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These pages are especially for the ladies, who are left at home to ponder what goes on and why the weekly journey to the lodge is so important to her husband. Many wives have the mistaken idea that their husbands are practicing 'devil worship', because they are not familiar with Masonic tradition. The truth, I have found, may even shock them and they may not believe what they are reading. But isn't that what Masonry teaches, to seek the truth? Why must the wives and girlfriends be left in the dark about this most important NON SECRET Society. If is considered not really a secret, why shouldn't they be allowed to share this knowledge? The 'knowledge' is in every Masonic publication we find, both here and in any library, but it is complicated, lengthy and difficult to explain to most people.

Why not make it a bit easier for the ladies to be a part of and understand the 'ancient' teachings. It can only serve to make your relationship stronger. What I find most distasteful is the fact that the people we love the most will be left behind without this knowledge, as Jesus said, "you are dead without the knowledge". The ladies, the ones who are geniunely interested, should not be left behind. I am not suggesting they be pushed, but like you, if they ask to know, why not share the knowledge. Not hand shakes, passwords ect., just 'knowledge' . Masonry for Women
and What about women? Whatever men have found in Freemasonry and whatever spiritual benefits they have obtained from their membership, this too have women found . What brother, who in circumstances of unforeseen calamity and misfortune has not appreciated the living circle of his or her fellow brethren. What brother, man or woman has not been moved by the poetry of the ritual and what brother, man or woman has not pondered the significance of it's meaning in relation to his or her own life. That the 'times have changed' and that keeping the sexes separate makes no sense in the current world.

This quote from a Lady Mason, "I was made an Entered Apprentice Freemason, and surely no workman throughout the ages had been initiated into his craft with more pride and ecstasy of spirit than I. The words which fell upon my ears were as music , and the sweetest that I had heard. I marvelled at their clear, yet deep meaning, their wisdom, their spritual messages, and as l passed through the stages of an Entered Apprentice my soul swelled and glowed. God had never been so near to me. I felt that my feet were treading upon the holy ground of His Temple. I inwardly cried, "Let my feet be firm and sure that I may tread, without falter, upon this foundation."
The photograph came from Pheonix Masonry Museum

"When I had reached the end of my journey through that vale of wonderment, my heart which had been overflowing with gratitude, became sad with a sense of injustice as my mind swiftly sped back through the ages. Why had women been so long shut away from this wealth of beauty? Why had man hugged his secrets and mysteries so closely to his breast? He had not spared one crumb from his plentiful table for the woman who toiled patiently at his side".

"God made man - God made woman - He gave them both eyes to see the sun rise and set - He gave them ears to hear the chorus of birds at morning and eventide, and minds to think heavenly thoughts - then why, my heart questioned, had man delved from the past this treasure of faith, hope and charity , and had kept its pages hidden from the sight of woman?"

"An answer came - they did not understand, they did not realise that woman’s heart was large enough to hold so vast a domain of knowledge. But whilst they sped through the years absorbed in their own thoughts and actions, woman watched and learnt. Their learning and untiring efforts throughout the past years have proved that they are fit and proper beings to be admited into the mystical chamber. Their hearts are worthy of the trust and honour, and as the years pass away, men must, and will, realise that they may link hands with the companions who work by their side, and journey through the land of wisdom and enlightenment together".

"I have learned so much from my first glimpse, and my pulse beats fast with the anticipation of the many more treasures which will soon be mine. At the moment, I wait inside the gates, until bidden to tread further into the garden, and as I wait a prayer floats from my lips to heaven, that all women will one day knock at those gates and receive admittance."

American Co-Masonry is a Masonic order which works the Scottish Rite from the 1st through the 33rd Degree plus some Degrees of the York Rite. That which distinguishes the American Co-Masonic Order from other Masonic workings is that, instead of admitting only men to its ranks, it admits women on an equal footing. It is sovereign and does not depend upon any foreign rulership or control.

(They do not recognize the Grand Lodge jurisdictional system and visa-versa.) American Co-Masonry proclaims equal rights for both sexes and absolute freedom in the search for truth; the utmost tolerance is required of all members. It is organized as an unincorporated Fraternity. Its business affairs are handle by "The American Federation of Human Rights, Inc.", which is a Colorado non-profit corporation, with headquarters in Larkspur, Colorado.

American Co-Masonry, through its organization, its disciplines, its philosophic orientation and symbolic rituals, continues the tradition of the Mystery School Initiates and the old Mystery Schools, providing an opportunity for spiritual growth and service to humanity.

What We have discovered is that alot of 'brothers' still do not know much about this either, because it isn't taught or explained in ANY lodge. We have hundreds of 'brothers' if not thousands who become Masons for social reasons, never discovering the real truth of the ancient teachings behind the Masonic order. No brother should advance to MWM without knowing what the meaning of his office represents.

Even the ancient teachings say the souls of the Male and Female were meant to be joined as one, therefore it is fitting that the female understand the ancient teachings also. Gentlemen, If your wife is your true mate, you will share this site with her. If you truly profess that 'Nothing is Secret', you have no excuse for not sharing the ancient wisdom. Genesis 23 - "This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called 'woman' for she was taken out of man".

On Mary Magdalen, the Lady of Jesus you will find a brief story about Mary Magdalen, who was the 'mate' of Jesus, and he 'loved her'. Mary was also a disciple and a 'High Priest', commissioned by Jesus himself. Jesus said, "I myself shall lead her in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living sprit resembling you males". ( the Gospel of Thomas # 114. )The 'church' had this information surpressed.

