McMakin Lodge #120 F & AM


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2010 - 2011 officers

Worshipful Master - Bradford C. Smith II

Senior Warden - Robert F. Benton

Junior Warden - Roy Wiley

Treasurer - Gregory R. Theile 

Secretary - David L. Holmes click here to send email

Senior Deacon - Brian Douglas

Junior Deacon - Richard Carpenter

Senior Steward - James Baer

Junior Steward - Joseph R. Nelson

Steward of Lodge - Jim Pennington

Chaplain - Vic Lukatz, PM

Tyler - Kyle Peterson

Preparation Steward - William Richards, Sr. PM

Banquet Steward - Kyle Peterson

Lodge Education Officer - Danny Lutz PM

Fellowcraft Team Leader - Victor N. Lukatz, PM

Trustees -   Term Expires
  William Richards, Sr, PM 2012
  Danny Lutz, PM 2013
Wayne Furr 2014