Jesus, Dead Sea Scrolls and the Brotherhood

Masonic Rules in the Dead Sea Scrolls

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Funeral Monument of Lucius Alfius Statius. Found in Aquileia, via Petrada. Underneath the inscription are the seven tools of a Master Mason. Parallel to the lower edge of the writing, we see a gauge (regula) with measuring lines for different distances. Left under it are a setting level and a plumb bob with cord. The compass (circulus ), square ( norma ), setting maul (malleus) and five chisels (scalprum) or chalk and charcoal. Dating from 2-3 generations before the time of Jesus.
This graphic and the text was borrowed from Brandon Lodge #114 F. & A.M, 203 N. Moon Ave. PO Box 816 - Brandon, FL 33509-0816, web master Lucky Wade -
This discovery was so important we could not resist coping it and sharing it with all of you. We also found it on this mason's personal page - The inscription and the carving are in the Roman Town of Aquileia, one of the most important Archaeological Sites in Italy. With this, We ask, What more proof do you really need?

Maybe this will do it..In the following references, we will review what the Dead Sea Scrolls have to say about 'the Master'. The scrolls were discovered and unearthed by the Jordan Department of Antiquities, the Palestine Archaeological Museum and L'Ecole Archeologique Francaise from 1951 thru 1956. The question is, why did the 'Church' try to discredit these writings and withhold them from the public until 1991? and Why now do they seem to 'ignore' this overwhelming proof of a 'secret society' within the Qumran Community.

The Isreali authorities were able to remove the restrictions after considerable pressure from the entire academic and historical world, lead by a team from the Huntington Library of San Marino, California, and Robert Eiseman of Califorinia State University. However there is credible evidence that one scholar now living in Paris, is still witholding one very important manuscript.

The site of Discovery Eleven different caves have been found at Qumran. And new discoveries are expected even now. Among the caves were found, then, thousand of fragments of manuscripts and quite a number of whole, or mostly complete, manuscripts in scrolls stored in jars.

These lines have been taken directly from the pages of.. Josephus' Essenes and the Community Rule This is an incomplete file that has been compiled by experts and interpreters of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
or see this one The Community Rule ...and Dead Sea Scrolls Once again , somebody has tried to make money off these, the greatest historical documents ever found, or there is information here that discredits Church Doctrine so this file is not complete.
Another source..interupted, The Dead Sea Scrolls a new translation. (c) 1996 by Michael Wise, Martin Abegg, Jr., and Edward Cook.. Community Rule and The War Scroll

We also recommend this book. It reveals the names of the scholars responsible for the translation of the manuscripts, which are a largely Catholic rendition of what they want you to read, not necessiarilly the true words which are written in Greek. We believe there was a large amount of editing before these manuscripts were published.

The scrolls have been dated to be 1000 years older than the works of Aaron ben Moses ben Asher who's texts are dated 1008AD. They have a complete set of almost all the biblical books, and commentaries on many of them. "The Isaiah Scroll" is one of the most famous of the biblical manuscripts.

Some of the information you will find in the scrolls is as follows;

"...three hundred and ninety years after He had handed the Temple of Solomon over to Nebuchadneezer.., he remembered them and caused to grow from Isreal and Aaron the root of a plant..., and he set up for them a 'Teacher of Righteousness', to direct them in the way of his heart".

"... The Lord remembered the covenant of the ancients, and raised from Aaron men of understanding, and from Isreal men of wisdom,..."

If the period of Wrath (390 years) is subtracted from the time of the destruction of the Temple ( 586 BCE), the year 196 BCE or there about is the time we arrive at. A specific time is not given. Rather it is stated "in the Age of Wrath." The Zadokite Fragments describe a period of confusion where "they were like blind men groping for the road for twenty years." Then God raised up for them a leader, a Teacher of Righteousness. Prior to that time, they had been leaderless, but now with the emergence of the Teacher, their distinctive way of life began to take shape.

This account also aligns with the Halakhic Letter. It was during this period of confusion that the Halakhic Letter was most likely sent in a reconciliation attempt. After their failure to convince the Jerusalem Sadducees and the Hasmonaean High Priest, the sect became an entity unto itself, no longer expecting to return to Jerusalem and rejoin the priesthood in the Temple.

Additionally, the Zadokite Fragments give "an admonition to remain faithful to the teachings of the sect along with legal rulings on a wide variety of matters, such as the Sabbath, oaths, vows, purity and impurity, and the laws of courts and testimony."

The people had to keep the commandments if they were to inherit the land and, now that the goal was almost achieved, God could still humble them (Deut 8:1–2). So it seems that, in a ritual call and response litany, the Satan figure nominally offered the Nasi temptations to cancel entry into the kingdom. Of course, the Nasi knew his lines and gave the correct responses.

