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Bethel Organization

Master Masons or women of proper Masonic relationship may organize Bethels by the authority of the Supreme Guardian or a Grand Guardian as outlined in the Bylaws of the Order.  These persons freely give of their time and ability because of their interest in the welfare of young girls of Masonic relationship.  

Promotional programs are available to assist in organizing a Bethel.  These include special ceremonies to inform prospective members and their families about the organization, a Job’s Daughter-to-be program for involving girls before they are initiated, and a variety of brochures and other promotional items.  In addition, the Supreme Guardian or Grand Guardian can arrange for an established Bethel to exemplify ceremonies and to participate in other promotional activities.  

When fifteen or more petitions accompanied by initiation fees have been accepted for membership, an application for dispensation to organize a Bethel shall be forwarded to the Supreme Secretary.  When the application is approved, the Bethel will be instituted according to that constitution and bylaws.  The members are initiated and the new Bethel begins to function under dispensation until a charter is issued.  

Bethels are self-supporting.  The initial cost of instituting a Bethel is met by gifts and donations from the Supreme or Grand Guardian Council, neighboring Bethels and other Masonic organizations.  The Bethel treasury is further enhanced by initiation fee, dues and fund-raising projects.

For further information, please contact Mrs. Susan Anderson, Bethel Guardian

In all the Land there were no women found so fair as the Daughters of Job!

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For questions concerning Bethel No. 1 e-mail: Mrs. Susan Anderson 

or Mr. Thomas Schram, Director of Fraternal Relations

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