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Volume 7 * Issue 01 * January 2011

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Volume 8 * * October 2011

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The Trestle Board

October 22, 2011 – Jackson Lodge #45 will

host a Masonic Open House beginning at 2:00

pm. Several Masonic Bodies and

Organizations will be on hand to meet the

public and answer questions about our ancient

and honorable craft


October 25, 2011 – Annual Grand Lodge

Official Visit and Lodge Grading for Jackson

Lodge #45. 7pm


November 1, 2011 – Jackson Lodge #45

Entered Apprentice Degree. Dinner at 6pm

with Degree work to follow


November 8, 2011 – Jackson #45 Stated

Meeting – Dinner 6 PM – Meeting 7


November 12, 2011 – Jackson Lodge #45

Pancake Breakfast Fund Raiser. 8 am to 10



January 14, 2012 – Jackson Lodge #45 will

host an Educational Meeting for the Education

Committee of the Grand Lodge of Tennessee

F&AM. This meeting will begin at 10 am and

continue into the afternoon. Lunch will be

provided with donations appreciated.


Deceased Brothers

The following Brothers of Jackson Masonic

Lodge #45 have reached the end of their

earthly journeys and have sought admittance

into the Celestial Lodge above. We cherish

their memories here and commend their spirits

to God who gave them.


Ernest B. Parrish

Deceased : April 26, 2011

Dewey Oliver Baker

Deceased: August 11, 2011

Robert Drew Conger

Deceased: September 20, 2011


2012 Dues Notices


You should have received your 2012 Jackson

Lodge #45 Dues notices. As you will notice,

the 2012 dues have increased by $4.50 to

$69.50 annually.

The reason for the increase this year is the

increase by the Grand Lodge of Tennessee of

the Per Capita Tax on every active member

Master Mason in the state of Tennessee from

$15.50 to $20.00.

The $69.50 dues you are charged is broken

down into the following categories:

$39.50 – Dues that go to Jackson Lodge #45

for the operation of the Lodge (utilities,

insurance, bills, etc.)

$20.00 – Grand Lodge Per Capita Tax

$10.00 –Grand Lodge Building Fund

Assessment per every active Master Mason.

The Grand Lodge Per Capita Tax and the

Grand Lodge Building Assessment Fund must

be remitted to the Grand Lodge upon demand,

usually in late January of each year …

whether the local Lodge has actually colleted

it or not. That is why Lodge dues are due and

payable on or before January 1st of each year,

otherwise, we are forced to forward money to

the Grand Lodge we have not colleted.

Thank you, in advance, for paying your dues

as soon as possible so your Lodge can meet its

financial obligations.



How long have lodges with speculative

masons been in existence?

To be historically accurate, one cannot go beyond

six centuries to find lodges of masons accepting

men other than operative craftsmen. And for many

centuries few, other than actual craftsmen, were

accepted. But it's not unreasonable to assume

clerics and other educated men were readily united

with the craftsmen (most of whom couldn't read or

write). Grand Lodge says the first record of nonoperatives

being accepted was in July 1634 when

Lord Alexander, Sir Anthony Alexander and Sir

Alexander Strachan were admitted "fellow craft" in

the Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary's Chapel). Coil

dates non-operative masons from 1600 in the

Lodge of Edinburgh, but Mc Leod believes this

incorrect. The nonoperative, John Boswell,

attended a trial of a warden, not a meeting of the

lodge. But this Lodge did admit Lord

ALEXANDER of Menstrie in 1634 as a

Fellowcraft. Then Coil finds nonoperatives in

Kelso, 1652; Aberdeen, 1670; Kilwinning, 1672.

He found the last of the operative masons as

members of a lodge in Lodge Glasgow in 1842.



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