Masonic light first came to Jackson and Madison County, Tennessee, more than one hundred and eighty two years ago with the granting of Dispensation to “sundry brethren” living in the region, and one year later, one hundred and eighty one years ago when Jackson Lodge No. 45 was chartered on October 6, 1823, in the administration of General Andrew Jackson, Grand Master of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Tennessee.

Continuously since then, it has operated as the first and oldest Masonic Lodge in West Tennessee.

The Lodge was named for both the City of Jackson and for General Andrew Jackson.

Since October 6, 1823, Jackson Lodge No. 45, Free and Accepted Masons has weathered the storms of ten war periods in the United States.

It passed through the Yellow Fever period (1900), survived fires in 1904, 1913, and 1977 which destroyed Masonic records of Jackson Lodge No. 45; a United States money panic in 1907; a depression of 1930; and has gone through the vicissitudes of passing years.

During all these periods, the brethren have continued to conduct business, have maintained the Lodge Charter, and have held regular lodge sessions, with few interruptions, even during the War Between the States.

Those were trying times during this war when brother fought against brother, followed by the dark days of Northern occupation and the period of Carpetbaggers and Reconstruction.

A number of pages were cut from a Minute Book during that period for some reason not explained. Why? Was it fear of reprisal, was it because some special loyalty of the Lodge or of certain members to the South, certain names of Southern patriots or events believed unfriendly to the North? We do not know. There was no explanation.

Throughout its history, Jackson Lodge has been widely known for its spirit of leadership and brotherhood in West Tennessee and its most generous hospitality.

At its regular Stated Meetings, at special celebrations and events, feasts have been spread to which brethren, not only of neighboring lodges in West Tennessee, but brothers of lodges anywhere else have been invited through lodge notices in the newspapers and in its printed programs and newsletters.

Jackson Lodge No. 45 is the 13th oldest Lodge in Tennessee. It has been remarkably free from inner disturbances, is highly respected and holds its place as one of the larger and more progressive lodges in the State; and in Masonic leadership it ranks in the highest brackets of distinction.

It antedates any other organization in Jackson; church, school or fraternity, and it shared its lodge building as a meeting place for churches of various denominations, for schools and other fraternal institutions.




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