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Foundation Stone set 8th March 1970
Units Opened 5th December 1970
Amenities Centre Building
Completed 23rd February, 1982 - Opened 4th April, 1982.

The matter of a Home was brought forward first in 1956. In 1962 a "Home Committee" of seven was elected to examine the potential of land, building, or sites for a home or for demolition to build a home in the metropolitan area close to Sydney. That said Committee have power to secure suitable property by option or deposit and have power to co-opt one or more persons, not necessarily members of the Order of the Eastern Star, qualified to give advice.

In 1974 the Home Committee became known as Home Management Committee.Properties checked at :- Dulwich Hill, Petersham, Wardell Road, Marrickville, (council adviced drainage of second building not suitable),2 King Street, Ashfield, Eastlakes, (Botany Council advised Water Board had not laid necessary pipes for sufficient sewerage), site at 188-190 William Street, Clemtom Park bought for 11,500 ($23,000) in 1965.

On the 13thOctober 1969 a recommendation was made that a tender of 89,809.80 ($179,619.000 be accepted with a contract signed with a final payment on completion being made to make the final cost 96.215.00 ($192,430.00).

In March 1980 a decision was made to participate in the Hostel Units at Eastern Park. A letter from Mr Noel Roberts, Public Accountant regarding Eastern District OES Hall Co-op Ltd, advising the committee agreed to provide funds to the amount of $50,000 for the errection of an amenities block at "The Laurels" provided the Home management Committee agreed that "the money not to be used for another purpose". This resulted in the Amenities Centrebeing completed on 23rd February 1982 and was opened on 4th April 1982.

Today only ONE unit available at "The Laurels" that members of the Order of the Eastern Star & Hospital Auxiliaries state wide are able to rent for $130 a week.

President Miss. Margaret Standaloft
Vice President Mr.Graham Smith
Trustees Miss Norma Casley and Mrs.Jeanette Farrant
Secretary Mrs.Christine McDonnell
Finance Officer Mrs.Margaret Smith PWM
A Representative from Each District plus 5 Members.

OES Home Fund
Secretary Mrs Jean Jamieson PWDGM
Plus all the above, 4 members from each District and 1 from each Outwith Chapter.

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