Jesus Discovered 3

Jesus Discovered 3

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On The Baptism

That Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist is as certain as anything historians know about Jesus. It is somewhat clouded, however, in our present texts by the fact that later followers of Jesus thought it was not appropriate that the Messiah should be baptized, and apparently inferior, therefore, to John the Baptist. Jesus was baptized by John, and therefore he had to accept John's message, at least when he was being baptized, whether he changes is another question, later. But, he accepts it when he was being baptized, and John's message is, "God, very soon, imminently, any moment, is going to descend to eradicate the evil of this world in a sort of an apocalyptic consummation...."

The baptism of Jesus was actually the first initiation into the Qumran Community of members of a select group. This select group revolved around the members of the Priesthood of which only the 'invited' were chosen to participate and belong. Amoung themselves, they were called 'brothers'. The Dead Sea Scrolls confirm this and within them are the 'rules of the brotherhood'. The High Priest was called' the Teacher of the Righteous', therefore he had the right to 'baptise' those who joined the group. The difference was in this case, that John already knew who Jesus was the minute he laid eyes on him. They were cousins. John was there to prepare the way for the Lord.

Jesus, as a son of man, had to learn the secrets and the words of a 'living resurrection' ceremony and God's Law handed down from Moses, which raise a candidate from his figurative tomb to live a faithful and righteous life and be ready for the coming of the kingdom of God. He also gained the 'Wisdom of God' by having a 'dove decend upon him'. If the Dove was the Holy spirit , which only entered his body when the learning process was complete. This did not include the Essene trial and training period. This figurative tomb was not 'figurative' at all. see Dead Sea Scrolls and the Community Rule.

In terms of the Jesus tradition, then, to have Jesus either submit to baptism, or himself baptize others, suggests that they are part of a culture that was looking toward Temple purity as its ideal of religious life.

Several ancient religious orders had the legend of a dove or pigeon descending at baptism-a counterpart to the evangelical story of the Spirit of God descending in bodily shape like a dove on to the head of Jesus Christ while being baptized by John in Jordan (Luke 3:22). Note that the spirit of God descended in bodily shape like a dove. The tradition prevalent among Hindus, Mexicans, Greeks, Romans, Persians and Babylonians was that all souls or spirits could take the form of a dove. For Polycarp, Semiramis, Caesar and others at death, their souls were seen to leave the body in bodily shape like a dove and ascend to heaven.

The Divine Love or Eros was supposed by the orientals to descend as a dove to bless the person being baptised. These traditions will have been the source of the dove's descent at Christ's baptism-that is God in the shape of a dove, for that is the meaning of the text. Furthermore a dove stood for and represented, among oriental people, the third person of the Trinity, as it does in the gospel story of Christ-he being the second member of the Christian Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. It was like a regenerator, or regenerating spirit, and persons being baptised were said to be 'born again' into the spirit or the spirit into them. However we will find this is also a 'cannonized' label. There is a much deeper meaning to this term that is not understood by today's religions. As we mentioned earlier, 'born again' is a term used by the ancient Egyptian Priesthood when an 'initiate' was 'raised', but there is much more to it. Again it becomes a 'borrowed idea' not used correctly.

Lection 8. The Baptism of Iesu Maria The Christ
2. And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water; and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and a bright cloud stood over him, and from behind the cloud Twelve Rays of light, and thence in the form of a Dove, the Spirit of God descending and lighting upon him. And, lo, a voice from heaven saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; this day have I begotten thee. from..
The Gospel of the Holy Twelve

Isaiah 11:2 has: The spirit of the Lord would settle on him, the origin of the imagery at Jesus's baptism. The scrolls have the same but expressed even more explicitly: The Holy spirit settled on His messiah. Here the spirit of the Lord becomes the Holy spirit and the recipient of it, His messiah, is explicit.
The Holy spirit is seperate and cannot be both messiah and itself and it isn't God. What it means is the Holy Spirit settled on God's Messiah which is Jesus. So the seperation is indeed made with the three. However it is not the Holy Spirit who decends. It is the Spirit of the Christ. On another very special page, a hidden page you will find if you seek 'knowledge', they become as 'One'.

A very strong point is this: The rite of baptism was first practised in caves-as were other religious rites. As these caves were often difficult of access and their mouths, doors or gates narrow and difficult to enter, they fully exemplify Christ's declaration.

Straight is the gate and narrow is the way that leadeth unto life. (Mt 7:14). What was the "Straight and Narrow Gate"?

Christian writers represent the ancient Persians as has having been addicted to solar worship, but neither they nor probably any other nation ever worshiped the sun, but merely an imaginary god supposed to reside in the sun. Heathens have been charged with many things of which they were not guilty, as is shown by the treatment of the beliefs of the North American Indians.

"Standard views and alternative hypotheses explore the life of a carpenter who threatened the Jewish priestly establishment by launching a religion now embraced by 2 billion people".
The 'establishment' is still afraid to admit that Jesus did not start a new religion.

"Jesus did have a number of disagreements with the extremists of Judaism at the time. The path he charts is one of a new and more open understanding of the laws of Jewish life," said Eric Meyers, professor of Judaic studies at Duke University, another consulting scholar.

"From challenging the widely accepted image of a Jesus born in a stable to the highly explosive theory about the use of the ancient anesthetic mandrake for the resurrection, the documentary produces an image of Christ far removed from centuries of convention."

"We've respected people's beliefs and tried not to offend anyone, but I'm sure they will find food for thought," said presenter Jeremy Bowen.

Note: this confusion makes the Christian concept of Jesus being "God" incarnate complete.

And Paul teaches the necessity of being purified by fire (1 Cor 3:15). So this is both a heathen and a Christian idea.

Baptism by fire was a form or mode of application which seems to have been introduced from the belief that it was productive of a higher degree of purification. There were several ways of using fire in the baptismal rite. In some cases the candidate for immortality ran through blazing streams of fire, a custom which was called the baptism of fire. It prevailed in India, Chaldea and Syria, and throughout eastern Asia. It was a form of sun worship, as the sun was believed to be made of fire.

