Rockhampton Installation Photos
     Glenmore Chapter No 170.
    Order of The Eastern Star

      North Rockhampton,Queensland


Installation 10th September 2005
Sis.Merlyn Pollitt [Worthy District Grand Matron],Sis.Betty Gabel[Worthy Matron],
 Bro.Jim Large [Worthy Patron],Bro.Graham Pollitt [Worthy District Grand Patron].

Newly installed Office Bearers

Seated l to r :-Sis.June Boyd,Sis.Isabel Jones [Associate Matron],Sis.Betty Gabel [Worthy Matron], 
Bro.Jim Large [Worthy Patron],Bro.Trevor Wyhte {associate Patron].
Standing l to r :-Sis.June Seibhur,Sis.Rosemary Barnes,Sis.May Proll,Bro.Clarie Proll,Sis Julie Whyte,
Sis.Rosan Mathewson,Sis.May Batchelor,Sis.Estel Field,Sis.Norma Fuller, Bro. Alistair, 
Sis.Ida Voulis, Sis.Claudia Large.

Worthy Matron and Chapter Points

Seated l to r : Sis.June Boyd,Sis.B.Gable, [Wothy Matron]. Standing l to r : Sis.Estel Field,Sis.Norma Fuller,Sis.Claudia Large,Sis.Rosemary Barnes.

Sis.Betty Gabel [Worthy Matron] & Bro.Jim Large [Worthy Patron} cutting Installation Cake.

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