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The Wonderful World of Temple Shrine  

This Is The History of the Beginning

December 1, 1947

A Special Meeting of the Order of the White Shrine of  Jerusalem was called by the Deputy Supreme Watchman Shepherds, Lewis C. Starke, at 3:00 p.m. for the purpose of instituting a new Shrine to be named " Temple Shrine, Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem".

When the meeting was called to order by the Deputy Supreme Watchman of Shepherds, he welcomed all present and explained the purpose of the meeting.

He then introduced Past Worthy High Priestess' Gertude Carder, Hazel Williams, Edna Hood, Grayce Junkley, Hilda Boughner, Veva Archer, and presiding Worthy High Priestess Doris Rogers and Ruie Fried; Past Watchman of Shepherds Thomas Carder, Alvin Funnel, Charles Boughner and Henry Nightlinger.  He welcomed them and thanked them for their interest.

The Installing Officers were introduced and conducted to their seats.  They were Hazel Williams, Bethlehem Shrine No. 1, Supreme Instituting Officer.  Marie Vaughn, Mizpah Shrine, Tacoma, Supreme Noble Prophetess, Grace Raycroft, Supreme Worthy Scribe, Veva Archer, Supreme Worthy Chaplin, Edna Hood, Supreme Worthy Herald, Hilda Boughner, Supreme Worthy Shepherdess, Doris Rogers, Supreme Worthy Guide, Laura Willix, Supreme Worthy Guardian.

The Officers of the New Shrine entered and were seated behind the Altar.

The National Emblem was borne to the East by Charles Boughner, attended by Alvin Funnel and Henry Nightlinger.  All present gave the "Pledge of Allegiance" and sang the "Star Spangled Banner".

A Special Dispensation for instituting a New Shrine by the Deputy Supreme Watchman of Shepherds, Lewis C. Starke, was read by the Worthy Scribe, also the appointment of Lewis C. Starke by the Supreme Watchman of Shepherds was read.  Also the Dispensation of Hazel Williams as the Supreme Instituting Officer was read.  Lewis C. Starke paid high tribute to Sojourner Hazel Williams for the help she extended to him with advice and assistance in planning the Institution and gave much credit to her for the smoothness with which the proceedings had moved up to this point and he felt would continue to the completion of the assemblage.  He thanked her for selling him on the idea of joining the Order and appointing him as her King which was the beginning of a very happy and successful experience and that nothing had brought more Joy and wonderful friendship than his membership in our beloved Order.  Therefore, it was a real honor and privilege to ask the Supreme Watchman of Shepherds to appoint Sojourner Hazel as Supreme Instituting Officer.  Deputy Supreme Watchman of Shepherds introduced and welcomed all the Instituting Officers.  The Supreme Worthy Scribe read the names of all the new petitioners who stood when their names were read.  There were 206 petitioners.

Deputy Supreme Watchman of Shepherds, Lewis C. Starke, gave an explanation of the purpose and foundations for the institutional work.  Supreme Worthy Chaplain offered prayer for the success of the new undertaking.  Petitioners were then given the Obligation by the Supreme Worthy Chaplain and the grip and pass by the Supreme Worthy Shepherdess and Supreme Worthy Guide.

The list of governing officers was read by the Supreme Worthy Scribe.  It was as follows:
Worthy High Priestess Ruth Thorsen
Watchman of Shepherds Grover Nobles
Noble Prophetess Pansy King
Assoc. Watchman of Shep. Frank Fickle
Worthy Scribe Lyda Crozier
Worthy Treasurer Daisy Hokanson
Worthy Chaplain Ella Wazny
Worthy Shepherdess Reland Jungquist
Worthy Guide Gail Fickle
King Lloyd Crozier
Queen Gertrude Carder
First Wise Man Gerald Fox
Second Wise Man Thomas Arundell
Third Wise Man Maurice Walker
First Hand Maid Faye Walker
Second Hand Maid Inez Niestradt
Third Hand Maid Lydia McKay
Worthy Organist Gracia Bremmer
Worthy Guardian Marcella Erickson
Worthy Guard Henry Nightlinger

These officers were given their Obligation and then installed into their respective office.  The Supreme Worthy Herald announced all officers duly installed.

The Deputy Supreme Watchman of Shepherds then instructed there officers as to their duties, rights, and privileges as a Shrine U.D.

A Proclamation was then made by Supreme Worthy Herald that Temple Shrine U.D. was now instituted for the transaction of business.

Deputy Supreme Watchman of Shepherds, Lewis C. Starke, thanked all the Installing Officers and called on Sojourner Ruie Fries, Worthy High Priestess of Bethlehem Shrine, who welcomed the new Shrine members and extended wishes for their success.

Ruth Thorsen graciously expressed her appreciation for the high honor which had been conferred upon her and pledged her loyal support and cooperation.

With thanks to Bethlehem Shrine for the use of their paraphernalia, Deputy Supreme Watchman of Shepherds recessed the meeting, announcing dinner at 6:15 and reconvening at 7:30 p.m.

Grace Raycroft, Worthy Scribe