Then the baptism and the 'Final Degrees' are thought to have been conducted again in the Great Pyramid at Gaza. ( 83:226 ) - Baptism of Jesus, Oct. 5th, 29 A.D. and [36,l6l] - Baptism of Jesus, Oct.14th, 29A.D. from the pages of Hunkler Prophecies
also see The Gospel of the Holy Twelve; Lection 4. 1 - If The accepted date of the birth of Christ as corrected in the A. V. is A.M. 4000, or A.D. 1. Being so, his second visit to the Temple A.M. 4012, and after that his travels about A.M. 4018-4030; his Baptism A.M. 4031 ; His Transfiguration on the Mount, 4042 ; and his Crucifixion A.M. 4049, leaving eighteen years for his public ministry ; and his numerous teachings, which S. Iohn declares would fill a vast number of books, more than could be contained (comprehended by the world).

More New Testament fabrication

As you have seen, the Christ is not God, but he is a part of God. The other problem we find is that there was no such thing as 'original sin'. This is a creation of 'men' to induce control over men using a 'guilt factor'... we explain this on Passage - Forward

Peter then tells us in the The Apocalypse of Peter that, the Savior said, "I have told you that these (people) are blind and deaf. Now then, listen to the things which they are telling you in a mystery, and guard them, Do not tell them to the sons of this age. For they shall blaspheme you in these ages since they are ignorant of you, but they will praise you in knowledge."
"And they praise the men of the propagation of falsehood, those who will come after you. And they will cleave to the name of a dead man, ( one who has not been 'raised' ) thinking that they will become pure. But they will become greatly defiled and they will fall into a name of error, and into the hand of an evil, cunning man and a manifold dogma, and they will be ruled without law."
"Therefore all that which exists not will dissolve into what exists not. For deaf and blind ones join only with their own kind."
"But many others, who oppose the truth and are the messengers of error, will set up their error and their law against these pure thoughts of mine, as looking out from one (perspective) thinking that good and evil are from one (source). They do business in my word. And they will propagate harsh fate".
"And there shall be others of those who are outside our number who name themselves bishop and also deacons, as if they have received their authority from God. They bend themselves under the judgment of the leaders. Those people are dry canals."

As you read from Adam's origin, these words tell us that the evil ruler has taken control; "Then God, the ruler of the Aeons and the powers, divided us in wrath".
Adam is taught by Eve; "When God had created me out of the earth along with Eve, your mother, I went about with her in a glory which she had seen in the Aeon from which we had come forth. She taught me a word of knowledge of the eternal God. After those days the eternal knowledge of the God of truth withdrew from me and your mother Eve. Since that time we learned about dead things, like men. Then we recognized the God who had created us. For we were not strangers to his powers. And we served him in fear and slavery. And after these events we became darkened in our hearts".
This passage clearly indicates they recognized that the 'God' who created them is of the 'dead'.(ie. Satan ) Millions are still taught to 'fear and obey God'. We are still slaves to material goods, vanity, greed, lust, hate, jealousy, ect.

Adam continued; "And I saw three men before me whose likeness I was unable to recognize, since they were not from the powers of the God who had created us. They surpassed glory, and men, saying to me , "Arise, Adam, from the sleep of death and hear about the Aeon and the seed of that man to whom life has come, who came from you and from Eve, your wife"
Here they see the Holy Angles and Adam and Eve learn about their seed named 'Seth', who is the seed of the great power of the Eternal God. This seed is the first incarnation of the Christ.

Why did this become confusing? A lie? A fabricated myth? The New testament is, for the most part a copied myth from the records of Roman pagan gods, but many other meanings are hidden in the allegorical teachings of the Essenes. Writers who were not of the Essene community did the intreptations and translated into Greek what they thought the writings meant. read below and see.. The Copied 'Christ'

Further research into the gospel of Mark, supplied by Holy Blood - Holy Grail lends this: Mark seems to have come from Jerusalem. He seems to have been a companion of Paul, and his Gospel bears an unmistakable stamp of Pauline thought. But if Mark was a native of Jerusalem, his Gospel - as Clement of Alexandria states- was composed in Rome and addressed to a Greco-Roman audience. The Mark and Luke gospels were composed in Greek. Jesus nor any of the disciples spoke or wrote Greek. The writer of Matthew was a jew, quite possible a refugee from Palestine. He is not to be confused with the disciple named Matthew. The book was composed much earlier and the writer probably only knew Aramaic.

Modern Scholars have suggested that the Gospel of John, dispite its late composition, may well be the most reliable and historically accurate of the four. More than the other gospels, it seems to be draw upon traditions current among contemporaries of Jesus, as well as other material unavailable to Mark, Luke and Matthew. One modern researcher points out that it reflects an apparently first-hand topographical knowledge of Jerusalem prior to the revolt of A.D. 66. The same author concludes, "Behind the Fourth Gospel lies an ancient tradition independent of the other gospels." This is not an isolated opinion. In fact, it is the most prevalent in modern biblical scholarship. According to another writer, "The Gospel of John, though not adhearing to the Markian chronological framework and being much later in date, appears to know a tradition concerning Jesus that must be primitive and authentic."

What is true and not true about Jesus?

The true existance of Jesus; Jesus was born on 7BC..
We found proof of this at.. The Coptic Church of Egypt The Holy Family in Egypt
Now, if we subtract the three and a half years residence of the Holy Family in Egypt (according to Coptic tradition) from the date of the death of the King Herod (4 B.C.), we arrive at the date of 7 B.C. for the birth of Christ, which was the very period when Quirinius held office in Syria. Furthermore, if we count back fourteen years from the census made in 6 and 7 A.D., we discover the date of the first census in 7 B.C., the year of the birth of Christ.
more about this on Astrology

The first astronomer in modern times who drew attention to the great conjunction in the year 7 BC as the Star of Bethlehem was Johannes Kepler. He recognized in this stellar event that celestial occurrence which the evangelist Matthew describes as the cosmic accompaniment to the birth of Jesus. The Three Magi directed their gaze towards a stellar event in the heavens during the time of His birth. Kepler interpreted the corresponding passage in the Gospel of Matthew astronomically. He also admittedly supposed that at the same time a new star, a Nova, could have appeared, because a Nova he had observed himself in the year 1604, came after a great conjunction.

