Astrology and Stone Structures

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Stone structures - Star alignments

This is a picture of an underground cave like structure. The most notable one is located in Newgrange England. It served as a temple. When the Bright Morning Star showed itsself through the slit over the door it was the beginning of an 8 year cycle. This always occured on the spring equinox. We have other pictures and the caves are the major subject of a book by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas called Uriel's Machine. Evidence found in the investigation of these caves suggests that Enoch himself visited one. The walls inside the cave were lined with white quartz. Enoch 71.5 "And the Spirit carried Enoch off to the Highest Heaven, and I saw there, in the middle of that Light, something built of crystal stones, and in the middle of those stones tongues of living fire. from The storehouses and see The Book of HEAVENLY LUMINARIES in which Enoch explains the cources of the planets and their relationship to the counting of 'time'. And see Enoch's book about The turning of lights in the sky

As we see above, there is in the Secret Books of Enoch a description of the stone structures that the angles used to bring Enoch inside a 'crystal building' to behold the face of God. He is transported to the structure by Urieal, an angel of God. He is brought there to plead for the survival of the 'Giants' and the 'Watchers of Heaven', who have defiled them selves with women of the Earth. They are shown no mercy.

This 'cave of light' was real. The structure is underground and is approximately 60 to 65 feet in length. It is constructed with stone that reflects light when hit by the morning sun through a slit in the roof that is aligned with the horizon. At the West end of the structure is a stone with marking on it. The markings and the stream of light that hit it on one particular day of the year form a perfect X. The shape of the X and it's position on the stone told the viewer where on the Earth this measurement came from.
The Structure

"and the angels took Enoch and placed him in the east at the sun's gates."

( excerpt from the secret books )13. "Those men bore me away to the east, and placed me at the sun's gates, where the sun goes forth according to the regulation of the seasons and the circuit of the months of the whole year, and the number of the hours day and night. And I saw six gates open, each gate having sixty-one stadia and a quarter of one stadium, and I measured them truly, and understood their size to be so much, through which the sun goes forth, and goes to the west, and is made even, and rises throughout all the months, and turns back again from the six gates according to the succession of the seasons; thus the period of the whole year is finished after the returns of the four seasons".

.. "by the first gates with thirty-one days exactly , by the second gates with thirty-one days exactly, by the third with thirty days exactly, by the fourth with thirty days exactly, by the fifth with thirty-one days exactly, by the sixth with thirty-one days exactly, by the seventh with thirty days exactly, by the eighth with thirty-one days perfectly, by the ninth with thirty-one days exactly, by the tenth with thirty days perfectly by the eleventh with thirty-one days exactly , by the twelfth with twenty-eight days exactly. And it goes through the western gates in the order and number of the eastern, and accomplishes the three hundred and sixty-five and a quarter days of the solar year, while the lunar year has three hundred and fifty-four, and there are wanting to it twelve days of the solar circle, which are the lunar epacts of the whole year".

The 'Gates'

Archeological evidence has also been discovered that links Enoch with 'Stonehenge' type structures and the Groved Ware People of Europe. The dating of this evidence is before 3150BC. The ancient Sumerians studied the heavens to the point of knowing the planet Venus was the beginning of an eight year cycle. They knew much more about the heavens than we presently know. But one thing is certain, they knew God created the heavens for a reason and they knew the planets rotate around the sun. They knew the sun moved from one side of the horizon to the other creating the 'seasons'. They also knew there was a calculation of 'Time' associated with these rotations.

The following is in reference to two 'Stonehenge type structures'. One in the British Isles, one in Sumeria indicated here as Stonehenge I ...from the book When Time Began- Zecharia Sitchen

Six outer or circumference points with one in the center would have created a layout (below right) that, as in Stonehenge II-belonging to the same time-provided alignments not only with the equinoxes but also with the four solstice points (midsummer sunrise and sunset, midwinter sunrise and sun­set). Since the Mesopotamian New Year was firmly an­chored to the equinoxes. resulting in ziggurats whose determining corner was oriented to the east, an arrangement of stone pillars that incorporated fixings of the solstices was a major innovation. It also indicated a decisive “Egyptian” influence, for it was at Egyptian temples that an orientation linked to the solstices was the dominant feature-certainly by Gudea’s time.

