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Masonic Education

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Seek and ye shall find!

One aspect of improving one's self as a Mason is improving his Masonic knowledge.  From time to time, at least monthly, we will be posting information in this section to help brethren do just that.  We encourage all of our brethren to send items to the webmaster for posting in this section.  We welcome all ideas and thoughts and hope that together we can improve each other in Masonry.


2/20/2005 - What Masonry Means - This reprint from a Short Talk Bulletin from May 1927 still rings true today.  Read this and see if it gets you thinking.

2/20/2005 - A Lesson For Freemasons - Reprinted from "The Spirit of Freemasonry" originally printed in 1843 remains a great lesson of what the symbols of Freemasonry relate to in a moral context.  Great reading for any Mason, young or old.

3/27/2005 - What Is A Mason? - Written by Bro. Charles H. Tupper, this gives just a little insight on what Masons are and what their purpose is. 

3/27/2005 - Standard of Masonic Conduct - Reprinted from a Short Talk Bulletin first written by the Grand Lodge of Minnesota.  This details some of the conduct that is expected from a Mason both inside and outside of the Lodge.  Remember, Brethren, the world will judge the tree by its fruit!

4/23/2005 - Blue Lodge Masonry - Provides a brief introduction to what the Blue Lodge is.  Provides a little insight for prospective Masons.

4/23/2005 - Seek and Ye Shall Find - A short discourse on the importance of every Mason continually attempting to improve his Masonic knowledge.

5/23/2005 - Freemasonry In Society - A great discourse on the role of Freemasonry in society and how we as Masons should conduct ourselves.  Excellent reading for any Mason.

5/23/2005 - To The Lady And Family Of A Mason - Should be required reading for all wives and family of Masons.  Perhaps this will help to answer some questions about the fraternity.

9/19/2005 - Why I Became A Mason - A great re-print of a Short Talk Bulletin.  This topic makes for a great conversation starter at any Lodge and makes a great topic of discussion between brethren.  Ask the Brethren you come in contact with why they became Masons.

9/19/2005 - The Future of Masonry - This Short Talk Bulletin re-printed from September 1928 realizes many of the same problems even then that Masonry has today.  A great read.

12/19/2005 - Guidelines for Investigating Committees - One of the most asked questions that I have heard from brethren since I have come into the Lodge is "What am I supposed to do on an investigation committee?"  I agree, sometimes, the purpose of such a job is not always clear.  This short article may prove beneficial to both new Lodge members serving on their first committee, as well as older members who may have served previously but just need a refresher.

12/19/2005 - The Reputation of the Fraternity - Reprinted from a Short Talk Bulletin from April 1930, this provides some good guidelines on our duties as Freemasons to preserve the reputation of our great fraternity.

12/19/2005 - A Response To Critics of Freemasonry - Information provided here that might put to rest many of the concerns outsiders have about our Craft. 

1/24/2006 - Masonic Expectations - A good Short Talk Bulletin that every Mason should read and ponder about.  Has Masonry met your expectations?

1/24/2006 - What Came You Here To Do - An interesting little poem I found somewhere but cannot remember where.  If anyone can enlighten me to the author of this work, I will add credit where credit is due.

2/26/2006 - A Simple Explanation To What Is A Mason - Many thanks go to Bro. Glenn Fannin for responding to one of the links on this page.  Part of the reason I began this education page was to encourage thought and communication between brethren on the topics I presented.  Thank you, Bro. Fannin, for spreading Masonic knowledge.

2/26/2006 - The Mystical Quest In Freemasonry - A rather involved and lengthy writing but extremely well worth the time involved.  An excellent read.

3/25/2006 - Warren Harding - Freemason - A Short Talk Bulletin reprinted from September 1923.  An interesting read regarding one of the Presidents of the United States and a brother Mason. 

3/25/2006 - Benjamin Franklin, Freemason - Staying with our historical theme this month, this article is a reprint of a Short Talk Bulletin from October 1933 regarding one of Freemasonry's most interesting brethren.

5/21/2006 - The Great Secret of Freemasonry - A good read.  The source is unknown but it tells a good tale.

5/21/2006 - The Past Master - Reprint of a Short Talk Bulletin from January 1931.  A good little discussion of the honors belonging to the Past Masters.

8/19/2006 - For Newly Raised Brethren - Some good information each new brother in the Masonic lodge should know.

8/19/2006 - Solicitation Rule - An excellent reprint from a Short Talk Bulletin.  I agree with most everything in this and it goes along well with my thoughts for this month.

11/6/2006 - The Esoteric Geometry of the Triangle - An excellent article written by a member of Bethpage Lodge # 521 - Brother David Stafford.  First published by the Philalathes Society, we have re-printed here for benefit of furthering Masonic education.

2/19/2007 - Euclid Problematic - Many thanks to Brother Joe Kindoll for allowing us permission to place this article on our Education page.  Bro. Kindoll presented this paper to the Tennessee Lodge of Research in late 2006 and he has graciously allowed us to present it here.  Thank you, Bro. Kindoll.  You will need Adobe Reader or a program capable of opening PDF files to view this document.

2/19/2007 - Laudable Pursuit - An article presented by a group called Knights of the North.  An interesting look at Freemasonry today and this group's views on the subject.  A definite must read for anyone concerned with the future of our Craft.

12/30/2007 - What Makes A Man A Mason - An excellent poem authored by George M. Free.  This was sent along to me by a fellow brother whom I would like to thank here, but I can't recall who sent it to me.  My apologies.

12/30/2007 - The Mother Lodge - A poem by Bro. Rudyard Kipling.  My thanks to Bro. Charles Eades for passing this along to me. 

12/30/2007 - Tell Us, Past Master - An excellent tale written by Bro. Bobby J. Demott, 33.  A good explanation of some of the symbols of the lodge.  Many thanks to Bro. William Haley for passing this along to me.