The admonition which is at the beginning of the manuscript is a reaction of the sect to its opponents. " Only this sect and its leadership are capable of properly interpreting Jewish Law. All other groups and their sins are cataloged so as to explain the necessity for the physical and spiritual separation of the sect from the rest of the people of Israel. We also learn of the role of the "Moreh Sedeg," the "correct teacher," who along with the Zadokite priests, led the confused initial members on the path of truth." The ideology of the admonition is quite similar to the Community Rule.

This text seems to envision two groups within the sect, those living at the center of sectarian life (Qumran) and those scattered throughout the country in 'camps.' The fragments describe that the entrance requirements for the sect in the Zadokite Fragments comprise only the first two stages described in the Manual."

The Community Rule is an almost intact document that describes a closely-knit society that above all else seeks purity and correct observance of Jewish Law. It rejects all outsiders, except those seeking admission to the sect. The heart of this document are the legalistic sections. Here the nature and structure of the group are defined, procedures are given for the admission of new members to the sect, and penalties and punishments are outlined for various offenses.

The social character of the group is clearly a very close-knit society in which each man has his function and his rank. "The group lives in a perpetual state of ritual purity, joining together for some meals, as well as maintaining regular sessions for study of scripture and liturgical praise of God. Each man sees himself as a part of this group which in itself constitutes a sanctuary in exile, a replacement Temple, which to the sectarians, was currently in the hands of the evil doers."

From the Community Rule the Zadokite priests held a superior role in the sect, although a sectarian assembly called the Moshav-ha-Rabbin, made the major decisions. From various portions of this document, the role of the priests seems to be evolving and is in the process of becoming ceremonial.

In the Community Rule are passages which speak of withdrawing to the desert to fulfill the command of Isaiah 40: 3 - to prepare a way in the wilderness for the Lord at the end of days.

"When these form a community in Israel, according to these rules they shall be separated from the midst of the settlement of the people of iniquity to go to the desert to clear there the road of the Lord, as it is written, 'to straighten in the wilderness a highway for our God.' (Isaiah 40: 3) This in the interpretation of the Torah which he commanded through Moses to observe, according to everything that is revealed from time to time, and as the prophets have revealed by his holy Spirit.
( Community Rule 8: 12-16)"

Jesus lived at Qumran for three years from AD27 to AD 31, which is called 'the wilderness'. The rite of being a 'Master' took three years, one year for each 'degree' to be learned.

"Then, when he has completed one year within the Community...his property and earnings shall be handed over to the Bursar of the Congregation... Nor is there any one to be found among them who hath more than another; for it is a law among them, that those who come to them must let what they have be common to the whole order."
They also have stewards appointed to take care of their common affairs, who every one of them have no separate business for any, but what is for the uses of them all.

"And after this purification is over, they every one meet together in an apartment of their own, into which it is not permitted to any of another sect to enter; while they go, after a pure manner, into the dining-room, as into a certain holy temple......that he will ever show fidelity to all men, and especially to those in authority, because no one obtains the government without God's assistance; and that if he be in authority, he will at no time whatever abuse his authority"...

If The Nasi had been crowned a king but had to remain the humblest of all to retain his position and so had to suffer this mockery without complaint. The details of the temptations in Matthew 4:3–11 and Luke 4:3–13 might be parts of the coronation ritual.

"Every man, born of Israel, who freely pledges himself to join the Council of the Community, shall be examined by the Guardian at the head of the Congregation concerning his understanding and his deeds. If he is fitted to the discipline, he shall admit him into the Covenant... And later, when he comes to stand before the Congregation, they shall deliberate his case"...

"After he has entered the Council of the Community he shall not touch the pure Meal of the Congregation until one full year is completed, and until he has been examined concerning his spirit and deeds; nor shall he have any share of the property of the Congregation".

"And when he hath given evidence, during that time, that he can observe their continence, he approaches nearer to their way of living, and is made a partaker of the waters of purification......
nor discover any of their doctrines to others, no, not though anyone should compel him so to do at the hazard of his life."
"He shall conceal the teaching of the Law from men of falsehood"...

"Then, when he has completed one year within the Community. .. And if it be his enter the company, his property and earnings shall be handed over to the Bursar of the Congregation who shall register it to his account and shall not spend it for the Congregation. He shall not touch the Drink of the Congregation until he has completed a second year among the men of the Community".

..."yet is he not even now admitted to live with them; for after this demonstration of his fortitude, his temper is tried two more years; and if he appear to be worthy, they then admit him into their society".

"But when the second year has passed, he shall be examined, and if it be his enter the Community, then he shall be inscribed among his brethren in the order of his rank for the Law, and for justice, and for the pure Meal; his property shall be merged and he shall offer his counsel and judgment to the Community".