If, as Falkenstein’s study suggests, the seventh pillar was not within the circle of six stelae but outside of it-in the pathway or avenue leading to the Shugalam~ an even more astounding similarity emerges, not to the later Stonehenge but to the earliest one, to Stonehenge , where-we may recall~-there were only seven stones: the four Station Stones forming a rectangle, two Gateway Stones that flanked the beginning of the Avenue, and the Heel Stone that marked out the sightline-an arrangement of seven stone uprights illustrated in the figure to the left .

Stonehenge measuring holes Since at Stonehenge the Aubrey Holes were part of phase I, the sightline could be easily determined by a viewer at hole 28 directing his gaze through a post inserted in hole 56, watching for the Sun to appear above the Heel Stone on the propitious day. Such a similarity in layouts would be even more signif­icant than the first alternative, for-as we have reported earlier-the rectangle formed by the four Station Stones implied lunar observations in addition to the solar ones. The realization of this rectangular arrangement led both Newham and Hawkins to far-reaching conclusions regarding the so­phistication of the planners of Stonehenge I. But since Stonehenge I preceded the Eninnu by about seven centuries, the similarity would have to imply that whoever had planned the layout of the seven uprights in the Eninnu copied from whoever had planned Stonehenge I.

Such a kinship between the two structures, in two dif­ferent parts of the world, seems incredible; it will, however, become credible as we bring to light more amazing aspects of Gudea’s Eninnu.

The six-plus-one circle just described was not the only stone circle on the platform of the new Eninnu. Boasting that he accomplished “great things” that called for unusual “wisdom” (scientific knowledge), (Judea pro­ceeded to describe, after the section dealing with the stelae, the “crownlike circle for the new Moon”-a creation in stone so unique that “its name in the midst of the world he caused to brightly go forth.” This second circle was arranged as a “round crown for the new Moon” and consisted of thirteen stones erected “like heroes in a net­work” -a most figurative way, it seems to us, to describe a circle of upright stones connected at the top by lintels to form a “network” akin to the Trllithons at Stonehenge!

While the possibility that the first smaller circle served lunar as well as solar functions can be only surmised, the second larger circle was undoubtedly intended to observe the Moon. Judging by the repeated references in the in­scriptions to the New Moon, the lunar observations were geared to the Moon’s monthly cycle, its waxing and waning in the course of four quarters . Our interpretation of the crownlike circle is reinforced by the statement that this circle consisted of two groups of megalitbs-one of six and the other of seven, with the latter apparently more elevated or taller than the first.

At first glance the arrangement of thirteen (six plus seven) megaliths, connected at their tops by lintels to form a“crown,” seems to be an error, because we expect to find only twelve pillars (which in a circle create twelve apertures) if the arrangement is related to the twelve months of the lunar phases. The presence of thirteen pillars~ however, does make sense if account were taken of the need to add one month every now and then for intercalation purposes. If so, the amazing stone circles in the Girsu were also the first instance where calendars made of stone meshed to correlate the solar and lunar cycles.

(One wonders whether these stone circles in the Girsu somehow presaged the introduction of the seven-day week-a division of time whose origin has evaded schol­ars-the biblical week which totaled seven by adding the six days of creation to the final additional day of rest. The number seven appears twice, in the first arrangement of pillars and as part of the second circle; and it is quite possible that somehow days were counted according to either group, leading to a repetition of periods of seven days. Also, four phases of the Moon multiplied by the thirteen pillars would divide the year into fifty-two weeks of seven days each).

Whatever the astronomical calcalendrical possibilities in­herent in the two circles (and we have probably only touched upon the very basic ones), it is evident that in the Girsu of La gash a solar-lunar stone computer was put into operation. If all this begins to sound like a “Stonehenge Of the Euphrates’ ‘-a mini~Stonehenge erected by a Sumerian king in the Girsu of Lagash at about the same time that Stonehenge in the British Isles became a truly stone circle circa 2100 e.c.-there is more to come.

