by William R. Fischer



It is thought that King Solomon erected these pillars as a reference to the Pillar of Clouds and the Pillar of Fire.

He did not simply erect them as ornaments, but as memorials of Gods repeated promise of support to his people.

The name of the pillar on the left came from two words, IN and STRENGTH meaning of which is "in strength it be established" the name of the pillar on the right came from one word, JEHOVAH meaning "God".

When you place them together you have "God will establish his house of Israel". These pillars stood as a daily reminder to those who entered the Temple.

I mentioned Pillars of Cloud and Fire, at the beginning.

The Pillar of Cloud, emblematic of water, went before the Israelites by day and the Pillar of Fire emblematic of light, lead them by night in their journey through the wilderness.

The one on the right represents the Pillar of Cloud, and the one on the left the Pillar of Fire.

The names of the pillars are symbolic of the strength and stability of the Institution.

They have many meanings but what they represent is the superintending and protecting power of the Deity.


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