There are Masonic organizations for women that are called 'clandestine' by men, but if Jesus thought Mary was worthy, why not the woman that stands by you if they too understand the ancient teachings? In the writings of the Dead Sea Scrolls, women were admitted to the brotherhood. They now must belong to seperate or 'clandestine' lodges in the U.S. and in Europe and 'brothers' who are prejudice scorn this practice and make hateful remarks about the very existance if these lodges.

Why are women excluded? see this page about the old myths and the real truth..Co-Masonry for women Proof that women were made Masons in ancient operative lodges. Women Freemasons prior to the formation of the Grand Lodge of England. Are these men just trying to 'control women'? Other proof that women were allowed into the 'brotherhood' including his 'wife', Mary Magdalen...see Mary Magdalen, the Lady of Jesus

From all indications, they were married. The Marriage of Jesus and Mary

"According to Gnostic teachings "the soul is a female (the Greek word for soul, psyche, is feminine). Originally she is a virgin, androgynous in form, living in the presence of the heavenly Father. When she falls into a body, however, she is defiled; after abandoning her Father's house and her virginity, she falls into sexuality and prostitution, and is abused by the wanton adulterers of this carnal world. Desolate and repentant, she prays to her Father for restoration, and he hears her prayer. She is returned to her former condition, and restored to androgynous union with her brother. This union is achieved through spiritual marriage; the bridegroom comes down to the bridal chamber, and the soul and her bridegroom 'become a single life', inseparable from each other. Thus the ascent of the soul to the Father is accomplished, and the soul is again at home in heaven."
- William C. Robinson, Jr., in The Nag Hammadi Library

Here is an article from the American Cancer society about a Dr. Hariton Alivizatos (now deceased) in Greece. He has a 'secret' serum. Treatment is administered by injections of a 'serum' that is "designed to strengthen and help the patient's immunity system fight and destroy cancer cells." The cancer cells are then excreted through the patient's natural body waste. At the same time, it is alleged that the serum "helps the body rejuvenate those cells or parts of the body that have been destroyed by cancer." (CA 1983). "Dr. Alivizatos claims to be successful in treating cancers of the skin, bone, uterus, stomach, and lymphatic system." (CA 1990) Dr. Alivizatos claimed to have developed a blood test that can determine not only the type and location of a patient's cancer, but also its extent. Read it.

I have a friend who had stage 4 breast cancer and she was cured. The American Cancer Society will loose millions if the formula becomes available in the US. see Alivizatos To begin with Dr. Alivizatos came to the US in 1984. He offered the serum to Dr's and the large drug companies here. He asked for full recognition and that patients not be charged high fees (at the time, he charged only $40 per injection, of which there were 20). In fact, the the M&M Mars Corp. put up 3 million dollars to get it into Oklahoma (the only state that was not federally jurisdicted), but to no avail, the U.S. would not agree to terms.
Another blog.. Cure Zone

Another project not to be ignored...The Centers for missing and exploited children

This should have never happened

Over the last 10 years hundreds of young girls and young women such as Natalee have been victoms of people like Van Der Sloot When is this going to stop?

Our humble apologies are offered if We have offended any other belief or faith in our persuit of the Truth.


The Web Master

I would like to take a moment to thank these Web Masters who have included us in their 'Best of the Best' Ratings by giving us these associations and awards. The criteria for being included in these listings is very strict. I am indeed honored by being allowed to display their 'pat on the back' on this site.

I am a Proud Member of

Phenomenal Women Of The Web
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Site of the Month, April, 2000
Square Work Award
"Valley of Toledo AASR "
Award Issued on 3/30/2000

Award given on 11/22/2000
by Richard Rosenberg
Grand Lodge of Arkansas

Award given on 11/23/2000
by Mark Stilwell (A.F.&A.M.)(ULC)
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" Drake's Masonic Award of Excellence "
Award Issued on 11/27/00

This award is very special because it comes from an Oklahoma Past Master

Site of the Month for April 2001 and continued until December
"You cannot say enough about the information provided on you site, so it's time to share it with all!"
Greg Balla Webmaster - King Edward Lodge #93

This award came as a complete surprise. It is indeed special because it comes from Scotland which is considered the homeland of the Knights Templar and the real secrets of Masonry kept intact by the Sinclair Family.

During the month of December, I asked the members of our Lodge to vote in the web page for the site they thought was the best web site of the month for the year 2002. I offered 7 different choices of web site we had picked for the best sites during the year. The choice was entirely their own, no prompting, a free choice of the sites. Your site as you know was our web site of the month for April, and was up against some very stiff opposition in the voting, ( have a look and see) the voting closed on the 1st of January although the vote page is still there for those who want to look. The vote was unanimous, Hiram Discovered got 65% of the total votes cast during the 4 weeks, well done! I'm so glad, as this is a particular favourite site of mine, and one that I come back to time and time again. This is an award that the members of the Lodge pick, it is not applied for, neither will it ever be, ordinary brothers liked what they seen, so be justly proud of the fact that your site is the first recipient of the Lodge Stirling Royal Arch No. 76. web site of the year award. Wear it well.
All the best for 2003,
yours aye,
Stewart Donaldson Dis.S.Dip.

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