Forbidden knowledge 6

Forbidden knowledge 6

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The 'power' of science

This is an Egyptian image of the Ark Of The Covenant. How did they get it? See the answer on our Ark page.

A fine powder made from gold may be the secret that lies behind the building of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. This powder causes articles to 'levitate'. The science involved in the manufacturing proceess of this power now causes a train called MLX01 in Japan to travel at 343 miles an hour without touching any surface. It all goes back to The Ark of the Covenant and what Moses knew 3500 years ago.
The science of 'antigravity'.

In Exodus 21: 24, God tells Moses not to use any tool to shape the stones for the altar. In Exodus 28: 30, 31 we see the words Urim and Thummuim. We now know the scientific knowledge wasn't witchcraft because Moses gave us the secret to the 'LASER beam'. In Masonic historical reference this magical device is called a Shimar or Urim. Some people say this device never existed but we found it was real and was rediscovered in 1960 by Theodore Maiman. We now think this device was used by the Egyptians to build the Great Pyramid. King Solomon used it again to build the first Temple in Isreal. We will show you in detail what it was. Moses is considered the third Grand Master of the Craft. Now you know why.

The Shimar was used by Moses to carve the 'Tablets of the Law' we now know as the Ten Commandments. They were not carved by the 'finger of God', in a literal sence. The Hebrews saw this amazing device and it's energy or 'light' as the essence of God. The Egyptians in Akenhaten's time considered their god a 'god of light' or a god of the sun. We know without the sun there would be no life on earth. There is another powerful form of 'light'.... It can kill. The power of this light and it's energy is still used today in almost every home in America. This energy was somehow contained in the Ark of the Covenant. The Hebrews thought this was God.

Issac Newton learned much from the scientific writings of Enoch or Imhotep, including the 'radius of the curvature of the earth', which was found in the structure of the Great Pyramid. Egyptologists are not willing to admit that anyone other than Egyptians built the great pyramid, but who can explain why the pyramid of Menkaure looks like this. The great pyramid of Meidum and the Pyramids of Dashu don't look any better , in fact they say; the Bent Pyramid is one of the first pyramids built. The reason that this pyramid is bent is because the initial angle proved too steep, and the engineers had to change it midway through construction.

Mark Lehner has this to say;... And first of all you see this cartouche of a King and then some scrawls all in red paint after it. That's the gang name. And in the Old Kingdom in the time of the Pyramids of Giza, the gangs were named after kings. So for example, we have a name, compounded with the name of Menkaure, and it seems to translate 'the drunks or the drunkards of Menkaure. There is also a 'mark' in the Great Pyramid. We think that 'mark' is fake, placed there by an explorer who actually 'broke into' the pyramid in the late 1700's. We discuss this on our 'Pyramid' page.
see Mark Lehners explaination of the Builders. ..But we beg to differ. After the Great Pyramid was built they somehow 'lost' the knowledge to do it again? The Great Pyramid's geometry is beyond explaination The 'coffer' in the Great Pyramid was not ment for Khufu..his body doesn't fit it, and it could not have been put into the pyramid after his death because it is to wide to go through the entrance. Amazing fact; the inside of the coffer is the exact size of the Ark of the Covenant. This goes to the explaination of how the Egyptians might have had the Ark. There are other amazing facts ..See our 'Pyramid of Gaza' Page. We also recommend books by Graham Hancock such as Fingerprints of the Gods and The Message of the Sphinx.

Graham Hancock and Robert Buvall did research into the star positions over Egypt at the beginning of the third time period and confirm that the Sphinx faced a constellation known as Orion and the rest of the pyramids were lined up to represent the exact location of these planets on the ground. Geometry was used by the Egyptians to calculate the positions. These positions represented 'Heaven on Earth', or 'As above, So Below'. Robert Buvall also led us to the purpose of the Great "Stonehenge". It also wasn't used for devil worship.
In fact Enoch used circles like this and the reason is explained in the secret books.

In ancient Egypt, science, astrology, magic and religion were combined. The early church has claimed for hundreds of years that the Egyptians were evil or were sorcerers or devil worshipers, when in fact they were amoung the first scientists, architects, doctors, astrologists, and mathmeticians. These skills were only taught by the high priests and these were considered secrets not to be shared with those who would use them for evil purposes. The work was recorded by scribes like Thoth who was considered the keeper and recorder of all knowledge. Enoch played a major role in passing this knowledge on to his successors. He hid the scrolls in a piller. The piller was the Great Pyramid of Egypt. King Solomon built another piller to hide these secret scientific documents.

Francis Bacon wrote a book called The New Atlantis in the early stages of James VI's rule. In it he said," The purpose of Solomon's house is the knowledge of causes, and secret motions of things; and the enlarging of the bounds of human empire, to the effecting of all things possible."He also wrote an analysis of the truths that may be hidden in the myths and fables of antiquity called Wisdom of the Ancients. link to The New Atlantis

Analysis of these enigmatic ancient temples built near Bimini over 12,000 years ago has only just begun. Although many maps of the heavenly realm adorn various walls of these mysterious Bimini temples, there is an almost complete lack of other markings. Of the limited glyphs that do exist, however, several match those found in the famous Altamira Cave in Spain which contains the well-known bison painting. In addition, there are exact orbital plots of the planets and what seem to have been intricate star shafts, metal-coated walls, and intermingled stones of various colors. (including red, white, and black.)
Is the Bermuda Triangle a vortex? A hidden energy field? see The Bermuda Triangle And here count the missing ships and aircraft. Missing

Disappearances have confounded and entranced people for thousands of years, from Enoch’s sudden disappearance to Ambrose Bierce’s popular 1880’s articles of people disappearing while simply walking in a field. But one thing is consistent within the stories, whether true or false- a vortex or funnel is often written in. For Bierce, these were invisible funnels within a prairie, or anywhere, into which an unsuspecting person walked and was held in a different time or space, though certainly Space-Time Warps were not even a part of scientific or popular vernacular in the 1880s. For Elijah, he was taken away in a “fiery whirlwind”-a vortex. For Ezekiel’s vision, whirlwinds turned within whirlwinds.