Johannes Kepler, also a famous mathematician, observed two planets, Saturn and Jupiter, which in the constellation of Pisces had moved so closed to each other that they appeared almost like one single and unusually large star. Studying his notes, Kepler remembered having read in the writings of the Jewish philosopher Abravanel, that the Messiah would appear when there was a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the constellation of Pisces. According to astronomical calculations, Kepler deduced that the same conjunction occurred in 7 B.C., the year in which Jesus Christ was born.
However, a narrative below suggests 'miracles' and overt christian dialogue which claims that Jesus could talk as an infant....He was actually 7 years old.

Modem astronomy confirms Kepler's evaluation of the great conjunction six years before Christ and its connection with the Star of Bethlehem, but rejects a Nova.

Since the discovery of a Babylonian clay tablet in the British Museum (information Kc.35429) on which the detailed phases of the great conjunction (which the Magi followed) are drawn, there can be no more doubt as to the validity of Kepler's astronomical interpretation of the Nativity of the Matthew Jesus.

If this date of birth is used as a starting point, then all of Matthew's information falls into place with the historical-political conditions in the Jerusalem of that time. Everything has its historic veracity. The Gospel of Matthew appears to be true. The only discrepancy consists in the fact that our calendar does not begin until six and a half years later.

...But also Luke describes the birth of a Jesus. One cannot say the birth of 'the' Jesus. What he says is on all points contradictory to what Matthew says. Luke describes completely different conditions. Herod is long since dead. There is no mention of child-murder and the parents of Jesus live in Nazareth, while the parents of the Jesus described by Matthew were inhabitants of Bethlehem.

This is actually a cave called the Bethlehem cave in the Qumran community by the Dead Sea. New information reveals that there was a Bethlehem in Galilee and a Bethlehem in Judea. The Bethlehem in Galilee is only a few miles from the present town of Nazareth which was a farming community at the time of Jesus' birth. Other close by places where Jesus was know to have been include the Sea of Galilee, the town of Cana, Capernaum, where Peter lived and the Jordan River. Jesus himself was called the Galilean, and his disciples were chosen from the local fishermen. After the destruction of Jerusalem (&AD; 70), Galilee became the main center of Judaism in Palestine.

The parents of the Jesus of Nazareth return after the time of purification without any hindrance to Jerusalem to present their boy in the temple, while the parents of the Jesus of Bethlehem flee into Egypt and stay there until the political conditions in Jerusalem have fundamentally changed.

Considered by itself, the description of the Nativity by Luke is also intrinsically consistent. It does not contradict recorded history. The Nativity is moreover approximately in line with our calendar. Hence the Gospel of Luke also appears to be true. Both gospels can however only be simultaneously true, if they speak of two different Nativities occurring at different times in Bethlehem. But just this is - after almost 2000 years - in no way officially recognized to be so in Christendom. Both descriptions, which considered by themselves are historically plausible, are mutually contradictory, because Luke describes the Nativity in such a way that it must have taken place historically 5 to 6 years after the Nativity described by Matthew. This contradiction has for centuries been the greatest riddle in Gospel Research and still remains so far and wide. More proof... Jesus' birth year, 7 BC

Matthew and Luke do not agree - Were there 2 Jesus's ?

In order to answer this question, it is necessary to first of all compare the two Nativities and establish how the two Gospels agree and disagree.

Matthew as well as Luke describe the birth of a boy, who is a descendant from Abraham. The family trees from Abraham to David in both gospels are in complete agreement. What, makes examining the identity of both family trees somewhat difficult is that the family tree by Luke leads from David back to Abraham, respectively through Adam back to God, while the other family tree enumerates the generations in the opposite direction, from Abraham up to David. If we write both family trees in the same direction, then the correspondence until David is evident. We would therefore have to expect, if there was only one Jesus born, correspondence as well from David up to Joseph. After David however this correspondence is no longer there. The line of descent from Matthew leads from David through his son Solomon to a Joseph who lives in Bethlehem. The one from Luke runs through Nathan, the other son from David to a Joseph living in Nazareth. From the line of ancestors it is clearly evident that the two Joseph's cannot be identical. Their sons too, who are both called Jesus, are therefore two different persons. The two wives, who are both called Maria, are two different persons as well, for on married to a Nazarene and the other to a Bethlehemite.

This contradiction comes from the fact that 'Nazarene' or Nazereth was not a town or place but a 'sect'.

"He shall be called a Nasorene!" (Matthew 2:23).
This Bnei-Aumen Order (also called the "Kingdom of Heaven" in New Testament writings) was the advanced level of the Nasaraean Covenant which brought forth the "Chosen Ones" through special pure and undefiled marriages, and is that advanced level of truth which Yeshu-Maria have again sought to restore to the earth as a means of bringing in advanced spiritual souls, incarnate angels and apostles, who can again bring peace and purity to the domain of the Earthly Mother.