"They commend to memory, the miseries of life, and are above pain, by the generosity of their mind. And as for death, if it will be for their glory, they esteem it better than living always; and indeed our war with the Romans gave abundant evidence what great souls they had in their trials, wherein, although they were tortured and distorted, burnt and torn to pieces, and went through all kinds of instruments of torment, that they might be forced either to blaspheme their legislator, or to eat what was forbidden them, yet could they not be made to do either of them, no, nor once to flatter their tormentors, or to shed a tear; but they smiled in their very pains, and laughed those to scorn who inflicted the torments upon them, and resigned up their souls with great alacrity, as expect ing to receive them again".

These scrolls must have been written or edited during or after this period in the first century. Elsewhere appears the "slain of the Kittim" and the "falling of the Cedars of Lebanon". The Cedars of Lebanon mean the Priesthood or the Temple because the Hebrew root of Lebanon means white signifying the white linen of the priests (the same imagery is used of the Community itself who also wore white). These passages seem to be referring to the Jewish War and the destruction of the Temple.

The leader of the Elect in the struggle against the Kittim is the Messiah prophesied in Numbers 24:17:

Jesus became 'the Grand Master', after John was be-headed in AD 32, by Herod Antipas, who feared that John's activities could lead to a revolt because of his 'messianic' nature. At this time, James, the Lords true brother became the High Priest. Jesus said, "You knew that John was a profit and not to expect royal garments when you saw him. But what you did not know, and what I now tell you , is that John was more than a prophet. He was the one about whom it is written, "look, I am sending my messenger before you". He will prepare your path ahead of you." Luke 7:32 , Burton L. Mack: The Lost Gospel.

Qimron, E. "A Preliminary Publication of 4QSd Columns VII-VIII" (in Hebrew). Tarbiz 60 (1991):435-37.
"And according to his insight he shall admit him. In this way both his love and his hatred. No man shall argue or quarrel with the men of perdition.

He shall keep his council in secrecy in the midst of the men of deceit and admonish with knowledge, truth and righteous commandment those of chosen conduct, each according to his spiritual quality and according to the norm of time.
He shall guide them with knowledge and instruct them in the mysteries of wonder and truth in the midst of the members of the community, so that they shall behave decently with one another in all that has been revealed to them.
That is the time for studying the Torah (lit. clearing the way) in the wilderness. He shall instruct them to do all that is required at that time, and to separate from all those who have not turned aside from all deceit".

These are the norms of conduct for the Master in those times with respect to his loving and to his everlasting hating of the men of perdition in a spirit of secrecy.

"Rule of the Community".."no man who is struck with any kind of human uncleanness shall enter into the assembly, smitten in his flesh, or crippled in the feet or hands, none lame, blind, deaf or mute; none smitten with a visible blemish in his flesh, or an old man who stumbles and cannot keep still in the midst of the congregation. ." However this was a rule of the conflicting Jewish church. Jesus, in order to gather support for the cause of insurrection against the corrupt Temple priests, healed the sick, made the lame walk and the blind see. He did this in open defiance on the 'Jewish sabeth'. He then sent them to the Temple to show the ruling priests their error for not allowing these people into the Temple.

Decrying the ways of the spirit of falsehood, this Essene code addressed the problems of greed, lying, cruelty, brazen insolence, lust and "walking in the ways of darkenss and guile". Adherance to the rules and teachings of the community was the exhortation in order to live righteously and healthily".
"Reference to the idea of diseases of the soul is also contained in the writings of Phil Judeaus (BC 25 to AD 45) in his description of a group living in Alexadria Egypt. This was a community of healers (therapeutrides) of the "incurable diseases of the soul. They "profess an art of medicine for (excessive) pleasures and appetites ...the immeasurable multitude of passions and vices"

The disease of the soul is manifested as a disorder of the whole person, when I say the whole person I am talking mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social and volitonal (the will).

We also know that Jesus also allowed 'gentiles' ( Greeks ) into the select group, including Roman guards. These people were not allowed into the corrupt Jewish Temple. As he gathered support against the Temple priests, he admitted women, some being harlets, and all mannor of sick, poor and otherwise 'unclean' people into the group. This effort gained a large support group. Saving souls was not the mission of Jesus. Saving the people from Jewish Church corruption and oppression and Roman rule was, plus the fact that he WAS the litigimite King in line for the throne of Jerusalem according to the Royal line of David which the corrupted Jewish priests refuted. That line also stuck adheardly to the Laws of Moses..

"there shall be twelve laymen and three priests, as to work truth, righteousness, justice, living-kindness, and humility, one with another". They are to preserve faith in the land with self-control and an unbroken spirit,... "They are to walk with all by the standard of truth and the dictates proper to the age...." "They will be 'the tested wall, the precious cornerstone', whose foundations shall neither be shaken or swayed, a fortress,...'upholding the covenant of eternal statues'. "Disobedience to the Community could result in expulsion"...

There is reference to the ' Manual of Discipline' and the responsibility of the 'group' to provide for orphans and the poor.

