The Magi

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"No, the whole tale [of the traditional story of the Star of Bethlehem] is but an ingenious working out after the fact." Isaac Asimov.
This is proven to be a false, misleading statement.

The Cross is a symbol of the Precession of the Equinoxes.

Our Current Position in the Great Year (Cross takes 25,920 years to make one turn through the twelve ages) We shall see what is called symbolically 'the birth of the Christ,' or the second birth, taking place in many lives, producing on earth a large group of the spiritually new-born. They will be those who have brought together, consciously and within themselves, the two aspects of soul and body. Esoteric Psychology, Vol. Iby Alice A. Bailey, p. 31 ...see Christ Consciousness and the Age of Aquarius

The cross is of immense antiquity, and was first celestial. The Tree of Paradise was called the Tree of the Cross, and was placed at the Mount of the Four Corners in the Garden of Eden, which was formed by the stars encircling the pole. Here the great Serpent, as the constellation Draco, kept his sacred watch, "the Cross was an evolution from 'The Tree and the Serpent' and thus became the salvation of mankind. By this it would become the very first fundamental symbol of Creative cause, applying to geometry, to numbers, to astronomy, to measure and to animal reproduction."
ie -"The Tree of Knowledge".
Blavatsky, H. P.-The Secret Doctrine, Vol. ii, p. 216. more..
Doomsday in Slow Motion and see The Templar Cross and the Kabbalah - sacred geometry

This same cross has been found in other places. This one at Quetzalcoatl's Temple in Mexico City. There is also one on a large stone said to be an anchorstone from Noah's Ark. The stone also has writings on it proportedly made by Nimrod after the flood.

The Magicians; The magicians were a society of independent individuals who had command and control over natural laws. Mystical societies , such as the alchemists, shamans, witches, Kabbalists, and so forth, possessed parts of this secret knowledge and used it within their circles. Because magic was used by most mystical societies, it is important to understand the principles of magic that provide the foundation of many esoteric orders.

Nonoccult magic or stage magic is based on trickery and illusion and has no supernatural basis. The magic of the occult magician is based upon ceremonies and rituals. It is the technique of controlling secret powers of nature to influence events. Richard Cavendish in A History of Magic , defines magic as, "an attempt to exert power through actions which are believed to have a direct and automatic influence on man, nature, and the divine". He writes, "the simplest reason for believing in magic is that it works..if the right procedure is followed, the desired result will have occured". Magic is based on pantheism where the magician attempts to tap into the divine power found in all natural phenomena.

Magic has been categorized into various names according to the intent of the practioner. It is divided into high magic and low magic. One purpose of high magic was to bring about spiritual transformation of the magician practicing it. High magic was designed to focus the magician's consciousness so he could master himself by transcending all human limitations and achieving super human divinity. Low magic was concerned with the mundane, such as love, wealth, worldly advantage, and casting spells. White magic was manifested positive effects such as healing, and black magic was used for self-gain, inflicting harm, or other evil purposes.

Eliphas Levi claims the initiated magus who will find the Philosophers' Stone, possess the universal medicine, know the law of perpetual motion, change metal into gold, subdue ferocious animals, and speek intelligently on all subjects without preparation. He will have the power to know the souls of men and mysteries of women's hearts. The adept can control nature and forsee the future not dependent on free will.

Magic is considered both an art and a science. Behind all science is theory, and to understand magic, one must theorize on why magic works. Levi, in his book Transcendental Magic , helps provide the key. He writes there is only one dogma in magic, "the visible is the manifestation of the invisible. That which is above is like that which is below." The word is the key in magic that confirms the Bible and the Kabbalah. The word if pronounced Kabbalistically is stronger than the powers of heaven, earth, and hell. Nature is commanded with the word. Occult forces that comprise the empire of Hermes are obedient to the one who can utter the incommunicable name in the Tetragram. One who knows it and has the courage to use it possesses human omnipotence. To reveal it to a profane person is to lose it. from
Keepers of the Secrets, 1999 by Robert Siblerud

We know very little about the Magi except that they were magicians and astronomers. They used the laws of nature to heal the sick, and predict the future. Here is an anachronistic tale about the three Kings or Wise Men from the east. It is a story that seems to be out of joint with time, but only because no one in recent years has bothered to use the skill.

"He came and dwelt in a city called Nazareth; that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet: He shall be called a Nazarene". In those days a Nazarene meant something far more important than an inhabitant of the city of Nazareth. The old city was in Egypt, not Israel, but it was also a 'sect' an individual tribe of people..

The Nazars were the Magi, or Wise Men; their great prophets were initiated members of that Fraternity of Adepts known to every Theosophist, their doctrines re-statements of the ancient Wisdom-Religion. These Nazars lived in Judea long before the time of Moses. They had built the ancient city of Nazara, where they held their secret rites of initiation. In Jesus' time the name of the city had been changed to Nazareth, and it was evidently to this city that Jesus repaired. There he continued his study of the Chaldean Secret Doctrine, compared it with the wisdom of Egypt, found further proofs of their identity, and began his work of synthesis.

The Master Kuthumi as the Magi Priest (circa AD)

According to the Aquarian Gospel the three magi who followed the star of Bethlehem were called Hor, Lun, and Mer. We have explored the role of these three Magi priests, who warned the father Joseph (St. Germain) of King Herod's treachery. Joseph consequently fled Bethlehem with Mary and the Child Jesus for Egypt.

These three were part of the Magi order, a Zoroastrian sect led by three chief Magi priests called Balthasar, Melchior, and Caspar. Balthasar was the Master Kuthumi; Melchior, the Master Morya; and Caspar, the Master Dwjal Khul during those incarnations. According to the Aquarian Gospel, Balthasar, Melchior, and Caspar did not meet the Elder Brother Jesus until he was an adult of twenty-four years old. Jesus had journeyed to India and spent several years there learning the ancient mysteries of the Brotherhood and on his return to Nazareth, he stopped by Persia. The three other Magis, being clairvoyant, knew of his arrival and gave him a joyous welcome on the street and brought him to their home where they introduced him to Balthasar, Melchior, and Caspar.

When the seven came together, they sat in silence for seven days, for Jesus knew they were all part of the Silent Brotherhood. Jesus taught them in such a way that they knew he was the great teacher for helped them resolved many contradictions in the Zoroastrian religion. Then Jesus disappeared.

A few days later, while the six Magis were together, Jesus suddenly reappeared before them and declared that they were the first to witness the transmutation of Jesus in the flesh, for he was really sitting in a garden very far from their house. This transmutation was prophesied for later when he would appear before the twelve disciples after his crucifixion. So as brothers of the Silent Brotherhood, the six Magis had a sneak preview of Jesus' transmutation...from
The Great Brotherhood of Light

Revelation of the Gathas
"Zoroaster terms himself manthram - one able to compose mantras, or utterances of power - which is comparable to the logos or 'word' embodied by Jesus in John's gospel. Just as the Holy Spirit descends like a dove into Jesus immediately after his baptism, so Zoroaster's original vision occurs after he emerges from a river ritually purified to be led by a shining being into the presence of his God."
- Paul William Roberts, Journey of the Magi (1995) p. 156

"God is as much the desired Master as the Judge according to Truth, Order, and Justice. He is the source of all good things, of life itself. To God is the kingdom, established as a refuge and protector for the poor."
- Ahunvar (composed in Gathic dialect by Zarathushtra)
"The Gathas were passed on from generation to generation, for a long time orally but later in written form, by the priests who recited them as part of their ritual worship and eventually committed them to writing. It is believed that even when their meaning was forgotten or simply ceased to be understood, the mere sounds of the words, being sacred in themselves, were faithfully remembered and taught from priest to priest."

