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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! I hope all are well and warm!

My apologies for not getting an update out sooner. December and January proved to be tremendously busy, not only due to the holidays, but also with Installations and many other events. In our January Council meeting, we discussed a re-focusing and a re-dedication of our time to completing our Jobie responsibilities to the best of our abilities for the benefit of the Daughters of the Bethel. This monthly website update is not the least of which.

As I sit here with my handy-dandy planner at my side, I will attempt to detail the events since the last update, around the first part of December.

Recent Events

Here goes...
The Christmas Tree Sales, which we work annually, in cooperation with Alexandria-Washington DeMolay Chapter ran from the Saturday following Thanksgiving until we sold out of trees, right around the 19th or 20th of December. The weather was very cooperative this year for the most part.

On December 12th the AW DeMolay held their semi-annual Installation of Officers with a majority of the Bethel in attendance to support their brother Chapter. Nestor Villanueva was installed as Master Councilor. There was a reception and dance that followed the Installation and Jenna Hampton was selected as the AW DeMolay's Sweetheart for the term.

On a sad note, Dad Al Brown passed away the first part of December. A few members of the Bethel were able to make it to his memorial service on the 13th. It was a shock to many but we know he is in a better place now, and our thoughts and prayer go out to Mom Brown and her family.

The Bethel sponsored a Bowl-A-Thon to fulfill their requirements for an E&P (Educational & Promotional) Project during the term. It took place on December 13 at a Bowl America facility in Springfield. On paper, we raised over $400 total. Collecting those donations has been another story. (Ahem!)

The second regular meeting was moved to the 14th by Special Dispensation. At this meeting we initiated Jessie Cooper into the Bethel. Welcome!

The Bethel held a fundraiser at Fuddrucker's on the 17th. We invited many local groups to attend. We were pleased that several girls and adults from Bethel 55 could join us. We also enjoyed, as always, having our Deputy, Mom Ann, and her friends, and Mom Melanie even roped some co-workers and friends to join us. Thank you everyone. We hope you enjoyed yourselves. If not, take it up with Fuddrucker's.

The Prince William DeMolay Chapter hosted a Christmas Party on the 20th which was attended by several members of the Bethel. PW collected a $1 donation as an entry fee and donated the money to a needy family in the area. Although the attendance did not reflect it, they managed to raise $200 in donations.

The clean-up from Christmas Tree Sales was held on the 27th. Afterward, the advisors treated all the helpers to pizza at Generous George's in Alexandria. It was goooood!

On the evening of the 27th, the Bethel played 'hostess' at Alexandria-Washington Lodge Installation, by greeting guests, handing out programs and even running an extremely successful coat-check. Although they were not tasked to help with food preparation or serving, as the help was needed the girls stepped up to answer the call. Nathalie Spita even played the piano while the reception was taking place, wowing us all with her skills. Wonderful job ladies. Your hard work and dedication that evening made me very proud of all of you.

Our semi-annual Installation of Officers was held on January 3rd at 7pm in the Auditorium of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. It was a beautiful Installation as Kasey Lanham was installed as our new Honored Queen. You can find a list of the elected and appointed officers on the Officers page. A reception and dance followed the Installation.

The DeMolay's annual Brotherhood weekend was held on the 10th - 11th. Several of our girls attended and had a good time.

On the 17th, the Bethel attended Bethel 55's Installation of Officers despite the bad weather. (I know that's just because we all wanted to go bowling.) A reception followed the ceremony and cosmic bowling followed the reception. It was a late, but fun night.

The first regular meeting of the term was held on the 18th and everyone did a great job in their new offices. I hope all are looking forward to this term as much as I am.

On the 20th, a few girls and adults helped clean up after a dinner put on by and Eastern Star Chapter prior to their meeting.

A movie night and slumber party was held on the 23rd at the Lanham's. Many girls attended and from what I hear, they talked more than they watched movies...

On the 24th a few girls attended Bethel 52's Installation of Officers. A reception and dance followed the ceremony.

Upcoming Events

Tues 1/27 - Bethel 21's Installation of Officers
-At this point, it has been canceled due to the inclement weather and has been rescheduled for the 3rd of February

Wed 1/28 - Heroes Dinner at Collingwood
-This event has been postponed to a different date

Sat 1/31 - Alexandria-Washington Movie Night
-To be held at the Spita's in Annandale
-Contact Nestor, Alex or Nathalie for more information

Sat 1/31 - Tidewater DeMolay Installation
-Dinner hosted by the Scottish Rite prior to the Installation from 5:30pm to 7pm
-Reception and dance to follow

Sun 2/1 - Regular Bethel Meeting
-As per Special Dispensation, meeting has been moved to 4pm rather than 6pm
-Refreshments will be provided before the meeting, approx. 3:30pm

Tues 2/3 - Bethel 21's Installation of Officer's
-Rescheduled from the 27th of January

Sat 2/7 - Grand Visitation for Bethel's 5, 28, 40 & 48
-Check the calendar for updated information closer to this event date and time

Sun 2/8 - Grand Visitation for Bethel's 11, 37 & 71
-Check the calendar for updated information closer to this event date and time

Sat 2/14 - Sweetheart Ball
-Held at Kena Temple in Fairfax
-Dress will be semi-formal to formal

Sun 2/15 - Regular Bethel meeting
-Back to a 6pm meeting time

That's all I will put you all through for now. I hope to get another update posted around the time that this one will expire.

Hope to see you all soon.

Jobie Love,
Mom Mona

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