In Memory Of Hugh Porter

As I think back and remember
Memories of happy times
When we laughed, joked, and played
It's so clear in my mind.

You always were there
At a time when I had no friends
You proved time over time
That you would be there to the end.

When I went through problems
Your doors were never closed
You respected what I stood for
Even when I was wrong

You had guide me by correction
With a gentle helping hand
I don't think you had realized
That I, was your #1 fan.

Some didn't see your heart
Like I have always seen
The goodness and Kindness
Your compassionate deeds

But then came a time
When the Sun turned to Moon
And I took life for granted
You would leave much too soon

So all I have now
Are memories of you
Didn't get to say, "I Love You"
And I pray you always knew

So as you transcend
In that great eternal life
You will always be my hearts treasure
An infinite Beacon Light.

Ezekiel M. Bey






I once requested to enter in
A place unknown a place within
I had a guide, cause I was blind
I could not see what was inside

Instructions given to knock three times
So I obeyed, and did it thrice
Before I knew a sound was made
A door flew open, admission gained

Escorted in, conductors path
To different places I could not grasp
Three times they asked, was it my choice
I said, "it is", in nervous voice

Once this had ended, I came again
Once more to enter a second day
After it all, I was requested
To come once more, complete the lesson

On my third time, I did not know
That I must die a death untold
But to explain what happen then
It was a miracle I rose again.

The mysteries, of arts, of Mind
Philosophies that prove divine
To seek and learn the lessons told
Improve yourself, a voice had echoed

It came so clear, why I had asked
To enter in, the door of paths
Subconscious thoughts an endless clock
In all I realized, why I had knocked

Ezekiel M. Bey






I see your heart when no one cares
Beyond the surface in your despair
You struggle hard to show your good
And all you ask, to be understood

You love to teach, what you have learned
To share you knowledge and you concerns
No body listens to your desire
Misunderstood of inner fire

The disappointment that you confront
An Angered rage because want
To just express your inner soul
But heart and spirit must rise and glow

Above your passions where you must rise
And you will find a clear blue sky
So rise above, you'll see the glare
You'll also find that I'll be there

Don't ever think you walk alone
For I'm your Brother in every fold
Just trust in God, Our Graceful Father
No Matter what, "Continue Brother"!!!

Ezekiel M.Bey






From the day of your birth, I enjoyed your smile
It felt so good, you where my child
I watched you grow through out the years
We laughed and played, and many tears

Nevertheless I seen your soul
The Goodness in you, the inner glow
I bragged about you with all my friends
Because you proved, my honor you'd defend

And as you grew your wings would soar
I had to realize a child no more
I cannot lie it felt so hard
A time would come your life's your charge

Never a time I felt ashame
Through our mistakes no one's the blame
Its just experiences we had to learn
To make us better, to make us firm

Clouds may come but they don't last
The Sun will prove that clouds will pass
So as I remember a child one time
A man just grew, a Son that's mine.

"I Love You Son"

Ezekiel M. Bey






The leaves are all gone,
and the trees are bare.
Winter's yet to come,
but we don't care.

Season to season,
we watch things grow.
We look to the future,
with places to go.

We've been to the South,
the West and the East.
It's now time to pause,
and to have some peace.

Our work is not done,
we did what we could.
But now we teach others,
the way that we should.

We must live our lives,
from young and to older.
'cause' We know that God,
looks over our shoulder.







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