"Having undergone many trials and fatigues for the gospel, the three wise men met at Sewa (Sebaste in Armenia) in AD 54 to celebrate the feast of Christmas. Thereupon, after the celebration of Mass, they died: St. Melchoir on 1 January aged 116: St. Balthasar on 6 January, aged 112: and St. Gaspar on 11 January, aged 109". Catholics celebrate the visit of the Magi with the feast of the Epiphany on January 6th.

The word 'Magi' is the plural form of the word magus', from the Persian word 'magu'. These people were members of an ancient Near East priestly caste. The word later transformed into 'magic' and was then used to demonstrate the use of witchcraft. We believe 'offshoots' of the craft did infact turn this into a pagan religion and practice. This then becomes the misuse of power by evil forces. Once again we see the misuse of God's wisdom which began as a powerful force intended to be helpful to mankind.

There is a strange and persistent legend that probably originates in the East. It proposes that in some hidden locations on the earth (generally the highlands of Central Asia, particularly Tibet, although other sites, such as the Andes and even some mountains in the U.S., such as the Grand Tetons and Mt. Shasta, are mentioned at times), there exists a group of persons who possess both exceptional powers and a highly perfected character and consciousness. They are known variously as the Hierarchy of Adepts, the Great White Lodge, the Great White Brotherhood, the Masters, or simply the Hierarchy.

While most sources emphasize the Eastern (particularly Indian and Tibetan) nationality of these persons, Western embodiments of the legend are not unknown. Some have suggested that portions of this legend traveled westward during the Crusades or even earlier and that their sources are thus primarily to be found in secret and semisecret Islamic traditions. see Wise Men By Stephan A. Hoeller

For a Westerner the term "saint" denotes a person in whom the ordinary human virtues have been exercised to a heroic degree. The ancient Greeks may be credited with having first established a category of humans known as heroes, who stood between mortals and the immortal gods. The Sant tradition recognizes persons of a similar kind. They are usually called sants ("saints" or "men of truth") or satgurus ("true teachers"). Such persons have merged their own spiritual core with the Supreme Identity to the extent that they are no longer subject to any illusion or any sense of ego apart from the Divine.

Also called an adept - the highest as the lowest - is one only during the exercise of his occult powers . . . Whenever these powers are needed, the sovereign will unlocks the door to the inner man (the adept), who can emerge and act freely, but on condition that his jailer - the outer man - will be either completely or partially paralyzed.

Allowing for certain differences in psychological orientation, such a statement could have readily come from a "living master" of the Sant tradition.

One of the Oldest of these.

Dating Zarathushtra

"Zoroaster [Zarathushtra] (628-551 BC?) was probably a priest of the old Aryan religion, for he calls himself a 'Zaotar' (Indian hotar) in the Gatas (Yasna 33.6) according to Pahlavi and ancient Persian traditions.

The holy prophet Zarathushtra, called Zoroaster by the Greeks, however is said to have lived about 6000 B.C., according to Greek historians. The term Ahura Mazda is the one most commonly used in Avesta for God just as Allah is in Arabic, and Jehovah in Hebrew. Ahu-the living, life or spirit, root "ah", to be, "Raa" to give grant. Therefore, Ahu+raa=Life giver. Mazda can be transposed into Sanskrit as ‘Mahaadaa’.
Mahaa=great and "daa"=to give grant. Hence, Mazda=the Great Giver. Therefore, Ahura Mazda means the life giver, the great giver i.e., the Great Creator..
Zarathushtra’s Message for Humanity

Zarathushtra himself never claimed to have performed miracles. What greater miracle could he have performed than the one he did of leading humanity towards divinity?

"..A figure of 258 years before the fall of the Persian empire in 330 BC was generally given as the date for the coming of Zoraster, i.e. 588 BC..." The rock-cut inscriptions on inaccessible mountains are all that's left of sources about Mazdayasna and its revival by Zarathushtra.
- Andrew Collins, From the Ashes of Angels, p. 348.
However other texts point to much older beginnings. The problem being that 'text' is generally used to date most anything of this nature and cannot be claimed to be accurate due to many writings being no longer available because of decay and rot. Not to mention that many 'texts' were re-written over and over and could cover a period of thousands of years. They simply no longer exist.

The accurate details of Zarathushtra’s life, nativity and parentage are not available, since almost the entire religious and cultural literature of ancient Iran was destroyed when Alexander of Macedon burnt down the Imperial Library in Persepolis, which is called Takht-e-Jamsheed by the modern Persians. Much of whatever could be salvaged by the Parthians and the Saasanians was systematically destroyed by the Arab invaders in the seventh century AD.

Mazdayasna, as revived by Zarathushtra, provided inspiration for Jewish, Christian, and Islamic scriptures. Zara-thushtra’s birth place is said to be Rae in north Iran, from where he travelled through different parts of Iran and finally settled down in Balkh (now in Afghanistan) propagating Mazdayasna under the patronage of King Vishtaasp.

Mazdayasnian prophets like Jamsheed, Zarathushtra, Firdausi and his able successors, named above, were humble and truthful enough to realize that TRUTH (satyam), LOVE (Shivam), and BEAUTY (soundaryam) are so vast and unlimited that they cannot be confined within the circumscribed space of any single scripture or, for that matter, even all the scriptures put together.

Zarathushtra lays great emphasis on the virtue of truth when he says: "Speak nothing but the truth with your tongue. Simple and straightforward is the language that truth speaks. It needs no rhetorical embellishment. It shines in its innate simplicity. Never crooked and never zigzag, with no byways in which a traveller may lose himself, straight is the path of truth. Honesty that comes out unscathed from the fiery ordeal of temptation is like unto gold that is purified by fire. Turn instinctively towards the moral fight of truth as the plant turns towards the physical light. Unite and make common cause with all agencies that fight for truth.

Dwelling upon development of character, impartiality and justice, Zarathushtra says: "Always be impartial and just. Fear the sighs of the oppressed which evokes Ahura Mazda’s wrath upon the tyrants and wrong doers, reducing them to ashes. Never be proud. Always be humble and unobtrusive. Humbleness on the part of the affluent is an admirable trait. If a beggar is humble, he cannot help being so. Injure not the feelings of others. Reverence for those who are older and wiser than ourselves, and implicit obedience of children to parents, of pupils to their teachers, of wives to their husbands are absolutely necessary in the building of character. Greatness does not consist in all talk alone. Half a glorious deed is better than 200 brave words. Worth, and not birth, imparts true nobility. High character and nobility of life are better than high heredity and nobility of birth."

Like highly educated and modern mind Zarathushtra was against all kinds of superstitions and wanted people to believe in reason. He advises his followers: "Think for yourself and never through others. Let my faith be wedded to reason, and let it be based on conviction. The power to think is man’s most precious right and his proudest privilege. Let reason mould, regulate and control your thinking. Credulity is the failing of well-meaning visionaries, pious zealots and ardent enthusiasts. There is nothing so illogical and absurd that the credulous will not believe. Superstition is based on baseless fear, and is the irrational interpretation of life by the savage mind. Superstition is born of ignorance and fear, and thrives the most when reason is asleep. Superstition encrusts religion with primitive beliefs of infant humanity, and profanes its pristine purity. When emotions are uncontrolled by intellect, sentiment smothers judgement. Dogmatists think not with their brains.

Zarathushtra’s message to humanity can be classified and considered under the following heads:
A. Mysticism.
1. Belief in Ahura Mazda.
2. Immortality of the Soul i.e., life after death.
3. Fire, as the symbol of divinity.
B. Philosophy
1. The significance of good and evil.
2. Life is an eternal struggle between the forces of good and evil.


From Palestine some of the Melchizedek missionaries passed on through Mesopotamia and to the great Iranian plateau. For more than five hundred years the Salem teachers made headway in Iran, and the whole nation was swinging to the Melchizedek religion when a change of rulers precipitated a bitter persecution which practically ended the monotheistic teachings of the Salem cult. The doctrine of the Abrahamic covenant was virtually extinct in Persia when, in that great century of moral renaissance, the sixth before Christ, Zoroaster appeared to revive the smouldering embers of the Salem gospel.

