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120 Club


120 Club

The 120 club meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month at a time and place to be determined.

 Check the Trestle Board for details on this month's meeting..




Dan Foertsch


Darren Foertsch


Gregg Theile


Danny Lutz


The following are pictures from the 120 Club fishing outing of 2008 . They were taken by Dan Foertsch.

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1. The name of this organization shall be the 120 FellowCraft Club.

2. The organization shall have a logo in the following form:

3. The organization may at its pleasure, by a majority vote of its members, change its name.



 1. The object of this organization is to promote fraternal relationships, raise funds for charitable causes, to plan and promote social activities, and to assist McMakin Lodge.


2. This organization is a social Club and is not gov­erned by any other rules than the By-Laws of this Club.


1.     Membership in this organization is limited to Master Masons in good standing in a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons recognized by the Grand Lodge of Ohio.

2.     The Dues of this Organization shall be $5 per annum and shall be payable by the annual meeting in December. A member having paid his dues is a member in good standing.


1.     The officers of this organization shall be:

(1) President, (2) Vice-President, (3) Secretary, (4) Treasurer. All of these officers shall constitute the Executive Committee. 

2.     It shall be the duty of the President to call and preside at all meetings, and perform all other duties usually required by the office; and to appoint such standing committees as provided for under Article VI.


3.     It shall be the duties of the Vice-President to assist the President as he may direct and in his absence to perform the duties of the President.

4.     It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a cor­rect record of all meetings, read all communications that may be presented to the Club, receive and account for all dues, mail all notices and communications and perform such other duties as required.

5. The Treasurer shall keep a complete permanent record of all moneys received and paid out, and give receipt for all moneys received. He shall pay out moneys of the Club only on bills that are approved at a regular meeting.


1. A Nomination Committee of three (3) or more members, plus two (2) members of the Executive Committee shall be appointed by the President at the September meeting. This Committee shall present the names of candidates for each office at the December meeting. Additional nominations maybe made from the floor.

2. Ballots will be cast by members present at the Decem­ber meeting and those ballots should be cast separately for each office and not simultaneously.

3. Ballots shall be counted by the President and results announced at the December meeting. Any candidate receiving a majority of the votes cast shall be declared elected.


1. The standing committees appointed by the President shall be Activities, Fund Raising and Membership.

2. The Executive Committee shall administer the affairs of the Club and its membership; also make such rules as are consistent with the by-laws, for the conduct of the Club.

3. The Activities Committee shall be composed of five (5) members and its duties shall be to arrange for places of meeting and to plan the programs for the year and to provide entertainment and refreshment for the Club’s meetings.


 1.   Regular General Membership meetings of this Club shall be held monthly on the forth Wednesday of the month, at 7:00 p.m. or other dates at places announced by the Activities Committee Chairman through the medium of the Lodge Bulletin.

 2.   The December meeting in each year shall be the annual meeting, at which Officers shall be declared elected and installed and the reports of Officers and Committees shall be submitted.

 3.   A special meeting of the Club may be called by three (3) Officers.

 4.        A regular meeting may be rescheduled by the President upon notice to the members.


 1. The By-Laws of this Club shall be considered as the rules of conduct and shall be amended, as necessary, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Committees and shall become effective when ratified by a majority vote of the membership at a regular meeting.


 1. Proposed amendments to the By-Laws may be submitted in writing at any time to the Secretary; signed by not less than ten per cent (10%) of the membership. Such proposed amendments shall be read at the next regular legal meeting and then be laid over for a period of thirty(30)days or to the following regular meeting. After a second reading the President shall authorize said proposed amendments to be voted upon. At this meeting, the ballots shall be counted and the amendment considered adopted if a two-thirds (2/3) majority of ballots cast at time of meeting are favorable; otherwise, the amendment shall be considered defeated.



     Adopted: May      2006