...The Manual of Discipline reflects one distinct radicalizing trend within this group of texts, emphasizing an apocalyptic mode of 'brotherhood initiation', strict spiritual dichotomies, heightened metaphorical interpretation of Torah-mysteries, and overriding purity-discipline. ..Some other scrolls, such as the Rules of the Congregation (1QSa), the Benedictions (1QSb), and the group of blessings known as 4Q Berakhot, are perhaps allied with the brotherhood trend reflected in the Manual."
- Norman Golb, Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?, (1995) p. 364

The Book of Community Rule

"The Master shall teach the Saints to live according to the Book of the Community Rule..."

"All physical and mental illness were considered to be the result of a sinful life and driving out of sin would cure the malady. "Extreme Unction or, as it is now called, The Anointing of the Sick, hardly differs in meaning from the Sacrament of Chrism, and is here only discussed briefly. Extreme Unction is, as the name suggests, the anointing of the sick in extremis and of any others who are on the imminence of dying. The alleged purpose is the remission of sins or the attempt at a cure. But this contradicts the fact that it is applied after all hope of cure is abandoned, and that Confession is the proper ritual for remission". from.. The Origin of the Seven Sacraments..

However Jesus did have the full 'power' of God. The power God gave him included The power to heal, the power to destroy and the power to perceive psychically. According to an American Indian named Black Elk, who had a near-death-experience, this 'power' comes through a 'hole' or 'vortex' in a person, made by God. If the person claimed it was himself who the 'power' came from, the hole would close up. This also happened to Moses who did not declare that the 'power' he was using came from God. In this instance 'the power' was only temporary and only to be used to get the people safely out of Egypt. The 'power' then fed the people and provided drink from a rock in the desert. In the case of Jesus, 'the power' inhabited his body for a different purpose. In the Nag Hammidi writings, the 'power' is mentioned frequently.

The Charter of a Jewish Sectarian Association "refers to various groups or chapters scattered throughout Palestine. Therefore it did not attach itself specifically to the site of Qumran, but as seen above the Qumran sect are 'the selected ones'. .This text does not merely reflect a small community living there."
"The present text is essentially a constitution or charter for the Yahad. That it is a charter becomes clear by comparison with charters from elsewhere in the contemporary Greco-Roman world. Research by Moshe Weinfeld and Matthias Klinghardt, among others, has shown that virtually every structural element of this ancient Jewish writing has analogs in the charters of guilds and religious associations from Egypt, Greece and Asia Minor."
"...Though the group...was formed like a club, it functioned more like a philosophic activity."
"As the work describes it, the association is made up of priests, Levites (a secondary priestly order), 'Israel,' and Gentile proselytes. In this context 'Israel' means not the generality of Jews, but only those who accept the teachings of the group.. ..Following repentance from sin, the 'initiate' begins a two-year process leading to full membership. The Community Rule

During this period he ( women are not specifically mentioned, however were allowed admittance ) receives instruction in the group's secret knowledge and passes though progressively higher stages of purity. Some of the convert's wealth is merged with that of the group... Eventually the association assigns him a rank based upon his obedience to the Law of Moses as they understand it. Rank and advancement in group life depends in large measure upon doing 'works of the Law'
(Hebrew maase ha-torah)..."
- Michael Wise, Martin Abegg, Jr., and Edward Cook, The Dead Sea Scrolls: A New Translation (1996) pp. 123-124

Scholars such as Morton Smith, have detected the existance of a secret gospel with elements left out of the gospel 'Mark', The Gospel Q. see Link to The Gospel Q , on the 'Death of James Page.

The scrolls found at Qumran clearly identify there was a secret tradition that members must swear never to reveal. These secrets were written down and preserved in a secret place for the day when the Christ will return to the earth in the end times.

The end times are approaching. Jesus said, "The Truth will be revealed". The truth is found in the Nag Hammidi collection of the writings of the apostles. Some of The Secret Knowledge is written in the texts of Thoth and it is hidden behind the walls of the Great Pyramid of Gaza, and under the Paws of the Great Sphinx, in the Hall of Records.

"All good things, O Clea, it behoves persons that have sense to solicit from the gods. But more especially now that we are in the quest of the knowledge of themselves (so far as such knowledge is attainable by man), do we pray to obtain the same from them with their own consent: inasmuch as there is nothing more important for a man to receive, or more noble for a god to grant, than TRUTH."- Plutarch, ON ISIS AND OSIRIS, Chapter 1.