This founder of a new religion was a virile and adventurous youth, who, on his first pilgrimage to Ur in Mesopotamia, had learned of the traditions of the Caligastia and the Lucifer rebellion -- along with many other traditions -- all of which had made a strong appeal to his religious nature. Accordingly, as the result of a dream while in Ur, he settled upon a program of returning to his northern home to undertake the remodeling of the religion of his people. He had imbibed the Hebraic idea of a God of justice, the Mosaic concept of divinity. The idea of a supreme God was clear in his mind, and he set down all other gods as devils, consigned them to the ranks of the demons of which he had heard in Mesopotamia. He had learned of the story of the Seven Master Spirits as the tradition lingered in Ur, and, accordingly, he created a galaxy of seven supreme gods with Ahura-Mazda at its head. These subordinate gods he associated with the idealization of Right Law, Good Thought, Noble Government, Holy Character, Health, and Immortality.

And this new religion was one of action -- work -- not prayers and rituals. Its God was a being of supreme wisdom and the patron of civilization; it was a militant religious philosophy which dared to battle with evil, inaction, and backwardness.

Zoroaster did not teach the worship of fire but sought to utilize the flame as a symbol of the pure and wise Spirit of universal and supreme dominance. (All too true, his later followers did both reverence and worship this symbolic fire.) Finally, upon the conversion of an Iranian prince, this new religion was spread by the sword. And Zoroaster heroically died in battle for that which he believed was the "truth of the Lord of light."

Zoroastrianism is the only Urantian creed that perpetuates the Dalamatian and Edenic teachings about the Seven Master Spirits. While failing to evolve the Trinity concept, it did in a certain way approach that of God the Sevenfold. Original Zoroastrianism was not a pure dualism; though the early teachings did picture evil as a time co-ordinate of goodness, it was definitely eternity-submerged in the ultimate reality of the good. Only in later times did the belief gain credence that good and evil contended on equal terms.

The Jewish traditions of heaven and hell and the doctrine of devils as recorded in the Hebrew scriptures, while founded on the lingering traditions of Lucifer and Caligastia, were principally derived from the Zoroastrians during the times when the Jews were under the political and cultural dominance of the Persians. Zoroaster, like the Egyptians, taught the "day of judgment," but he connected this event with the end of the world.

Even the religion which succeeded Zoroastrianism in Persia was markedly influenced by it. When the Iranian priests sought to overthrow the teachings of Zoroaster, they resurrected the ancient worship of Mithra. And Mithraism spread throughout the Levant and Mediterranean regions, being for some time a contemporary of both Judaism and Christianity. The teachings of Zoroaster thus came successively to impress three great religions: Judaism and Christianity and, through them, Mohammedanism.

But it is a far cry from the exalted teachings and noble psalms of Zoroaster to the modern perversions of his gospel by the Parsees with their great fear of the dead, coupled with the entertainment of beliefs in sophistries which Zoroaster never stooped to countenance.

This great man was one of that unique group that sprang up in the sixth century before Christ to keep the light of Salem from being fully and finally extinguished as it so dimly burned to show man in his darkened world the path of light leading to everlasting life.

Pythagoras (582?-500?BC), Greek philosopher and mathematician, whose doctrines strongly influenced Plato.

In the "Ancient Mysteries' Magi" specialized in "science" as it was perceived in those days, with the considerable influence of their "specialization" in paganism. The sparse knowledge of the Magi and the surrounding society caused the secrecy and mysticism Born on the island of Sámos, Pythagoras was instructed in the teachings of the early Ionian philosophers Thales, Anaximander, and Anaximenes. Pythagoras is said to have been driven from Sámos by his disgust for the tyranny of Polycrates. About 530 BC Pythagoras settled in Crotona, a Greek colony in southern Italy, where he founded a movement with religious, political, and philosophical aims, known as Pythagoreanism. The philosophy of Pythagoras is known only through the work of his disciples.

Among the extensive mathematical investigations carried on by the Pythagoreans were their studies of odd and even numbers and of prime and square numbers. From this arithmetical standpoint they cultivated the concept of number, which became for them the ultimate principle of all proportion, order, and harmony in the universe. Through such studies they established a scientific foundation for mathematics. In geometry the great discovery of the school was the hypotenuse theorem, or Pythagorean theorem, which states that the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.

The astronomy of the Pythagoreans marked an important advance in ancient scientific thought, for they were the first to consider the earth as a globe revolving with the other planets around a central fire. They explained the harmonious arrangement of things as that of bodies in a single, all-inclusive sphere of reality, moving according to a numerical scheme. Because the Pythagoreans thought that the heavenly bodies are separated from one another by intervals corresponding to the harmonic lengths of strings, they held that the movement of the spheres gives rise to a musical sound—the "harmony of the spheres."

The Magi were specialists in interperting the signs in the heavens. According to the dialogue " Alcibiades", described by Plato, the Persian Magi practiced a form of spiritual mysticism which was their religion. More...Pythagoras

We should also note that in the roughly contemporary Rig Veda the idea of a cycle of rebirths - samsara - had not been established, and that this idea was not to emerge until the later texts called the Brahmanas; it is surely not by coincidence that Zoroastrianism entertains notions of rebirth or reincarnation. But where did this idea originate?

The three stars in the Belt of Orion are also referred to by astronomers as, wait for it ...

The Enochian secret that may have been the reason for the establishment of the Priests of the "Magi".

Note: We need to address the fact that we do not agree with the dates used in Uriel's Machine as to the timing of Enoch being taken to the 'caves' and shown the 'Gates'. We believe Enoch's era to be slightly before 10,500BC. We base this on the construction of the Great Pyramid at Gaza, which we believe Enoch took part in building. The dating of this accomplishment we believe is 10,490BC. We base this theory on information that is associated with the Star alignments of the Pyramid and the Work of Graham Hancock, Robert Buvall, Robert West, Edgar Cayce and many other authors and researchers.

Excerpts from the secret books of Enoch.

"The angels took Enoch and placed him in the east at the sun's gates."

( excerpt )15. Then the elements of the sun, called Phoenixes and Chalkydri break into song, therefore every bird flutters with its wings, rejoicing at the giver of light, and they broke into song at the command of the Lord. The giver of light comes to give brightness to the whole world, and the morning guard takes shape, which is the rays of the sun, and the sun of the earth goes out, and receives its brightness to light up the whole face of the earth, and they showed me this calculation of the sun's going. And the gates which it enters, these are the great gates of the computation of the hours of the year; for this reason the sun is a great creation, whose circuit lasts twenty-eight years, and begins again from the beginning.

12 1. And I looked and saw other flying elements of the sun, whose names are Phoenixes and Chalkydri, marvellous and wonderful, with feet and tails in the form of a lion, and a crocodile's head, their appearance is empurpled, like the rainbow; their size is nine hundred measures, their wings are like those of angels, each has twelve, and they attend and accompany the sun, bearing heat and dew, as it is ordered them from God. Thus the sun revolves and goes, and rises under the heaven, and its course goes under the earth with the light of its rays incessantly.

13. 1. Those men bore me away to the east, and placed me at the sun's gates, where the sun goes forth according to the regulation of the seasons and the circuit of the months of the whole year, and the number of the hours day and night. And I saw six gates open, each gate having sixty-one stadia and a quarter of one stadium, and I measured them truly, and understood their size to be so much, through which the sun goes forth, and goes to the west, and is made even, and rises throughout all the months, and turns back again from the six gates according to the succession of the seasons; thus the period of the whole year is finished after the returns of the four seasons.