If you check out Numbers 6: 1, you find Moses giving instructions; "When a man or a woman takes the special vow of a Nazirite, consecrating himself to the Lord in a special way,...." This proves there was a special sect that was Jewish but seperate and reserved for those chosen to fulfill God's priesthood. Numbers 7: 6 - 16 confirms the priesthood duties and obligations. and... " For, lo, thou shalt conceive and bear a son, and no razor shall come on his head, for the child shall be a Nazarite unto God from the womb", from Judges 13:2-6, referring to the birth of Samson, who would have also been a student there.. see The Real Jesus

From the Gospel of Matthew can be gathered that the Jesus from the line of Solomon of the House of David was born - still within Herod's lifetime - in Bethlehem, the home of his parents for his life was in danger because of this. The Lukas Jesus was born later. "During the time of Augustus" tell us nothing, for the elder Jesus was also born during the time of Emperor Augustus, Luke, however, says that at that time a certain Cyrenius was governor of Syria (Luke 2.2 ). The parents of the Luke Jesus live in Nazareth in the district of Galilee, which was part of Syria. Joseph and Maria come to their hometown only in passing "to be taxed". There is rightly no mention of any danger by Herod, because Cyrenius became Governor of Syria only after Herod's death.

Completely different as well is the description of how the Nativity became known. The Nativity by Matthew is accompanied by a "star", which announces to the wise men from the East "that the time is fulfilled (at hand)". These Magi come "from where the Sun rises" to Jerusalem and inquire of Herod about the place of birth of the new King. The Pharisees point to Bethlehem. Herod for his part wants to know from the Magi -when the child was born.

After worshipping the Jesus from Bethlehem the Magi return, avoiding Jerusalem, to their home country. The parents flee with the child into Egypt and Herod orders the child-murder. That is what Matthew reports. Kings do not come to the birth of the Luke Jesus, but shepherds in the field, to whom; the nativty was revealed by an Angel. The parents return home unscathed by way of Jerusalem (the lion's den during the time of Herod) and go from there every three years in no danger to Jerusalem for the Passover feast.

From this comparison, it is clear that in one case Herod plays a decisive role, while in the other case there is absolutely no mention of any danger from Herod.. Rudolf Steiner, the re-discoverer of the two Jesus boys, indicated himself that one of the boys was born before and the other one after the child-murder.

"Thus certain facts will be presented today, the consequences of-which are indicated in the Gospels, though not the facts themselves. Nevertheless you can put them to the test and you will find them substantiated.

"The birth of the two Jesus boys were separated by a period of a few months. But Jesus of the Gospel of Luke and John the Baptist were both born too late to have been victims of the so-called 'massacre of the innocents'. Has the thought never struck you that those who read about the Bethlehem massacre must ask themselves: How could there have been a John? But the facts can be substantiated in all respects. Think about it: the Jesus from Matthew's Gospel was taken to Egypt by his parents, and John, supposedly, was born shortly before or about the same time. According to the usual view, John remained in Palestine, but in that case he would certainly have been a victim of Herod's murderous deed. You see how necessary it is to devote serious thought to these things; for if all the children of two years old and younger were actually put to death at that time, John would have been one of them. But this riddle will become intelligible if, in the light of the facts disclosed by the Akasha Chronicle, you realize that the events related in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew did not take place at the same time. The Nathan Jesus was born after the Bethlehem massacre; so too was John. Although the interval was only a matter of months, it was long enough to make these facts possible.

"You will also learn to understand the Jesus of the Gospel of Matthew in the light of the more intimate facts. In this boy was reincarnated the Zarathustra individuality, from whom the people of ancient Persia had once received the teaching concerning Ahura Mazdao, the great Sun Being. We know that this Sun Being must be regarded as the soul and spirit of the external, physical sun. Hence Zarathustra was able to say: 'Behold not only the radiance of the physical sun; behold too, the mighty Being who sends down His spiritual blessings as the physical sun sends down its beneficient light and warmth! -- Ahura Mazdao, later called Christ in other words - it was He whom Zarathustra proclaimed to the people of Persia, but not yet as a Being who walked on the Earth. Pointing to the sun, Zarathustra could only say: "There is His habitation; He is gradually drawing near and one day He will live in a body on the Earth!".

This passage contains the solution to the centuries-old question in Gospel Research concerning the truth of the two Nativities. But it also at the same time contains the seed for a new interpre-tation that can overrule this solution. The critical sentence reads: "Thus the interval between the two births amounted to a few months".

The interpretation of this sentence by students of Rudolf Steiner today gives rise to the above described opinion C: "There are two Jesus boys whose births are only a few months apart." By giving most of the weight to this sentence that the births are only a few months apart, these students accept that due to this emphasis on one item of research by Rudolf Steiner other results will be denied. The greatest consequence of this exegesis, however, is that it prevents the solution to a centuries-old problem in Gospels Research, which Rudolf Steiner succeeded in solving, from being publicly recognized. The chronological contradictions are not eliminated, we take into account that there were indeed two Jesus boys, but have them born in Bethlehem as it were at the same time, i.e. only a few months apart. The "contradictions" between the family trees as well as the "contradictions" in the geographical conditions (Judaea-Samaria and Galilee-Syria) are admittedly resolved, but as long as these slight differences in age are assumed to exist the anachronisms remain.

In the above quotation we are also challenged to think for ourselves. Rudolf Steiner says: "You see, it is necessary to really think about all these things...".

Let us use this thinking to check the opinion that the age difference between the two boys amounted to "only a few months.": If our starting point is that Jesus of Bethlehem must have been older than Jesus of Nazareth, then this means that the age difference amounted to at least six months. The Angel of Annunciation says to Mary (Luke 1.36): "And, behold, thy cousin Elisabeth, she hath also conceived-a son in her old age: and this is the sixth month with her...".

If the younger Jesus was born around Christmas, then we have to set the date for the birth of John on "St John's Tide", thus on June 24. Now we also believe in addition that the birth of Jesus of Bethlehem must be set forward another six months. If, however, we are of the opinion that Jesus of Bethlehem was born "from the Virgin (Mary)", which requires that the Sun was in Virgo, thus in September, then we have to go back three more months. Depending on whether we assume Christmas or Michaelmas to be the date of birth of the elder Jesus, we come to an age difference of at least twelve or fourteen months.