It is said that Enoch was the Architect of The Great Pyramid of Gaza. Enoch's name, signified in Hebrew is, INITIATE or INITIATOR."Enoch was transformed into the angel Metatron, meaning nearest to the devine throne". Robert Graves and Rachael Patai, Hebrew Myths: The Book of Genesis

from The Book of Secrets of Enoch, ie., the 'Children of Light'..
"And there came evening, and there came morning the sixth day. [Friday]. On the sixth day I commanded my wisdom to create man from seven consistencies: one his flesh from the earth; two, his blood from the dew; three, his eyes from the sun; four, his bones from stone; five, his intelligence from the swiftness of the angels and from cloud; six, his veins and his hair from the grass of the earth; seven, his soul from my breath and from the wind. And I gave him seven natures: to the flesh hearing, the eyes for sight, to the soul smell, the veins for touch, the blood for taste, the bones for endurance, to the intelligence sweetness "(sc. enjoyment).

"I conceived a cunning saying to say, I created man from invisible and from visible nature, of both are his death and life and image, he knows speech like some created thing, small in greatness and again great in smallness, and I placed him on earth, a second angel, honourable, great and glorious, and I appointed him as ruler to rule on earth and to have my wisdom, and there was none like him of earth of all my existing creatures".

" And I appointed him a name, from the four component parts, from east, from west, from south, from north, and I appointed for him four special stars, and I called his name Adam, and showed him the two ways,. the light and the darkness, and I told him: 'This is good, and that bad,' that I should learn whether he has love towards me, or hatred, that it be clear which in his race love me. For I have seen his nature, but he has not seen his own nature, therefore through not seeing he will sin worse, and I said: 'After sin what is there but death?' And I put sleep into him and he fell asleep. And I took from him a rib and created him a wife, that death should come to him by his wife, and I took his last word and called her name mother, that is to say, Eva".....
from .. The Book of Secrets of Enoch

"There are two kinds of human beings: the 'Sons of Light' who are guided by the Angel of Truth, and the 'sons of darkness,' who are led by the angel of darkness. God loves the former and loathes the latter." ( Community Rule 1QS3 ).

The qualities that are to characterize God's sons are humility, patience, love, goodness, understanding, intelligence, discernment, zeal for the laws, a holy intent, and the spirit of wisdom. Conversely, the 'sons of darkness' are dominated by a spirit of falsehood, greed, lethargy, wickedness, haughtiness, cruelty, brazen insolence, abominable deeds, lewdness, and blasphemy. "They are blind of eye and dull of ear, stiff-necked and in the dark."(lQS 4)

"The enlightened will be instructed in divine knowledge and have been chosen for an everlasting covenant through which they will attain to the glorious image that God first granted to Adam."
- Howard C. Kee, "Membership in the Covenant People at Qumran and in the Teaching of Jesus" in Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls (James H. Charlesworth, Ed. - 1992), p. 115

"We are introduced...(column 3, line 13) to the figure of an 'instructor' (Hebrew maskil) whose task is to teach all 'Sons of Light' about the true natures of men. The 'all-knowing Lord', we learn, is responsible for everything that is and was: He has preordained the destinies of all living creatures, and their ultimate actions and fate cannot be changed. But in creating mankind, he put two spirits - one of truth and the other of perversion - in its charge: Truth has its source in a 'dwelling place of light', while wickedness derives from a 'source of darkness'; the 'chieftain of lights' has dominion over all the sons of righteousness, while the 'angel of darkness' rules over the 'sons of perversion', each group walking, respectively, in the paths of light and darkness."

"Any fault or sin committed by sons of righteousness, the author explains, is attributable to the angel of darkness, for reasons that are secret except to the Lord until the age of His own complete dominion dawns. If in the author's own time the righteous suffer, it is due to this same influence of the angel of darkness. Nonetheless, although having Himself created these two opposing angelic spirits, 'the Lord of Israel and the angel of His truth aid all sons of light' - the Lord loving the one spirit and hating the other. Those of humble mien, we are told, thereby possess all desirable moral and spiritual virtues - slowness to anger, mercifulness, understanding, supportive belief in the Lord's deeds and His benevolence, zeal for righteous laws, acts of loving kindness toward all the 'sons of truth', and revulsion at all ritual impurity."
- Norman Golb, Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?, (1995) pp. 68-69

How The "WORD" Became Lost

"Q: What is the Hour? A: It is the Hour when the Veil of the Temple was rent in twain, When darkness began to outspread the earth, When the Blazing Star was eclipsed, the Sacred Tau was defiled with blood and water, the Word was Lost, and despair and tribulation visited us." ~~
Ritual of the Sovereign Prince of Rose-Croix

In June 325AD, The Council of Nicea opened and continued for two months, with Constantine attending. The bishops modified an existing creed to fit their purposes. The creed, with some changes made at a later fourth century council, is still given today in many churches. The Nicene Creed, as it came to be called, takes elaborate care by repeating several redundancies to identify the Son with the Father rather than with the creation:

Two bishops, along with Arius, refused to sign the creed. Constantine banished them from the empire. The creed is much more than an affirmation of Jesus' divinity. It is also an affirmation of our separation from God and Christ. It takes great pains to describe Jesus as God in order to deny that he is part of God's creation. He is "begotten, not made," therefore totally separate from us, the created beings.
As scholar George Leonard Prestige writes, the Nicene Creed's description of Jesus tells us "that the Son of God bears no resemblance to the ... creatures."

