by William R. Fischer



While reading a book of adventure, more fiction than fact, I came upon this paragraph.

"We came to an area of great construction and was stopped by a guard. He told us that we could not proceed in this direction. Knowing it would take at least a week to circumvent the vast work sight my mysterious friend approached the sentinel. After shaking his hand and speaking in that universal language of Masons we were permitted to pass unmolested. My friend told me that we would be welcome if we should pass this way again, plus this will stop anyone trying to follow us."

What a surprise to find out that we have a language! Boy have I been missing something!

It is said by some, that Masons have a universal language to which they use to communicate to every Mason in the world. We know this is not true. Or do we?

Our actions, thoughts and beliefs are universal. Through our actions our thoughts are well known, and we all believe in the Supreme Architect of the Universe. Maybe we do have a universal language.

Through our acts of brotherly love we relieve distress and in this manner stay true to ourselves and to our obligations. So our universal language is the Three Great Tenets of a Masons profession.


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