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The SOUL IS REAL, It IS ALIVE, IT IS ETERNAL because IT IS PART of the essence of GOD who is eternal.

If you attain the understanding of this knowledge, you will know yourself, then you will have found 'The Way'. To be 'resurrected', which is the understanding of this, you must be alive as Jesus said over and over. "God is the God of the 'living', not the dead"... "let the dead bury the dead"...It's in scripture!
After the death of the flesh there is no way back. You are spirtually 'dead' with out this knowledge. The understanding is lost with the flesh. As you realize God is within you, you find 'the WAY' back to him because you realize you are also a part of him. This is the basis of the 'brotherhood'. We are Brothers and Sisters in God's 'Light' and Wisdom.

When Hiram is 'raised' he goes through this transformation. He dies in the flesh but is raised again in spirit because the Logos takes his hand and shows him the 'Way'. The Way back to God. This could also be explained as being transformed into the 'living spirit of Christ'...Christ never dies, he is immortal.

It is also possible that this initiation was an astrayl travel experience at one time, but that seems unlikely during Jesus's lifetime as it still took 3 years to attain full Mastership and few actually made it. We think the early Egyptians had the secret, but as we've stressed, it became a lost art.

To 'incarnate' in 'flesh' [ as the Christ did ] is when the soul, that part of God, and the flesh come together to form a 'Son of Man'. When you die, You shed the flesh and return to the 'Garden', but only if you understand this truth.

Discard the Flesh and have Life!

..from the Nag Hammidi library, "Therefore, do not think in part, O Rheginos, nor live in conformity with this flesh for the sake of unanimity, but flee from the divisions and the fetters, and already you have the resurrection. For if he who will die knows about himself that he will die - even if he spends many years in this life, he is brought to this - why not consider yourself as risen and (already) brought to this?
If you have the 'resurrection' but continue as if you are to die - and yet that one knows that he has died - why, then, do I ignore your lack of exercise?
It is fitting for each one to practice in a number of ways, and he shall be released from this Element that he may not fall into error but shall himself receive again what at first was".

Man is considered 'visible' because he is made of Dirt. The soul must be given by God for there to be a 'Son of Man', or a man made by the creator. A 'Son of Man' is ignorant of his being. But this Son of Man who, when he realises this, becomes a 'Son of God' because the creator no longer has any power over him. The soul therefore is much more important than the body. We must be willing to die of the flesh to obtain truth or God.

From The gospel of Philip #22. "Those who say they will die first and then rise to heaven are in error, they must receive the 'resurrection' while they live". "They say that the Lord first died and then arose; they are confused. For first he arose and then he died. If anyone does not first acquire the 'resurrection' he will die, for he is not really alive until God transforms him". (Th 29)

If you understand this, You have just recognized that God is your Father! You have, this instant become 'transformed', 'resurrected', and you realize that Christ is also your brother ( he sometimes called himself 'father' ) and his connection to the Father connects you to the Father too. You, the Father and Christ have become this instant, 'as ONE'.

This SOUL is the connection WE ALL HAVE with God. The soul does not die , it is Eternal just as God is Eternal.

Your soul can only be given by God, and the Holy Spirit.. because it is a PART of God... IT IS NOT seperate from God. It is not seperate from the Christ, the Logos. The Kabala shows this relationship in the form of a tree. The trunk of the tree is the Whole of God, from the trunk is connected the branches of the 'Sons' and the Arch Angels. The outer branches are other heavenly bodies and the leaves are man, who fall off, 'die' in the flesh, but come back again, in renewal, "born again" and begin the process all over again.

A Different Reality

With this, Being 'born again' as Christians see it is, in our opinion not the truth, and it is not what the man Jesus meant in scripture. Salvation was not intended to be within the power of, or controlled by any church. This is a false teaching by men to control mankind.

No, God is not the entirety of the Christ spirit, but they are connected. You cannot have the spirit of the one without the other. So by having the knowledge of the presence of Christ, you always have God. "This is the "WAY" the truth and the Life".. We all have the triple essence of the Holy Spirit, Christ/God and Ourselves. "No one can come to the Father, but by me". The 'Christ essence' and the Spirit of God, "OUR FATHER" is within us all.