14 1. And again those men led me away to the western parts, and showed me six great gates open corresponding to the Eastern gates, opposite to where the sun sets, according to the number of the days three hundred and sixty-five and a quarter. Thus again it goes down to the western gates, and draws away its light, the greatness of its brightness, under the earth; for since the crown of its shining is in heaven with the Lord, and guarded by four hundred angels, while the sun goes round on wheel under the earth, and stands seven great hours in night, and spends half its course under the earth, when it comes to the eastern approach In the eighth hour lights, and the crown of shining, and the sun flames forth more than fire.

... by the first gates with thirty-one days exactly , by the second gates with thirty-one days exactly, by the third with thirty days exactly, by the fourth with thirty days exactly, by the fifth with thirty-one days exactly, by the sixth with thirty-one days exactly, by the seventh with thirty days exactly, by the eighth with thirty-one days perfectly, by the ninth with thirty-one days exactly, by the tenth with thirty days perfectly by the eleventh with thirty-one days exactly , by the twelfth with twenty-eight days exactly. And it goes through the western gates in the order and number of the eastern, and accomplishes the three hundred and sixty-five and a quarter days of the solar year, while the lunar year has three hundred and fifty-four, and there are wanting to it twelve days of the solar circle, which are the lunar epacts of the whole year
The Book of Heavenly Luminaries

We are told in the New Testament of Matthew 2:2 that there was an expectation of a special birth: Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the East and are come to worship him. What sign saw ye concerning the king that is born? And the wise men said: We saw a very great star shining among those stars and dimming them so that the stars appeared not: and thereby knew we that a king was born unto Isreal, and we came to worship him. And Herod said: Go seek for him, and if ye find him, tell me, that I also may come and worship him. And the wise men went forth. And lo, the star which they saw in the east went before them until they entered into the cave: and it stood over the head of the cave.

Here is noted the mention of a 'cave'. Enochian tradition has established that the 'birthing' ritual and ceremony was carried out in the Cave constructed for that purpose. These are 'Venus/Sun alignment caves' or underground 'Henges' were used by the Groved Ware People in the time of Enoch.
'Henges' are the great stone circles left by the Druids, Celtics and the Egyptians. They are megalithic and were used to form 'Stonehenge', Newgrange and many other sites in England. The henges became 'cave's' called galgil. Each henge was accompanied by two asherah ( wooden poles that were 70 meters tall ). These were placed at the point establishing the first equinox as the henge was constructed. Each henge had a ditch dug around it that was filled with water.

The picture is a drawing of the actual 'cave' in Newgrange England that can still be seen today. In the end recess is the 'stone' which carried the ancient markings that aligned with Venus and the equinoxes. At the bottom of the picture is the Venus beam alignment slit in the wall. The cave is in an 'S' shape to stop the brightness of a rising sun from entering the chamber before the alignment is reached. The cave was also slanted upwards. When the maximum Venus alignment is reached, once every eight years, the beam of light hits the stone exactly 24 minutes before sunlight enters the chamber. The walls are made of reflective stone so that when the beam of light hits the sides of the walls, it reflects and lights up the entire chamber very brightly. It is called 'The White Crystal Wall at Newgrange'. The earth alignment of the 'Cave' is between the latitudes of 52 degrees North and 59 degrees North. A new cycle started in AD1 and another cycle begins in AD 2000. The beginning cycle is the most important one and has the ultimate brightness of Venus in the chamber registered at 99.5%...and a 5 planet conjunction is noted to have occured on May 5th.

The Connections of Stonehenge

Already in the 18th century the British antiquarian William Stukeley had noticed that the horseshoe of great trilithons and the horseshoe of 19 bluestones at Stonehenge opened up in the direction of the midsummer sunrise. It was quickly surmised that the monument must have been deliberately oriented and planned so that on midsummer's morning the sun rose directly over the Heel Stone and the first rays shone into the centre of the monument between the open arms of the horseshoe arrangement.

This discovery has had tremendous impact on how Stonehenge has been interpreted. For Stukeley in the 18th century and Sir Norman Lockyer in the first years of the 20th century, this alignment implied a ritualistic connection with sun worship and it was generally concluded that Stonehenge was constructed as a temple to the sun. More recently, though, the astronomer Gerald Hawkins has argued that Stonehenge is not merely aligned with solar and lunar astronomical events, but can be used to predict other events such as eclipses. In other words, Stonehenge was more than a temple, it was an astronomical calculator.

It was argued that the summer solstice alignment cannot be accidental. The sun rises in different directions in different geographical latitudes. For the alignment to be correct, it must have been calculated precisely for Stonehenge's latitude of 51° 11'. The alignment, therefore, must have been fundamental to the design and placement of Stonehenge. As if corroborating the claims made by Hawkins for Stonehenge, Alexander Thom, a professor of engineering and a mathematician, has shown that many other megalithic sites throughout Britain are also oriented towards the sun and the moon.

The alignment also made it clear that whoever built Stonehenge had precise astronomical knowledge of the path of the sun and, moreover, must have known before construction began precisely where the sun rose at dawn on midsummer's morning while standing on the future site of the monument. This point needs to be made because, as I suspect, with Stonehenge and many other such monuments, it was the site, a particular place within the landscape, that was important; only later were these sites marked in some more permanent manner by the digging of ditches and banks and (or instead) the erection of wood or stone structures. Archaeoastronomy at Stonehenge

For the archaeoastronomists, the Aubrey Holes served as fixed reference points along a circle, and their number was essential to astronomical calculations. The cycle of the moon, for example, which takes 27.3 days, can be tracked by moving a marker by two holes each day to complete a circuit in 28 days.

A much longer calculation is to move the marker by three holes per year to complete a full circuit in 18.67 years. In this way, it is argued, it would be possible to keep track of the nodes, points where the paths of the sun and the moon apparently intersect to produce an eclipse. Because the moon slews around in its path, the two nodes move along the path of the sun, a complete circuit of which takes 18.61 years. By means of the markers in the Aubrey Holes and keeping track of the directions of the sun and the moon, the astronomer at Stonehenge could calculate nodal points ahead of time and thus predict both lunar and solar eclipses.

John the babtist was born also in a 'cave' on the summer soltice. With Jesus being born on the Spring soltice ( in Aries on April 17th, 7BC, ( or March 5th, 5BC - Pisces ) during the triple conjuction of Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and a lunar eclipse ) the two holy figures mark all four points in the solar year. This particular conjuction was regarded as 'the arrival of a great king', by astronomers.

Elizabeth must also hid the birth of John from Herod who sought to destroy him. Luke 1:24 has Zechariah saying," Where have you hidden your son?, the typical note of cave dwelling.

The old Testament has stories about the 'stone circles'. In 1 Kings 18:30 - 35 we are told that the prophet Elijah repairs a dilapidated stone circle. 'And Elijah said unto the people, Come near unto me, And all the people came near to him. And he repaired the alter of the Lord that was broken down. And Elijah took twelve stones...And with the stones he built an alter, as great as would contain two measures of seed... and then he filled the trench also with water'.

The use of these 'henges' and the caves have proven to be at least a 7000 year old tradition. Pottery found at Stone Henge has a 'lozenege ' on it. This lozenge is a depiction of double spirals and has been found at Skara Brae, Newgrange, Pierowall ( In Orkney ), and on a mace-head found at Knowth in England. Some disk researchers have shown that the meaning of the spiral had been found by Charles Ross, who had demonstrated it to be the path traced by the shadow of the sun over a quarter of a year.

From the 25th Dynasty to the Ptolemaic Period ( Ptolemaic dynasty, 323-30 BC.), a network of blue-green faience tubular beads, threaded in a lozenge pattern, was placed on the front of a mummified body, over the outer wrappings in Egypt. These nets and pattering recalling the starry sky. Such patterings appears on dresses worn by the goddesses Isis and Nephthys in their role as protectors of Osiris, a garment with this design is ofter depicted as worn by Osiris himself. The placing of the bead-nets over mummies therefore conferred the protection of the goddess as well as identifing the deseased Osiris. During the Roman period the outer linen shroud of the mummy was frequently painted with a full length image of the deceased, usually in Hellenistic dress, accompanied by Egyptian deities. Because Osiris was shown to wear this design, we believe this proves the ancient knowledge surfaced before 10,500BC.