Between the birth of the elder Jesus and the birth of John must lie the death of Herod. The latter died, as is historically documented, in the year 4 BC, on the day of the eclipse of the moon on March 13. Based on these considerations the births of the Jesus boys would have to be set on Christmas in 5 BC and 4 BC. This assumption however has a flaw. At that time, Quintilius Varus was Governor of Syria. According to Luke, Cyrenius should be Governor in Syria. Cyrenius however did not become Governor there until Varus had been transferred to Gennania.

Rudolf Steiner was the first one to recognize that the events were in effect accompanied by a new star. He found this new star in the supersensible realm: the reincarnated Zarathustra. He says:

"Deep and fervent attachment to the individuality (not the personality) of Zarathustra prevailed in the Mystery-schools of Chaldea. These Wise Men of the East felt that they were intimately connected with their great leader. They saw in him the 'Star of Humanity", for Zoroaster (Zarathustra) means 'Gold Star', or 'Star of Splendor'. They saw in him a reflection of the Sun itself. And with their profound wisdom they could not fail to know when their Master would be born again in Bethlehem. Led by their 'Star, they brought as offerings to him the outer symbols for the most precious gift he had been able to bestow upon man. "This most precious gift was knowledge of the outer world, of the mysteries of the Cosmos received into the human astral body of thinking, feeling and veiling. Hence the pupils of Zarathustra strove to impregnate these soul-forces with the wisdom that can be drawn from the deep foundations of the divine-spiritual world. Symbols for this knowledge, which can be acquired by mastering the secrets of the outer world, were gold, frankincense and myrrh: gold - the symbol of thinking, frankincense - the symbol of piety which pervades man as feeling, and myrrh - the symbol of the power of will.

Thus by appearing before their Master who was born again in Bethlehem the Magi gave evidence of their union with him. The writer of the Gospel of Matthew relates what is literally true when he describes how the Wise Men, among Zarathustra had once worked, knew that he had reappeared among men, and how they expressed their connection with him through the three symbols of gold , frankincense and myrrh - the symbols for the precious gift he had bestowed upon them.

"Zarathustra, as Jesus of the Solomon line of the House of David, now needed to work with all possible power in order to give again to men, in a rejuvenated form, everything he had already given in earlier times. For this purpose he had to gather and concentrate all the power he had ever possessed. Hence he could not be born in a body from the priestly line of the House of David, but only in one from the line of kings. In this way the Gospel of Matthew indicates the connection of the royal name in ancient Persia with the ancestry of the child in whom Zarathustra was reincarnated.

"Indications of these momentous happenings are also contained in ancient Books of Wisdom originating in the East. Whoever really understands these Books of Wisdom reads them differently than those who are ignorant of the facts and therefore confuse everything. In the Old Testament there are, for instance, two prophecies: one of the apocryphal Books of Enoch pointing more to the Nathan Messiah of the priestly line, and the other in the Psalms referring to the Messiah of the royal line. Every detail in the scriptures harmonizes with the facts that can be ascertained from the Akashic Chronicle.

"It was necessary for Zarathustra to gather all the forces he had formerly possessed. He had surrendered his astral and etheric bodies to Hermes and Moses respectively, and through them to Egyptian and Hebraic culture. It was necessary for him to re-unite with these forces, as it were to fetch back from Egypt the forces of his etheric body. A profound mystery is revealed here to us: Jesus of the Solomon line of the House of David, the reincarnated Zarathustra, was led to Egypt, for in Egypt were the forces that had streamed from his astral body and his etheric body when the former had been bestowed upon Hermes and the latter upon Moses. Because he had influenced the culture and civilization of Egypt, he had to gather to himself the forces he had once relinquished. Hence the 'Flight into Egypt' and its spiritual consequences: the absorption of all the forces he now needed in order to give again to men full strength and in rejuvenated form, what he had bestowed upon them in the past ages.

Now we would like to reconstruct how Zarathustra could have his students absorb the outer secrets of the orbits of the planets in such a way that it enabled them to find their Master and present Him with gold, frankincense and myrrh upon being born again in Bethlehem...

Our starting point is the following situation:
We cannot blame Johannes Kepler for not knowing what would only be revealed 300 years later by Rudolf Steiner: He knows nothing about the two Jesus boys yet. He therefore attempts to explain the discrepancies that arise from the false assumption that Luke and Matthew are describing one and the same Nativity. So he asks himself for example: "Why did the evangelist Luke not include the date of the year of Herod's government with his description of the birth of Christ."" He means: "It was always customary to designate the histories with the years of the reigning kings."

Yet this is exactly what both evangelists do. Matthew mentions Herod, for the latter was King of Judaea and Samaria. Bethlehem was located in this area. Luke mentions Cyrenius, the Governor of Syria. Nazareth came under the sovereignty of Cyrenius. What Kepler finds strafe is just proof for the validity of Rudolf Steiner's finding that the two evangelists are describing two different Jesus boys, whose parents live in different lands. The parents of the one are subjects of Herod in Judaea, while the parents of the other live in Galilee in the province of Syria.

In his dispute with the medicinal doctor Helisaeus Roslin, Kepler is constantly confusing the Luke Jesus with the Matthew Jesus, because he could not yet have known these facts.

His attempts at explaining the situation are just as little convincing as a contemporary astronomer who knows nothing about the two Jesus boys yet or who places their dates of birth so close together that the advantage, which his starting point has compared to the ignorant, is lost again.

The aim of our excursion to this 'Star of the Wise Men' in the context of our Grail Research was to reveal and make public the singularity of understanding concerning the meaning of this "star" from Kyot-Willehalm through Wolfram von Eschenbach and Kepler until Rudolf Steiner. This link forms the continuation of a Grail line that was already followed by Zarathustra, later by Zoroaster and Pythagoras and then by the Wise Men from the East.. The argument continues... Jesus' birth

A Blasphemous statement indeed!