The Christ was NOT sent to us to forgive our sins. God understands that so-called 'sin' is caused by a lack of understanding...but then again, sin is a creation of man to make man obedient to the church. God doesn't blame man for this but he wants us to understand it, so we have the opportunity to put a stop to it by controlling our own thoughts, deeds and passions. Salvation and redemption is on another path which you see is directly connected to God. No one else can share this with you. You are alone. But in being alone, you become part of him. Gnostic teaching says God forgives sins against him. Any person you sinned against must forgive you and if he doesn't, or he can't, you then ask God. If you harbor hate against someone who is like minded, God will not forgive you.

The Egyptians and Jesus taught that if we speek words of hate against any other human, they will be turned and put on ourselves because we are all connected. If you defile anyone, you defile yourself. Try forgiving yourself for these deeds especially if the deed was unintentional. It is difficult because we know in our hearts we have done wrong in God's eyes. Your life 'flashes' before your own eyes and you see every evil deed you have done. Sometimes even admitting these transgressions is still not enough. You can even feel 'lost' and hopeless. Near Death experiences, have proven this to be true.
Salvation: It is not the so-called 'saving of your soul' by some church, done in front of a congration. They cannot do this and never could, but they want you to believe they can. All you are doing is trying to prove to the congration, you are willing to follow 'their laws'. You will walk away thinking you are 'saved'. Think again. They make you believe that if you seperate yourself from them, you are lost again. If you know the true path, We don't think so. The 'babtism is for the mind'.

The Man called Jesus tried to show man the 'way', the proper road to the connection to him. It is not in a church. Gnostic teaching confirms this. This is the reason you probably should keep this information to yourself. Those that follow church law will laugh at you and call you a devil worshiper. If you are a brother or sister, this also furthers their cause of having a reason to say you are evil.

The Body of Jesus therefore was made Pure enough to except that part of the Holy spirit who is called 'Sophia' who is 'wisdom' and his Father who is God. This spirit IS the power and glory of God. This may be what causes the confusion in the Romanized doctrine of the Christ being God. They say God, the Father; God, the Son and a MALE Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is Female. They are seperate but together. The Christ is NOT God. He is the 'right hand' of God, which connects him to God.

( His mother, His Father and himself, who is the Logos, who is the Christ) That is why he was called the 'only begotten Son of the Father'. The combination of Wisdom, Strength and Beauty... God is the Literal Father of a 'Son'... Born of ( incarnated into) ..'flesh'! The seed was carried from Adam through all the decendents and to David, and through that Royal Bloodline to Jesus. The seed comes from a mortal earthbound 'fleshy' man, 'a son of man', who is, because he knows this, a 'Son of God'. As you will see, the Holy Spirit did not impregnate it's self. It did not impregnate Mary. A Man of Dirt must be produced from a seed of a man of Dirt. But the soul only comes from God.....Are you with me so far??

The man Jesus, was a 'Son of Man' in a pure sence, ( being born of a human virgin ). A Part of God and the Holy Spirit inhabited Jesus' body . That part of God called ' the Logos', the Christ, the one who carries out God's wishes, the One who 'incarnates' into flesh , into a visable body and does the will of God so he can be SEEN and HEARD by Man.

There is a belief that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was also conceived 'immaculately', unto Anne therefore Anne conceived a baby with a body pure enough to be inhabited by 'One pure soul' who was the incarnation of the Holy Spirit. ( Sophia ) The Holy spirit was also called 'Eve',( female, mother of all mankind ) according to Trismegistus ( Plato's era ) This in effect explains the divinity of the 'Holy Mother Mary'.

Many writings describe the Christ as the 'invisible One', but he is made 'visable' in the body of Jesus so than men can comprehend his power and see his glory. When his deciples saw him, they also were seeing a part of God in the 'flesh'.

This should explain the Legend of Osiris, from the Title page; He "can come back to 'incarnate' into 'flesh' to teach man, be a civilizer, legislator and return from whence he came".......... If you understand this, then you understand WE are ALL 'Childern of God', we all return to him who sent us. We do not have to be born of a 'Virgin' to return, but those of us who understand this, will return! ........This is literal. It also has nothing to do with Christianity, Catholism, Buddhasm ect., because it is the Basis of the origin of Man, making God our Father no matter who or where we are in the world.

