they went somewhere but they don't know how they got there.

The disciples except for Mary Madgalene and Judas did not understand this. But the gospels and The Nag Hammidi scrolls indicate that Jesus spent 11 more years after the cruifiction teaching this to the disciples. It was Mary Madgalene who continued this teaching after Jesus, Thomas and Jesus' earthly mother Mary left and went to India. Jesus lived until the age of 80 and was buried- according to Templar legends, in Greece. Some say the Templars moved the body to Rennes le Chateau.

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