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Compass Points

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March 2003



Worshipful Master - Dennis T. Bolin

Senior Warden - Robert E. Addington

Junior Warden - Paul E. Rainey

Treasure - Hugh E. Metz

Secretary - E. Ray Bradley

Senior Deacon - Randall E. Beem

Junior Deacon - Donald Niehaus

Chaplin - Ronald E. Millikan

Senior Steward - Lee Bennett

Junior Steward - William H. Hackley

Tyler - Jim Jackson


Planning Calender


April 1, 2003  We will have a Lodge for Education at 6:00 PM. Following the Lodge of Education we will have a practice on the Entered Apprentice Degree.

April 15, 2003 Stated Meeting

Dinner at 6:00 PM

Lodge at 7:00 PM

WM E-Mail address dtb8453@aol.com

Looking From The East

I would like to thank all the brothern and their families who attended the Installation of this years officers.

At the area conference the Grand Master stressed the need for change. I believe he is right. We need to put some fun into the Lodge.

Please plan to attend the April 1, 2003 Lodge for Education and practice. I’m sure all the officers will appreciate your attendance.

The dinner before the stated meeting will be an “old style” hamburger and hotdog cookout. Bring your families, and any potential canidate and their families. Let’s have some fun and fellowship. Isn’t that what Masonry’s about?

I need your help. Please call all the brothern you know. Remind them about the dinner. With your help we can fill the lodge. Help my officers and I make the year 2003 a great year for Newburgh Lodge and the Craft.

Get involved “Rediscover Masonry“.

WM Dennis T. Bolin