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Bethel Guardian Council

Each Bethel is supervised by the Executive Members of the Bethel Guardian Council consisting of five adults.  Their titles are: Bethel Guardian, Associate Bethel Guardian (a Master Mason), Guardian Secretary and Guardian Treasurer.  A fifth member can be either the Guardian Director of Music or Guardian Director of Epochs.  

The Executive members of the Bethel Guardian Council are appointed yearly.  Those eligible for appointment as Bethel Guardian and Associate Bethel Guardian are Master Masons or women over twenty years of age who are wives, daughters, granddaughters, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, half-sisters, or widows of Master Masons, where members of an organization basing its membership requirements on Masonic relationship, Past Bethel Guardians or Majority Members of the International Order of Job’s Daughters.  Adults having the same eligibility who are the parent, stepparent or guardian of a member are eligible for appointment to the other executive council positions.  The Executive Council recommends Master Masons and eligible adults to assist with the Bethel work and those so selected are known as Associate Members of the Bethel Guardian Council.


Supreme Guardian Council

The Supreme Guardian Council is composed of Grand Guardians, Associate Grand Guardians, Past Grand Guardians, Past Associate Grand Guardians, Past Jurisdictional Guardians and Past Associate Jurisdictional Guardians and is the legislative body of the IOJD.  A Board of Trustees oversees the business affairs of the Supreme Guardian Council.  

A Jurisdictional Guardian Council may be formed within a state, province or country under the Supreme Guardian Council when there are two or more Bethels.  It is composed of members of Executive Bethel Guardian Councils, past Bethel Guardians and Past Associate Bethel Guardians, and operates under the direction of the Supreme Guardian.  

At the international headquarters in Papillion, Nebraska, an Executive Manager oversees the daily operations of the IOJD.  Official regalia, paraphernalia, forms, committee reports, and legislative decisions are distributed from this office.  In addition, the Supreme Guardian Council produces an international newspaper and maintains an internet website reporting events and news of he IOJD.  The official jeweler is Doc Morgan, Inc., located in St. Charles, Illinois.

For further information, please contact Mrs. Susan Anderson, Bethel Guardian

In all the Land there were no women found so fair as the Daughters of Job!

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