It was at that time that the second type of stone, the bluestones, was brought to the plain of Salisbury from a distant source. This too enhances the similarities: Gudea too hauled not one but two types of stones from a great distance, “from the stone mountains” of Magan (Egypt) and Melukhah (Nubia), both in Africa. We read in the inscription on Cylinder A that it took a full year to obtain these stone blocks from “stone mountains which no (Sumerian] king had entered before.”

The study of Astrology, and physics were only part of the entire spectrum of knowledge the Egyptian Kings and High Priests possessed. Thus creating the legend of the 'Builder Gods'. Enoch, when taken to Heaven by Uriel, was taught the procession of the planets , and how time can be counted precisely by using the Sun and Venus on the 'points' or degrees of the 'hinge'. The 'Stonehenge' is one of these ancient time machines. These machines were so accurate they allowed the viewer to predict the impact of a comet with earth. They actually proved the earth was round and on an elliptical path in the universe. The machine also showed the 'tilt of the earth' and helped ancient mariners find their way across the seas. The ancient Druids used this structure for religious rights. Once considered 'pagan' and a place of witchcraft practice, there was a deeper meaning as described by Enoch. Once again the 'common folk' didn't understand these ancient rights.

In the Babyloian map below, the heavens flowed into the Heavenly Ocean, corresponding to the Earthly Ocean on the earth. And in the Heavenly Ocean were animal constellations, the "vanished" gods. These probably recur in the expression "belt of heaven," the Sumerian for which may be literally translated, "divine animals". As the animal constellations also sank below the horizon, so the Heavenly Ocean extended beneath the earth, so that plenty of room existed below the Underworld for the passage of the sun, moon, and planets. After the overthrow of the old world order of Apsu and Tiamat or Chaos, the former gods, according to the Babylonian Epic of Creation, were deposed and banned as animals to the Heavenly Ocean, by command of the creator of the new world.

The late Sumerian ruler, Gudea of Lagash (2600 B.C.), records in his inscriptions seven such monsters; in Hammurabi's time (about 2000 B.C.) the number was eleven. The text of the Babylonian cosmos, however, enumerates eighteen animals, but the names of two of them are not known. Each of the last two texts named begin with the same three animals: Basmu, Mushus and (Laha) mu. It appears from these tests that in the course of time new kinds of animals were added.

Animal constellations, though not to be confused with our zodiac, knowledge which, in this form, has not been traced beyond about 420 B.C., may nevertheless be approximately equated with our zodiacal signs; among other things and changes, however the names have naturally altered in the course of time. The chief animals are also shown on some post-Babylonian tablets of an astronomical nature. Karl Maasz has therefore made use of these drawings in his reconstruction, in which pictures of the so called boundary stones have served as guides. According to the drawings of the clay tablet in question, the order of the animal constellations run from right to left - from north to west, then around to the east.
see ... Babylonian Map

The pictures found today in the zodiac were not developed by the Greeks, but were in place perhaps as early as 4000 B.C. predating even the civilizations of Sumeria. These pictures were not merely arranged in haphazard order to aid in the tracking of the star movements, but with the purpose of depicting an epic narrative. Authors like Bullinger and Seiss have suggested that there is a deeper meaning, one that goes beyond even the most illuminated of occult interpretations. The zodiac is a pictorial story of God's plan of salvation on earth. The key to understanding the celestial zodiac is found in ancient depictions of a mythical creature called a sphinx.

The true meaning of the celestial zodiac and the symbols of the ecliptic, the course the sun appears to travel the heavens, seems to have been lost to the majority of mankind. The purpose of the zodiac symbols can be understood by connecting the sequence of pictures in story form.

But what is that connection? What point in the circle of heaven is its beginning?