The description of Jesus as the only Son of God is carried forward in the Apostles' Creed, which is used in many Protestant churches today. It reads: "I believe in God, the Father Almighty... I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord." But even that language - calling Jesus God's only Son - denies that we can ever attain the sonship that Jesus did. from.. The Council of Nicea
The above is inserted to make a point, He is not the ONLY SON and he never said he was. The meanings of all he said became lost in greed of the church to obtain control of all religious thought and practice. Jesus in effect became God, so the average person would not have access to him unless they were 'church members'. So if you study the Gnostic Creed you will discover this church 'control' was just the opposite of what Jesus taught. see The Gnostic Creed

Gnostic texts clearly embraced many beliefs and ideas found in the older and socially well-established Egyptian religion. "...gnosticism is first of all a pre-Christian movement which had roots in itself. It is therefore to be understood . . . in its own terms, and not as an offshoot or byproduct of the Christian religion." (Bousset, 1970, p. 245). In order for the early church to be recognized as distinct from and different from all other religions that existed at the time, the Apostles had to convincingly establish the existence of One God, link that God to Jesus as the Son of God, remove goddess or female worship from the picture, and make the worship of any other god or goddess equivalent to worshipping Satan (see Deering, 1996: GOD, was she a man or is he a woman? The politics of religion). However, not all early Christians accepted the apostolic creed, which led to a major rift between orthodox doctrine and Gnostic beliefs.

Christians may be interested to know that many scholars analyzing the Bible now believe that Jesus never claimed to be the only Son of God. This was a later development based on a misinterpretation or direct deliberate rewording of the gospel of John.

If you care to research this further , you will also discover that all the disciples writings were changed and what they taught was discredited and called Heretical.

To make this point clear...There is further evidence to suggest that Jesus believed all people could achieve the goal of becoming Sons of God. But the churches, by retaining these creeds, remain in bondage to Constantine and his three hundred bishops. It remains so today.

Constantine took the opportunity to inaugurate the first systematic government persecution of dissident Christians. He issued an edict against "heretics," calling them "haters and enemies of truth and life, in league with destruction."

Nicea marked the beginning of the end of the concepts of both pre-existence, reincarnation, and salvation through union with God in Christian doctrine. It took another two hundred years for the ideas of the true followers of Christ to be expunged.

Constantine had given the Church the tools with which to do it when he molded Christianity in his own image and made Jesus the only Son of God. From now on, the Church would become representative of a capricious and autocratic God - a God who was not unlike Constantine and other Roman emperors. You had to do it their way or die.

The trinity is Father, Mother, and Son in Gnostic teachings and the in tablets of Thoth.
"It's Mother" is the Holy Spirit. The Son is not God, yet he is part of God. He is the Logos. He is that part of God which does God's will, who incarnates into 'flesh'.
He is the "WORD".

The truth is, Jesus is 'The Son of God' as Horus was 'The Son of God', and also who was Osiris, Atum and Ra. The concept of 'Going to my father , who is in Heaven' , is the same as the Horus being APPOINTED to rule in the Room of his Father'. Both the King and the Christ represent the same 'personage'...a 'Child of the Gods' who is incarnated on Earth. ['the flesh'] ( The Egyptian Book of the Dead ) Isis is the 'mother' figure as Mary is mother to Jesus. She is Eve. She is the Mother of all Mankind.

Each and every culture on earth had a teacher, a Son of God, who brought them the Words and laws of God, their Father. How these cultures describe how God created the world is somewhat different. The fact remains they ALL believed that God, what ever his name was, created the world and all the creatures in it, including themselves. The reason the ancient Egyptians were chosen as the 'Caretakers' is not clear, because every culture knew about God.

The best argument for this may be that in "the Beginning" when God set Adam down in Eden, this culture, and these decendents of Noah were the oldest known civilized people on Earth. But they are far older than present KJB testament information describes. Try 48,000 BC.

Here is a link that will tell the story of the Shepherd Kings who were chosen as God's 'Caretakers of the Word'. Jesus was not the only the chosen 'SON' of God, but he was a 'Master' and the only 'begotten Son of God' according to Christian doctrine. But..His coming had been planned for thousands of years. The other teachers and Son's of Light were; Ra, Osiris, Thoth, Hermes, Buddha, Mohammad, and many others the world over.

This history of 'his coming' is much older than Abraham. It goes back to the records of Thoth, who was the recorder of all wisdom and devine knowledge in Egyptian history. Thoth is called Hermes in the Greek and he has been associated with Enoch and Hiram Abiff. ( on 'the Legend page' ). "He was with God in the Beginning". This is not just Mythology, it is history.
The Story of the Shepherd Kings and Jesus.. Here is also a better description of the 'Fallen Angles', in Genesis 6:4, and the creation of Man by the "Law of One, who is God.. You will see the words 'initiation' and 'sacred knowledge'.