In his Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, Ptolemaic and Copernican of 1632, Galileo attacked the world system based on the cosmology of Aristotle (384-322 BCE) and the technical astronomy of Ptolemy (ca. 150 CE).

In his books On the Heavens, and Physics, Aristotle put forward his notion of an ordered universe or cosmos. It was governed by the concept of place , as opposed to space, and was divided into two distinct parts, the earthly or sublunary region, and the heavens. The former was the abode of change and corruption, where things came into being, grew, matured, decayed, and died; the latter was the region of perfection, where there was no change. In the sublunary region, substances were made up of the four elements, earth, water, air, and fire. Earth was the heaviest, and its natural place was the center of the cosmos; for that reason the Earth was situated in the center of the cosmos. The natural places of water, air, and fire, were concentric spherical shells around the sphere of earth.

The Enochian traditional wisdom taught that each birth was a reincarnation of someone who was very important in the earth sphere. This person had experienced bodliy death and was to be reborn to continue his teaching or mission on earth. Everyone understood the 'mission' of the one to be re-born. This underscores the teaching of Jesus that says, "You must be born again". The soul of the one to be re-born had not completed it's mission on the earthbound plane and had to start over until it acheived it's goal. Everything is measured in incraments of 'time' and the re-birth was planned according to these ancient traditions. Special births like that of Jesus and John which were predicted had to occur at a specified time in the Venus cycle.

Related ceremonies and rituals

The details of the temptations in Matthew 4:3–11 and Luke 4:3–13 might be parts of the coronation ritual. Luke 4:13 implies that the ceremony was repeated at different seasons. The Essenes were obsessed with times and calendars because they were sure that through them they could understand God's mysteries. The scrolls show that they had hymns and rituals for different times of day and seasons, meaning monthly, quarterly and annually. The rules pertaining to the Master in the Community Rule makes it clear that he has duties to fulfil at these times and seasons. The word season is explicitly used repeatedly especially at the beginning of the Song of the Master. Possibly the temptation ritual had to be followed at the start of each major season—all a part of keeping the Master humble.

The baptism and forty days' fast imitated the passage of the sun through the constellation Aquarius, where John, Joannes, or Janus the baptiser had his domicile, and baptised the earth with his yearly rains. After Jesus was baptised in Jordan, he fasted forty days in the wilderness, in imitation of the passage of the sun from the constellation Aquarius through the Fishes to the Lamb or Ram of March. During the forty days when the sun is among the Fishes, in the constellation, Pisces, faithful Catholics, Episcopalians and Moslems abstain from meat and live upon the fishes during the season of Lent, as did the Jews and pagans, and did also Jesus, to fulfill all righteousness.

5 the planets aligned on May 5th 2000. Venus aligned to begin a new cycle on the winter equinox of 2000, who was born? What took place? At this time Neptune, Uranus, Venus, Mercury and Mars aligned with the Earth on the other side of the Sun, and one star shined down the lower shaft of the Great Pyramid. The light of the Star reached the bottom of the shaft in 2004. The Descending Passage pointed to the pole star Alpha Draconis, circa 2170-2144 B.C. This was the North Star at that point in time. This has occured at least three times in our history. Once in 2170BC, once in 10,500BC, and March 5, 1953BC, which is the beginning of the Chinese calendar (date when the sun, moon, and five planets all lined up in the sky at dawn. ..see more information about great conjuctions below..

In Graham Hancock's Book, Fingerprints of the Gods, He describes the prophecy of the 'Last Time'. It reads, " A conjunction of the five planets that can be expected to have profound gravitational effects will take place on May 5th in the year 2000, and 2001 when Neptune, Uranus, Venus, Mercury and Mars will align with the Earth on the other side of the Sun, setting up a sort of cosmic tug-of-war.." Some Biblical scholars say this is the time when the Great Final War will begin and Jesus will appear by 2004. The date of the birth of the antichrist was Feb. 4th 1962 and his 'activation' date was 1995. Christ may have been born again in 1973. This comes from the pages of The Sphinx Group.
Cross Diciplinary Timeline

Representation in the Masonic Temple

As we see in this picture, the Masonic Lodge is aligned in the ancient tradition of Enoch and the stone henges. The winter soltice is aligned with the northeastern piller of Jachin and the summer soltice is aligned with the southeastern Boaz piller.
The ancient Asherah is used and held by the Senior Deacon who escorts the candidate through his 1st degree, which begins on the summer soltice.

The asherah is a measuring 'wand' which is used to determine the angles of the sunrise and sunset indicated by the shadows it casts from the vertically held staf. The WM sits on the Vernal equinox or the Autumn equinox and the Venus alignment which is directly in the East. The word east means 'rise' in Latin.

The sun being a fixed body and the earth continually revolving about the same on its own axis and Freemasonry being a universal science, diffused throughout the hole of the inhabited globe, it necessarily follows that the sun must always be at its meridian with respect to Freemasonry." - Masonic ritual.

"Freemasons today claim always to meet symbolically at noon on the basis that Freemasonry is a worldwide organisation and therefore 'the sun is always at its meridian with respect to Freemasonry'. Masonic reference to God as 'the most high' is therefore a description of Re, the sun god in his ultimate position, the zenith of the heavens at noon.
- Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas, The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus

At Newgrange, 9000 years ago, the remains of a dead King were brought into the cave chamber in the darkness of night or 'death'. Here they awaited the more brilliant light of Venus for the resurrection of the King. This awakening reunited the king with his kindred spirit and granted him immortality. This ritual was practiced by the Egyptians as the new King became the 'Horus' with the rising of the star in the east. As you can see, the ritual is symbolic of this ancient rite of re-birth and renewal.

In the Lodge room; The five-pointed star is Venus which moves around the blazing sun at the center of the room at noon. In the heavens Venus moves around the sun, which is the center of our universe as seen from earth. At Noon there is no shadow cast on earth at the proper latitude and longitude. On the equinox the shadow aligned perfectly at sun rise and sun set to form a straight line. God is represented in the center of the sun, as everything revolves around him.

Most candidates do not know the symbolism or understand the signifiance of this ancient rite and it takes years of study to understand the full meaning. Each point in the room has a meaning associated with the equinoxes and rising light of Venus at that point in the cycle. Just before the Star rises, in the darkness we find the words that may be attributed to Enoch in this; . ."points to the darkness of death and to the obscurity of the grave as a forerunner of a more brilliant light, which shall follow at the resurrection of the just, when these mortal bodies which have been long slumbering in the dust shall be awakened, reunited to their kindred spirits, and clothed with immortality". This tradition has survived for thousands of years and was adopted by the Zodokite Priests into Judaism.

The WM represents the point of the sunrise. Having the WM sit in the east is symbolic of a 'teacher of wisdom', not as if he were representitave of God, Christ or anyone other than 'the Master' who is always considered a teacher, or the one who knows the 'all', and who is representitave of King Solomon and our ancient teacher, Enoch...

More from the books of Enoch

(23 1) God is telling Enoch what to write down...
"Sit and write all the souls of mankind, however many of them are born, and the places prepared for them to eternity; for all souls are prepared to eternity, before the formation of the world.'

( 30 1 ) On the first uppermost circle I placed the stars, Kruno, and on the second Aphrodit, on the third Aris, on the fifth Zeus, on the sixth Ermis, on the seventh lesser the moon, and adorned it with the lesser stars. And on the lower I placed the sun for the illumination of day, and the moon and stars for the illumination of night. The sun that it should go according to each animal (sc. signs of the zodiac), twelve, and I appointed the succession of the months and their names and lives, their thunderings, and their hour-markings, how they should succeed".

