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This is the easiest way to contact the webmaster of this website. In reference to joining or becoming a dual member to our Shrine, or letting us know of things that we need to add to our website, to make it a better reference for everybody to enjoy. Membership in the Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem consists of the wives, daughters, stepdaughters, stepmothers, step granddaughters, legally adopted daughters, mothers, grandmothers, widows, sisters, half-sister, granddaughters, great granddaughter, aunts and those nieces and grand nieces of Master Masons who have a blood relationship to him, when said Master Mason is in good and regular Standing, and those husbands, sons, fathers, stepfathers, stepsons, step grandfathers, grandsons, brothers, grandfathers, nephews ,or uncles if deceased, were in good standing in some regular Masonic Lodge at their Death, or Master Masons in good and  regular standing and who have no restraining factors imposed upon them by the specific Grand Lodge.

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