Muhammad al-Baqir (676-731 A.D.) says that when Jesus was nine months old, His Mother took Him to the school in al-Bahnasa. The teacher said to Jesus: "Say the alphabet." Jesus lifted up His head and said: "Dost thou know what these words mean?" The teacher wished to strike Him, but Jesus said: "Do not strike me, but if thou dost not know, ask me and I shall explain to thee." "Speak," said the teacher. "Come down from thy desk," answered Jesus. The teacher came down and Jesus took his place and began to teach while all watched. "Well," said the teacher to the Blessed Virgin, "take thy Son and watch over Him, for God hath given to Him wisdom and He doth not need a teacher." This tradition should be compared with the almost identical story in the book of Thomas the Israelite (140-160 A.D.) It cannot be believed when they claim Jesus was divine and had no brothers which means Jesus wasn't human. If Thomas WAS the twin brother, why is he human and Jesus not?

Jesus has been considered to be God because of a "VOTE" taken and imposed by men. But like Osiris who was considered a God-King, we assume Jesus had to play this same role in written scripture in order to be believed. A God had to die and 'Rise' if he were to be believed as a true God. We found overwhelming evidence in the Gospel of Philip, in the Nag, and present written scripture in the KJB, that one had to 'rise' first and then die. This became known as 'the Living Resurrection'. Thus the word resurrection does not have the true meaning applied to it in todays society.
This reinforces the KJB verse, spoken by Jesus, "God is the God of the 'living' not the dead".

John's gospel 7:42, specifically states that Jesus was NOT born in a town called Bethlehem. The story about the 'Son of Light' and his ability to keep death from being a part of human life is very different than what has been taught to millions.

Jesus 'being from Nazareth' is in fact not true at all. This is a sect or community in Egypt where Jesus spent time learning the secrets of the 'mystery school'. Jesus of Nazareth - ie, that he came from a community/sect of that name, which exists not in Israel, but in Egypt. Matthew 2:14, "When he arose, he took the young child and his mother by night, and departed into Egypt. " If we then take the facts derived from the above Coptic Church web page and add this with his age, of 7, we find Jesus did in fact go to school in Egypt.
Nazareth, of Israel, "The town is not mentioned once in the Old Testament, an insignificant village, too small to be noted in the list of settlements of the tribe of Zebulon (Joshua 19:10-16). Nazareth is not included in the 45 cities of the Galilee that mentioned by Josephus the historian and its name is missing from the 63 towns of Galilee mentioned in the Talmud. It was not expected to have a prophet, a king, or priest to ever come out of Nazareth of Israel"....because as we said, it was a farming community.

The word Nazorean, identifies Jesus as a member of one of several groups of related sects about which little is known. The word Notsrim means Keepers or preservers.These stories of the 'other gods' have been recognized as such for many years by theologians and biblical scholars, but the conspiracy to keep it from the 'church flock' has prevailed due to the lack of interest of anyone to uncover the truth. When they do learn it, they refuse to impart it fearing the loss of the money bearing congregation they depend on. The Vadican is vastly rich due to it's hiding these facts for hundreds of years. What else are they hiding?

The 'Jesus as God' false doctrine wasn't his mission or intention. The 'resurrection' has a different meaning which actually refers to an 'awakening' which allows us to become 'One with the Father'. This awakening process or 'rebirth' as taught by the ancients was taught to the disciples by Jesus himself. It was a 'secret doctrine'. It involved a 'degree' process that took three years. Even then, some initiates did not achieve full gnosis. Want a fuller explaination?.. see The Gnostic Teachings

The Jesus 'figure' was put on earth to 'save us' but there is an education process involved that shows us we are all part of God's devine creation. We are actually a living part of the Christ. We are the image of the Father, his consciousness. His mind. Even though we think we are seperate and individual, we are not as far as God is concerned.

If we, as a human race ever come to understand this, there will be no more war! Evil will be eradicated and we will defeat the devil's plan. If you haven't noticed, it is to hate and kill and torture each other, even one's own people. It is to make up lies so that our good intentions are erased or hidden from the very people we wish to help. In this free world we are vastly out numbered by radical Fundamentalist Muslims who hate Americans, who they think are all Christians. These haters of truth are the devil's advocates. see our page on the Anti-Christ. Attack on America

Real people, real brothers and sisters of the man called Jesus

This Catholic page in the Encyclopedia backs us up concerning Thomas the twin (The twin brother of Jesus ) and the Gnostic religion. Second Paragraph; "The principal document concerning him is the "Acta Thomae", preserved to us with some variations both in Greek and in Syriac, and bearing unmistakeable signs of its Gnostic origin. Many Protestant scholars have maintained that the so-called false teachers denounced in Jude are Gnostics of the second century". This is not the only proof, there's a great deal more in these pages. Jesus had 5 brothers and two sisters. see our page on the the Disciples.

Where did the whole New Testament story come from in the first place? The Hebrew name for Christians has always been Notzrim. This name is derived from the Hebrew word 'neitzer', which means a shoot or sprout--an obvious Messianic symbol. There were already people called Notzrim at the time of Rabbi Yehoshua ben Perachyah (c. 100 B.C.). Although modern Christians claim that Christianity only started in the first century A.D., it is clear that the first century Christians in Israel considered themselves to be a continuation of the Notzri movement which had been in existence for about 150 years. One of the most notorious Notzrim was Yeishu ben Pandeira, also known as Yeishu ha-Notzri. Talmudic scholars have always maintained that the story of Jesus began with Yeishu.

The Hebrew name for Jesus has always been Yeishu and the Hebrew for "Jesus the Nazarene" has always been "Yeishu ha-Notzri." (The name Yeishu is a shortened form of the name Yeishua, not Yehoshua.) The name, 'Jesus' was given to the leader or Governor of the sect, or the true heir to the throne under King David. James, Jesus's other brother was called 'Jesus' also when it became his turn to be the leader of the Church.. We found that the sect, which did not mix with the Jewish population, actually originated with Elijah, 800 years earlier.