For the cynical these were only fanciful stories, and Bierce’s were Saturday afternoon mystery magazine pulp. But literature has an uncanny way of being prophetic. In the great scientific age of the 20th century, it was discovered that all matter is actually at a level of vortex kinesis, that is, swirling or spiraling motion. Whether it is the great galaxies, planets, suns, or the smallest atoms, all things rotate upon an axis and revolve around a core. The natural action of energy is vortex kinesis... see Vortex Kinesis

The Atlantian knowledge was preserved and became 'secret' or now called 'occult' or 'witchcraft'. This kind of knowledge was not given to man by any devil or Satan. It was given to man by God because he gave us a mind to think and learn. Alot of us take herbal suppliments, consult our doctors, and have surgery. We are on the verge of discovering a cure for cancer and stem cell research may provide a cure for alzheimers.. Men and women have created flying machines, air conditioners, and a nuclear bomb. ect., and we are not threatened with hell for doing these things, well most of us aren't. (7th day adventists) These things were considered necessary and normal, even 5000 years ago. And 2500 years ago Moses gave us the secret to the lazer beam. This was rediscovered in 1960 by Theodore Maiman in the exact same form used by Moses. We have the explaination of Moses' scientific secrets on his own page. The true God was called 'The Lord of the Mountain', Hebrew El-Shaddai, also known as Adon.

Manly P. Hall's works, most notably Secret Teachings of All Ages. 'The origin and destiny of man are subjects which, though inseparably connected with each other, are usually treated of as distinct. In ancient times this was not the case. Theology was based upon such science as existed at that time, and Science and Theology were consequently in harmony with each other. This harmony has long ceased to exist.'

Learning: math; namely geometry was used for building, other sciences such as astrology, the working of metals, art and music and all the other skills man has, were given to us by a loving and forgiving God... because we needed these skills to survive.

Third case and point: Advanced science and technology; If you have been told that the Atlantians are a 'myth', you have been lied to. The stories that bible thumpers call myth, are called that so you won't believe them. We have solid proof they are true, and the words of Plato and a science called archeology confirm don't stop here. There's more - alot more!

In the rest of our pages, we invite you to explore the ancient past with an open and inquiring mind. You may discover that the 'Wisdom' and 'knowledge' that God left with man to protect was first given to his 'Son' Adam. It then passed to Seth, Enoch, Noah and Nimrod. It is still there, hidden by Enoch or Thoth for us to find and use to benefit our fellow man. Nuclear power is one of the hidden sciences God gave to man over 12,000 years ago.

The bible writers left alot of things out beginning with Enoch's books, and the the book of Jasher, which is background for the book of Genesis. It describes Eve as having three daughters. We confirmed this in other texts, such as ' The Lost Books of Adam and Eve'. Eve's third son is Seth. This son is described as being of The Pure Light of God. But we found he is the only son of Eve but Adam is not his father. Seth is of what we know as 'divine' creation'. Eve is not the mother of Cain or Abel. The Nag Hammidi Texts also confirm this.

This closely matches the descriptions of a God called Enki and his wife who are said to have created 7 sets of twins, ie., the first Adam and Eve. This God was written about in the ancient Sumerian clay tablets. 'Adam' means simply 'man'. We tell you more about them in the next series, beginning with the 'Passage forward' page and the 'Enuma elish' tablets page.

The third son of Eve, was a creation of the 'pure light' of God, He has a story that will shock the very foundation of religion as we know it. He gave man the opportunity to know the True God because the 'age' is approaching when we must know the truth in order to find him..This knowledge gives us a choice which has pervailed for thousands of years, but only with the 'initiated' few. But even amoung the initiated there are limited true 'Sons of Light'.

The Nag Hammidi texts tell us that Enlil and his cohorts (called 'Yaldabaoth' and 'the authorities') created 3 Adam's. Sophia gave a soul and life to the third one and he became the 'living' Adam. He also became the Adam that was taught all of Eve's wisdom. Eve was not brought from Adam's rib as the corrupted version has made us believe, she was souly and seperately created by Sophia to be Adam's equal. In fact she is first to be created as Sophia's daughter. These are the lines in the Nag Hammidi text that show Eve giving Adam 'life'.
"After the day of rest, Sophia sent her daughter Zoe, being called Eve, as an instructor, in order that she might make Adam, who had no soul, arise, so that those whom he should engender might become containers of light. "When Eve saw her male counterpart prostrate, she had pity upon him, and she said, "Adam! Become alive! Arise upon the earth!" Immediately her word became accomplished fact. For Adam, having arisen, suddenly opened his eyes. When he saw her, he said, "You shall be called 'Mother of the Living'. For it is you who have given me life."
This is from 'Origin of the World' In the Nag Hammidi library.

continued; "Then the authorities were informed that their modelled form was alive and had arisen, and they were greatly troubled. Now come, let us lay hold of her and cast her seed into her, so that when she becomes soiled she may not be able to ascend into her light. Rather, those whom she bears will be under our charge. But let us not tell Adam, for he is not one of us. Rather let us bring a deep sleep over him. And let us instruct him in his sleep to the effect that she came from his rib, in order that his wife may obey, and he may be lord over her." you can see this lie prevailed as have many others.

According to the Enuma elish, the first creation of Enki's wife was of cource Adam... A human clone. With his DNA mixed in a petri dish, he was born of a woman just like today's babies are born to barren, infertile parents. Adam's mother was Nin-Khursag, who we identify as the wife of the creator God or good God. She is also known as Eve, Sophia and Isis, the mother of mankind and the first to pass along 'wisdom'.

