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I'm very excited for this coming year. The girls already have about a bazillion things they want and need to do, and the Council is doing everything we can to accommodate.

My two focuses for this year are Communication and Teamwork. We've got them both; they could just use a little attention and maintenance. Some of the expectations that the Council has created for ourselves this year include:

  • Learning how to talk about Job's Daughters and thus teaching the girls as well
  • Increasing our visibility in the community
  • Participating in the recruitment process
  • Becoming more familiar with the ritual to better teach the girls
  • Encouraging the girls to take more responsibility in planning the Bethel's activities
  • - Reaching out to parents and using our available resources

We will be working on these expectations, personal goals of our positions and tackling other challenges throughout the year. As I mentioned before, one of my main goals is Communication, so on that note, let the communication begin...

Recent Events

    Happy Birthdays go out to:
    9/3 - Brooke
    9/10 - Mom Melanie
  • Several girls attended Bethel 1's meeting on Aug 19 and stole their 'M&M Swarmie' AWESOME!
  • Jenna, Kasey, Susan, Brooke, Mom Melanie, Dad James, Mom Judy and myself (Mom Mona) attended Bethel 16's meeting on Aug 26 and captured their 'M&M Swarmie' WAY TO GO! KEEP IT UP, LADIES!
  • On Sept 1, Jenna, Stacey, Kerry and myself participated in the time-honored tradition of helping the Tall Cedars of Lebanon, Temple Forest, collect money for the Muscular-Dystrophy Association, most notably referred to as 'Jerry's Kids.' The telethon, in telephone donations alone, raised over $60,000,000. As the Vice President of the Temple Forest Cedarettes and on behalf of the Tall Cedars and Cedarettes, I would like to extend my gratitude for the Jobies continued support of this fund-raising drive. Thank you so much!
  • Sept 6 was the Annual meeting for adults at the Scottish Rite in Richmond. More information will be mailed out in the coming days regarding the Grand Guardian Councils expectations, goals, rules and regulations for the year.
  • Sept 7 we held our regular meeting, honored Grandparents, as it was Grandparents Day and installed our new Promoter of Sociability, Mom Nancy Barlow. We also voted on several events which you can get more information on below.

Upcoming Events

Sat 9/13 - Natural Bridge weekend
- We will be meeting at the Temple at 9am to head out. Saturday promises to be filled with many adventures, including a tour of the caverns, a toy museum, a wax museum and finding our hotel.

Sun 9/14 - Grand Guardian Council Worship Service
- Will in SW VA we will be attending the choice worship service of the Grand Guardian Council, so when packing, remember your church/Jobie appropriate attire.

Sun 9/14 - Grand Visitation, Bethel 7 - Salem
- Also while in SW VA we will be attending the 'kick-off' GV of the season.

Wed 9/17 - Master's Dinner, Scottish Rite, Alexandria
- We will be setting up, serving, eating and cleaning up. Please dress nicely.

Sat 9/20 - GV Bethel's 29, 51 & 53 in Richmond
- More info to come on when and where to meet

Sat 9/20 - Guardian's Briefing & Dinner 6pm
- Briefing location TBD
- Dinner location Fuddrucker's off Backlick and Little River Turnpike in Annandale
- Purpose is to outline expectations of the Grand and Bethel Guardian Councils and to eat
- Not mandatory, but highly, highly recommended

Wed 9/24 - Commandery Dinner @ Scottish Rite
- Girls should arrive between 5:30 and 5:45, wearing something nice (dress pants - okay)
- They will be serving, eating and cleaning up
- They should be done with everything and ready for pick-ups no later than 8:30

Sat 9/27 - GV Bethel's 16, 21, 45 & 55 Springfield
-More info to come on when and where to meet

Sat 9/27 - HQMCWA Ball, Kena Temple, Fairfax 8pm - 12am
- Attire is semi-formal to formal
- The girls are more than welcome to brings friends, friends, friends!
- We will be needing chaperones for this event.

Sun 9/28 - GV Rehearsal & GV Bethel's 1, 22 & 52 GWMNM 10am & 2pm respectively
- Special meeting honoring the Grand Guardian and Associate Grand Guardian of VA
- Each family is to bring two 2-liter bottles of Ginger Ale
- Girls should have their robes cleaned and ironed before this event
- Bethel 22 is responsible for the opening ceremony so each girl should know her 'station and duty'

Fri 10/3 - Prospect Party, Movie Night & Slumber Party, Lanham's home
- Girls are encouraged to bring friends
- DeMolay will be invited for the movie portion NOT the slumber party

Sat 10/4 - Car Wash, Alexandria TBD
- Fundraiser for the Honored Queen's project. 2/3 of the profit to go to the Educational & Promotional Fund for scholarships
- More info to come

Sun 10/5 - Regular meeting, 6pm

Thank you and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Jobie Love,
Mom Mona

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