Sphinx in Greek means to "connect or bind together".A sphinx combines the head of a woman and the body of a lion. This fixes the beginning and ending of the celestial narrative -- beginning with Virgo and ending with Leo. We see the 4 points of the celestial "Cross".

the astrological origin of the Cherubim symbol

  • Virgo, is depicted as a virgin in every ancient reference, holding in one hand abranch, and in the other a sheaf of grain, or seed, always associated with a child, "Shesh nu" in Egyptian, the desired son, the symbol of the incarnationof God on earth.

  • Libra, the scales or in the earliest zodiacs, an altar. Its meaning is the measuring of a price. One of its stars in Arabic means, "the price which is deficient",while opposite is a star whose name means, "the price which covers," or atonement. Libra symbolizes the price of the conflict, the deficient works of man compared to the perfect and finished sacrifice of Jesus accomplished on the cross.

  • Scorpio,with his claws reaching out to influence the scales, is crushed beneath the foot of Ophiuchus, the serpent holder, who in earliest times was depicted as an eagle. Ophiuchus 's foot is stung (wounded foot, like Oedipus) by the upraised tail of the scorpion, his other foot is above the scorpion's heart. He restrains the serpent coiled around him from taking a crown. Ophiuchus depicts the earliest prophecy in the Bible, "I will put enmity between the serpent and the offspring of the woman, it will strike at his heel, and he will crush (the serpent's) head."

  • Sagittarius,in the oldest pictures of the zodiac is a cherubim. This symbol is situated 1/3 rd of the way around the zodiacal circle. It had the body of both lion and bull with wings of an eagle and the head of a woman. Sagittarius is the symbol of the incarnation, both God and man, animals representing the four corners of the heavens and symbolizing the aspects of God's redemptive work on this earth, he is poised with his arrow drawn and pointed at the heart of the scorpion. Underneath him is the southern cross.

  • Capricorn, the goat with the tail of the fish. To the Hebrews, the goat was the sin offering, Capricorn is posed with his foot under him and his head bowed,as if in death. The second half of this symbol is the tail of a fish, the most prolific creature in nature, the fish lives in the waters, symbol of life and God's spirit. Out of the son of God's death, comes everlasting life.

  • Aquarius,the water bearer, the one pouring out life giving waters that symbolize God's spirit, into the mouth of the fish.

  • Pisces, the fishes connected to the neck of the sea monster, one points to the center of heaven the other follows the ecliptic, the path of the earth around the sun. "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

  • Aries, the lamb prepared from the foundations of the world, the unblemished sacrifice for mankind. with his foot poised to strike off the tether attaching the fishes to the neck of the sea monster. "He (Jesus Christ), came to set the captives free".

  • Taurus, the Bull. His horns, symbolizing God's judgment, are pointed to the earth,one stabs the heal of a shepherd "Aquilla", who holds his flock, Christ the good shepherd, received in our place God's absolute judgment. In the bull's neck is the Pleiades, the congregating of the judges, who come back to earth after their resurrection to judge the earth with Christ at his second coming.

  • Gemini, the twins. Castor is the suffering redeemer, and Pollux is the king. Symbols of the first and second coming of Christ.

  • Cancer, the crab. Originally it was the fortress, the impregnable enclosure of protection.In Egypt it was a scarab, the beetle that hatched from the ground and flew to heaven, the stronghold of the saved.


    Leo, the great lion. "The conquering lion of Judah", Jesus Christ, who will come again. The king that the apostle John traced back to that tribe of Israel. In his heart is the star called Regulus.

    The Druids

    To become a Druid, students assembled in large groups for instruction and training, for a period of up to twenty years.

    The mythologies describe Druids who were capable of many magical powers such as divination & prophesy, control of the weather, healing, levitation, and shapechanging themselves into the forms of animals.

    Their education was so rigourous that at the end of it they were virtually walking encyclopedias. A good word for them would seem to be "priests", yet I am reluctant to use it for two reasons: The Romans never used it, and because Druids didn't minister to congregations as priests do.

    Rather, they had a clientele, like a lawyer, a consultant, a mystic, or a shaman would have.