'Implantation' science is now used by modern humans who have trouble conceiving. All they have to do is supply an egg or sperm. Man therefore was not made of the earth, but he was an 'earthling'. But the Atlantians were described as being 'red' like the earth. Thus we have the native Americans, or Indians, red-men.

In the books of Jasher The flood is described thus.."And the Lord caused the waters of the river Gihon to overwhelm them, and he destroyed and consumed them, and he destroyed the third part of the earth, and notwithstanding this, the sons of men did not turn from their evil ways, and their hands were yet extended to do evil in the sight of the Lord."

Scientists now believe that the flood did not cover the whole earth and that all humans except Noah and his family were not destroyed.

and this... "And Tubal Cain told his father to draw his bow, and with the arrows he smote Cain, who was yet far off, and he slew him, for he appeared to them to be an animal. Cain is indeed an animal, the son of an evil creator. This murder is in the KJB and it is not condemned.
28. And the arrows entered Cain's body although he was distant from them, and he fell to the ground and died."

They also apparently never had the books of Joshua the books of Noah and Adam and a collection from the Nag Hammidi library written by the disciples of Christ. Why were the disciples discredited?

In Numbers 6: 1, part of the Moses story, we find the first mention of a Nazirite, described as, "A person consecrated to God in a special way".

There was NO Jesus OF Nazirith!

Jesus was A Nazirite! This has nothing to do with the name of a town.

These books mentioned above and as you can see, words in scripture, give us special detail into the lives of these biblical heroes you never knew existed. This mention of a Nazirite is the connection to the Ancients and to Jesus that the Romans tried to hide from the world. Nazereth wasn't a city in Israel in Jesus' time. A Nazirite (also known as Nazarite, which despite its similarity to Nazareth and Nazarene, it has no actual relation) derives from the Hebrew word pronounced naw-zeer, meaning separated, or consecrated. The word was used to indicate someone who was separated from the general population and consecrated to God.

From all the previous pages, scientific evidence shows the remains of humans have been carbon dated to before 40,000 BC. Church teaching ignores this and dates Noah to no earlier than 3500 BC which is not much older than Egyptologists date the Great Pyramid. But we see archeological proof every day that says we are much older. These findings cannot be reconciled with church dogma. The real past has been long denied and abandoned but educated people now believe these things to be true.

At one time science, mathmetics, astrology, magic and religion were combined and that lead to the beginnings of Masonry.

The church seperated all scientific knowledge from religious teaching and it remains so today. They keep this seperation alive by requiring you to have 'blind faith' and believe and adhere only to church dogma and man-made rules which forbids you to have any doubts that what the bible says is true or that it's God's word.
We say yes most of it is true, but it is not God's word, it is the written re-wording of men. And the writers and editors deleted the magical and scientific knowledge of our biblical heroes. Fortunately, enough of these secrets remained in scripture to prompt the learned men of the 16th, 17th and 18th century to rediscover them. We have reconnected the sciences with religion and this gives us the background of the first operative Masons. Their dedication was to God, their service to mankind.

Abraham was one of the first educated Jews. He and his wife Sarah taught reading and geometry to the Hyksos while living in Egypt. Abraham lived in Egypt around 1760 B.C. This mathmetical knowledge and the ability to read and write isn't in the bible either but Masons know it is in the Regius Manuscript. This copy is believed to date from 1390 and speaks of the morals incumbent upon the Operative Mason of King Athelstan's time (925-940 AD).. the origional by Euclid: Greek geometrician, who taught in Alexandria under the reign of Ptolemy I was written in 323-283B.C., 300 years before Christ. There are records of teachers and learned men much older than this.

Research by the world's leading Theologins and scholars have made it possible to now understand the differences and similarities in ancient religion. As you will discover, alot of the ancient knowledge through popularity was changed to suit the uneducated bias thought process of man, who could not grasp or understand the esoteric wisdom of the ancients.

God's secret knowledge and devine wisdom was only to be used for the benefit of Mankind. The bible claims God destroyed Eden and every creature on earth except for Noah's family and the animals he took because the 'knowledge' was used for evil purposes....This isn't quite the real truth. You will find that most of the human population has already been destroyed three times. Each time because of people like Cain and his followers, so we have never really gotten rid of Cain. His legacy may destroy us again. Countries like North Korea, Pakastan and Iran are now producing nuclear weapons and we have terrorists like ben Laden, the Syrians, Palestinians and extremist Arabs who will kill people for money. Knowledge and technology is for sale to the highest bidder and it is for the purpose of destroying mankind (us at least). Is this Cain at work again?

Just keep in mind, "Blessed are the peace makers for they shall inherit the earth".

The true God has seen to it that the church described, 'forbidden knowledge' remained, but only with a chosen 'Son', someone God trusted never to reveal the 'Mysteries'. Most of the 'knowledge' has been lost over time but some has been rediscovered and some still remains and is waiting to be found, but only by those 'Sons of Light' who are worthy. The secret knowledge must be used to benefit mankind, otherwise we will be destroyed again.

However remember, the Vatican's main goal for 2000 years has been to keep her most guarded secrets just that. Secrets! The authority of the Vatican is responsible for the 'dark ages', which forbid science and magic from being part of the religious history of mankind. The Vatican excommunicated anyone who disputed their self-made authority. Anotherwords, personal opinion and choice of beliefs was not allowed. If you recall, the church burned everyone they claimed were 'witches'. All these people did was use herbs, and potions made from natural substances. Jesus did the same thing as the Essenes were educated as 'healers'.

Hipparchus Hipparcus was a Greek astronomer and geographer, born in 170 BC. Inspired by the observation of a new star in 134 BC, Hipparchus constructed a catalogue of about 850 stars and was the first to assign a scale of magnitude to indicate their apparent brightness. His scale was numbered from 1 to 6, (from brightest to faintest) and is still used today although it has long since been refined.

