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The auditorium is available for rental and has been used for meetings, dances, banquets, wedding receptions, and more. The auditorium has a small stage. Contact us at Hagerstown Masonic Temple for more information and to reserve the auditorium.

The charges are:
Auditorium only - $60 for up to 4 hours plus a $25 Cleaning Deposit*
Auditorium and light kitchen use - $130 for up to 4 hours plus a $50 Cleaning Deposit*
    (Includes use of stoves, refrigerators and sinks.)
Auditorium and heavy kitchen use - $750 per day plus a $200 Cleaning Deposit*
    (Includes use of all appliances, equipment and dinnerware.)

The cleaning deposit will be refunded if rooms and equipment are clean and trash removed after use.