    Caesar and his historians never referred to them as priests, but perhaps they could not recognise them as priests since the Roman priesthood, officiating over an essentially political religion, were primarily teachers and judges, with less emphasis on being seers or diviners, whereas the Druids appeared to have both legal and magical powers and responsabilities.
    more..The Druids were the Priests - Magicians - of the Celtic people.

    The Druids did not record any of their knowledge in writing as their religion prohibited it. They communicated everything orally, concerned that the information would fall into the wrong hands. Many students remained with their teachers until the age of twenty. Those who were to become priests studied for up to twenty years. Schools focused on the teacher, as the students went to the teacher. They took the strongest oaths to maintain their secret doctrine.

    The science and philosophy of Druidism dangerously contradicted Roman orthodoxy. Druids considered ownership collective, while the Romans based their law on private ownership. Women were included in the politics and religious life of Druids, while the Romans thought of women as pleasure objects and child bearers.

    In the 11th century , during the reign of Canute, the people were forbidden to worship the sun, moon, fire and other pagan traditions. Shortly thereafter, Druidic worship was entirely prohibited, forcing initiated Druids underground.

    Druid physicians, considered great healers, were skilled herbalists and surgeons who preformed caesarean sections, amputations and brain surgery. They used healing stones as part of their repertoire and each stone had a unique healing property. They also used astrology in the medical diagnosis of patients.

    Merlin the wizard was the most famous mythical Druid. The title of 'Merlin' ( applied to the Seer to the King ) was long established in the Druid tradition. Prior to Emry's, the appointed Marlin was Taliesin the Bard, husband of Viviane I del Acqs. At his death in 540, the title passed to Emrys of Powys, who was the famous Merlin of Arthurian tradition. Merlin Emrys was an elder cousin of King Aedan and was, therefore in a position to request that the new king take action against Gwenddolau's killer. see Merlin. According to the legend, Merlin tutored the young future king Author, who obtained the magical sword Excaliber from the Lady in the Lake. more about Merlin the Magician

    Hippolytus ( 170 to 230 AD ) claimed the Druids had adopted the teachings of Pythagoras. However Clements gives evidence that in the sixth century B. C. Pythagoras accepted the Druid doctrine of immortality of the soul and reincarnation. Other lore associates Druids with Noah and Abraham.

    It was John Aubrey, writing in the 17th century, who first thought it a "probability" that stone circles, such as Stonehenge, "were Temples of the Druids" and called his text on stone circles the Templa Druidum.

    Besides observing that the name 'Druid' is derived from "oak", it was Pliny the Elder, in his Naturalis Historia (XVI, 95), who associates the Druids with mistletoe and oak groves: "The Druids...hold nothing more sacred than the mistletoe and the tree on which it grows provided it is an oak. They choose the oak to form groves, and they do not perform any religious rites without its foliage..." Pliny also describes how the Druids used a "gold pruning hook" or "sickle" to gather the mistletoe.

    In the 19th century, Sir John Lubbock (1834-1913) dated Stonehenge to a period much earlier than the time of the Druids (that is, to about 2000 B.C.E., whereas the Druids don't appear in the historical record until 1800 years later), nonetheless the view was maintained by a minority that Druids were pre-Celtic inhabitants of Britain and that the religious beliefs and practices for which Stonehenge was first built are ancestral to those of the later Celtic Druids. more Stonehenge and the Druids

    ( Edgar Cayce ) "The stones that are circular, that were of the magnetized influence upon which the Spirit of the One spoke to those peoples as they gathered in their service, are of the earliest Atlantean activities in religious service, as would be called today".

    ( excerpt - Secret Books of Enoch )15. "Then the elements of the sun, called Phoenixes and Chalkydri break into song, therefore every bird flutters with its wings, rejoicing at the giver of light, and they broke into song at the command of the Lord. The giver of light comes to give brightness to the whole world, and the morning guard takes shape, which is the rays of the sun, and the sun of the earth goes out, and receives its brightness to light up the whole face of the earth, and they showed me this calculation of the sun's going. And the gates which it enters, these are the great gates of the computation of the hours of the year for this reason the sun is a great creation, whose circuit lasts twenty-eight years, and begins again from the beginning".