He studied the equinoxes and discovered they grew progressively earlier in relation to the sideral year. He determined the length of the sideral and tropical years accurately to within 6 minutes. All of Hipparchus' writings have been lost. Luckily, his work was recorded by Ptolemy and passed down through the ages.

The 'dark ages' was the beginning of the destruction of this ancient wisdom, brought about by the Hellinists, Sadducees, Romans and Christians. Now, even the writings of Flavous Josephus are in question, due to Roman ( church ) interference and prejudice. However in Josephus' writings may lie the truth covered up by the church for centuries.
People were killed by order of the church, for saying, "the Earth revolved around the Sun".

The Egyptians had the truth and they recorded the correct story of creation heretofore not revealed correctly by our church fathers. It was called evil by those who were not privledged to know the 'mysteries'.

We have mounds of proof that the civilized world did not come into being in 5500 BC on the African continent and Noah's flood was not in 3500 BC..We can prove the laws of Moses originated from the works of Enoch - IN EGYPT.

Enoch, also in his secret books, describes the evil doers and the destruction brought upon them by their own deeds. They were using God's scientific knowledge for the wrong reasons. Prehistoric cave paintings found in Lascaux, France tell us the 'fallen angles' were mixing DNA creating monsters and other hideous creatures. Experts believe art communication by visual images came into existence somewhere around 40,000 B.C. The ancient text called 'Enuma Elish' describes the same experiments creating the 'Adapu', a slave worker for the gods that may be what we know as 'Neanderthal' man. But we found out the gods in this so-called myth were real and not only that, they were not evil.... Well, at least one of them wasn't. Enoch called them "The Watchers". This word is found in the KJ bible and it is the key to the truth few have discovered.

We believe Enoch lived in the land of the Pharoahs before 10,500 BC. We believe Enoch may be the man the Egyptians also knew as Thoth as early as 38,000 BC. The Sumerian name for Thoth was Ningishzidda. He was the brother of Marduk/Ra. His Father was Ptah/Enki. His symbol was two entwined serpents which represents the double helix of DNA. His name meant, 'Lord of the Artifact of Life', 'Lord Healer', and 'Lord who seizes the Land'. He could 'bring people back to life'. The Greeks called the God named Thoth 'Hermes'. The 'Passage pages' explain why we believe they are all one and the same.

The medical profession traces it's ethical standards from Aesculapius and Hippocrates 377 B.C. Imhotep is the earliest physician whose historical records survive. But later, when Imhotep became established as the "god of healing", it is the manner in which he healed that ties him directly to Enoch and Moses.

Ancient Greek writings mention a great sanctuary at Memphis where people came from everywhere to seek cures from Imhotep. They would pray to him, make offerings and then spend the night in this sanctuary, which was a sort of Lourdes of ancient Egypt. While sleeping, the god, Imhotep, was said to come to people in their dreams and cure them. Although Joseph isn't mentioned as being a physician, the Bible gives one very important clue to this: Genesis 50:2 "And Joseph commanded his servants the physicians to embalm his father: and the physicians embalmed Israel". Here, the physicians are specificly stated to be under Joseph.
The sign of "Wisdom" was the Serpent. It is not a sign of evil as some religious orders would have you believe.

The legal profession claims decent from Hammurabi, King of Babylon 2000 B.C. The ancient forms of science were given to man by the Gods, and passed on to the ancients of Syria, India, Egypt and Sumer. The pages entitled 'Passage' and 'Missing Lessons', details how this 'wisdom' of God was given to man.

The real world that Enoch, Noah and Moses lived in already knew and used the secrets of healing, brain surgery and organ replacements. They also studied geometry, building and metaphysics and they understood the power of electricity. These elements of higher learning were preserved by Enoch, but early bible writers have kept you 'in the dark' about this for far too long. The people who were dedicated to God's work even created a system of laws and punishments and Thoth wrote them all in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. 10,000 years later these became known as The 10 commandments.

The secrets which involved all that God had created in nature were kept hidden from the general population to prevent them from being used for evil purposes. This was the beginning of what we now call operative Masonry.

Christians destroyed books of metaphics and science and they saw everything pagan as evil. They burned down shrines and graceful temples. It is a great irony that we now turn to the remains of that older world to reconstruct the cosmology of Jesus.
Lake of Memory Rising, William Fix
Consider these facts as you continue.

Through ours and many others persistance, and continued research into these so-called 'forbidden' areas, we have uncovered a shocking truth that actually contridicts the Roman version of the Cannon which lead us to the currently excepted familiar version of the bible. We know it as the King James Version. But King James VI was from Scotland. The various Protestant sects of early 17th century England had only one common cause. They felt that the English Reformation had not gone far enough to really rid the land of Popery. They had approved of Henry VIII abolishing the Catholic Church and making the monarch the surpreme governor of the Church of England but now each wanted the king to favor its particular rituals above all others. Most of the members of James Parliament were protestants and pushed their anti-Papal views but the king had no intention of changing the settlement Elizabeth had imposed on the Church of England. James saw an opportunity to deprive the Churchmen of their chief propaganda weapon by commissioning a definitive version of the bible. The work began in 1604 and was completed in 1611 and printed by the Kings 'royal' printer.

Still the Vatican influenced England in the 16 and 17 hundreds. The Catholics even tried to blow King James and his parliament up in 1605. The Kings and Queens of the time were, Henry, Edward and Elizabeth , all of the Roman Catholic faith.
There were four more revisions of the bible in 1629 ,1638 , 1762 and 1769 probably undoing James approved work.. The origional Greek of the New testament ( written by Romans ) was also revised. This version discredited the disciples of Christ who were hunted down and killed because of their Gnostic faith. Thousands of Gnostic Christians were executed under the direct authority of Roman Judges such as Phiny the Younger. We have a link to his letter on our Jesus and Mary page. These letters concern an episode which marks the first time the Roman government recognized Christianity as a religion separate from Judaism, and sets a precedent for the massive persecution of early Christians that takes place in the second and third centuries. These Christians were Gnostic Christians.

