Wilmette Park Lodge No. 931

At our Stated Meeting on April 3rd , one of our Past Masters gave an interesting presentation on Masonic Temples, and particular the Temple in Philadelphia.

On April 17th, we welcomed yet another new Entered Apprentice to our Fraternity.
As part of our Intender Program all of our Entered Apprentices are currently working with their Intenders on their catechism and learning about Masonry in general. The Wilmette Park Lodge Intender Program Coordinator Edward Rund P.M is planning a next Education Session in May or June.

Several Brothers from Wilmette went to the Multiple Candidate School in Joliet on April 12th, this was a very informative session.
On April 23rd the Rainbow Girls will provide breakfast at the Glenview Masonic Temple prior to the 3rd NE District Meeting. The main focus of the DDGM at this Meeting will the several major changes in the multiple candidate ritual.

From the South:

Masonic Enlightenment

Our catechisms and lectures are very clear on our condition prior to initiation. We were in darkness and we wished to be brought into the light. Enlightenment is the process of moving from darkness to light.
According to our literature and traditions the primary purpose of becoming a Mason is to become enlightened. Enlightenment aligns our actions with revealed truth, helps us make better decisions and liberates our service to our families, Lodge and community from the darkness of unsubdued passions.
Enlightenment is a process. Our degrees are designed to facilitate and direct this process. However, a Mason must dedicate time and effort to achieve the benefits of enlightenment.
As the process of enlightenment unfolds, old questions are answered or rephrased. New questions begin to take their place and a gap develops between stimulus and response. This gap develops due to our awareness of blind passion directing our response to external events and enables us to develop a new response grounded in the Cardinal Virtues of our Fraternity. We begin to free ourselves from darkness of our non conscious mind and gain a clearer vision of our reality. Our mind's intentions become aligned with our higher selves.
Masonry gives us the opportunity to interact with other seekers of light. These interactions, when guided by our tenets and Cardinal Virtues, gives us an opportunity to see the fullness of our shared experience. We propel each other to higher levels of enlightenment as one who has seen a brief glimpse of the light ahead of us, I humbly thank all of the brothers who have already walked the path of light for leading the way and I hope to join with my brothers on our journey to our higher selves.

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The Officers and Brethren of Wilmette Park Lodge No.931 look forward seeing you in Lodge and or at any of the events.

Wilmette Park Lodge No.931
Meets, First & Third Thursday of the month.
Dinner 6:30 pm, Meeting 7:30 pm
Next Meeting: May 1st , 2014
Special Meeting: May 15th, 2014, no dinner prior to Meeting.

Wilmette Masonic Temple
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