"On the sixth day I commanded my wisdom to create man from seven consistencies: one his flesh from the earth; two, his blood from the dew; three, his eyes from the sun; four, his bones from stone; five, his intelligence from the swiftness of the angels and from cloud; six, his veins and his hair from the grass of the earth; seven, his soul from my breath and from the wind. And I gave him seven natures: to the flesh hearing, the eyes for sight, to the soul smell, the veins for touch, the blood for taste, the bones for endurance, to the intelligence sweetness (sc. enjoyment). I conceived a cunning saying to say, I created man from invisible and from visible nature, of both are his death and life and image, he knows speech like some created thing, small in greatness and again great in smallness, and I placed him on earth, a second angel, honourable, great and glorious, and I appointed him as ruler to rule on earth and to have my wisdom, and there was none like him of earth of all my existing creatures. And I appointed him a name, from the four component parts, from east, from west, from south, from north, and I appointed for him four special stars, and I called his name Adam, and showed him the two ways, the light and the darkness".

( 33 1 )"And let them distribute the books of thy handwriting children to children, generation to generation, nations to nations. And I will give thee, Enoch, my intercessor, the archistratege Michael, for the handwritings of thy fathers Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahaleleel, and Jared thy father".

"The angels took Enoch and placed him in the east at the sun's gates. "

The Sun passes through the centre of the Winged Disk, the Sacred Gateway, into the next Age of the Zodiac. see.. Freemasonry: The Legacy of the Ancient Egyptians" by Audrey Fletcher and this ... Manley P. Hall, Teachings of the Houses of the Zodiak. That's where this word comes from -Zodakian Priest.

The word zodiac is derived from the Greek (zodiakos), which means "a circle of animals," or, as some believe, "little animals." It is the name given by the old pagan astronomers to a band of fixed stars about sixteen degrees wide, apparently encircling the earth. Robert Hewitt Brown, 32°, states that the Greek word zodiakos comes from zo-on, meaning "an animal." He adds: "This latter word is compounded directly from the primitive Egyptian radicals, zo, life, and on, a being."

The Egyptian/Sumerian Charts... The Celestial Sphinx, a Sumerian Cylinder-seal and the Place of Purification More proof of the ancient connections...The Sun is Risen at the Place of Purification.
The original sky chart of the remote Ancient Egyptians, dating back to 11:57pm July 3rd 14000BCE and encoding their Sacred Knowledge, was not altogether lost as the millennia slipped by almost unnoticed. As we have already discovered it was incorporated into the Narmer Plate in 4468BC.


The Earth's wobble changes the points at which the celestial equator and the plane of the ecliptic intersect to create the equinoxes... by JC


The Earth is tilted at an angle of approximately 23 degrees and at this angle revolves like a spinning top that is slowly losing momentum; describing, as it spins, a great circle in space every 26,000 years (estimates on the length of the Great Year range from 24,000 to 26,000 years; varying in length from great year to great year because of nutation or nodding, an irregularity in precessional rotation).

Caused by the gravity of the Sun and Moon pulling on the earth's equatorial bulge, the wobble continually changes the points at which the celestial equator and the plane of the ecliptic intersect to create the equinoxes. The vernal equinox shifts backward along the ecliptic through one full constellation of 30-degrees every 2166 years.

About 2000 years ago at the vernal equinox, the constellations, and the zodiacal signs were one and the same -- with the constellation of Aries rising with the sun at the vernal equinox.

Ancient astrologers knew as early as 3000 B.C.E. that the stars provided a stationary backdrop for the planets' movements across the sky. But for a recorded knowledge of precession proper, we must look to the Babylonian, Kidinnu (315 B.C.E.), who was aware of precession but probably did not know its cause. It was rediscovered by Hipparchus of Nicaea (130 B.C.E.).

Because of Earth's precession (or wobble), the vernal equinox has moved backward along the ecliptic, carrying the signs of the zodiac with it. The astrological signs, and the constellations for which they are named, no longer correspond. The vernal equinox now begins with the Sun just finishing its month-long tour of Pisces. Sidereal astrology takes note of actual stellar positions, Tropical astrology does not.

Stellar alignments (alignment between an object on earth -- such as a pyramid -- and one or more stars) are affected by precession, but solstice and equinox markers remain accurate because the angle of the earth's axis does not change, only the orientation. Another way of saying this, is that if an object on Earth is aligned so that you see "X" during the vernal equinox, you will continue to see "X" during the vernal equinox regardless of precession, althought the actual date of the vernal equinox may change -- which is generally how precession of the equinoxes is detected, by the drift in date of a solstice with respect to a stellar year.


Since the 70s (and fast computer astronomy software), it has become common to see data on anteprecession used as an adjunct to conventional site-dating by means of radio-carbon and stratigraphic analysis. The theory being that when the site was built, the builders strove to make the alignment as accurate as possible (e.g., the sun rose directly over a marker stone or up through a notched horizon marker) and that precession has, by now, caused a slight shift in alignment. By taking precise measurements of site alignments as they now stand and running the astronomical program backwwards through time, a range of dates for "most precise alignment" will be found -- and those dates can then be correllated with dates obtained by other methods to gauge the date of erection of the monument.

In 9000 B.C.E...

And so, by taking precession into account, approximately 11,000 years ago, the star that rose with the Sun on the day of the vernal equinox was not Aries, but Regulus. Another way of looking at this, is by knowing that the vernal equinox was in (today's) Leo from about 10,800 B.C.E. to 8100 B.C.E., and since Regulus is a star in Leo you would expect the Sun to rise with Regulus sometime during that period. Regulus should have risen with the Sun at roughly 9000 B.C.E. -- or 11,000 years ago.

The Egyptians, however, very likely used Sirius to herald the rise of the Nile because Sirius is a fairly bright star, not particularly near the ecliptic plane, and so came over the horizon away from the sunrise spot making for a better choice as an indicator of annual Nile flooding. Regulus is less bright, and rises near the sun, close to the ecliptic and would have been too difficult to see to use as a marker star for the flooding of the Nile.

© Copyright 1999 Judith Paulson. Permission is hereby granted to electronically transmit or reproduce this article for personal, non-profit use, on condition that all paragraphs, including this notice, remain intact.

What the inclusion of this work intends to show , is that the alignment of Leo from about 10,800 B.C.E. has a great deal to do with The Gaza Plateau and the alignment of the Pyramids on the ground including the sphinx. "As Above, so below".

What we also believe is that Enoch had a great deal to do with the work of the alignment of the Great Pyramid and the message of the Sphinx.

There is a connection between Time, the Planets and God.

As the Ancient Mysteries taught, the soul that does not begin the work in this world will not be able to do it in the next one and will remain in a kind of a limbo until it is drawn again in the eternal process of life. There are many levels of superphysical life or, as the Gospels say, "in my Fathers’ house are many mansions", and that means that there are many resting-places whose occupants are graduated in hierarchical order according to their spiritual level.

The earth is in the "cause and effect" dimension. Edgar Cayce said this means that if a soul believes something and they really want to test it out, they can come to the earth to be tested and apply themselves. By actually going through the experience themselves on earth they can realize if what they believe is true or not for themselves. This earth dimension is good for overcoming certain weaknesses and applying yourself to see that those weaknesses are truly overcome. Here we can learn for certain whether we have really changed. The soul is sent to the earthly world to LEARN. When it has learned the ALL, when it understands from whence it came, it is granted immortality and a place to reside in Heaven.