Brief History of the Bible This is proof of the revisions and changes that clearly took away the Enochian traditions which are Gnostic. The Book of Joshua confesses Abraham as a one-time worshiper of other gods before he entered Canaan. But that creates a puzzle of massive proportion. If Abraham is considered the forunner of Judiasm, was a priest of Melchizedek and he worshiped only one God, who was it? We are sure it wasn't Jehovah or Yahwah! Was it (ie, Osiris, RA, Aten, ect?) One of the interesting answers we found refers to a god named Enki, a god of Annunaki decent who actually lived in the vicinity of Ur in the time of Abraham's father.

Muslims believe that Arabs are descended from Abraham and Hagar through their son Ishmael. Abraham is further regarded as an ancestor of Muhammad. According to the Qur'an, Abraham and Ishmael built the Kaaba in Mecca and instituted pilgrimages there. The Qur'an depicts him destroying the idols of his father and of his clan; hence, Islam is the restoration of the religion of Abraham.
Modern biblical scholarship has revealed anachronisms in Genesis that cloud attempts to place chronologically Abraham's historical existence. Other Abraham traditions are to be found in the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, especially in the Book of Jubilees. Jubilees is basically a retelling of Genesis and the Moses narratives of Exodus, with various added details not found in the Bible.

One such example of expansion is the novel-like Joseph and Asenath, in which speculation concerning the marriage of Joseph to Asenath, reaches expression. This means we found proof that Joseph married the Pharoah's daughter and that too is in scripture, but it goes much deeper than that. Joseph was buried in an Egyptian Coffer, in Egyptian style, with the wings of the Egyptian MA'AT (Isis) on the coffer.

Joseph (according to The Hiram Key), may be the driving force behind the murder of the true Egyptian King, Seqenenre Tao in 1554 BC. This King may have been the prototype for the Masonic hero Hiram Abiff, a king that was lost. The similarities are astounding to say the least. We show the connections on The Widow's Son page.

Biblical Composition - History; compiled by men

Aside from Jude, Peter and Paul's affirmations of the angelic/hybrid interpretation, recognition of 1 Enoch "... is given amply in the Epistle of Barnabus, and in the third century by Clement and Irenaeus" (1). The Catholic Church's Origen - known as "the father of theology" - affirmed both the Book of Enoch and the fact that angels could and did co-habitate with the daughters of men. He even warned against possible angelic and/or Nephilim infiltration of the church itself. Oddly, while thousands of his writings are still considered by them as "sacred," this very issue got him labeled as a heretic when the faulty 'Sons of Seth' "doctrine" was conceived! (2)

But is it really faulty?

The strange events recorded in Genesis 6 were understood by the ancient rabbinical sources, as well as the Septuagint translators, as referring to fallen angels procreating weird hybrid offspring with human women-known as the "Nephilim." So it was also understood by the early church fathers. These bizarre events are also echoed in the legends and myths of every ancient culture upon the earth: the ancient Greeks, the Egyptians, the Hindus, the South Sea Islanders, the American Indians, and virtually all the others.

However, many students of the Bible have been taught that this passage in Genesis 6 actually refers to a failure to keep the "faithful" lines of Seth separate from the "worldly" line of Cain. The idea has been advanced that after Cain killed Abel, the line of Seth remained separate and faithful, but the line of Cain turned ungodly and rebellious. The "Sons of God" are deemed to refer to leadership in the line of Seth; the "daughters of men" is deemed restricted to the line of Cain. The resulting marriages ostensibly blurred an inferred separation between them. (Why the resulting offspring are called the "Nephilim" remains without any clear explanation.)

The term translated "the Sons of God" is, in the Hebrew, B'nai HaElohim, "Sons of Elohim," which is a term consistently used in the Old Testament for angels, and it is never used of believers in the Old Testament. It was so understood by the ancient rabbinical sources, by the Septuagint translators in the 3rd century before Christ, and by the early church fathers. Attempts to apply this term to "godly leadership" is without Scriptural foundation.

The "Sons of Seth and daughters of Cain" interpretation strains and obscures the intended grammatical antithesis between the Sons of God and the daughters of Adam. Attempting to impute any other view to the text flies in the face of the earlier centuries of understanding of the Hebrew text among both rabbinical and early church scholarship. The lexicographical antithesis clearly intends to establish a contrast between the "angels" and the women of the Earth.

If the text was intended to contrast the "sons of Seth and the daughters of Cain," why didn't it say so? Seth was not God, and Cain was not Adam. (Why not the "sons of Cain" and the "daughters of Seth?" There is no basis for restricting the text to either subset of Adam's descendants. Further, there exists no mention of daughters of Elohim.) see Sons of God

We contend this is exactly how it was. Seth was always the "Good Son", but he is the son only son of Adam.


...Let us then fathom this creation of the Patristic fancy still deeper, and find its prototype with the Pagans. The origin of the new Satanic myth is easy to trace. The tradition of the Dragon and the Sun is echoed in every part of the world, both in its civilized and semi-savage regions. It took rise in the whisperings about secret initiations among the profane, and was established universally through the once universal heliolatrous religion. There was a time when the four parts of the world were covered with the temples sacred to the Sun and the Dragon;

We find (a) the priests assuming the name of the gods they served; (b) the "Dragons" held throughout all antiquity as the symbols of Immortality and Wisdom, of secret Knowledge and of Eternity; and (c) the hierophants of Egypt, of Babylon, and India, styling themselves generally the "Sons of the Dragon" and "Serpents"; thus the teachings of the Secret Doctrine are thereby corroborated.

