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For The Good Of The Craft


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Compass Points And Events


March 2003

June 2003

Sept. 2003

Feast of St. John's at Newburgh Lodge Dec. 27, 2003 Open on the Entered Apprentice Degree. 6:00 PM.

2004 Officers Installation night Jan. 10, 2004 Dinner 6:00 PM. Installation 7:00PM. Open for family and friends. Contact Brother Bob Addington for more information and details. 812-853-8634             E-MAIL BOB



Family Night 4/15/03 (pics)

Warrick County Open Air 5/31/03 (pics)

Newburgh Parade Breakfast 6/14/2003 (pics)

Scholarship award dinner 6/17/2003 (pics)

Family Picnic   7/26/2003 (pics)








































Things That Are Happening

At Newburgh Lodge

Looking Back

This year is about over. I try to gather my thoughts to understand where this year has gone.

With the help of the members and officers of this lodge we accomplished a few things at Newburgh this year. I am very thankful for all of the hard work my brothers did for this lodge. It has been a fun year for me, working with a great officer line. So my brothers I thank you.

Looking Foward

2004 will be a great year for Newburgh lodge. Brother Bob has some fine ideas to help this lodge grow and prosper. His officers are excited and are ready to help brother Bob accomplish his goals for this coming year.

WM Dennis Bolin

Lodge Officers for 2004

Bob Addington Worshipful Master

Paul Rainey Senior Warden

Randy Beem Junior Warden

WB Ray Bradley Secretary

WB Hugh Metz Treasurer

Gary Bradley Senior Deacon

Kenneth Ireland Junior Deacon

Ron Millikan Chaplain

Frank Bolin Senior Steward

Bill Hackley Junior Steward

Jim Jackson Tyler