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10th October 2012.

Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron of Mount Beluah Chapter with Chapter Members

.back row l to r:- Sis.Merilyn Rowe -District Grand Marshal,, Sis.Rosalyn Ruskin, Marshal Grand Chapter NSW & Act, Sis.Patrica Manefield - Worthy District Grand Matron - Hunter Valley District, Bro.Ian Dunkley - Worthy District Grand Patron - Hunter Valley District, Bro Graham Smith - Worthy District Grand Patron - Illawarra District, Sis. Elizabedth Gillies - Worthy District Grand Matron -Illawarra District,
.front row l to r:- Sis. Danielle Green - Worthy District Grand Matron - Parramatta District, Sis.Margaret Smith,Worthy Grand Matron, Sis.Janet Beck, Most Worthy Grand Matron, Sis Nell Johnson Worthy Matron - Mt Beulah Chapter, Bro. Norman Holden, Worthy Patron - Mt Beulah Chapter, Bro Stuart Lang, Most Worthy Grand Patron.

Mount Beulah Chapter on Saturday 3rd March 2012 Night celebrated 90 years of servlce to our Order and we are very proud of reaching this marvellous goal. It was on Saturday 3rd March we had our meeting and shared the meeting with the M'w.G.M. and M'w.G.P of the United Grand Chapter, the W.G.M. of the Grand Chapter of NSW & ACT, W.D.G.M. of the Parramatta District Grand Chapter and also a wonderful row of visiting Worthy Matrons and Patrons which all added to the decorations and we are also pleased to say that there were two other Districts, Hunter Valley and IlIawarra Districts, but due to the very heavy rain recently Southern District were unable to come as well as our I Worthy Grand Patron and the members of Bathurst Chapter. Sydney District W.D.G.M. was unable to come as she was on a cruise. We were so sad to hear that they were unable to I attend but our thoughts are with all our members who are affected in any way with these floods. Among the Worthy Matrons was the W.M. from Golden Wattle Chapter, which is our sister Chapter having been instituted on the same day. I am looking forward to visiting them in three weeks to help them celebrate their big day and we wish them as good a day as we had. It was wonderful to see our Hall so full of members and visitors. That was a sight that brought a tear to my eye and I am sure many of our members We had some members from long distances come back and some who are not able to attend Chapter very often, how lovely to be able to welcome them again in our Chapter room.

Our Hall, which was the first O.E.S. Hall in the Southern hemisphere, was really lovely as it was decorated with suitable 'party' decorations, balloons and banners etc., and there were many photos on show all around the room covering most of the 90 years. Unfortunately we did not have many photos of the very early years as it would appear that they were not taken as often as we do in these modern days.

We had so many members and friends to thank for help towards the day, among which was a beautiful verse written especially for us by our 'O.E.S. Poet Laureate' Brother Eric Hunt from Goulburn. Thank you Eric. The other thank you's were many and were given at the meeting, but the most important was thank you for the work and support of the Mount Beulah team, who worked so hard to make the day such a success.

We are now a third of the way through this term and had some lovely times with members and friends. At Christmas we had toys and gifts for the needy and then February we held our Harvest Festival meeting with the goods from both of these meetings being donated to the Youth off the Streets organisation and it is always a delight to deliver the goods to them as they are so appreciative of any help they can get. We also have an ongoing project through the year with donations of goods for families who are in need of help at MacDonald House, this is a place of some sadness but so much love beauty and courage, and it is a pleasure to visit.

Our Charity for the year Is Alzheimer's Australia, as we feel sure there are many people who have come into contact with this dreadful affliction and this charity money is growing very well, the collection taken at our meeting certainly swelled the amount raised so far. A date for your diaries is our Charity Luncheon on Saturday is" August at Mount Beulah Hall, we will have Dr Helena Popovic as guest speaker who wrote a book "Finding My father", so do come along to hear her. (Narelle assures me we will all be inspired it will not be sad)

Sister Nell Johnson, Worthy Matron

Mount Beulah O.E.S.Hall
The First O.E.S. Hall in the southern hemisphere opened in 1929. This hall would be able to tell many stories as the members of Mount Beulah have used it for lots of fund raising efforts such as Yearly Fetes, Dinners, Dances and Children's Christmas Parties and many small get togethers. The members of Mount Beulah are very proud of their hall and have a yearly clean up before the Installation.

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