Furthermore, the "War in Heaven" is shown, in one of its significations, to have meant and referred to those terrible struggles in store for the candidate for adeptship, between himself and his (by magic) personified human passions, when the inner enlightened man had to either slay them or fail. In the former case he became the "Dragon-Slayer," as having happily overcome all the temptations; and a "Son of the Serpent" and a Serpent himself, having cast off his old skin and being born in a new body, becoming a Son of Wisdom and Immortality in Eternity. (See Part II. on the Satanic Myth.)

Seth, the reputed forefather of Israel, is only a Jewish travesty of Hermes, the God of Wisdom, called also Thoth, Tat, Seth, Set, and Satan. He is also Typhon -- the same as Apophis, the Dragon slain by Horus; for Typhon was also called Set. He is simply the dark side of Osiris, his brother, as Angra Mainyu is the black shadow of Ahura-mazda. Terrestrially, all these allegories were connected with the trials of adeptship and initiation. Astronomically, they referred to the Solar and Lunar eclipses, the mythical explanations of which we find to this day in India and Ceylon, where any one can study the allegorical narratives and traditions which have remained unchanged for many thousands of years.

This is how Thoth became associated with evil but that isn't the case at all. He was the God of Wisdom who is also associated with Enoch....but Enoch is not the son of Cain.

So you wind up with two types of Seths, one good, one bad. The bad one was shortened to 'Set'. Josephus corrupted this back to Seth in his writings. However Apophis (Egyptian/Hyksos ruler - 15th century BC) refers to Seth in his biographry, as the only God he worshipped. Seth is the same as Jehovah and Yahweh or Baal, gods of war, storms and obidence... But not to be confused with Seth, the son of Adam. see The Satan Myth

...Speeking of allegorical,

Getting back to Jerome..He himself says that he had recourse to the allegorical meaning of the Hebrew scriptures only when unable to discover the literal meaning. This was the real problem. Assuming literalism is the real mistake. The 'Master' spoke in parables, not to be taken literally. The allegorical meaning should have been made the first choice.
On this subject Jerome wrote his "Dialogi contra Pelagianos". "Accurate as to the doctrine of original sin", ( written by St Augustine ) the author is much less so when he determines the part of God and of man in the act of justification.

The "DOCTRINE of ORIGIONAL SIN!" It is just that, a doctrine created by St. Augustine, NOT GOD!

...Anotherwords, the explaination of the Jewish gospel writings was on the catholics terms and was undisputed if you wanted to live!

To understand St. Jerome's position we must remember that the works of Origen were by far the most complete exegetical (explaination of the gospel) collection then in existence, and the one most accessible to students. Catholic Encyclopedia
see Origen

In his lifetime he was often attacked, suspected of adulterating the Gospel with pagan philosophy. After his death, opposition steadily mounted. The chief accusations against Origen's teaching are the following: making the Son inferior to the Father and thus being a precursor of Arianism, a 4th-century heresy that denied that the Father and the Son were of the same substance; spiritualizing away the resurrection of the body; denying hell, a morally enervating universalism; speculating about pre-existent souls and world cycles; dissolving redemptive history into timeless myth by using allegorical interpretation, thus turning Christianity into a kind of Gnosticism, a heretical movement that held that matter was evil and the spirit good. None of these charges are altogether groundless. ..according to catholic authorities.
So this is where the truth lies. 'THEY' call this heresy, but is it really?
Some of Origen's writings

Learned Men?

..."And it might be answered to these inquiries that, as a matter of fact, not all the disciples but only Peter and John are described in the Acts as unlearned and ignorant, (which we found not to be the case) but that there were more disciples in regard to whom, because they understood all things, it is said, "Every scribe," etc.
Or it might be said that every one who has been instructed in the teaching according to the letter of the law is called a scribe, so that those who were unlearned and ignorant and led captive by the letter of the law are spoken of as scribes in a particular sense. And it is very specially the characteristic of ignorant men, who are unskilled in figurative interpretation and do not understand what is concerned with the mystical exposition of the Scriptures, but believe the bare letter, and, vindicate it, that they call themselves scribes." This means the 'bare letter' is not the actual meaning of the gospels.

"And so one will interpret the words, "Woe unto you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites," as having been said to every one that knows nothing but the letter. Here you will inquire if the scribe of the Gospel be as the scribe of the law, and if the former deals with the Gospel, as the latter with the law, reading and hearing and telling "those things which contain an allegory," so as, while preserving the historic truth of the events, to understand the unerring principle of mystic interpretation applied to things spiritual, so that the things learned may not be "spiritual things whose characteristic is wickedness," but may be entirely opposite to such, namely, spiritual things whose characteristic is goodness. And one is a scribe "made a disciple to the kingdom of heaven" in the simpler sense, when he comes from Judaism and receives the teaching of Jesus Christ as defined by the Church; but he is a scribe in a deeper sense, when having received elementary knowledge through the letter of the Scriptures he ascends to things spiritual, which are called the kingdom of the heavens.

..." And according as each thought is attained, and grasped abstractly and proved by example and absolute demonstration, can one understand the kingom of heaven, so that he who abounds in knowledge free from error is in the kingdom of the multitude of what are here represented as "heavens." So, too, you will allegorise the word, "Repent, for the kingdom of the heavens is at hand," as meaning that the scribes--that is, those who rest satisfied in the bare letter--may repent of this method of interpretation and be instructed in the spiritual teaching which is called the kingdom of the heavens through Jesus Christ the living Word.
Wherefore, also, so far as Jesus Christ, "who was in the beginning with God, God the word," has not His home in a soul, the kingdom of heaven is not in it, but when any one becomes nigh to admission of the Word, to him the kingdom of heaven is nigh. But if the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God are the same thing in reality, if not in idea, manifestly to those to whom it is said, "The kingdom of God is within you," to them also it might be said, "The kingdom of heaven is within you;" and most of all because of the repentance from the letter unto the spirit; since "When one turn to the Lord, the veil over the letter is taken away." Taken from Origen's writings

Jesus spoke allegorically to delibertly hide the real meanings from the people he consideded 'unclean' and heathen. Most of these were 'gentiles'- Greeks and Romans. If he hid the meanings from the Romans, why do you take their word as truth now? --- ie, their version of the KJ bible!

