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Awards this site has Won for 2000

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"WML AWARD 2000"
Making Good Men Better
site of the Month, April, 2000

Square Work Award
" Valley of Toledo AASR "

Award Issued on 3/30/2000

"No-Evil" Family-Site Awards
The No-Evil Family-Site Award

award given on Oct, 29, 2000
by The Caledonian Railway Lodge,
214 Stevenson Street, Glasgow, G40 2RW.

Award given on Oct, 29, 2000
by Greg Balla Secretary/Webmaster - King Edward Lodge #93
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Award given on 11/22/2000
by Richard Rosenberg
Grand Lodge of Arkansas

link to Petes Page
"Peter's Award of Excellance"
issued on 12/30/2000

Link to Jonesboro Lodge #129
" Jonesboro Masonic Lodge #129 "
Award Issued on 12/29/00

Link to Drake's Masonic Award of
" Drake's Masonic Award of Excellence "
Award Issued on 11/27/00

Outstanding Source of Masonic Light Award
" Hiram's Inner Sanctuary "

This Award was Granted on 05/01/2000
to Hiram Abiff, the true King of Egypt, 1574BC
Hiram's Sancturay opening page

Award given on 11/23/2000
by Mark Stilwell (A.F.&A.M.)(ULC)

award given on 6/3/2000 by David D. Hack Ph.D.
Master Mason, US Wings Inc.

Chivilary award given on 8/21/2000
by Sir Lancelot

awarded by Stephen Defoe on 12/06/99

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The Silver Award is no longer available from Mr. Stilwell, who has redesigned his site for presentation of other materials. This link is his new awards page.. Awards
The Pyramid Lodge site is also not available.

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