Mercury is the dimension of the "mind". Venus is the dimension of the "heart, the arts and beauty". Souls actually work in these realms to learn and understand certain concepts in order to apply themselves. Mars is the dimension of "anger" which Cayce said meant it was the place to learn how to control the warrior-like power, aggressions and urges that each soul has the ability to project. Jupiter is the dimension of "high mindedness and large groups". Saturn, however, is not a pleasant place according to Cayce. Cayce said Saturn is the place where "all inadequate flesh goes to be redone." This place is the "Great Changer", the great force for starting over. Sometimes when Cayce would begin a reading for someone, he would identify what the last dimension that soul experienced before entering the earth dimension. He would not limit himself to a person’s past lives on earth, but would include their lives in the cosmos as well. During a reading, Cayce told a person he identified as having previously experienced an incarnation in the Saturn dimension that "God loves those who are willing to start over." According to the readings, Saturn would be a place equivalent to the catholic concept of "purgatory", a place of cleansing and starting over.
The Cayce readings

Sir Isaac Newton

on the history of astrology and the Magi from Newton's "Chronology"

"After the study of Astronomy was set on foot for the use of navigation, and the Egyptians, by the heliacal risings and settings of the stars, had determined the length of the solar year of 365 days, and by other observations had fixed the solstices, and formed the fixed stars into asterisms, all which was done in the reigns of Ammon, Sesac, Orus, and Memnon," (about 1000 years before Christ), "it may be presumed that they continued to observe the motions of the planets, for they called them after the names of their gods. By the assistance of Petosiris, a priest of Egypt, they invented astrology, grounding it upon the aspects of the planets, and upon the qualities of the divinities to whom they were dedicated.
Astrology was propagated thence into Chaldaea, where Zoroaster, the legislator of the Magi, met with it." (end quote)

Zoroaster said, One thousand years after my birth you will see a star in the sky. Follow it and you will come to a manger, and there you will find me. We all know the Christmas story of the Magi (Zoroastrian priests) who followed the star and came to the manger and found the infant Jesus, bringing him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.
Zoroaster, as 'the Logos', said he lived 3000 years before his birth, and 3000 years after his birth the forces of light would win over the forces of darkness. Likewise, ‘Abdu'l-Baha said by the end of this century all the people of the world would be Baha'is. ( United )

Thus Zoroaster was the middle Manifestation of the Adamic cycle, coming 27,000 years after the Advent of Adam in 38,000 B.C., the start of the Adamic cycle. ( He is Thoth in the Middle manifestation ) Three thousand years after the re-birth of Zoroaster ( in Christ ) the Adamic cycle will be ended. The Dispensation of Baha'u'llah will begin and will last for a half a million years.

The following quotation is from the "Ancient Universal History".

"In the reign of Gushtasp, King of Persia, flourished a celebrated astrologer, whose name was Gjamasp, surnamed Al Hakim, or the wise. He was the brother of King Gushtasp, and his confidant and chief minister. He is said to have predicted the coming of the messiah." (end quote). Gjamasp is the author of a treatise entitled "Judicia Gjamaspis", in which is contained his judgment on the planetary conjunctions. Therein he gave notice that Christ should appear. "In the sphere of Persia, saith Aben Ezra, there ariseth upon the face of the sign Virgo a beautiful maiden, she holding two ears of corn in her hand, and a child in her arm. She bring up a child in a place which is called Abrie [the Hebrew land] and the child's name is called Eisi [Jesus]." (end quote)

Gjamasp, it is said, was without a peer in his understanding of the ways of astrology and enjoyed the company of 9 other Persian doctors of such consummate wisdom as the whole world could not boast. What it is that these 10 Persian wise men knew has not yet penetrated the paradigm of Western Man.

The Planets and their archetypal expressions -

The Sun - Illuminated archetype , the soul, spirit, consciousness

Mercury - the mental focus - intellect

Venus - affection and aesthetics

Moon - emotions - past lives - receptive attributes

Earth - The "individual" is the "earth" element

Mars - the vital power to take action

Jupiter - expansion - blessings - protection - illumination

Saturn - the path - choosing - elimination of the unnecessary

Ouranos (Uranus) - reversal - change - transformation

Neptune - illusion - divine amnesia - inspiration

Pluto - the underworld (ruler of the "sub and un-conscious"), indicates the dwelling place of the "demons" (psychologically dysfunctional patterns) of the ancients

Note: "Ancient" astrologers called Mars and Saturn the "malefics" (bad guys). Contemporary western astrology has rejected the "malefic" association. If you notice, in the Star of Bethlehem , Saturn and Mars are "outside" of the "circle of protection" created by the Grand Sextile. Saturn and Mars are indeed "malefics" because they powerfully confront the aberrant aspects of our psyche and move them back into the "circle of protection".

Western Culture has adopted a "Saturn (limitation) and Mars (warfare) paradigm and no longer sees these energies as antagonistic. Westerners, like lemmings marching to the sea, go to their deaths unaware of how the Saturn-Mars paradigm has destroyed them. The alternative is to employ the Saturn-Mars energies to "rise in consciousness". The job (Job also) of Saturn and Mars is complete when head and heart are united and faith is reestablished. Otherwise, one (metaphorically) crawls on their belly eating dust until they die (again and again). There is no way to "sugar coat" this. Saturn - Mars summary .... these two archetypal energies "kick the behind" of the "out of alignment little self " until it trues itself to higher principles. They are "malefic" to the ego and beneficent to the spiritual consciousness.
from..The Astrological Star of Bethlehem

This is the "Christ Triangle' in the Great Pyramid of Gaza. At the juncture of the Ascending Passage, the start of the Grand Gallery, and the horizontal passage to the Queens' Chamber is found the Christ Angle. It is in the first assending passage way from the Queen's chamber. This angle is also associated with ancient astrology charts which show the same angle in a chart of Christ's birth day. There is a 'scored line' that is meant to coincide with noon of the spring equinox in the year 2141 B.C. At this time the descending passageway was in perfect alignment with the star Alcyone of the Pleiades.
"The essence of the information and charts published here is that the Star of Bethlehem and the capstone of The Great Pyramid are both ancient astrological configurations."
Larger picture at.. Hinkler Tour Scroll down almost half-way in the page.

The connections to the Great Pyramid of Gaza

Uriel's Machine The Ancient Time Machine of Enoch

..And what If Jesus and his brother James were practitioners of megalithic astonomy?

Consecutive Conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn from BC 185 to AD 114.

by Garry T. Stasiuk

First published in the International Planetarium Society Journal Volume 14, #3, 3rd quarter, 1985


Researching possible explanations for a more accurate telling of the "Star of Bethlehem" has led to a rediscovery of the "method" used by Johannes Kepler to determine important dates in world history. (Kepler argued that great events in history occurred every 800 years using multiples of Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions.)

This "method" plots geocentrically the consecutive conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn . ( Table 1 )Each conjunction occurs on the average every 19.85 years and they are approximately 117 degrees apart. Diagram The figures used in the diagram are from Bryant Tuckerman's, Planetary Lunar and Solar Positions, Volumes I & II, Memoirs of the American Philosophical Society , Philadelphia.

The diagram leads me to ask the following questions:

1) Did the "Magi" use or know about this "method".?

2) If they did, how would they interpret it?

3) Are "triple" conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn really significant?

4) Do written records of this "method" exist in ancient literature or mythology?

5) How would you interpret seven consecutive conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn, in Pisces, approaching the vernal equinox?


The heart of this thesis, originated by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend in their book, Hamlet's Mill (l977), and supported by Harald A. T. Reiche of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, holds that "myths were vehicles for memorizing and transmitting certain kinds of astronomical and cosmological information!" The mythological formula identified by the authors is really a mechanism to precisely explain the slowest of all observable motions of the heavens, the precession of the equinoxes. According to de Santillana and von Dechend, "Number gave the key. Way back in time, before writing was even invented, it was measures and counting that provided the armature, the frame on which the rich texture of real myth was to grow!"

The mythological framework is splendid indeed, for it is the celestial sphere. Within the celestial sphere, we find the "Mythical Earth." This Mythical Earth is not the physical planet but instead the implied plane through the four points of the year, marked by the equinoxes and solstices . In other words The Mythical Earth is the Celestial Ecliptic plane! Von Dechend and de Santillana explain that the zodiacal constellations that rise heliacally are the points that locate the "Mythical Earth!" However, the framework is not fixed but constantly changing due to precession of the equinoxes. That, they argue, is what prehistoric, preliterate man was trying to tell us or preserve knowledge of, by using his scientific language, mythology.