    Hundreds of other stone circles and 'Caves' in Scotland and elsewhere.. The Glenquic Circle Bronze age.... Stenness - Orkney According to another old tradition, each New Year's Day the local people met at Stenness church and feasted for several days. Then, those of the young folk who were planning to marry went to the Stones of Stenness (also known as Temple of the Moon)...
    Camster Long Cairn 4th-3rd millennium BC..It stretches along a prominent skyline position and is 59.5m in length and 20m in breadth. The long cairn was constructed to incorporate two separate chambered tombs, each with its own round cairn. Both chambers are accessible from the east, along narrow passages. The northernmost chamber is polygonal, the other one is divided into three compartments by vertical stone slabs. Two horned forecourts were added one at each end of the cairn. The larger northeast one was probably the focus for ceremonies commemorating the dead.

    The Celts

    The term Celt comes from historian Heataeus' Keltoi which describes a linguistic family (Rolleston, p. 17). Anthropologists , archeologists and historians are still not certain about the exact birthplace of the Celts. They may have emerged in Austria around 700 BCE but their distinctive presence became known in middle Europe between the Rhine and Danube rivers around the fifth century BCE (Rolleston, p. 7, p. 17). Over the course of approximately 1000 years the Celts migrated all over Europe in what some have called a "campaign of destruction" into areas including Spain, France, northern Italy, Austria, Hungary, the Balkans, Scotland, and England. However, the Romans quelled the Celtic expansion and Christianized their holy places and mythologies. The remaining Celts finally settled in western Europe in the British Isles during approximately the sixth century AD (Rolleston, p. 7). The Celtic language survives today in France and Britain and includes Breton, Irish, Welsh, Scots Gaelic and Manx (Rolleston, p. 17).

    The Celtic Eco-Religious Belief Systems
    The ancient Celts spoke the language of the stars interpreting their song as a message of eternal return making them certain of reincarnation and allowing them to honor living with ecstatic, boundless abandon. They recognized four cycles of being that humans either descended into or rose from determining the soul's path or destination. These cycles were viewed as both literal and psychological states:
    Annwn: the innermost realm where the unseen roots of the world tree rests beneath the earth. This is the unconscious abode of unformed matter, elementals, wraiths and demonic spirits.

    Abred: the middle realm where life begins. This is the ego where good and evil are of equal measure and free will determines the choices human beings make.

    Gwynvyd: the heavenly realm of enlightened, divine beings. This is the fully conscious mind resulting from the triumph of the life spark and the integration of the conscious and unconscious parts of the self. Like the Tibetans, the Celts believed this to be an attainable state and once reached, they were able to get off the Wheel of Life and rest from the trials of reincarnations.

    Ceugant: the dwelling place of all creation and home of the unknowable, unnamable creator (Conway, p. 79, Pennick, p. 11-13).

    The Celts lived in a place with few cities or towns that was covered with forests, mountains, and open plain. The sky and the land left unmolested provided a relationship between man and the cosmos that is almost unknown to us today. The Celts recognized nature as a divine mirror of the cycles and power of the universe and saw animals, lakes, trees, stones, the sun, moon, and seasons as reflections of the Godhead. Celts often chose oak groves and forests for places of worship and for them, each place had a soul or anima loci whose name represented the natural energies of the area (Pennick, p. 13, Conway, p. 81).
    more..An Introduction to the Ancient Celts

