The square and compasses and the letter G
I proudly wear for the world to see
It's the most recognized emblem in Masonry

When you wear it on your ring or cap
It lets people know we're still on the map
And many more brothers I do meet
When I walk down a strange street

Folks should see that we do right
For Masons are the sons of light
The fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man
For our great fraternity the emblem does stand

Copy Right 1999 By Bro. C. Pylate Price






Initiated into the secret word,
We speak languages not spoken by any other people,
We give signs not known in any country,
We hear voices, not heard by any other human.

Which power keeps me in this light?
Who were strangers outside the Templegates,
Are Brethren now since thousand years.
And look! The stars above our heads!
I meet you in the middle of the earth
And on the faults of universe.







Brother, is there something between you and me?
The east is glowing in a golden candlelight,
we listen to Mozart, and think in different languages,
Yet, I understand you, as you understand me.

I dont know your place in your society,
I do not know to which God you daily pray,
There must be thousands things that seperates you and I.
Brother, is there something between you and me?

You make the sign and know the word.
I know you now,
allthough you live under a different sky;
You are my brother, seated next to me.

Brother is there something between you and me?
Between us, in the chain, the secret lives.
I heard your heart, as you heard mine,
and from countless miles, we recognize.





3, 5, 7, JUST NUMBERS?

Three are the number who once reigned supreme.
At the building of the temple, King Solomon's dream.

Five are the number of noble orders named,
also to hold a Lodge, the numbers the same.

Seven, for perfect this number we need.
The arts and the sciences and music indeed!

These are not just numbers, but steps on a stair
Which we have all climbed to the middle chamber.

We each got our wages in that central place.
Where certain characters and figures the walls they did grace.

If this stirs your mind of your Fellowcraft degree,
Then you learned of that building from the same board as me.

Kenny Lawtie P.M. Lodge Gordons 589





Upstairs in the Lodge on a Friday night
Over one hundred there :- Oh what a sight
To-night it is a first Degree
And candidates we have three.

The Lodge is opened in ancient form
But of course this is the norm.
Visitors welcomed, minutes read
Without one hitch as is the dread.

Candidates in and obligated
Lectures given, secrets stated.
Every word and sign correct,
Now just the donations to collect.

Greetings given and returned
Lodge is closed , work adjourned.
We meet downstairs in perfect harmony
This is my dream for Freemasonry.

Brother Kenny Lawtie P.M.





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