You will find these tid-bits of historical and scientificially documented references throughout the site to prove our point.
The Romans rewrote the gospel using 'LITERAL' interpretations which have proven to be incorrect..

Saving your soul? - Salvation?

Every culture had a place where the dead went. We look to a place called 'Heaven'. But where is Heaven really? It might be closer than you think. Egypt called it 'the afterlife'. If you were 'sinful' or bad, the Sumerian culture called it the 'underworld'. A place called Hades was the Underworld in Greece. This actually was a deity who was sovereign of the Underworld. There was never any place called Hell.
There is NO ONE called Satan as we documented on the previous page, about Lucifier. It seems that 'Satan' is anyone who doesn't agree with 'them' as in 'the church'.

We see god blocking the way to the Tree of Eternal Life in Genesis 3:22. The 'Tree of Life' means simply, Eternal Life or Immortality!....because the verse says, "he must not be allowed to partake or eat of the Tree of Life and live forever!" the gods did. This is after the man becomes "ONE of US!"
This is how we discovered that the path to the Tree of Life is not blocked....and it definately has something to do with the Tree of Knowledge! The knowledge to discover the 'Tree of Life' is what was blocked or 'hidden'. All masons profess to believe in 'life after death'. This issue is not an issue of faith, it is a known fact. The old religions knew something that is barely discussed these days, but our word 'incarnated' once again is the answer. When man was given a soul, he was given immortality.

Matthew 13:35, "I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world."

Satan and hell - Fear of God, are all creations of man's mind, not God!

The difference between bad and good knowledge is discussed on the first passage page. Having knowledge was never meant to be a bad thing. Following that, we also learn that an 'intervention' was placed on mankind by God's Son and we will not die or be punished because we are educated or because we want to learn...and committing a so-called sin does not make us doomed to death or a place called hell. How we conduct our lives might put us in an everlasting state of 'hell' in our mind, but we don't think there is a physical place called hell.

Besides, where do you see anyone condemned to hell in the Bible? Nowhere, NADA!
We find King David sinned, Moses sinned, Solomon sinned and many others ...but no where does it say they went to a place called hell or that they were sentenced to an eternal state of punishment.
Our contention is, how we use our God given gift of knowledge and the ability to learn and create, seems to determine our fate...but there is no firey furnace and there is no place called hell!
This is a man made threat!..a mind control tactic!

When mortals shall have become sufficiently spiritualised, there will be no more need of forcing them into a correct comprehension of ancient Wisdom. Men will know then, that there never yet was a great World-reformer, whose name has passed into our generation, who (a) was not a direct emanation of the LOGOS (under whatever name known to us), i.e., an essential incarnation of one of "the seven," of the "divine Spirit who is sevenfold"; and (b) who had not appeared before, during the past Cycles.

They will recognise, then, the cause which produces in history and chronology certain riddles of the ages; the reason why, for instance, it is impossible for them to assign any reliable date to Zoroaster, who is found multiplied by twelve and fourteen in the Dabistan; why the Rishis and Manus are so mixed up in their numbers and individualities; why Krishna and Buddha speak of themselves as re-incarnations, i.e., Krishna is identified with the Rishi Narayana, and Gautama gives a series of his previous births; and why the former, especially, being "the very supreme Brahma," is yet called Amsamsavatara -- "a part of a part" only of the Supreme on Earth. Finally, why Osiris is a great God, and at the same time a "prince on Earth," who reappears in Thoth-Hermes, and why Jesus (in Hebrew, Joshua) of Nazareth is recognised, cabalistically, in Joshua, the Son of Man, as well as in other personages.

The esoteric doctrine explains it by saying that each of these (as many others) had first appeared on earth as one of the seven powers of the LOGOS, individualized as a God or "Angel" (messenger); then, mixed with matter, they had re-appeared in turn as great sages and instructors who "taught the Fifth Race," after having instructed the two preceding races, had ruled during the Divine Dynasties, and had finally sacrificed themselves, to be reborn under various circumstances for the good of mankind, and for its salvation at certain critical periods; until in their last incarnations they had become truly only "the parts of a part" on earth, though de facto the One Supreme in Nature.

Edgar Cayce, who was know as a healer and psychic, and also as the father of holistic medicine, claimed that he was, in a former life, a citizen of Atlantis. Cayce told of an advanced civilization, with all the inventions of our modern day life including weapons of mass destruction. The most notable weapon being the "death ray". Death rays came in all sizes, but a giant death ray machine, which was the largest of all their weapons is said to be the weapon that destroyed Atlantis. Cayce also predicted that the western ridge of Atlantis would be discovered off the coast of the Bimini islands. In The 1960's a startling discovery was made in that same place. It was that of an ancient roadway built out of large stones which was under the ocean off the coast of Bimini. Could this be an ancient highway of Atlantis?