It may be that once you understand this, you will not have to come back in a body of flesh again. You have found the 'Way', and you might not have anything else left to investigate in your lives on earth.

The reconnection with God teaching, was the reason for the 'incarnation' of Jesus. The soul is neither male nor female, yet it is both.. This theory corresponds with what Thoth said, He, She, Me. The Holy Spirit therefore is Female. All of these ancient teachings include the Male Female and the Son. Wisdom, Strength, Beauty.

The gospel of Philip #18. " Some say that Mariam was impregnated by the Holy Spirit. They are confused,* they know not what they say. Whenever was a female° impregnated by a female? Mariam is the virgin whom no power defiled. She is the great consecration for the Hebrew Apostles° and for the Apostolics°. If the powers attempted to defile this virgin, they would only defile [themselves]. And the Lord did not say 'my Father [in] heaven', as if he had [another] father--but rather he said simply ['my Father']".
(*asyndeton; Lk 2:48-49, Ph 6; cp. Odes of St. Solomon 19:6 )
'The Spirit opened the womb of the Virgin.' - Recall The Gosnics and Essenes practiced artificial insemmination and the promise of God to plant a seed of the Royal Line of David. This confirms, the Holy spirit had nothing to do with the conception of Jesus, but she is a part of his soul.)

The Nag Hammidi texts however reveal something quite different. Christ says he becomes the archangel Michael and implants his own seed in her womb. This comes from The Second Treatise of the Great Seth

Luke 2: 48 - 50 .. his mother said to him, " Son, why have you treated us like this? Your Father and I have been anxiously searching for you." He answered, " Why were you searching for me?, "Didn't you know I had to be in my Father's House?" But they didn't understand what he was saying.( Jesus was only 10 to 12 years old when this happened. )

The Christian doctrine tries to make us believe the Essenes were illiterate of the knowledge of God. The Essenes had the knowledge while the Christians who wrote this language at a later date, really did not. Then as you recall, ( Jesus Discovered , page 2 ) Jesus went through many years of training and education and was then taught the secrets of the 'initiates' when he was 30 years old. He was prepared for the mission, he knew of it's coming, just as the Essenes and the Egyptians knew of his coming.

The High Priest was decended of the Royal line of David or Moses. But we find that Joseph was also within the Royal bloodline. Mary is of the Bloodline of Aaron. These bloodlines had to be chosen for the holy birth.

In this age, a 'virgin' was a woman who was married, who according to law, she and her husband had spent their wedding night together, but she could not be with her husband again until it was certain whether or not she had conceived. There was then another marriage and they were allowed to be together. If she did not conceive, her husband did not have to marry her the second time. She was an outcast and not worthy of marriage because she could not bare children.
Some Essene texts indicate that 'Holy childern' were not conceived by "unclean rubbing", only by artificial insemmination, which would then be called 'immaculate'.

If there is any truth to any part of this, which there seems to be, imagine the embarrassement to the Church who will have been caught in yet another horrific lie..

The Mystery School Knowledge

Any human being who has a true wakefulness and thereby a sincere spirit of obeisance to the divine demiurgic intelligence in the universe, of which he is a trustee even while encased within the lethargic carcass of matter, can show that he is a man to the extent to which he exhibits divine manliness through profound gratitude, a constant recognition and continual awareness of the One Source.

All the great Teachers of humanity point to a single source beyond themselves. Many are called but few are chosen by self-election. Spiritual Teachers always point upwards for each and every man and woman alive, not for just a few. They work not only in the visible realm for those immediately before them, but, as John reminds us, they come from above and work for all. They continually think of and love every being that lives and breathes, mirroring "the One that breathes breathless" in ceaseless contemplation, overbrooding the Golden Egg of the universe, the Hiranyagarbha....
from the pages of.. THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST. JOHN

We recently found some of the mystery school secrets and what was taught. see The Initiate

This sharing of wisdom and understanding of where their soul came and the realization of 'WHO' they were, is also the reason the Egyptians were called 'Sons of God or Ra'. The Egyptians knew as Jesus did, that they were a part of God. This is the reason for the belief in Eternal life, which God gives all mankind and the Egyptians [ The Umosejhe or 'Caretakers' ] fully understood the entirety of this. The High Priests and the King had this knowledge and the 'secrets' necessary to achieve it and no one else.

