Hello everyone!

Here's a look back at some of the things the Bethel has participated in over the last few months:


  • The Bethel hosted a Prospect Party planned by Susan Yu, which consisted of a dinner, a brief ceremony with a question/answer portion, dessert, and then a slumber party for the girls back at Susan's house. It went very well.
  • On the 17th, Kasey, Stacey, Jenna, Brooke, Kerry, Jessie, Susan and Jaime attended Grandparents Day held in Richmond at the Masonic Home. After we tracked our Grandmother down (we believe she was just popular and not that she was avoiding us) and chatted for a bit, a team of girls participated in the Ritual Competition. Mom Melanie Schoonmaker also participated in the Majority Member category and took 1st Place in the Messenger part and in Life of Job! WOW! Right on! Maybe a Daughter will soon be able to challenge her...
  • The HQMCWA Ball was also in April with attendance by a good majority of the Bethel and some prospects as well.
  • The day after HQMCWA Ball was our Bethel's Grand Visitation along with Bethel's 1 and 52. I heard nothing but rave reviews.
  • On the 25th, Mira, Mom Maryanne and I served a dinner for the Heroes of '76.
  • April 30 through May 2 was Leadership Weekend. Council selected Kailyn Jennings, Susan Yu and Jaime Cooper to attend. They participated in several team building exercises, motivational workshops and they also screamed a lot. See any of them for further details.

  • Proficiency Ceremony was held at our first meeting in May. Those who successfully passed the Proficiency Exam were: Kerry deMello and Nathalie Spita. Elections were also held. Those elected were: HQ - Stacey Hampton; SP - Mira Cox; JP - Jenna Hampton; Guide - Susan Yu; and Marshal - Kerry deMello. Council recommendations were also held at this meeting, however the results will not be known until the Installation of Council in August.
  • May 7 through 9 was Maryland's Grand Session. Susan was asked to escort the Virginia state flag as she is this year's Virginia Grand Bethel Representative to Maryland. Kasey was her escort and Jessie Cooper went along for the ride. It was held in Ocean City, Maryland and so I'm sure they had a good time.
  • On the 15th we had a Yard Sale as Mira's fundraising project in conjunction with Faith United Methodist Church. We did very well with all the wares provided. Thanks to all those who made donations.
  • At the meeting on the 16th we were very happy to welcome three new members into our Bethel. A BIG WELCOME, once again to those girls and their families: Yubi Cabrera, Casey Evans and Kristi Moody. As was stated in the meeting, 'You only get out of Job's Daughters, what you put into it.'
  • On the 22nd, the Bethel visited the residents of Leewood Nursing Home and directed them in a few games as Jenna's service project.
  • The Bethel visited the National Cathedral on the 23rd for a 'Go-to-Church' Sunday


  • 5/29 - Car Wash; Hayfield Exxon
  • 6/5 - Day in DC; more details to come
  • 6/6 - Regular meeting; GWMNM, North Room
  • 6/11 - Bethel 1's Installation
  • 6/12 - Fun Day Out; more details to come
  • 6/12 - Bethel 55's Installation
  • 6/12 - Alexandria-Washington DeMolay Installation
  • 6/18 - Semi-Annual Installation of Officers; keep an eye out for rehearsal time and date
  • 6/19 - Roses for MD
  • 6/19 - Bethel 45's Last Meeting
  • 6/19 - Bethel 16's Installation
  • 7/3 - Roses for MD
  • 7/4 - NO MEETING
  • 7/8-7/11 - Virginia Grand Session; Ferrum College, Ferrum VA