Physic Edgar Cayce did readings that tell us the Pyramid's were built in 11,630 BC, when the world was beginning it's third 'epoch', or 'the First Time' as it was known by the Egyptians. He says the races were; one in the white, another in the brown, another in the black, another in the red, another yellow and they were all created at the same time which could predate the first time period. And we were all created 'equally' having a mind to think and learn. This is the real 'image' of God we seem to ignore.see Cayce on Cayce and Cayce predictions

From beneath the windswept sands of ancient Mesopotamia comes the documented legacy of the "creation chamber" of the heavenly Anunnaki. Here is the story of the clinical cloning of Adam and Eve, which predates Bible scripture by more than 5000 years. The Nag Hammidi texts confirm this experimentation with human DNA. Other evidence of a nuclear blast was found in Iraq that dates to more than 10,000 years ago. To keep this from happening again, the Atlantians hid the records of their scientific knowledge in the Great Pyramid. Enoch describes it as a 'piller'

Many other legends surround the 'pillers' built by various heroes in several lands through out history. There is a tradition also, among the Arabians, of a sacred stone found by Abraham beneath the earth, and made by him the stone of foundation of the temple which Jehovah ordered him to erect a temple the tradition of which is confined to the Mohammedans. This is how Islam started. But the 'Dome of the Rock' which was under Solomon's original Temple, is now controlled by Muslims.

The 'third time period' is also when the lost Enochian knowledge reveals the mother tongue as a "language of Light". Known to the ancients as HIBURU, it is the primal seed language, introduced at the beginning of this time cycle. Modern research confirms, the most ancient form of Hebrew to be a natural language, the alphabetic forms emerging from the phosphene flare patterns of the brain. The same shapes, in fact, born of a spinning vortex. It is a true language of light, coursing through our very nervous system.

The Hebrew "flame" letter alphabet forms the set of symmetry views of the only pathway for waves moving from the Cosm into the "still-point", forming the heart of all life and matter.
see Origin of the Alphabet

Encoding the natural waveform geometries of the physical world, Hiburu is a harmonic language, mimicking the waveform properties of light. The "keys" Enoch speaks of, turn out to be sound keys, keys to be vibratory matrix of reality itself, the mythic "Power of the World". The Enochian knowledge describes sonic equations, encoded within the ancient mantras and god names, capable of directly affect the nervous system and producing profound effect of healing and higher consciousness states.

If you read the news, study historical events, archeological findings or are amazed at the scientific discoveries that surface every day, you have excepted what happens in the 'real world'. Scientists are working every day to find a cure for cancer, alzheimer's disease, and aids. We also see the 'cloning' of animals that some view as 'the work of the devil'. We know that embyros are frozen and brought to life in the wombs of serogate mothers years after the mother or father is dead. From this example comes all the different breeds of dogs and cattle we have today. And we have human babies created in a petree dish and implanted in their mothers womb when she cannot conceive naturally. Nobody seems to mind this.


Understanding this, we then move forward to a different story than our traditional KJ bible relates. We invite you to discover the ancient connections we have uncovered which reveal a 'hidden' secret society whose leaders and heroes are actually familiar characters right out of the bible. These heroes practiced magic, alchemy and were extremely well versed in mathmetics, astrology, music and scientific skills. This included the understanding of atoms and matter and the chemical compostions of the elements found in the earth and the healing qualities of plants. The early organized church forbid the practice or teaching of these skills and labeled them 'occult' teaching or witchcraft. They killed or jailed people who practiced them.

The 'organized church' knew that if men became educated, they would find out what the church did to prevent us from discovering what length they would go to to hide the truth from us. The 'Dark Ages' is proof of this 'coverup'. KJ Bible scripture (NT) written after the Old Testament, corrupts the truth...but it was written by Greeks and Romans ( Paul ) who had an 'agenda' to follow.
Our pages about the False Church and the Lies of Paul put this accusation into perspective.

Galileo, the Italian astronomer was persecuted by the Church for teaching that the Earth revolved around the sun.
"The Inquisition condemned Galileo in 1633 because his teachings clashed with the Bible, which read: 'God fixed the earth upon its foundation, not to be moved forever'. Galileo was rehabilitated after 359 years." The Romans also had Socrates, Plato and Hippracus violently killed because of their scientific studies and theories. But their writings live on to show us their treatises on law, mathematics, technical philosophic problems, and natural science. They believed God was connected to all of this. Plato said, "Only the philosopher, who understands the harmony of all parts of the universe with the Idea of the Good, is capable of ruling the just state."

With this in mind, our current form of government came to us as early as 5000 BC. A republic is a form of government (and a state so governed) where a monarch is not the head of state. The word is derived from the Latin res publica, or "public affair", and suggests an ownership and control of the state by the population at large. The use of a republic goes back at least as far as ancient Akkad. The best known ancient republic was the Roman Republic, which lasted from 509 BC until 44 BC.

If you recall, the Catholic Church, governed by the Pope, with an army to back it up, demanded they be the head of State in Europe. Today the seperation of church and state has not reached its full potential and that's why we still can't be taught the truth. People are still afraid to 'go against the church'. People think atheists are destroying church related activites in schools and government, but this is necessary if we are ever going to get to the bottom of the 'creationist theories' or the so called evolution of mankind and not be afraid to talk about it.

Scientists are still determined that man 'evolved' from the apes. But we see it differently. There is no DNA connection and they still can't prove that there was. Cro-Magnon man and the Neanderthals do not have the same DNA. This is the key to our discovery that man really was created by God. Confusing but true!

Washington and Freemasonry

exerpt from.. Washington By the end of the eighteenth century, Freemasonry, with its complex combination of esoteric and enlightened thinking, gained a wide acceptance throughout the British Isles, America and continental Europe. This was the period of the Enlightenment---a period of great intellectual movement in the cause of general education as a means to freedom from social inequity. The Enlightenment qualities of Truth, Wisdom, Nature and Reason expressed throughout the rituals and mystic symbols of the Freemasons attracted social elite searching for truth and a sense of fraternal connection. Consequently, these moral tenets of Freemasonry, together with other Enlightenment concepts, played a significant role in the social and political history of the newly established American colonies to which George Washington played a significant role. Providing a vehicle for the spread of new ideals concerning the equality of man, the power of reason over ideology, and the existence of natural laws, it can be greatly argued that it was these ideals, which eventually formed the basis for the American premise favoring political separation from the authority of Great Britain.

The next page in the series is.. Passage Forward

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