Theories Backed up by eminent scientists and bibical historians

Brand New Facial reconstruction on The Discovery Channel The many faces of Jesus and see Jesus: The Complete Story aired Sun, April 15,2001. Here's your chance to email Dr. James Charlesworth, one of the pre-eminent biblical scholars of our time, for answers. Check out the computer-generated image of what Christ might have looked like that was created for the program — a swarthy, coarse, vacant-eyed, short-haired man —

Among other shocking theories, he worked with Judas to provoke his own arrest and was crucified on a cross not made of two separate wooden boards, but one, nailed to the trunk of an olive tree. New scientific investigations and theories challenge common beliefs about Jesus' life and death in Jesus: The Complete Story, a landmark Discovery Channel/BBC co-production that aired Sunday April 15th, 2001 at 8 p.m. ET on The Discovery Channel .Jesus Remade

"Standard views and alternative hypotheses explore the life of a carpenter who threatened the Jewish priestly establishment by launching a religion now embraced by 2 billion people".
The 'establishment' is still afraid to admit that Jesus did not start a new religion.

"Jesus did have a number of disagreements with the extremists of Judaism at the time. The path he charts is one of a new and more open understanding of the laws of Jewish life," said Eric Meyers, professor of Judaic studies at Duke University, another consulting scholar.

From challenging the widely accepted image of a Jesus born in a stable to the highly explosive theory about the use of the ancient anesthetic mandrake for the resurrection, the documentary produces an image of Christ far removed from centuries of convention.

"We've respected people's beliefs and tried not to offend anyone, but I'm sure they will find food for thought," said presenter Jeremy Bowen.

Jesus was not born in a stable and he was not born in a town called Bethlahem.. see The Caves of Crystal

The truth of the matter is this; Jesus the man was not sent to be a 'savior' of anybody and he was not here to make peace. Jesus despised the Romans and the priests of the Jerusalem Church. Jesus even had his two brothers, James and Jude along with Simon and John, to go and sell their clothes to buy weapons, see Luke 22:35-38. Jesus was called a 'radical', because he did things that the 'brothers' couldn't understand. They wanted him to perform 'miracles' to destroy the Romans and when he wouldn't, they questioned his reasoning and his right to be the leader of the Massianic church. This is also the reason the outside Jewish population refused to believe Jesus was the "messiah". He would not save the people from the Roman occupation of Jerusalem and Israel.

The Gospel of Thomas, secret saying of Jesus #16, "Men think, perhaps, that it is peace which I have come to cast upon the world. They do not know that it is dissension which I have come to cast upon the earth; fire, sword, and war. For there will be five in a house: three will be against two, and two against three, the father against the son, and the son against the father. And they will stand solitary." The words of Thomas, quoting Jesus, left out of the Bible. .The Gospel of Thomas

"But you are not to be called rabbi [Hebrew for master or teacher ], for you have one teacher, and you are all brethren. And call no man your father [pope, derived from the Greek "papa" meaning father ] on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven. Neither be called masters, for you have one master, the Christ".

On a previous page there was mentioned the fact that Abraham was initiated as a priest in the order of Melchizedek. in Jerusalem,Christ Jesus, is the High Priest named after the order of Melchizedek, ( 30AD ) and gave 'His Mysteries of the Dispensation' that opened with his coming. Reference of Jesus the High Priest, Hebrews 4:14 thru 8:2. Both occasions were celebrated by partaking of bread and wine, symbols of mystical processes involved in Rites of Initiation. Preparation for the sublime events had been in the making for thousands of years. Among those specially dedicated to this task were the Shepherd Kings of Egypt, (link above ) Once again the Olai were direct descendents of Mazur, of the star races who had come to Egypt during the ages of Lemuria and Atlantis.

The links in the chain of devine revelation were and are unbroken. This was understood by members of pre-Christian brotherhoods knowingly, they worked toward the coming of the 'LIGHT of the World' who was to take 'flesh' and dwell among men". This brotherhood has been and always will be the workings of Masonry, in a free society. French translation of the word, 'mason' (Phree messen = "Children of Light")

What We have discovered through the research for this web site, is that the Old Testament was re-written in 580 BC after the Babylonian captivity of the Jews, making it entirely possible for the contents of the re-write to be very different than the original by a wide margin. Here we discovered that Solomon actually knew Akhenaten. Why did Solomon turn away from God? Maybe he didn't after all. Solomon's Goddesses provides some of the reasons for the re-write and perhaps the truth. Ezekiel's Vision Automatic scroll down.

These facts leaves the Dead Sea Scrolls being the Oldest original and complete biblically related documents presently known, except for the Pyramid texts of Unas. These texts were written when time began, and so far the meanings have not been made clear. More pressure needs to be asserted on Israeli and [ again ] Roman authorities to release the remainder of these documents [ the scrolls ] to the public.