    The Book of Luminaries was written in 200 BC by the Essenes in Qumran, but it had survived oral traditions from at least 3000 years before that. The 'time machine' had correctly predicted a comet impact in 7640 BC. Another impact was recorded in 3150 BC. The 7640 BC comet seems to be associated with the great flood and Noah's building of the Ark.. Chapter 23 verse 1-4, tells of the angel Raguel predicting the orbits of Comets and describing a major comet to Enoch. These comet impacts were the forces and destruction of the earth by 'fire' which then resulted in great title waves, floods and heavy rain. An even earlier prediction could have occurred around 11,400 BC, which would align it with the third destruction of Atlantis, and the building of the Great pyramid in 10,390 BC. We are told there have been three destructions of Atlantis. This puts us in the forth and 'final' epoch. It is also said we will be destroyed by 'fire'.
    Here is another site that predicts comet impacts with the earth Comet Impacts
    You might want to check this out because it predicts that we won't be here much longer. According to the Bible Code the Earth will be hit by comets in 2006, 2010 and 2012. "COMET is encoded between Leviticus 18:20 and Deuteronomy 27:1, with YEAR PREDICTED FOR THE WORLD and the year 2006 is there also". "The year 2012 also appears with COMET, again in Deuteronomy, also IT WILL BE CRUMBLED I WILL TEAR IT TO PIECES and EARTH ANNIHILATED". Another site of the things yet to come.. Super Volcano

    The Beginning of Sorrows This is a pdf file format that describes the Tribulation. You will need the Adobe Reader to view this file... down load it here.. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

    What did they Mayan's know about this that we don't?

    The Maya civilisation inhabited a region encompassing southern Mexico, Guatemala and Belize and flourished between the third and tenth centuries AD, but by 1200 AD their society had collapsed for reasons we can only guess at. When the Spanish conquistadors arrived, descendants still occupied the area, and still spoke the Mayan language, but were unaware of the cities their forefathers had created.

    It wasn’t until the late 18th century that explorers first investigated the dense Guatemalan rainforest and came across plazas, monoliths, temples and pyramids, each decorated with pictures and hieroglyphs. The ancient Maya had been keeping historical records - using a script which mixed ideographic and phonetic elements. Some of their writing still exists on stelae (stone monuments) that recount civil events and record their calendric and astronomical knowledge.

    The Mayan calendar and the fractal patterns of the McKenna brothers are only human constructs, descriptions of our journey through time. But out in our galaxy there is a giant wheel revolving - we are actually on a slow wobble and the stars are just appearing to revolve. This “precession of the equinoxes” takes 25,800 years to complete one cycle, and within this cycle we can observe conjunctions in the heavens between the stars and our solar system.

    The Mayan calendars were derived from those of their predecessors, the Olmec, whose culture dates back at least 3,000 years. Without the instruments of 16th century Europe, these Central American locals managed to calculate a solar year of 365.2420 days, just 0.0002 of a day short. More accurate than the Europeans, and much earlier.

    The First Age began with the creation of the Earth, and it had upon it vegetation and living beings. Unfortunately, because they lacked speech, the birds and animals were unable to pay homage to the gods and were destroyed. In the Second and Third Ages the gods created humans of mud and then wood, but these also failed to please and were wiped out. We are currently in the Fourth and Final Age, the age of the modern, fully functional human. Is it possible that these Ages referred to evolutionary change? If they did, then what might occur when the current age finishes on December 21, 2012? The Mayan Calander, see.. Galactic Alignment

    A True Mayan says the World will not End

    From that 1987 date until now, Mr. Barrios says, we have been in a time when the right arm of the materialistic world is disappearing, slowly but inexorably. We are at the cusp of the era when peace begins, and people live in harmony with Mother Earth. We are no longer in the World of the Fourth Sun, but we are not yet in the World of the Fifth Sun. This is the time in-between, the time of transition.

    As we pass through transition there is a colossal, global convergence of environmental destruction, social chaos, war, and ongoing Earth changes. All this, Mr. Barrios says, was foreseen via the simple, spiral mathematics of the Mayan calendars. "It will change," Mr. Barrios observes. "Everything will change. " He said Mayan Daykeepers view the Dec. 21, 2012 date as a rebirth, the start of the World of the Fifth Sun. It will be the start of a new era resulting from and signified by the solar meridian crossing the galactic equator, and the earth aligning itself with the center of the galaxy.

