Glenmore Chapter No 170.
    Order of The Eastern Star
       North Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia

Eastern Star Membership

Who may join: Only men who are Masons are eligible and only women with specific Masonic affiliation may be members. These affiliations include : 

  • Affiliated Master Masons in good standing
  • the wives
  • daughters
  • legally adopted daughters
  • mothers
  • widows
  • sisters
  • half sisters
  • granddaughters
  • stepmothers
  • stepdaughters
  • stepsisters
  • daughters-in-law
  • grandmothers
  • great granddaughters
  • nieces
  • mothers-in-law
  • sisters-in-law

and daughters of sisters or brothers of affilliated Master Masons in good standing, or if deceased were in good standing at the time of their death; each of whom shall have attained the age of eighteen (18) years, are eligible to membership in the Order of the Eastern Star. 
How to join: To enquire about membership, talk to a current member, or contact a local chapter. To find Chapters in your area click here. You can send a mail message, with your contact information and it will be forwarded on to the appropriate members. 

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