by William R. Fischer



Free Masonry is undoubtedly a progressive science. The fundamental principles of the institution are the same now as they were at the very beginning. Our principles should never change.

We can and should make adjustments as we move towards the future. The one who changes is the one most ready to meet that future. Some have forgotten that change is a natural progression of life and of Masonry. If you think this has not been a problem in the past, look into the Revival of 1717. The changes made at that time caused a split in Masonry but in time, as always, cooler heads prevailed and we once again joined hands.

We have again come to these crossroads and must make a decision weather to follow the trail we are on or to take another path. The path you take will move Masonry towards the future or condemn it to obscurity as has happen to other Institutions.

We must make our decisions soon and move toward a new beginning and let cooler heads guide us.


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