We also found evidence that Jesus may not have been Jewish or the rest of the disciples. He may actually have been Egyptian. We also found that Jesus did not agree with the Judaism that was taught by the Jerusalem Church, nor was he ever 'christian'. This makes sence because we know he practiced and taught major portions of the Gnostic religion which was outlawed by the catholic church when the council met and the Niceane Creed ("law") was put in place in 325 A.D.

Scholastic writers infered that Jesus taught 'Pharisedic' Judiasm, but they don't tell you it came from Gnostic sources, which goes right back to the old Egyptian religions and Enoch. They believed in demons, ghosts, angels, reincarnation, soul seperation from the body, and life after death. We found this verse; John 7:63; Only the Holy Spirit gives eternal life. Those born only once, with physical birth, will never receive this gift.

We also found evidence that the disciples were considered heretics by KJB writers and Paul, a Roman citizen, hunted them down as criminals. Paul was Never a real disciple or a true follower of Jesus. The real disciples did not turn from God as Paul and KJB writers infer. Jesus even asks Paul in Acts, "why are you persecuting me?"

The book of Acts infers that Paul stopped this persecution after he sees the 'light' or Jesus, but this is not true. He continued to hunt down the disciples, even making slaves of Mark and a scribe called John. Paul then conveniently insites a riot that results in James being stoned. The canonized texts try to hide the idenity of the one who is stoned. We found proof elsewhere. We also found proof that Paul INFILTRATRATED the secret sect so he could learn the secrets, but he used what he knew to change the true Christian teachings.: He DELIBERATELY and SYSTEMATICALLY replaced the original teachings of Jesus and the "old apostles" with his own very different teachings, not only on vegetarianism but also women's rights, slavery and more.

Paul was seen as the demon-driven enemy of the Messiah.... For the legitimate Church, Paul was a dangerous and disruptive influence, bent on enlisting a large following among the Gentiles in order to provide himself with a numerical superiority with the support of which he could set at defiance the Elders at Jerusalem. Paul had been the enemy from the beginning, and because he failed in his former open hostility he had craftily insinuated himself into the fold to destroy it from within."

However because of this 'Roman' persecution, the remaining disciples escaped from Israel and went 'underground', except for Peter, who we think Paul captured and took to Rome as a prisoner. We also found evidence that Thomas, the twin, went to India. The holy Mother Mary was there also. Someone else went with them. Mary Madgelane escaped and went to Egypt and then France and took with her 'the Holy Grail'. Joseph of Arimathea, Lazarus and Martha went with her.

Reincarnation? means 'born again'.

Consider this; The 'Word' became flesh as Amilius, as the third Adam, as Seth, as Melchizedek, as Zend ( Zoroastrianism ) , as Ur (Iraq ), Enoch/Thoth ( Egypt ), as Asaph ( Wales ), as Jeshua ( Joshua , scribe and lieutenant of Moses ) - Joseph ( Jacob's son ) - Jesus. The reincarnation list of Edgar Cayce also includes; Buddah, Mohammed, Confucias, Shinto, Brahman, Plato, and Judah...
Another interpertation... Adam Kadmon This page backs up the Nag Hammidi, Edgar Cayce and our theory on the incarnations of Christ. It goes deeper into unthought of reasoning. It speaks of the soul of Thoth, who we mentioned as one of the many incarnations of the Christ.

Consider also this; How many incarnations has the angel of darkness made? Look back on history and count leaders who have had thousands of people killed for the sake of their own gain, greed or beliefs. The list includes; Julilus Caesar, Constintine, Philly the Younger, Judge of Rome, King Philip that murdered the Templars, then Stalen, Hitler, Sadam Hussain, Osama bin Laden, Yussar Araphat, ect., ect., ect..

From the readings of Edgar Cayce

(Q) What part did Jesus play in any of His reincarnations in the development of the basic teachings of the following religions and philosophies? First, Buddhism:
(A) This is just one.
5. (Q) Mohammedanism, Confucianism, Shintoism, Brahmanism, Platoism, Judaism.
(A) As has been indicated, the entity - as an entity -
influenced either directly or indirectly all those forms of philosophy or religious thought that taught God was Melchizedek, without father, without mother, came - STILL the soul of Jesus; the portion of God that manifests.
This means He wasn't just in Egypt or Israel.

Also he that first walked among men at the beginning of man's advent into flesh! For He indeed was and is the first Adam, the last Adam; that is the way, the truth, the light! [2402-2]

8. (Q) Please give the important reincarnations of Adam in the world's history.
(A) In the beginning as Amilius, as Adam, as Melchizedek, as Zend, as Ur, Enoch, as Asaph, as Jeshua - Joseph - Jesus.

Refer to Edgar Cayce, past lifes "As to how, where, when, and what produces the entrance into a material manifestation of an entity, a soul:"
"Does fire burn the soul or the physical body? Yet, self may cast self into a fire element by doing that the soul knows to be wrong! What would make a wrong and a right? A comparison of that the soul knows its consciousness to be in accord or contrarywise with, in relation to that which gave it existence".
"As we may find in a material world: Envy, strife, selfishness, greediness, avarice, are the children of MAN! Longsuffering, kindness, brotherly love, good deeds, are the children of the spirit of light. Choose ye (as it has ever been given) whom ye will serve".
"But he that looks within is higher, for the spirit knoweth the Spirit of its Maker - and the children of same are as given. And, "My Spirit beareth witness with thy spirit," saith He that giveth life! What IS Life? A manifestation of the first cause - God!"
"It is as was given by Him, "I am the way. No man approaches the Father but by me." But, does a soul crucify the flesh even as He, when it finds within itself that it must work out its own salvation in a material world, by entering and re-entering that there may be made manifest that consciousness in the soul that would make it a companion with the Creator?"

