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What is The Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem?  

The Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem is a Masonic Affiliated fraternal organization to which men and women belong. It is an Incorporated non-profit body, organized under a charter of incorporation dated October 23, 1894 and recorded in the Office of the Recorder of Cook County, in the State of Illinois, June 18, 1895.

The White Shrine of Jerusalem claims a three-fold purpose; charitable, social, and fraternal. It aims to bring together women and men with high moral and social character to share their desire to create enjoyable experiences for themselves and to provide aid to those less fortunate. Through regular meetings, their fellowship is maintained. And by visiting others, broad friendships are developed.

Foundation of our Order

The order is based upon the Christian Religion. Its teachings are scriptural and intended to illustrate and impress on the mind of initiate the humble but glorious birth and life of the glad tidings of the coming of the king and endeavor to bring to the world, "Peace on Earth, Good Will to men." To do noble deeds, and by acts of kindness and words of cheer bless all mankind.


The basis of our existence is our Benevolent Fund-Our "Material Objective".

Through our voluntary Donations and income from our endowment, we are able to help those in need of rehabilitation regardless of race, creed, sect, or age. They just must have a need; i.e. used up insurance, etc. Local Shrine (Temple Shrine Federal Way) are allowed Five Cases a year up to $5,000.00 a case. A Supreme Board of five administers the cases. We give upwards of $375,000.00 a year.

Who May Join

Membership in the Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem consists of the wives, daughters, stepdaughters, stepmothers, step granddaughters, legally adopted daughters, mothers, grandmothers, widows, sisters, half-sister, granddaughters, great granddaughter, aunts and those nieces and grand nieces of Master Masons who have a blood relationship to him, when said Master Mason is in good and regular Standing, and those husbands, sons, fathers, stepfathers, stepsons, step grandfathers, grandsons, brothers, grandfathers, nephews ,or uncles if deceased, were in good standing in some regular Masonic Lodge at their Death, or Master Masons in good and  regular standing and who have no restraining factors imposed upon them by the specific Grand Lodge.

How to Join

It is easy to join the Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem; simply obtain a petition from a friend or acquaintance or a shrine Scribe. Fill in the information requested and submit it along with an initiation fee through the local Shrine. The shrine will have members of an investigating committee visit you with a few questions and to verify your Masonic affiliation. After the results of their visit are reported at a Shrine meeting and a vote taken, you will be notified when to attend for initiation.



In the Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem, there is but One Degree. Candidates for the order must confess a belief in the Christian Religion. Its obligation is upon the honor of those who obtain it, and once voluntarily assumed is perpetual.


   Members are encouraged to attend at least a monthly meeting of their Shrine. Some Shrines have two meetings a month. Most Shrines have other social activities such as dinners, breakfasts, and fashion shows are common. Other activities include bazaars or Staffing Information booths at fairs. Shrines select their own method of Fund-raising.

Fraternal Relations

Through dinners or similar activities ,the Subordinate Shrines are encouraged to have functions which include members of concordant and other Masonic affiliated organizations. Thereby  promoting through exchanges of information, good working relationships with the other Masonic bodies.


Supreme Shrine

While Subordinate Shrines provide activities for the members, there is an international level of the organization under which the Subordinate Shrines are organized. This is the Supreme Shrine and it provides administration for the Constitution and By Laws under which each individual Shrine operates. Supreme Shrine meets annually in May for their legislative session. Approximately 550 Subordinate Shrines with about 75,000 members are found throughout the United States and the Provinces of Canada.