    At sunrise on December 21, 2012 for the first time in 26,000 years the Sun rises to conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic. This cosmic cross is considered to be an embodiment of the Sacred Tree, The Tree of Life a tree remembered in all the world's spiritual traditions. Some observers say this alignment with the heart of the galaxy in 2012 will open a channel for cosmic energy to flow through the earth, cleansing it and all that dwells upon it, raising all to a higher level of vibration.

    The date specified in the calendar - Winter Solstice in the year 2012 does not mark the end of the world. Many outside people writing about the Mayan calendar sensationalize this date, but they do not know. The ones who know are the indigenous elders who are entrusted with keeping the tradition "Humanity will continue," Mr. Barrios contends, "but in a different way. Material structures will change. From this we will have the opportunity to be more human." from.. The Mayan Calendar

    We Have Work to Do

    According to Mr. Barrios this is a crucially important moment for humanity, and for earth. Each person is important. If you have incarnated into this era, you have spiritual work to do balancing the planet. He said the elders have opened the doors so that other races can come to the Mayan world to receive the tradition. The Maya have long appreciated and respected that there are other colors, other races, and other spiritual systems. "They know," he said, "that the destiny of the Mayan world is related to the destiny of the whole world."

    "The greatest wisdom is in simplicity," Mr. Barrios advised before leaving Santa Fe. "Love, respect, tolerance, sharing, gratitude, forgiveness. It's not complex or elaborate. The real knowledge is free. It's encoded in your DNA. All you need is within you. Great teachers have said that from the beginning. Find your heart, and you will find your way."

    Another Link to the Mayan calender According to the Mayans the present era began 13th, August 3114 BC and ends on 22nd, December 2012 AD. An interesting book, containing details of the Mayan system; The Mayan Prophecies by Adrian G. Gilbert and Maurice M. Cotterell.

    We know from scientific evidence that a metor or a very large object hit the Yucutan peninsula in about 65,000BC. This impact is described as a 6 mile wide rock approaching at 55,000 miles/hr. On landing, it buries itself 8 miles into the ground and releases the energy of the simultaneous detonation of 300 million Hiroshima sized atomic bombs. This impact is most likely the one that destroyed the huge creatures. We believe an 11,400 BC impact and the consequencal eruption of Vesuvius might be the one Raguel described to Enoch and it's association with the destruction of the 'Giants'. Geological findings back this up as above. This we believe was the third destruction described by the Egyptian elders but they referred to it as 'the First Time' not having any knowledge of older origins. This was called the First flight of the Phoenix in Egyptian legend. Thus the 'Phoenix bird' was not evil because it is described by Enoch as an element of the sun. info..see DINOSAUR EXTINCTION

    In other so-called pagan legends Noah's Flood was unleashed following a battle between two Sky-deities (this battle having notably been occulted from the Genesis legend in the Old Testament). Most crucially, it becomes apparent that these Sky-deities were mountain-gods (just like the Biblical Yahweh in his guise as El Shaddai, 'God-of-the-Mountains' or 'God-of-the-Mountain-Peaks'). And it further becomes apparent that these 'mountain-gods' were destroyed in the battle, causing a great deluge of floodwaters and rocks to be unleashed upon the Earth.

    What were these 'rocks'? The answer, which was never properly grasped by 19th and 20th century scholars, is meteorites or fragments of a comet.

    Without going into allot of astrological details, lets consider the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, that struck Jupiter in July 1994. When the comet was spotted it's path was calculated to circle Jupiter because of the tremendous gravitational pull of the planet. It then was to break up due to the stress of this pull. The fragments continued to circle around the Sun and with that gravitational orbit, a sort of slingshot effect, they came back again to hit Jupiter.

    When the fragments hit Jupiter, there were 21 spectacular impacts seen from earth ie, the Hubble Telescope, Voyager 2 and the Ulysses satellites. The impact was measured at hitting Jupiter at half a million kilometers an hour. The debris plume went thousands of kilometers into the atmosphere of Jupiter and created fire balls the size of Earth. Hot bubbles of super heated gas created scars on the planet that were visible for more than a year. The time it took for this all to transpire was 16 months from the time it was spotted. Could Noah have built the Ark in 16 months?

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