But the most important aspect of the Jupiter/Saturn mythological relationship is seen with the realization that Saturn and Jupiter can be used as a clock for keeping track of "cosmological" periods of time, particularly, precession of the equinoxes.

According to von Dechend and de Santillana, there is no doubt that the Greek Kronos (Saturn) is the same as Chronos (Father Time). In dialogue between Kronos (Chronos) and Jupiter (Zeus), we learn:
"kai panta ta metrates holes demiourgias endidosin" which translates as "Saturn gives Jupiter "all the measures of creation." With this act of Jupiter overthrowing his father, the sun, moon and planets are set in motion. During each successive conjunction, Saturn gives Jupiter "all the measures of creation!" Furthermore, successive Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions can be used to keep track of even longer periods of time.

Successive conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn are one of the easiest-to-observe, long-period astronomical cycles. That this cycle repeats in almost twenty year intervals (more precisely (19.85 years on the average) is less important than the fact that it is a reoccuring, measurable period of time.

The last of the great "Mythographers" was Johannes Kepler. In De Stella Nova. Kepler applied observational data (i.e." successive conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn) to reconstruct the history of the world. His chosen method was borrowed from the "lingua franca" of astrology. This method has nothing to do with astrology per se, but Kepler found in it a simple, "bookkeeping" style for tabulating large quantities of time.

figure 1 illustrates successive plots of Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions. To understand the diagram, the following relationships are of value:

1) Any conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is called a "great conjunction."
2) Three successive "great conjunctions" form a triangle called a "Trigon".
3) A Trigon is equivalent to a passage of approximately 60 years.
4) Twelve 'great conjunctions' equal a 'middle conjunction'.
5.) Four 'middle conjuctions' equal a 'big conjunction'.
6.) Three 'big conjunctions' equal a 'mighty conjuction'.

The diagram shows that in every 60 year period (59.55 years to be exact), a "great conjunction" occurs near or slightly displaced from the point of origin. While successive "great conjunctions" are about 117 degrees apart, the vertices of successive trigons move approximately 360 - (117 x 3) = 9 degrees farther eastward in this same period. We can see that it takes 40 "great conjunctions" to return to our initial starting point (9 degrees times 40 = 360 degrees).

The elapsed time counted by proceeding from conjunction to conjunction and back to the origin is thus 40 times 20 years = 800 years, or more precisely, 794.25 years. This represents one-third of a "rotation" of the initial trigon. Similarly, the elapsed time counted by proceeding from trigon to trigon, continuing around the zodiacal circle and back to the original starting point is 40 x 60 years = 2,400 years. A more accurate value for the actual elapsed time is 2,382 years.

What we see here is a very neat method for keeping track of cosmological periods of time. The amount of elapsed time observed by the ancients would be incredibly close to the amount of time necessary for the vernal equinox to actually move through one zodiacal constellation (25,800 years divided by 12 equals 2,150 years). Now let us return to Kepler and his method for determining great moments in history, using this "lingua franca" of astrology.

Astrology had grouped the 12 zodiacal constellations into four collections called "triplicities!" or Trigons. These triplicities, and their associated "elements" are:

The element of Air
The Element of Fire
The Element of Water
Element of Earth

Successive great conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn will remain in one triplicity about 200 years (10 successive conjunctions). In other words, it will take 800 years or 40 successive great conjunctions to pass through the four triplicities once. However, in order for all the great conjunctions to return, the cycle must be repeated two more times, for a total of 2400 years.

According to Kepler, great worldly events thus took place in this manner every 800 years when great conjunctions entered a Fiery Triplicity.

Note: The original dates have been changed to reflect archeological evidence of intelligent humans in the Americas in 17,500BC. We therefore place Adam before the last Ice Age and before the destruction of Atlantis in 10,506BC. We also place him to a time and a substance known as 'Laterus' that is unreproducable in modern science and is linked to Thoth of Egypt. The 'Emerald Tablet' is in Egypt and has been dated to 36,000BC. We know the surface of the earth has been destroyed and renewed three times thus far, so we must place Adam before the first destruction.

The date for Enoch is derived to predate the Pyramid at Gaza which we think was built in 10,490BC and the second destruction, which included the Island of Atlantis. Keep in mind the 'Sons of Baal' were known to have ruled on earth from 10,000 to 60,000 years. Cain, the Father of Enoch, could have lived much longer than the rest.
With the information of Enoch's secret, The time lapse between Adam and Enoch is somewhat explained and then we have only 2960 years between Enoch and Noah who lived 950 years.
Methuselah lived 969 years, Lamech - 777. Add Enoch at age 365 ( = 2111 ) and you arrive at Noah's age when he went into the ark as 849. = date 11,380BC.

We place Noah at the beginning of the third 'time' of renewal. This is our present 'epoch'. We base this on archeological evidence of a comet impact of 'seven' stars that fell from heaven, and a resulting world flood in 11,380BC.

In the procession of the Earth a full circle of time called the "Great Return" and this takes 25,920 years to complete. This is the passing into all twelve Zodiac signs. It is equal to 360 degrees or 'the full circle'.

  • 38,000BC Adam Creato mundi
  • 10,600BC Enoch Latrocinia, urbes, artes, tyrannis
  • 11,380BC Noah Diluvium
  • 1580BC Moses Exitus es Aegypto, Lex
  • 800BC Isaiah Aera, Graecorum, Babyloniorum, Romanorum
  • 7BC Christ Monarchia Romana Reformatio orbis
  • 800 AD Carolus Magnus Imperium Occidentis et Saracenorum
  • 1600AD Rudolfus II Vita, facta et vota nostra qui haec disserimus
  • 2004 Will the Christ re-appear?
  • 2400 The end of the world? ..see below

...The author of 4 Ezra unmistakably refers to the Messiah.. when he puts words in the mouth of God to the effect that after four hundred years ( counted from when? ) My son the Messiah shall die.-Raphael Patai, The Messiah Texts

And whosoever is delivered from the predicted evil shall see My wonders. For My son, the Messiah, shall be revealed, together with those who are with him, and shall gladden the survivors four hundred years. And it shall be, after those years, that My son, the Messiah, shall die, and all in whom there is human breath. Then shall the world be turned into the primeval silence seven days, as it was at the first beginnings... "- 4 Ezra 7:27- 3O .

As Venus aligns to begin a new cycle in the winter of 2001, who will be born? What is to take place?
5 planets will align at this time and one star will shine down the lower shaft of the Great Pyramid. The star reaches the bottom of the shaft in 2004. The "Great Return" happens in 2012, on December 23rd.

Using this bookkeeping method, it is possible to predict when and where succeeding great conjunctions will occur. In following this line of reasoning, it becomes imperative to see the great conjunctions as they occurred during the centuries preceding the Christian Era.

Assuming that the constellation of Pisces covers some 45 degrees of sky, seven great conjunctions took place in Pisces (including the triple conjunctions of 2BC and 7BC.) in this time. Each succeeding conjunction occurred closer and closer to the vernal equinox.

This fact, combined with a knowledge that the vernal equinox itself was moving from Aries into Pisces during this era symbolically marking the end of a "World-Age" may thus be the key to understanding the nature of the Star of Bethlehem. It is certainly the theory favored by von Dechend and de Santillana.

The three great conjunctions of 7BC. are unusual in that "triples" are rare and do not happen in a predictable pattern. There was however a "triple" conjunction in 146BC., so it was probably known that triple conjuctions do occur. I suspect, as do the authors of Hamlet's Mill, that there are many mythological stories connected with conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter, because of their association with "measures of creation and of time!" We will likely never know them all.

these contents copied from.. The Magi's Star It is intended for the educational use of the viewers only.

Other information is taken from .. Uriel's Machine

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