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My Personal Midis Page

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After you download, in off line mode, try playing your songs on this version of the Windows Midi player, version 9..The Quick Time Player will distort and will not allow the Windows Media Player to work. This player for windows 98 and 2000 but there may be newer versions. If you don't have a player..see ..Microsoft Windows Media Players.. Select the correct one for your system.

There is no intent to infringe on any COPYRIGHT and if anything on my page is in violation I will remove same on notification and PROOF from owner. We have checked each song with the GNMIDI midi song checker found at Gnmidi utilities for windows for copyright details, and found none.

All MIDI sequences are for personal listening only and are not to be used for any commercial purpose or public performance.

You will find that all of these midi's are excellent, however some are AWESOME. Those are marked accordingly with an 'A'. All the files play in STEREO, so sit back, turn it up and enjoy. Please feel free to 'save as' in your own file if you like.
AGAIN, Music that is played on my site on the seperate pages is under copyright laws and may not be used in the same manner on another web site.
Occasionaly this page will not re-load due to the large size of a file so please bookmark it before you play. Sometimes a file refuses to load the first time, so try again. Also remember to clear out your temporary files.

I Will Survive Spirits in the Sky. Nurelein
Peanuts Axelf Listen to the Music(A)
Sultans of Swing(A) Into The Light La Grange (A)
Star Trek TOS (A) Get Ready For This(A) allnite
Johnny Guitar(A) Spanish Eyes Jumpin Jack Flash

Titanic Theme(A) X-Files(A) Simply Irrestible(A)
I'm Too Sexy Hocus Pocus (A) I've Had The Time Of My Life(A)
Celebration (A) Rolling Stone - Brown Sugar Chariots of Fire
Whomp, There It Is 1984? Down on The Corner
Age of Aquaris(A) City With No Name(A) Walk like an Egyptian (A)

Mission Impossible(A) Coming to America Beautiful Woman(A)
Brickhouse Red Red Wine Happy Nation(A)
Europe Finale(A) Thriller Phantom of the Opera
Superstition You Spin Me Around (A) Music Box Dancer (A)

Eye of the Tiger (A) Y.M.C.A. (A) Your Woman (A)
Hotel Califorinia (A) Theme from Dr. Zhivago (A) Fletch Theme
Stir it Up I Can See Clearly Now If You Leave Me Now
Move This! (A) Funky Town (A) Power of Love
Midnight Train To Georgia Don't Stop till You Get Enough (A) Star Trek NG Theme

Can't Take My Eyes Off You The Girl From Ipanema Stayin' Alive (A)
Beat It Mustang Sally (A) Footloose
Be My Lover Blue Eyes Cryin Jump (A)
House of the Rising Sun Dancin in the Street(A) Here Comes the Sun (A)

Plenty of Nuttin Rhapsody in Blue Theme from Porgy and Bess
Sweethome Alabama (A) Right Now Dr. Who (A)
Crocodile Rock (A) Masquerade Take Me Home Country Roads
Star Cruze (A) Somewhere Out There Songbird

Sing Sing Mr. Roboto Disco Inferno
Fooling Yourself Suspicious Minds Sugar Sugar
Stop Stop Gershwin Medley Shaft (A)
Blue Moon A Summer Place Alley Cat
Everywhere Fleetwood Mac Dont Stop Bus stop

Classical selections
Motzarts Magic Fulte Swan Lake Dances with Wolves
NutCracker Flowers We Will Canyon
Beethoven's Fifth Symphony 1812 Overture Fanfare For the Common Man
LaPrimavera Passport In the Hall of the mountain King

Here is the entrance to more 50's, 60's and 70's midi files, enter page 2

If you are not hearing music, and you would like to, you will need to click on the Windows Media player link above, download and install the free version of the player.

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