by William R. Fischer



There is no charge more frequently made against Free Masonry than that of its tendency to revolt or affect the peace of society or interfere with the rights of government.

That was the cry of all "Barruels and Robisons", two anti-masonic groups. It was also the theme anti-masons used in preaching that we as Masons were trying to take over the affairs of government.

There has never been found any recorded history of a connection between Freemasonry and politics. Anti-masons seem to overlook that fact, and spread rumors which have lasted for centuries. Even the Ancient constitutions of the order expressly forbid connections with the government, but as always anti-masons still condemn Masonry as a political club.



by William R. Fischer


The interval between the reception of one degree and the succeeding one is called the probation of the candidate. It is during this period that he is to prove his qualification for advancement. The length of time for the probation has varied as long as six years nine months to as little as a week.


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