Other Facts that confirm the Romans had control over the writings of the Gospel of the New Testament and may have changed many things to suit their purpose. Here are the known facts; Mark was the first gospel, dictated by Peter just before he was CARRIED to Rome. Matthew was the second gospel, written by him 33 years after Mark. Luke was the third, written by Lucius of Cyrene who was a companion of Luke. These works were written to Christians living in Roman provinces, which prompted certain changes in the story of Jesus as presented by Mark and Matthew. John was written much later by his scribe also called John. This John may be John the evangelist and may have been taught the secret doctrine by Jesus himself..
This can be confirmed by records held in the Vatican library. We also suspect that Josephus is actually Joseph of Arimathea who helps take down the body of Jesus after the crucifixion. ( Luke 23 ) Here you also see descriptions of 'embalming ointments' that were not used for Jewish burial. This makes the 'death' of Jesus a bit suspicious and it gives hint of Egyptian 'magical' healing herbs. And this makes his writings a bit more accurate than first suspected, regardless of his Jewish heritage. Did Josephus know a secret?

New Light Dawns on the Dead Sea Scrolls, by Stephen A Hoeller,
New facts; Catholic scholars and Jewish ..authorities still may be holding prisoner, The Truth.
The first lines of the War scroll (1QM 1:1-7) lay the framework for a three-stage conflict between the Sons of Light--that is, members of the Yahad[1] (see 1QS 3:13)--and the Sons of Darkness
The War Scroll

The teachings of the 'Son's of Light', were deep and profound and on a higher level of understanding than that which is taught in most religions of today. The reason it is not taught is that as in the time of Jesus, most people cannot grasp the 'unknown', the unseen, or the unproven and the 'supernatural' forces at work through Christ. They label it occult and witchcraft. So the 'religions' put the 'blind faith' rule on everything. Turning water into wine was the practice of Alchemy. Jesus was a Master Alchemist as was Moses.

Jesus speeks of a world that is invisible, but he is made visible, in the flesh, so that man will understand. These teachings also involved the intense study of the science of Al-Chemy. Both of these men ( Jesus and John the Baptist ) were highly educated for their time...
check this out on.. page 3 of Jesus Discovered.

More clues to 'secret teachings'

..about Mount Carmel. Even by its very name, it is clear that Mount Carmel has long been considered both a natural paradise and a sacred mountain: for the literal Hebrew meaning of "Carmel" is "garden paradise" and the spiritual meaning of the word is defined in the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary as,
"A place in consciousness where we realize the fullness of our possibilities under the divine law. it is the garden of God; Yahowshua called it 'paradise'. freedom from sense. Mount Carmel stands for the center of spirituality, which is located in man's body consciousness in the top of the head."

In fact, Mount Carmel was considered so holy that there were strict taboos against spilling any blood there, not only of people but also animals, and it was even forbidden to harm a tree or deistub any of the natural life. These rules applied not only to the Essenes but also to anyone who climbed the holy mountain. Vulgar people were not permitted access to Mount Carmel.

Because the Essenes of Mount Carmel did not build permanent structures on the holy mountain that no - or very little physical trace of their presence remains for archaeologists to study.

In The Life of Pythagoras written in the 2nd century by Jamblichus, we learn that the great sage Pythagoras, as a young seeker, visited the Essene sanctuary atop Mount Carmel.

"In Phoenicia he [Pythagoras] conversed with the prophets who were descendants of Moses. After gaining all he could from the Phoenician mysteries, he found that they had originated from the sacred rites of Egypt. This led him to Egypt. Following the advice of his teacher Thales, he left through the agency of some Egyptian sailors, and landed on the coast under Mount Carmel."

Pythagoras then climbed Mount Carmel where he evidently received powerful teachings from the Essene Nazarenes; for when he returned to the ship, the sailors, who had hatched a secret plan to sell young Pythagoras into slavery, were mesmerized by his spiritual luminosity and unable to harm him. Whatever teachings Pythagoras had studied and practiced during his stay with the Essenes atop Carmel, they had obviously served to transform him!

He climbed the mountain as an advanced seeker, he decended the mountain A MASTER.The sailors, reports Jamblichus, believed Pythagoras had become "supernatural" We know that Pythagoras went on to become a chief exponent of vegetarianism, reincarnation, fasting and sacred geometry - all Essene teachings - and that he and his followers wore only white linen garments, in the fashion of the Essenes of Mount Carmel.

Then you have to ask, Who is the The Real Jesus? If we dare to look truthfully through the accumulated centuries of obfuscation and mystery, what will we uncover about Jesus the man? What did he really say and do? And, more importantly, is there anything we can learn from the historical Jesus that will give us a new perspective on our lives today? Keep reading, you will find the truth.

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