You could say that Enoch was 'incarnated' in flesh. He was of the first seed, of the royal bloodline of Adam or Seth. Enoch was not Cain's Son as we discussed on the Passage series. The 'bloodline' began with Adam as God put 'flesh' and soul together to make man. This should tell you why God is the Father of ALL Mankind. The Tree of 'Life' was and is God, and from the branches of the tree sprouts man.

We ARE NOT SEPERATE FROM GOD. I cannot comment on other religions as I am not familar with them, but each 'Son' such as Budda, were also pure in this same way. The Christ was in the human body of all the 'higher' 'Son's of God'. Just consider that every culture on earth was given a 'Son' to teach them the truth to this, as The Christ tried to teach the Jews. When you see it in the Bible ( We Are All as One ) this is what it means .

Since you now understand that No human can be born without this piece of God's soul and the Holy Spirit. What you do with it determines what God will do with YOU when you [ your soul ] returns to him who gave it.
As the Ancient Mysteries taught, the soul that does not begin this work in this world will not be able to do it in the next one and will remain in a kind of a limbo until it is drawn again in the eternal process of life. There are many levels of superphysical life or, as the Gospels say, "in my Fathers’ house are many mansions", and that means that there are many resting-places whose occupants are graduated in hierarchical order according to their spiritual level.

After the death of the depraved and the wicked, the critical moment arrives. If during life the ultimate and desperate effort of the inner self to reunite itself with the faintly glimmering ray of its divine parent is neglected and if this ray is allowed to be more and more shut out by the thickening crust of matter, the soul, once freed from the body, follows its earthly attractions and is magnetically drawn into and held within the dense fogs of the material atmosphere. Then it begins to sink lower and lower, until it finds itself, when returned to consciousness, in what the ancients called Hades. The annihilation of such a soul is never instantaneous; it may last centuries, perhaps; for nature never proceeds by jumps and starts, and the astral soul being formed of elements, the law of evelution must bide its time. Then begins the fearful law of compensation, the Yin-yuan of the Buddhist.
Isis Unveiled

The earth is in the "cause and effect" dimension. Edgar Cayce said this means that if a soul believes something and they really want to test it out, they can come to the earth to be tested and apply themselves. By actually going through the experience themselves on earth they can realize if what they believe is true or not for themselves. This earth dimension is good for overcoming certain weaknesses and applying yourself to see that those weaknesses are truly overcome. Here we can learn for certain whether we have really changed. The soul is sent to the earthly world to LEARN. When it has learned the ALL, when it understands from whence it came, it is granted immortality and a place to reside in Heaven.

Mercury is the dimension of the "mind". Venus is the dimension of the "heart, the arts and beauty". Souls actually work in these realms to learn and understand certain concepts in order to apply themselves. Mars is the dimension of "anger" which Cayce said meant it was the place to learn how to control the warrior-like power, aggressions and urges that each soul has the ability to project. Jupiter is the dimension of "high mindedness and large groups". Saturn, however, is not a pleasant place according to Cayce. Cayce said Saturn is the place where "all inadequate flesh goes to be redone." This place is the "Great Changer", the great force for starting over. Sometimes when Cayce would begin a reading for someone, he would identify what the last dimension that soul experienced before entering the earth dimension. He would not limit himself to a person’s past lives on earth, but would include their lives in the cosmos as well. During a reading, Cayce told a person he identified as having previously experienced an incarnation in the Saturn dimension that "God loves those who are willing to start over." According to the readings, Saturn would be a place equivalent to the catholic concept of "purgatory", a place of cleansing and starting over.

What comes now is the FACT that Jesus was taught this as an initiate, in the ritual just like everyone else in the Brotherhood. He spent 3 years learning the 'secrets' and becoming a Master. The original messianiac rituals having been 'chopped' in more recent times by Men who decided to hide the truth or simply didn't understand it, makes the journey very difficult. This is the esoteric wisdom that man must learn on his own.

