Glenmore Chapter No 170.
    Order of The Eastern Star
       North Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia


A number of committed Sisters felt that there was a need for another Order of the Eastern Star Chapter in Rockhampton. They decided to investigate the possibilities of founding a Chapter on the northern side of the city. As circumstances turned out, this proved to be a far-sighted venture. 
In August 1963, these sisters made an application to the Supreme Grand Chapter of Scotland, the following being an extract of the reply. “sufficient reason having been shown to exist for the granting of this Dispensation, by virtue of the authority vested in us, we do hereby present, authorise and empower to form a Chapter of the Order in Kawana, (being a suburb in North Rockhampton) Queensland under the title of Glenmore No 622 .. under the seal of the Supreme Grand Chapter of Scotland this fifth day of September, 1964. “  
One of the first tasks was to find a suitable meeting place which was, in accordance with the regulations. The Glenmore Presbyterian Church Hall, Farm Street, Kawana was found to suit the requirements. 
With a meeting place arranged it was now necessary to raise funds to meet expenses of the new Chapter. From records it is noted that due to the generosity of the founding members, and list of donations the Chapter was opened debt free. In addition each office bearer that was installed at the Instituting of the Chapter made a donation of the regalia for that office.  
The day arrived and on the 7th November 1964, Glenmore Chapter No 622 was Instituted, followed by the election and installation of its office bearers. Glenmore had the honour of being the first Chapter to be instituted by the newly formed Burnett District Grand Chapter, which had been commissioned just six months previously. 
Over two hundred people attended the Instituting Banquet held in the old ALP Hall in Park Avenue. 
The Chapter kept meeting in the Presbyterian Hall , Kawana until late 1967. Records show that in July 1968, dispensation was granted for the Chapter to change its meeting place, the new meeting place to be Saint Barnabas Church of England Hall, Musgrave Street North Rockhampton. 
Tragedy struck the Chapter on the night of 17th January 1976 when a fire destroyed the Saint Barnabas Church of England Hall. All the property of the Chapter was destroyed and even all the good work that had been put in by members to improve the meeting place. The items that were salvaged from the ruins was the Chapter Bible, also the bottom portion of the orginal Charter from Scotland showing the date and part of the signature of Most Worhy Grand Matron & Most Worthy Grand Patron. Both of which are framed and hang on display at each Chapter meeting. 
Like all good Chapters this was not the end and a new meeting venue was sought. To this end the Buffalo Hall (Forresters), Linnett Street North Rockhampton was approved by Burnett District Grand Chapter and accordingly the required dispensation was issued. But like all organisations a home had to be found to hold the meetings. In June 1976 the Chapter moved to the Orange Grove Hall, Alexandra Street North Rockhampton. This has become the home and meeting venue of the Chapter since that June Meeting. 
On the 8th June 1985 the United Grand Chapter of Australia was instituted and became the governing body for all Chapters in Australia. This resulted in a number change with Glenmore changing its number from No 622 under the Supreme Grand Chapter of Scotland to No 170 holden under the United Grand Chapter of Australia.  

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