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Bridgeport Lodge No. 181, F & A. M. was chartered October 17, 1849, by The Grand Lodge of Ohio at its 41st Communication in Steubenville, Ohio.

George W. Anderson was the first Worshipful Master of Bridgeport Lodge No. 181, William F. Crawford the first Senior Warden and Aurther Higgins the first Junior Warden and following were the members of the newly chartered lodge: William Stewart, Townsend Frazier, John Amerine, Albert D. Rice, James M Smith, William F. Crawford, James M. McConnahey, Reuben Miller, Jeremiah C. Fields, Ezekiel Harris, Amon McSwards, and Joseph Hicks.

The first lodge home was in the Dollar Savings Bank Building located at the corner of Lincoln and Main Streets. A fire destoryed the building in 1865 and the lodge records were lost. Later that year, the lodge made arrangements to build an additional story onto the Cook Building at 211 1/2 Main Street. They met there until 1940, at that time the new building was erected at Lincoln Avenue and Whitely Streets.

The cornerstone laying of the building was on September 15, 1940 on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Bridgeport was filled with Masons and their friends who came to assist on this great celebration. It was estimated that 1200 persons witnessed the ceremonies, not counting the approximate 600 masons from far and near who formed a line from the old building to the new Lodge.

Right Warshipful Deputy Grand Master, Leonard Campbell of Cambridge filled the Grand Master's station, while the other Grand Lodge Stations were occupied by Masters from neighboring lodges of the 23rd Masonic District of Ohio.

On October 17, 1949, Bridgeport Lodge No. 181 celebrated their 100th Anniversary with Worshipful Brother Edgar A. Neer as Worshipful Master.

Through the years Bridgeport Lodge No. 181 has had several District Education Officers and District Deputy Grand Masters as well as distinguished members from the Blue Lodge as well as the various other connected organizations.

In 1997 Bridgeport Lodge No. 181 started a renovation of the building, with the considerable assistance of the Bridgeport Chapter No. 452 Order of Eastern Star.

Now, as Bridgeport Lodge No. 181 moves towards the Twentyfirst Century, we were the first Masonic Lodge in the 23rd Masonic District to have a homepage. The support for this new media was accepted without a single question proving that Masonry is a progressive fraternity seeking to shake hands with Masons throughout the world.