Jesus was then called by God to go one step farther, but not until he had learned all he could from the old teachings and sciences. When the 'dove decended' the Spirit of Christ entered the Body of Jesus. Knowing God is within the power of Education. The More you can learn and can be aware of, the closer you become to God. God therefore gave Jesus the 'Wisdom, Power and LIGHT of Himself, just as it had been planned since the beginning of time.

God gave Jesus the power to heal, the power to destroy and the power to percieve psychically. This was acomplished through the spirit of Christ. Jesus understood what loving God meant because he knew that he was a 'PART of GOD' and he tried to teach man, who didn't understand it, much less believe it.

The 'secrets' of the Brotherhood had been given to Adam, Noah, Enoch and the Egyptians, and then only to the "Sons of Light", including Moses, David and Solomon, Jesus and every High Priest of God.
It is time to give it to man again and God will sit back and see what man does with it. A Man who refuses to be 'enlightened', will remain ignorant of God.

Only the true 'Sons of Light' will understand and believe this just as the 'Initiates' and the disciples did long ago. As we mentioned on a previous page, Adam was the first human, made of Dirt of The Earth and the Soul of God. He had the 'knowledge' and 'the wisdom' of GOD.... meaning.. God is the Ultimate Scientist, the Ultimate Mathematician, the ultimate Bio-chemist, the Ultimate building Engineer, ect., ect., ect. God knows ALL and CREATED ALL. This is why he is called the GRAND ARCHITECT, by MASONS.

Being part of the Holy Spirit of God not only connects you spirtually with God, it CONNECTS you to ALL of mankind. Every person on earth therefore is your brother or sister. Knowing that the soul that is in you is part of God just as Jesus is part of God, should cause you to do one thing. LOVE GOD ... You therefore have no choice but to LOVE YOURSELF and this is what Jesus was trying to teach men. That is the reason you cannot come to know God with out knowing Jesus also or visa-versa. They are as ONE just as we all are as ONE. When the Master taught the disciples, he said, "Call no man Father except your Father in Haven". We ALL are as ONE. The Lord's Prayer is addressed to "OUR FATHER".

Matthew 6:6-9, Jesus says, "When you pray, go into your room and close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret will reward you. And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him. "This then, is how you should pray." .."It is by yourself without ambassador that God speeks to you". Bloom

Even an evil person has a soul given by God and God will cast him into the pit of Fire, but contrary to popular belief, the soul that is in hell is also given another chance, by God. It is rescued by kindred spirits and taken to the place of transition. It is then sent BACK to EARTH to TRY AGAIN. The Soul cannot escape the trials of the 'flesh' until he, she has learned who God Is and who Christ was and the ultimate knowledge of knowing who you are and how you are PART of God. But as described above this could take thousands of years.

The gospel of Philip #113. [It is appropriate] that we become [perfected persons] before we come forth [from the world]. Whoever receives everything [without mastering] these places will [not be able to master] that place, but rather he shall [go] to the transition as imperfect. Only Yeshúa knows the destiny of that one. (Ph 22).
You must be 'Baptised' with the 'knowledge'. You then must use that knowledge to do the work of God.

The 'resurrection', as it may have been called, is first of all, 'knowing' that death is only the beginning of Eternal life, but the term is misused and for centuries has been misunderstood.
Death is not part of the 'resurrection'. The Resurrection is 'discovery'. As the Gospel of Philip clearly indicated, "Those who say they will die first and then rise to heaven are in error, they must first receive the 'resurrection' while they live". Not to revive the Divine-Essence during our stay on this earth is to miss a big opportunity, since this will not occur after death, that is a stage of refreshment and rest where no recovery is possible. Initiation was created to teach the science that allows us to reach this Divine State that lifts the human soul to a new life-basis from which salvation is possible and real.

This is what Paul and many others never understood.....Therefore there is NO resurrection at death as Jesus said, because there is NO DEATH of the SOUL. The 'resurrection' [ post-reincarnation ] is for the 'living', not for the dead. "God is the God of the Living, not of the Dead".. . Matthew 22: 22-23. The soul does not die. ( "everyone is as the angles in heaven"...meaning they are immortal ) The Soul is given peace or hell because of your deeds on earth, which is up to you.

