Warrick County Open Air


The Lodges of Warrick County Indiana put on a Master Masons degree May 31, 2003 at WB Hugh Metz's farm.

We had an excellent turnout and the food was great. I believe the barbeque this year was the best we have had in years. A greatful thanks to the brothers who prepared this fine feast.

  I want to thank Rainbow Girls for providing drinks and desserts. These sincere young ladies always do a fine job.

A special thanks to Wilma Metz who knows how to do the trimmings. Every year she seems to do more and more to insure that the food is done up proper and good.

Newburgh #174 was the host lodge this year. The first section was put on by WB Rodney Bruner and the rest of the officers of Strangers Rest #240. WB John Anderson and the officers of Lynnville #396 did the second section.

The lodge was opened in ample form by MW Brother William A. Gallmiester at 7:00 PM. (Grand Master Of The Grand Lodge Of Indiana 1990).

RW Brother Dennis Herrell (Senior Grand Warden Of The Grand Lodge Of Indiana) was put to masonic work. This evening would not have been a suscess if  he had not pitched in and helped. The Worshipful Masters and Officers of Warrick County really appreciate the fine work you did this evening.

The Blue Lodges of Warrick County  wishes to thank MW Brother Hugh Metz for allowing us to use his farm to put on this annual event. And also for the dedication and hard work he does time after time to see that every open-air is memorable in the hearts and minds to all who attend.

Pictures Courtesy Of WB Hugh Metz

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Tylers Hard At Work

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30 Minutes Before Lodge

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There was alot brothers who helped put on this degree. They all did a great job. I really do appreciate their hard work. Thank you Brothers....