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Items For Sale

The following items are  being sold by the 120 Club to help support the Lodge. They can be ordered by sending a check for the appropriate amount to:

You can come to our stated meeting.

Tail Light Decals

These come in pairs, and are designed to be placed on your tail lights, Then your tail lights light up the Masonic Square and Compasses (Past Masters available in white only: standard available in black or white), or the Scottish Rite eagle. Price at our stated meeting: $4.00 per set.

Golf Shirts

Available as shown, blue with a gold square-and-compasses. Please specify size (XXL, XL, M, S). Price at our stated meeting: $12.00 each.

Funeral Arm Bands


These have Velcro closures. Price at our stated meeting: $10.00 each.

120 Club Decals


Price at our stated meeting: $2.00 each.