Once again, the 'Resurrection' was only for 'Initiates' who were chosen because of their righteousness, which was determined before they were allowed to join the 'Brotherhood'. This is proven in the Dead Sea Scrolls. What you believe from here now, also is up to you, but there is too much proof to call this a lie.

The initiation and the ceremony of the 'living resurrection' became 'closed' to any new members after Jesus' death and Ascent to heaven. Paul NEVER met or knew the Real Jesus.. Paul was an 'initiate' but did not understand who the man Jesus really was. He was a spy only to gain the secrets but had no clue what they meant. He made up his own assumptions based on the words of James, without knowing what James was really saying, because they taught in parables to hide the true meanings...
see the Lies of Paul for clairification.

Scholars such as Oscar Cullman and H.J. Schoeps say the primitate Christian Jews had no use for the Paul dogma and the Incarnation, in which Jesus is at once God and Man, and so constitutes a second Adam replacing the fallen first Adam. "I have never understood why Christian scholars almost invariably incline to Paul, rather than to the Church of Jerusalem, headed by James the just, brother of Jesus and clear inheritor of his legacy." Scholars, themselves dogmatists, seem to worship the winning side of history, and Paul won.

There has only been one true religion in the world since the beginning of time, but that religion began to be changed and was called Christian after Christ’s portrayed death on the cross, because of the ignorant Paul.

After the so-called 'death' of Jesus, Christians began a 'blood bath' against each other for the next 360 years. They could not agree as to what exact sence Jesus was the Son of God. Bishop of Poitiers once wrote, " We repent of what we have done, we defend those who repent, we anathematize those whom we defended. We condemn either the doctrine of others in ourselves, or our own in that of others; and reciprocally tearing one another apart, we have been the cause of each others ruin." Jesus's words; prophecied in the Gospel of Thomas.

Reincarnation, a Belief shared by the Ancients

If all things derive, as St. John explains, from that One Source, then all beings and all the sons of men are forever included. Metaphysically, every human being has more than one father, but on the physical plane each has only one.

John the Baptist was a man with high spiritual intellect. John earnestly desired a greater realization of spirit . He payed Homage to the higher self in an individual, however he knew that he was not fulfilling the "Christ" ideal of manhood as could be done by Jesus.

Over a thousand years or thirty generations, everyone has more ancestors than there are souls presently incarnated on earth. Each one participates in the ancestry of all mankind.

What makes this knowledge that Cayce had unique, is that Cayce did not believe in reincarnation until he was told by the source of knowledge ( the Logos ), that reincarnation was an invariable law of human life. This caused the work, the readings that came through him, to have an integrity beyond one man's personal beliefs. The Cayce readings, Cayce on Atlantis and this one.. The Cayce readings

also...Therefore it is appropriate here that we think of him who preached before Jesus, the Buddha, who taught that we ask not of a man's descent but of his conduct. By their fruits they shall he known, say the gospels. Every human being belongs to one single humanity, and that collectivity stands in relation to the Ain-Soph as any one human being to his or her own father. It is no wonder that Pythagoras - Pitar Guru, 'father and teacher,' as he was known among the ancient Hindus - came to Krotona to sound the keynote of a long cycle now being reaffirmed for an equally long period in the future. He taught his disciples to honour their father and their mother, and to take a sacred oath to the Holy Fathers of the human race, the 'Ancestors of the Arhats.'

Some among the faithful spent their time in purification. Were they, at that point, engaged in self-purification for their own benefit? What had Jesus taught them? Could one man separate himself from any other? He had told those who wanted to stone the adulteress, "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone." He had told them not to judge anyone else, but to wait for true judgment.

Because they had received a sublime privilege, about which other men subsequently argued for centuries and produced myriad heresies and sects, in their case the judgment involved their compassionate concern to do the sacred Work of the Father for the sake of all. This is Masonry.