The Gospel of the Holy Twelve Lection 37; The Re-generation Of The Soul
2. And he said unto them, Blessed are they who suffer many experiences, for they shall be made perfect through suffering: they shall be as the angels of God in Heaven and shall die no more, neither shall they be born any more, for death and birth have no more dominion over them.
3. They who have suffered and overcome shall be made Pillars in the Temple of my God, and they shall go out no more.
4. And a certain Rabbi (Nicodemus) came unto him by night for fear of the Jews, and said unto him. How can a man be born again when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother's womb and be born again ?
5. Iesus answered, Verily I say unto you except a man be born again of flesh and of spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. The wind bloweth where it listeth, and ye hear the sound thereof, but cannot tell whence it cometh or whither it goeth.
6. The light shineth from the East even unto the West; out of the darkness, the Sun ariseth and goeth down into darkness again; so is it with man, from the ages unto the ages.
7. When it cometh from the darkness, it is that he hath lived before, and when it goeth down again into darkness, it is that he may rest for a little, and thereafter again exist.
8. So through many changes must ye be made perfect, as it is written in the book of Job, I am a wanderer, changing place after place and house after house, ( body) until I come unto the City and Mansion which is eternal.
LECTION 37. 8. -That our Lord spoke here primarily of a physical rebirth as the great aid of the spiritual re-birth, there can be no doubt, for he distinctly declares he had been telling Nicodemus of "earthly things" in the preceding words, albeit as the analogies and correspondences of spiritual things, as his usual method was. To interpret this dialogue, even as in the A. V., exclusively of the spiritual re-birth, is contrary to the plain meaning of the words.

As revealed above; We also found decisive proof that John the Baptist was the reincarnation of Elijah. This was not edited from scripture, because the Romans did not understand it. The Roman's did not believe in reincarnation, but Jesus references this in the book of Matthew when he speaks of John. He also references "You must be born again", in the book of John. You must be willing to 'start over'. As pointed out above, humans do not remember that they might have been here before, but the forgetfullness is destroyed when our mind reunites with the unknown Father.
We have a special page that explains this in more detail. It is not indexed in the search engine and it cannot be found by searching.

Christians are sensitive over any suggestion that the sacrament of baptism has its percursor or parallel in the mystery religions. Yet baptisms formed part of the ritual of most mysteries and indeed are frequent in all ceremonial religion. The difference they say, is that it was not the actual rite of initiation itself!
It was a preparatory rite preceding something, initiation perhaps or some other sacred religious act. Classical writers speak of voluntary death and regeneration but not, according to Christians, in the context of baptism, and as a metaphor rather than a technical term. Thus Appuleius says it is 'in a sense'-'born again' while Sallustius in the fourth century says as though we were born again. The Christian writer, Tertullian, makes the connection but Christians want to believe he is wrong to do so!
They tell us he does it merely to justify Justin Martyr's thesis that the pagan rites so similar to those of the Christians had been copied in advance by the devil!
Christians always like to win whatever way the coin falls.

Christians accept that renatus, being born again, was definitely associated with the taurobolium or the criobolium, the bathing in the blood of a sacrificed bull or ram, a repulsive ceremony.
Many would think kneeling before an image of a man being tortured to death on a cross is repulsive too. The regeneration conveyed by the taurobolium from some inscriptions is eternal but from others is limited in years and Christians argue that the former is an adptation to compete with Christianity. The whole procedure used for individuals is late, the Emperor Elagabalus being the earliest recorded and the earliest inscription is 305AD.

The ultimate argument is that real Christianity did not borrow from the mystery religions because it was a mystery religion itself, according to one scholar. In this Christians can see a modicum of truth. Having left Palestine, Christianity seemed to resemble the mystery cults in offering a spiritual brotherhood bonded in religion, having an 'initiatory rite of baptism' and, in the eucharist, a divine drama in remembrance of the incarnation of the god in which only initiates could participate, and offering the prospect of life after death.

Despite this succinct summary of the identity of true Christianity with the mysteries, modern Christians conclude that the differences were fundamental......

The Community Rule refers to a renewal at the appointed end, confirming that the world was not destroyed but was renewed as it was after the flood. An interesting speculation is that the Essenes who had given up sacrifices in favour of prayer might on special occasions have retained as a symbolic sacrifice, the release of doves acknowledging the righteousness of Noah and the purification of the world in peace.
Leviticus 12:6,8 prescribes the sacrifice of turtle-doves for purification of an unclean woman. As we shall see later the land of Israel was personified as an unclean woman and the doves might have been symbolic of the purging of the land of the pollution by the stranger. The dove mentioned in the gospels might have been so released. Supposedly only Jesus saw the heavens open and the spirit descend; no one else did. The Gospel of Mark says that no one but the man he considered to be a God saw this miracle. Again a 'Cannonized' version which contridicts the presence of John. Was he a witness or not?.

The Gospel of the Holy Twelve; Lection 4. 4 - The animals here mentioned are sacred to the Deity in various countries and religions, the Cat and the Dove being specially honored and protected in Egypt (the most ancient centre of civilization, religion, philosophy and true science), as the symbols of Isis, the foreshadower of the "Divine Mother" of Christianity. Egypt (with her Trinity of Father, Mother, Child) gave refuge and sanctuary to the Infant Christ, Who came forth from thence to redeem humanity.

The cat is not wilfully a "cruel animal," as falsely alleged by the ignorant, no more than the babe which torments it in ignorance of the pain it gives. Far more cruel are human beings, who torture and destroy millions of innocent creatures to gratify a depraved appetite or to minister to their vanity, or their lust for cruel experiment. The cat truly, as alleged by occultists, both ancient and modern, "the most human of all animals," and it is probable it was for this reason that it appears as the favourite animal of Jesus who was ever the friend of the despised, maligned and neglected although the most loving, gentle and graceful of all animals, rather than the more self assertive dog, especilly as taught by man to hunt and to worry.

Page 4, Jesus, his education and Mary Magdalene

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These Books and several others led me to do extensive research on Masonry.

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