by William R. Fischer



If the Worshipful Master asked each of us, to go forth and find one good man, where would you go?

Would you look in a house of worship, where you work, at a social gathering, on the street, or in your own home?

Who would you be looking for? A relative, friend, neighbor,
or a stranger?

How would you know that he is a good man? By what others think of him, by what his family thinks of him, by who he associates with, by his actions or all of the above?

Where would you look?

In your heart.

You are a good person so you should look for the same qualities in others as you have in yourself.

You have already been asked to do this, to find one good man. This is why we hold friendship nights, have open house, hold open installations, invite friends and family to look over the Lodge and let people know of the good work we do.

We have hidden too long. We must open up and advertise our good will. At the Grand Masters reception February 27, 1993 Most Worshipful Brother H. Ray Evens stated "You should strive to replace yourself" in doing so you will have found a good man and strengthened the Fraternity.


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