The "Law of One" was introduced into this cycle again during Akhanaton's time in Egypt where a few thousand people were gathered together at age 45. They had been through twelve previous years of training known as the left eye of horus, which is an emotional body right-brain training. Akhenaton took these people for another twelve years through his Egyptian Mystery school, - the Law of One, and taught the missing knowledge, the right eye of Horus, which involved the right-brain teachings. Here is another link that goes deeper into the relms of self-consciousness and spiritual training. B.O.T.A Homepage

Al-Chemy, the so-called secret science and Past Life Regression.

The ultimate result of the alchemical Art is the fabled Philosopher's Stone, which perfects all metals to gold and all humans to immortal. Amazing though this may seem, all true alchemical preparations manifest this same perfecting quality, at different degrees and each in its individual way.

This is because the complement to the physical laboratory work is spiritual and energetic work, and the creation of a sphere of planetary archetypal energy. The laboratory is charged with the appropriate energy for each operation, according to the planetary archetypes, and the plant, metal, or mineral is then worked on inside that sphere. The alchemical work of destroying, purifying, and reviving the matter takes it through successively higher cycles of birth, growth, death, and reincarnation until it embodies the highest incarnate state it can achieve.

Past Life regression therapy is an Al-chemical science. Information can be found here..
THE JOURNAL OF REGRESSION THERAPY,Index Association for Past Life Research and Therapies. The Author Index is for issues of The Journal of Regression Therapy. Another link takes you to an 'abuse' issue of a young woman..see the resulting regression session. Abuse

Also information on past lives can be found in Sylvia Brown's Books
Past Lives - Future Healing, is full of 'Past Life' stories obtained by regression hypnosis and documented by Silvia Brown.

If you have recurring cronic pain, but there seems to be no medical cause, it could be from a past life injury that resulted in death. Birth marks also have been proven to be signals of a tragic end to your past life. 'Cell Memory', as described in Sylvia's Book Past Life - Future Healing seems to be directly related to past life injuries that can now, in this life cause pain or other problems such as a sudden fear of something. Pastlife 'Cell Memory' could be the reason your marriage is troubled, ect. We suggest Sylvia's book to help understand those memories and pinpoint the problem. However, with out regression therapy, which is only done by Sylvia, there's no way to be sure of the cause.

Sylvia’s philosophy of life is based upon research into past lives, via hypnosis, and through the information obtained via Sylvia’s deep trance channeling ability. From thousands of hypnotic regressions, and hundreds of trance sessions, the fact of reincarnation was established as the key to understanding life. Sylvia accepts reincarnation as a central theme in her philosophy, yet this belief is never forced upon anyone who does not want to hear it. Sylvia always says, "Take with you what you want and leave the rest behind." She is also strongly pro God, but again does not force the issue. Sylvia likes to tell people, "It does not matter if you believe in God, because God believes in you." Sylvia also has a web site and does readings by phone. Sylvia Brown

Past Lives, Future Healing Life on the Other Side The Other Side and Back

Other Past Life experience articles can be found at..Articles "Death Comes to Marie-France." Chet Snow, Ph.D. In this moving case history, imaging and visualization by a perceptive friend enabled a brain-dead woman to let go of her damaged body and move on. A personal experience of Dr. Snow's, sensitively told. / C-10. 44-47 (4).

"The Spirit World of the Native American." Lewis E. Mehl, M.D., Ph.D. The difference between the linear, "wheel-of-life" reincarnation model and that of the traditional Native American, who embraces instead the concept of a free-ranging spirit that can cross time and space boundaries, mingle with other spirits, and enter other lives. The importance of the Sweat Lodge ceremony and other rituals in these beliefs is discussed. / H-9. 59-65 (7).

Regressions and Progressions Reincarnation articles , personal comments, a bibliography, networks, and an event calendar. Some thoughts about reincarnation - an approach into soul-evolution on the physical plane. How past and future are perceived and realized finally by the soul.

Because, as Hermes Trismegistus said, that which is below is like that which is above, and that which is above is like that which is below, these creations of the alchemical Art become links in a chain of influence, and are vessels charged with a pure planetary energy and able to transmit that energy to the next link - you.

This chain of influence can be used as part of an active spiritual path in many ways. Hermes' law also means that, just as our universe is made up of cycling planetary bodies, we are made up of corresponding cycling influences, at all levels of being. At the higher level of the eternal soul, these energies reside in the subtle centers or Chakras, and their balance, strength, and weakness relative to each other determine much of our individuality. When one of these Chakras is blocked or imbalanced, karmic "stumbling blocks " are created in our path of spiritual growth, and work must be done to overcome these blockages.

Manly P. Hall and the Emerald Tablets and a discription of Al-Chemy

Moses tried to teach the Hebrews they did not need material possessions to be happy.

Moses freed the people from the ravages and demands of material possessions by leading them, in a circle, in the desert for 40 years. He made it possible for one generation of followers who matured being unattached to material possessions and of being a nomad with nothing. After Moses came Christ, who, using love as the great dissolver of self, freed his followers from having a self, soul, that was separated from God without the LIGHT of the Sun (SON).

The Old and New Testaments, together, contain the complete Hermetic Philosophy, but because we have lost the connection with our own soul, the passages become complicated and difficult to understand.

Lose the bondage of having material desires and then lose the bondage of the physical form and all of its demands and return to God, the spirit.

We are in the underworld , the below of physical form and, despite its delights, it is hell compared to the heaven above. What keeps us here in the below, is material desire (objects and sensation) rather than a spiritual desire. In fact, in esoteric Christianity, the five wounds of the Christ and the additional crown of thorns represent the five senses of man which keep the spirit crucified on the world and chained to death. The crown of thorns represents non-spiritual (material) thinking and the mockery of the soul that seeks a kingdom in the underworld.

The mystery of The Last Supper and the Passover are two rituals depicting the alchemical process of the transmutation of the lower nature (unleavened bread , not yet risen by the indwelling spirit, the consumption of the flesh and blood, (bread and wine) by the higher spiritual nature, removing the dross (impurities) from the gold, eating the bitter herbs, and passing out of (the purgation process or passing over) this reality into Paradise or The Promised Land.

The Goal for the successful completion of The Great Work is Eternal life.

Antigravity Links to Information about Anti-gravity There are links here to information from NASA, that Anti-gravity is indeed possible and scientists are working on the profection of this science.

Gravitational physics research in CSPAAR is related to NASA's Relativity Mission (Gravity Probe B) which was scheduled for launch in the year 2000. The experiment, which was being developed at Stanford University, will perform a test of Einstein's Theory of General Relativity by measuring the relativistic precession of superconducting gyroscopes in earth orbit. Einstein's theory predicts that a gyroscope in earth orbit will experience a drift of the spin axis caused by the rotation of the earth (motional effect) and by the motion of the gyro through the earth's gravity field .(geodetic effect).


by Manly P. Hall and attributed to Reynold E Blight, 33 degree , K.T... What words are there in modern language to describe the great temple of Ammon Ra? It now stands amidst the sands of Egypt a pile of broken ruins, but in the heyday of its glory it rose a forest of plumed pillars holding up roofs of solid sandstone, carved by hands long laid to rest into friezes of lotus blossoms and papyrus and colored lifelike by pigments the secrets of which were lost with the civilization that discovered them. The entire works are found at The Lost Keys of Freemasonry,

From the pages of ; Atlantis Rising;The prophectic Code of the Pyramid Marcellinus contemporary, Iamblichus, wrote a treatise on the Mysteries of the Egyptians, and described the Initiation associated with the Sphinx. In a secret location between the paws of the feline monument, he said, is a bronze door, its opening triggered by a hidden spring. Beyond it, the neophytes went into a circular room. From this point on, they were subject to a series of trials to become full members among the Initiates, eventually reaching Masterhood...The Drawing of the interior under the Sphinx is on .. Hall of Records

The Great Judgement Hall of Maat also known as Mekhatt which means 'the balance of the Earth'. The hieroglyphic sign for the verb 'to weigh' shows a triangle or a 'builders square'. The plumb-bob suspended from the apex is a sign meaning 'balance the Earth' or 'weighing'. The triangle is also the cross-section of the Pyramid.

Continued... The rest of the Story Why don't we remember our past lives?.. and what really happened to Jesus. He did not die, we'll show you why not...The Knights Templar Secret. How did the King become the God Osiris?

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